UEFA "UNDER AGE 21" ChampionShip 2015 Diploma

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Czech Republic

The Radioklub Kunovice sponsored this short time award on the occasion of the European Football Championship U21 games. QSO are valid from January 1, 2015 until December 31, 2015. QSOs made through repeaters cannot be counted. QSOs made in contests can be counted. The special event Call sign OL21 UEFA will be active between 16 and 30 June 2015. All bands and modes. Each station may be counted on multiple bands with no restrictions concerning the type of operation. SWL OK.
No awards will be issued for contacts with same station, but each QSO may be made with a different type of operation or on other band.

1. OK+OM stations on HF: Make 3 QSOs with station OL21UEFA and 3 QSOs with stations at least 6 of the participating countries (total 3 + 3*6 QSO).
2. EU stations on HF: Make 2 QSOs with OL21UEFA and 2 QSO with stations of at least 6 participating countries (total 2 + 2*6 QSO).
3. DX stations on HF: Make 1 QSO with OL21UEFA and 1 QSO with stations of at least 6 participating countries (total 1 +1*6 QSO).

Participating Countries:
QSO are counted with stations from the following participating countries: Czech Republic (OK), England (G), Denmark (OZ), Italy (I), Germany (DL), Portugal (CT), Serbia (YU), and Sweden (SM).Applying: An application for award must be submitted electronically via www.ok2kyd.cz . The fee for the printed award is 8€ or $US10. Electronic awards will be issued free of charge.  When applying, be sure to enclose your call sign.

Payment can be made by bank transfer 2500228561/2010, IBAN CZ0420100000002500228561, BIC code/SWIFT FIOBCZPPXXX.

E-mail: OK1XOE award_u21@ok2kyd.czInternet: http://www.ok2kyd.cz

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