Mountain Shoria. South Siberia Russian Yeti Expedition - 2015

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Russian Yeti Expedition: UE44Y

June 11-16 September, 2015 there will be a complex seasonal research of cinema-radio expedition UE44Y - Russian Yeti Expedition.

The expedition UE44Y will be active from various locations of Mountain Shoria, Tashtagol district, Kemerovo region until 16 September 2015 at various HF & VHF bands of different types of communication.

For QSO/SWL with the expedition UE44Y will be printed QSL-card, which will be distributed only upon request by e-mail in a gift set:

1. Special QSL-card of the expedition.
2. Special envelope expedition.
3. Special postal cancellation of the expedition sent from the homeland of the Russian Yeti.
For QSOs/SWL with the expedition UE44Y headquarters (HQ) Russian Yeti Expedition, will be issued special paper 3 diplomas classes and original ethnic Plaque.

Russian Yeti Expedition Award & Trophy

International year-round research of cinema-radio forwarding lab Russian Yeti Expedition & "finding Bigfoot" established Amateur radio National diploma program Russian Yeti Expedition Award.

Count QSO/SWL with the special radio UE44Y – the headquarters (HQ) of the Russian Yeti Expedition.

To perform paper diplomas Russian Yeti Expedition Award 3 different classes accompanied by natural mountain herbarium-coniferous taiga, you need to hold the following number of QSOs:
3 class (with a branch of the Siberian spruce): 2 QSO
2 class (with a branch of the Siberian fir): 3 QSO
1 class (with a branch of the Siberian cedar): 4 QSO.

To perform unique birch awards Russian Yeti Expedition Trophy, made by Shor master of crafts, you need to spend 5 QSO.

Repeated QSO/SWL with the special radio UE44Y count on various HF & VHF bands and different modulation types from 8 June to 16 September 2015.

Contact the Headquarters (HQ) Russian Yeti Expedition:

P. O. Box 1, Tashtagol, Kemerovskaya oblast, 652990, Russia

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