ODLAR YURDU Award (1-st European Olympic Games Azerbaijan 4JG1EU)

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1 - 30 June 2015


The first edition of the European Games will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, in June 2015.  The Opening Ceremony is planned to take place on Friday June 12th and the closing ceremony on Sunday June 28th 2015.

The"Odlar Yurdu" award is presented to Amateur Radio operators for contacts made with Azerbaijan hams during the first European Olympic Games "Baku-2015". The award is also available to SWLs
Contacts may be made on HF / VHF bands, between June 1-30, 2015.

Modes: CW, Phone, Digital
Requiirements: You must earn a minimum of 15 points during the operating period.
Point Values:
1. For hams located in the Russian Far East (UA0J, K, L, C, D, F, O, U, V, X, Z), each contact = 5 points.
2. Europe, Asia, Africa = 3 points.
3. North and South America, Australia, Oceania, Antarctica = 5 points

You may the same station on multiple bands or work the same station on the same band, but in other modes, for extra points.

Send your log extract showing QSO/SWL date and time, band, mode, RST exchanged via e-mail to Eu-games2015@mail.ru .

Once approved by the Award Committee, the "Odlar Yurdu" award’s electronic version in hi-res PDF will be sent to the applicant’s e-mail address. There is no cost for the electronic award.
You may also obtain the award in a form of plaque (suitable for hanging on the wall). The cost is 10 Euros (or $US11), shipping is free. Payments should be sent via PayPal to red@escape.com . Please indicate your call sign as payment reference. Payments received without callsign information will be returned to sender.

The Russian Community of Azerbaijan will also be awarding special plaques to:
1. The 3 Top Amateurs in the world, who score the highest number of points .
2. The 10 Top Stations of Russia and the former Soviet Republics, who score in the highest number of points.
3. Top Stations per continent, who score in the highest number of points.
The Amateur radio operator from Azerbaijan who makes the most contacts in the month of June will receive a special commemorative plaque.

Award information provided by Boris 4K4K & Mike, 4K8M, submitted by NT2X
QSL via 4K4K.

Email: red@escape.comInternet: http://www.qrz.com/lookup

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