The Stockholm-Motala Award

07:54 Fernando Luiz de Souza 0 Comments

April 1 to December 31, 2015


The special call SC80SM is recalls the historic start of the old Marconi-long wave transmitter, which was located in Motala in Sweden 80 years ago. This commemorative call sign will be active from April to the end of December 2015.

A commemorative diploma will be awarded to all licensed radio amateurs and short wave listeners making worldwide contacts with this special station on at least 4 different amateur radio bands regardless of the mode.

Applicants should send a log extract to . Send an e-mail containing a summary of the contact information that shall include the usual QSO details and name, call sign and e-mail address of the applicant. After examining the QSO list the diploma is then sent as a PDF file via email for self-printing. No charge.

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