The Danube Day Award

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June 1 to 30, 2015


Some words about Danube: The Danube, one of the world's great rivers stretches for 1800 miles from a spring in the Black Forest of southern Germany near Donaueschingen to the Black Sea. It runs east through Regensburg and Passau, Germany, to Linz and Vienna, Austria and on to Bratislava, Slovakia, then continues east to Budapest, Hungary where it abruptly heads south to Mohacs, Hungary. It is then joined by the Drava and again turns in an easterly direction to Belgrade, Serbia where its volume is increased by the Sava River. It then continues east, forming the border between Romania and Bulgaria, eventually creating a massive delta which now includes parts of Russia, Romania and Bulgaria, before emptying into the Black Sea. The delta is a very important bird sanctuary and breeding ground.

The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River has declared June 29, each year to be the INTERNATIONAL DANUBE DAY.  On the occasion of this event the group of Hungarian ham radio amateurs being residences of the Danube River Bend, Hungary calls for a regularly organized special event activity each year.  The official name of the event is the INTERNATIONAL DANUBE RIVER HAM RADIO ACTIVITY and issues this award.

1. Participation: all licensed hams.
2. Period: 0000 UT June 01, - 2359 UT June 30, each year
3. Frequency: all bands OK.
4. Mode: all modes OK, repeater operation: accepted, VoIP (EchoLink, etc.) operation is also allowed if both sides are on radio (Radio - VoIP System - Radio).
5. Special Event Station: HG7DANUBE6. Report: all participants will send signal report, operator's name, QTH. Stations alongside the river shall send "nr Danube" or "/Danube" in addition.
7. Points:
     A. Stations living in cities and towns that are alongside the Danube River from all 10 countries = 1 point, 2 points can be claimed for them on DANUBE DAY (June 29, according to UT).
     B. QSO with special event station HG7DANUBE = 5 points all over the activity period except on June 29, according to UT when 10 points can be claimed.
8. A station sending "nr Danube" or "/Danube" counts once for scoring independently from band and mode over the activity period.
Important: A station counts as a Danube River Station if its QTH is a settlement that borders or crosses the Danube or is operating portable on the bank or on an island of Danube or sailing on the river. It is ageneral rule that that everybody can work everybody.

Examples of settlements bordered or crossed by Danube river:
Trophies: The highest score will be awarded with a special CUP.
The top 3 scores will be awarded with a special Danube Day Activity Certification.
Please remember that all valid Danube contacts (made at any time back to 2007) count for DANUBE AWARD that is issued on application after having 100 stations alongside Danube River.

Log/AWARD application instructions:
Activity logs and/or applications for the DANUBE AWARD are to be sent to: Mr. Jozsef Szekely HA7VY, H-2011 Budakalasz, Kinizsi u. 5., Hungary.
You may also apply via email:to HA7VY [ ]as a text attachment no later than July 30, in the actual year as to activity logs concerned. Your standard log extract (or spreadsheet) will highly be appreciated.
Cup and certificates will be mailed to the winners. Please attach 2 EUR or equivalent in IRC to only Danube Award application for covering cost of postage.


Tks SP9JPA 6/7/15

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