WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1210 5 June 2015

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALASKA   KNLS Return to air on June 3.

0800-0900 9655 kHz Russian
0900-1000 9655 kHz English
1100-1200 9610 kHz Chinese
1200-1300 7355 kHz English
1300-1400 9920 kHz Chinese
1400-1500 7355 kHz Chinese
1500-1600 9920 kHz English
1600-1700 9920 kHz Russian
1700-1800 9920 kHz Russian
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN  NDXC, dxld June 3)

ALBANIA   9854.975  RT Shijak Albanian language service noted from 23.00
UTC on S=9+20dB signal strength here in southern Germany. Pop mx started
immediatelly at 23.02 UT. Listen to the recording of 23.24 to 23.27 UT on
May 30 (Saturday in UTC time zone / Sunday night in Tirana Shijak).

Spoken part audio by the lady presenter is well modulated,
but the singer/music/orchestra part is very low modulated though.

Two buzzy audio tones visible on screen at +/- 50 and 150 Hertz on both
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

ARGENTINA   11710.680  RAE Buenos Aires with multi-language station ID
announcement in 0357-0400 UT, only UTC Tue-Sat night service til 05 UT.
S=7-8 signal in sidelobe target in Europe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

AUSTRALIA   2368.47  Radio Symban (presumed), at 1131-1141 UT on May 24
with slightly above normal reception; still with Greek music/singing;
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 27)

2368.469 at 12.05 UT on May 29, Only just on threshold, noisy at -84dBm.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 29)

11764.979  Interval signal and station ID jingle of HCA Kununurra - Reach
Beyond Australia (HCJB) noted in 2257-2300 UT slot on June 2nd time,
followed by RBA Burmese sce to Myanmar at 23.00 UT, S=9+10dB signal in
southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 3)

AUSTRALIA   The HFCC conference is being held this year in Brisbane from
the 24th to the 26th August, 2015. This has attracted Jeff White from WRMI
fame. Jeff as you know runs transmitters from Florida for years, and has
also taken over WYFR transmitters. This I think makes Jeff the biggest
private owner on shortwave, (non-government).
(ARDXC ADXNews magazine #581 June, June 4)

Sightseeing tour to Kurrajong Military Radio museum.
50th Anniversary of the Australian Radio DX Club inc (Vic), Reg A0011728G.

A lot of snaps of ARDXC history from 1971 to 2001 print out in new
ARDXC ADXNews magazine #581 June, June 4.

Days of celebration! Choose what you want to do!
We have a booking sheet, so it's first in!
No booking if only coming for the AGM.
The AGM Luncheon for those that want to stay on, after the AGM, and the
Wildlife sanctuary, we do need payments up front.

Saturday 29th August 2015.

The "Tour", of the Kurrajong Military Radio museum.
842 Bells line of Road, Kurrajong.

Gather at 1pm. Parking is inside the gate. There is a fee of $10-00 each,
however the museum to operate especially for the past two years, the
electricity bill is not cheap.

The tour lasts 4 hours!
Ian has a huge area, and the tour includes audio and visual presentations,
along with the tour of the radio museum. Bring your camera, or camera
phone. Partners, wives, etc, are invited as there something for everyone.
Ian's number is 02 45730601.

Saturday 29th August 2015, Ian O'Tooles museum.
Yes I will be attending, please write in name/s.
Name of member
Cost per person $10-00.

You can pay by money order or cheque, made out to the "Australian Radio Dx
club inc". Credit cards Visa or Mastercard (circle one).
You can mail this to
John Wright, ARDXC, ... NSW Australia. {address truncated, wb.}

Or email to John Wright email address is
<dxer1234 -at->
(ARDXC ADXNews magazine #581 June, June 4)

BHUTAN   6034.96, BBS (presumed), at 1212-1227 UT on May 27. In
vernacular; 1219, 1221 & 1224 indigenous music; 1225 UT indigenous
music/singing; adjacent QRM; clearly two stations here, with the other one
being PBS Yunnan (China). BBS is almost semi-regular now.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 27)

BOLIVIA   5952.42  R. Pio Doce Signal came on the air at 0959:04 UT in
long mid-ad/promo block including a nice promo with the Pio Doce male
chorus at 1004 UT. Into what may have been the "Pio Doce Contacto" pgm. At
least the anncrs sounded the same. But they were playing mx after 1030 UT.
Good signal this morning. Clear with just a little noise. (31 May)
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 31)

New frequency of
Voice of America in English, Amharic and Tigrigna from June 2

1630-1700   11845 NAU 250 kW 150 deg SDN En SoSudan Mon-Fri
1630-1700 NF13865 ISS 250 kW 140 deg SDN En SoSudan Mon-Fri, ex13870
1630-1700   15180 SMG 250 kW 146 deg SDN English SoSudan Mon-Fri

1730-1800   12040 SAO 100 kW 100 deg EaAF Afan Oromo Mon-Fri
1730-1800   12080 SAO 100 kW 076 deg EaAF Afan Oromo Mon-Fri
1730-1800   12140 UDO 250 kW 276 deg EaAF Afan Oromo Mon-Fri
1730-1800   13870!UDO 250 kW 276 deg EaAF Afan Oromo Mon-Fri
1730-1800   15630 ISS 250 kW 130 deg EaAF Afan Oromo Mon-Fri

1800-1900   12040 KWT 250 kW 185 deg EaAF Amharic
1800-1900   12080 ISS 250 kW 130 deg EaAF Amharic
1800-1900   12140 UDO 250 kW 276 deg EaAF Amharic
1800-1900 NF13865 NAU 250 kW 140 deg EaAF Amharic, ex13870
1800-1900   15630 ISS 250 kW 130 deg EaAF Amharic

1900-1930   12040 LAM 100 kW 132 deg EaAF Tigrigna Mon-Fri
1900-1930   12080 DHA 250 kW 225 deg EaAF Tigrigna Mon-Fri
1900-1930   12140 BOT 100 kW 010 deg EaAF Tigrigna Mon-Fri
1900-1930 NF13865 NAU 250 kW 140 deg EaAF Tigrigna Mon-Fri, ex13870
1900-1930   15630 ISS 250 kW 130 deg EaAF Tigrigna Mon-Fri
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 2)

BRAZIL   11780.128  Radio Nacional da Brasilia heard with a program of
nice BrasPort singer and later piano pop orchestra music. S=9+15dB or
-64dBm strength level.

11855.195  Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, only tiny S=6 signal at 0647 UT,
just above threshold this morning. Rather poor propagation condition in
25mb this morning May 26 in 06-07 UT slot.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 26)

11780.110  Radio Nacional da Brasilia, S=9+20dB signal at 0026 UT on June
3rd, played a lot of sweet Latin American nice music, broadband signal
Perseus screen showed 11770.7 to 11790.9 kHz coverage during music peaks -
like a CRI Kashgar or CRI Cerrik Albania signal !

No RNB spurious sigs noted in 25 mb tonight.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 3)

BRAZIL   11735 kHz, USB is R. Transmundial at 1951 UTC / O =2

RTM B bestaetigt Empfangs-Berichte mit eine neue QSL-Karte.
Bitte, der Empfangsbericht kann ueber e-mail gesendet werden:

<rtm -at->

Address:  Rua Epiro 110, 04635-030 Sao Paulo SP, BRASIL
or: Caixa Postal 18.113, 04626-970 Sao Paulo SP, BRASIL

Frequenzen / Uhrzeiten:
 5965 kHz 0300-1000 UT
 9530 kHz 1000-2100 UT
11735 kHz 1000-2000 UT
(Rudolf Grimm-BRA  V/S Radio Trans Mundial, A-DX May 28)

BRAZIL   6089.96  R. Bandeirantes 0918 UT pres. nx pgm by M and W in PT
mixing just about equally with NHK R. Japan. Japan finally off at 0930 UT
and Bandeirantes // to 9645.4 kHz where nice canned ID was noted. Much
stronger than 6089.96 kHz, but QRM from CNR1. (28 May)
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 31)

BRAZIL   Nach acht Monaten Verhandlung hat die Grupo Gazeta de Comunicacao
- Cuiaba (Joao Dorileo) Radio Cultura de Cuiaba MT (R. Joaquim Murtinho,
1456 - Centro Sul, Cuiaba - MT, 78020-290, Brasilien

gekauft. Eine der ersten Massnahmen war am 10. Mai 2015 die
Wiederinbetriebnahme der Tropenbandfrequenz 5015 kHz fuer Mato Grosso und
weitere brasilianische Bundesstaaten. Ausgestrahlt werden // zur
Mittelwelle 710 kHz die Programme der Voz da Libertacao der Pfingstkirche
"Gott ist Liebe" (Igreja Pentecostal Deus e Amor).

Die 2008 angelegte Website <>
ist Baustelle geblieben und seit 2012 ungepflegt.
(Daniel Wyllyans-BRA, Karel Honzik-CZE, dxld,
via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 31)

Nach mehrmonatiger Unterbrechung wurde ZYE728 Radio Cultura Filadelfia,
Foz do Iguacu PR, Ende April und im Mai wieder auf 6105 kHz gemeldet, zu
Zeiten um Mitternacht MESZ, in denen die Station bis September 2014 auch
so gut wie monatlich auch von europaeischen Empfangsexperten gemeldet
wurde. Auf der Homepage

ist auch Internetempfang moeglich. Ausgestrahlt werden ueberwiegend
Programme mit Predigern, die womoeglich auch Lautstaerke mit spiritueller
Autoritaet verwechseln.
(Rudolf Grimm-BRA  A-DX, via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt May 31)

BRAZIL   First DRM mode test for a SW station in Brazil.
The article is in Portuguese:


In a rough translation it reads that on May 28, 2015 occurred this first

EBC  <>
operated with the collaboration of a number of partners in the afternoon
of that day with 130W on DRM on 9755 kHz. The DRM signal was successfully
received in part of the country. In Limeira, a city in Sao Paulo state,
780 km far from the transmitter site, Mr. Claudio del Bianco, member of
DRM-Brasil, received the signal and could hear to the audio from Radio
Nacional da Amazonia with digital quality.

The set-up of the system used for the test, had the support of DRM-Brazil,
and a joint effort was made. The software was provided by Content Server
and the modulator was provided by Michael Feilen. Rafael Diniz, a DRM-
Brazil member and researcher at PUC-Rio, released the DRM driver and the
first amplification stage. Members of the EBC and the Ministry of
Comunicacoes have provided two stages of amplification and all the
required connection with the radiant system at Rodeador Park (High Power
Shortwave Broadcast Centre of EBC).

The antenna used has a 16db gain factor and the pattern of radiation was

On this Monday, June 1, new DRM SW tests will take place.
Info via DRM posted by
(Jardel Martins radioamador in F_B, translated by Horacio Nigro-URG)

BULGARIA   New additional transmissions of Brother Stair TOM via
{via Sofia Kostinbrod / Spaceline Ltd. action, wb.}

1500-1655 13600 SCB 050 kW 195 deg to SoAF English then change of freq:

1700-1730 11855 SCB 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Oromo Dimtse R.Erena and then

1800-2000 13600 SCB 050 kW 195 deg to SoAF English, registered in HFCC:

1000-2000 13600 SCB 050 kW 195 deg to SoAF English for new organization
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 27)

BULGARIA/FRANCE/MOLDOVA   Denge Kurdistan program in Kurdish including
change of transmitters

KURDISTAN and eastern part of Turkey. Updated summer A-15 schedule of
Denge Kurdistan in Kurdish, including change of transmitters during

0300-0500 11510 ISS 250 kW 090 deg to WeAS, hidden info by TDF / ISS
0500-1300 11510 KCH 300 kW 116 deg to WeAS, confirmed by Grigoriopol
1300-1700 11510 SCB 100 kW 090 deg to WeAS plus +
1700-1900 11510 ISS 250 kW 090 deg to WeAS, hidden info by TDF / ISS
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 3)

+ spurs seen on SDR screenshot on 11490/11530 kHz, as well as
harmonic on 23020 kHz, wb.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 3)

CHINA/KUWAIT   9440  RFA Chinese sce from IBB Kuwait relay site, but
totally disturbed on backlobe by the China mainland jammer of BROADBAND
digital audio noise, in 9435.8 to 9443.9 kHz range. Sound equally like
China jamming service against BBCWS English bcast channels... -
from 2300 UT May 30.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

CHINA   21445 kHz, CRI Chinese program at daily 13-14 UT ? help.
Intermodulation, 'Hiroshi' from Japan says:
17650 + 2   = 35300 kHz,
minus 13855 = 21445 kHz

17650 CHINA RADIO INT. 1300-1357 daily French  500 308 Kashi-Saibagh
13855 CHINA RADIO INT. 1300-1357 daily Chinese 500 308 Kashi-Saibagh
Thanks to Hiroshi's formula, well done.

IARU monitoring intruder bandwatch Europe asked me last week to check
21445 kHz channel after 13z

On June 3 at 12.50z heard nothing on 21445 kHz:
21455.013 footprint, IRN VoIRIB Sirjan bcast center, Chinese, S=9+25dB
21505.003 ARS BSKSA Riyadh, Arabic, S=9+35dB, 1248z
21580     F   RFI Issoudun, French, tiny in skip zone, 1245z
21650.009 IRN VoIRIB Tehran Kamalabad bcast center, Chinese,
          much tiny on sidelobe in Europe at 1243z
21750.013 footprint, IRN VoIRIB Sirjan bcast center,
Indonesian/Malay service at 1220-1320z, S=9+10dB

but from 1300z, also
21779.975 kHz odd frequency DWL Bonn, in Hausa to West Africa,
via UAE Al Dhabbaya site at 13-14z.

and also
21800.009 kHz BUL The Overcomer Ministry, religious English from
Spaceline Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod site Bulgaria.

- - !!!! ... but now at 1315z, unquestionable

21445.000 kHz CHN is CRI China Radio International
1st Chinese program in // 1300-1357z, also //
13855 kHz Kashi-Kashgar Western China and
13650 kHz Urumqi West China.

But, I can not see any intermodulation mathematical formula yet.
theoretically 21445 minus 13855 kHz = 7590 kHz, but maybe it is a
fundamentally targeted jammer on 21445 kHz against SOH Sound of Hope
program from Taiwan island ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 2/3)

CUBA   Update on 90m tests {probably via Quivican Bejucal! site location,
ex USSR 1965 year installation, wb}.

Arnie Coro on DXers Unlimited mentioned briefly on 22 April that they were
still working towards tests on the 90 metre band. In an email Arnie said
that the broadband dipole antenna for the frequency range is now ready but
that work is still being carried out on the over-50 year old Soviet Snieg
50 kW transmitter to make it tune properly to 3350 or 3365 kHz.
(via Alan Pennington-UK, May BrDXC UK Communication magazine direct
and via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld May 27)

CUBA   La torre de Tagarro

Camagüey - at present 710/910/1270 kHz 30/25/10 kW
taller and smaller mast at
21 21 00.60 N  77 52 19.13 W

La torre de Tagarro, 158 meters tall mast, located 8 kms west of Camagüey
21 23 17.71 N  77 58 59.13 W

Founded in 1995 by the then Ministry of Communications, the company
Radiocommunication and dissemination of Cuba (Radiocuba) ensures the
airing of more than 100 channels of national, provincial and local radio,
national television channels and telecenters provincial and local
governments and has more than 1000 transmitters in its network,
transmitters located in centers that offer coverage to much of the

One of these transmitters centers, the tower of 158 meters located in
Tagarro west of the city of Camagüey, one of the highest in the country
right now undergoes maintenance Brigade Construction and Assembly of the
Company with In order to expand the range and quality of transmissions.

This specialized team led by Julian Pepper young Guevara, must work with
maximum efficiency both on land and on the antenna, comparable to a 52-
story building, where each of its seven members should be able to master
not only construction techniques this kind of work, but also common sense
to solve difficulties that may arise on the tower. The Brigade has a team
of professionals that plans its strategies, assembles, repairs and running
the assembly and disassembly of towers and antennas.

"Ours is a very supportive team, Pepper ensure that unity is really a
necessity, so we apply both programs run nationwide as courses and
qualifications to submit ourselves to ensure both the health of each of us
as the domain of the technique "

The assembly of towers for local television and radio broadcasts
facilitates municipalities of the country, satellite receivers in areas
where no signal is present or poorly arrives, and the implementation and
operation for transmitting radio and satellite satellite coverage to most
of the American continent and 100% of the territory.

With these functions Brigade warranties construction and assembly services
for other companies engaged in international communications and
broadcasting. Radio Cuba has three centers shortwave transmitters powerful
with coverage throughout America and other world regions.
(via Jose Miguel Romero-ESP, dxld May 31)

DENMARK   Wie von Anker Petersen bereits im Juni 2014 angedacht, loest
sich der DSWCI (Danish SW Clubs International) zum Jahresende 2016 auf.
Dies wurde auf der juengsten Mitgliederversammlung mit ueberwaeltigender
Mehrheit beschlossen (97 Prozent der Abstimmenden). Hintergrund sind das
allgemeine Sendeende internationaler Auslandsdienste auf Kurzwelle, die
Langeweile, die gleichformatierte Inlandskurzwellen verbreiten, sowie das
hohe Alter der Vorstandsmitglieder und das Fehlen von Mitgliedern, die an
ihre Stelle treten. 2016 galt auch deshalb als ueberzeugendes Datum, weil
man damit noch das 60-jaehrige Bestehen erreicht und dann mit einem runden
Datum abtritt.

Die DSWCI wurden nicht nur durch das DX Window (1967-1969 Name eines DX-
Programm im daenischen Auslandsdienst, danach Newsletter in verschiedenen
Formen) bekannt, sondern noch mehr durch den ab 1973 erscheinenden
Tropical Bands Survey bzw. Domestic Broadcasting Monitor. In diesen
jaehrlichen Zusammenstellungen von Anker Petersen wurden alle in den
letzten zwoelf Monaten aktiven Tropenband- bzw. spaeter Inlandssender
verzeichnet bzw. mit ihrer Sendeaktivitaet klassifiziert. So hatten aktive
DX-Experten bei ihren Empfangsversuchen immer eine aktuelle Liste ohne
Karteileichen zur Verfuegung.

Bei <> stehen die Ausgaben von 2005 bis 2014 zum
Download zur Verfuegung. Eine weitere breit wahrgenommene Publikation
waren die Clandestine Broadcast Surveys.

Man ist gemeinsam mit dem Medium alt geworden. In den Achtzigerjahren
fuehrte man eine Studie durch und ermittelte als Durchschnittsalter der
Mitglieder 35 Jahre, in den Neunzigerjahren hingegen waren die Mitglieder
durchschnittlich 50 Jahre. Sieben von acht Vorstandsmitgliedern sind ueber
siebzig, und kamen sehr ins Nachdenken, als fuenf Ende 2013 gleichzeitig
schwer erkrankten.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt May 31)

EGYPT   9964.573  Radio Cairo with carrier and 1001 Hertz tone signal
noted at 22.55 UT May 30. S=9+25dB signal here in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

13850  May 25 at 0533 UT, R. Cairo is back with another fruitless
broadcast, dead air or maybe JBM in Arabic, poor signal with flutter.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld May 20)

re EGYPT 13850 kHz. Noted at 0550 UT on May 26 here in Germany, wideband
scratching distorted audio 'seen' on SDR browser screen more on upper
sideband, on 13845 to 13858 kHz frequency range.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 26)

EGYPT  12070 & 11935 & 9965 & 9315 kHz, {Radio Cairo} June 3 at 0154 UT,
once again for the second night, all four R. Cairo transmitters to the
Americas are absent. Nor 13850 kHz at 0214 UT. Have they finally given up,
or taken those awful transmitters off the air for repairs? Hardly:

12070, June 4 at 0110 UT, R. Cairo is back, good signal with Spanish and
not too distorted but rumbly

11935, June 4 at 0110 UT at first I think R. Cairo is absent but at 0117
UT I do find a very poor signal here // 9315 kHz; normally it's almost as
strong as 12070 kHz. Ironically, 11935 kHz has the best modulation.

9965, June 4 at 0110 UT, R. Cairo, fair-good in Arabic with whine

9315, June 4 at 0111 UT, R. Cairo, fair in Spanish, very suptorted so that
we only hear the modulation peak spikes, useless except for confirming
11935 kHz by //
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 4)

Sudanese Arabic came late on air with crash start into program in progress
on 7315 kHz from MDG at 04.00:25 UT, // also on 11645 kHz from VR-CVA SMG
Santa Maria di Galeria site til 0416 UT, when suffered and covered totally
by ERT signal on this channel by co-channel ERT Avlis Greece.

Also on // 13800 kHz from TDF Issoudun France relay. Latter was -
supposedly meant by Y.T. - jammed by the Sudanese security forces with a
broadband scratching 'White Noise' signal in range from 13795.2 to 13807.2
kHz and two additional scratching audio peaks on +/- 370-390 and 1500-1520
Hertz apart distance both sidebands.

Surprise, surprise, but at 0430 UT when checked again noted the scratching
audio signal was rather a strong sideband spurious signal of fundamental
Radio Cairo on 13850.003 kHz. And symmetrically also on upper side on
13893 to 13901 kHz, S=9+10dB signals each.

[later] re 13800 kHz R Dabanga, via Madagascar from 0430 UT

And - probably - the usual whistle tone signal as jamming from Sudanese
Omdurman govt on 1221 Hertz apart on 13801.221 kHz at 0510 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

FRANCE/SUDAN/TURKEY   7205  A DOGPILE !!  Three stations going "hell-
forleather" on this frequency at 2045 UT. Choose from Sudan Radio -
Omdurman Al-Aitahab in Arabic to EaAF, or Radio France Int'l - Issoudun in
French to WeAF, or Voice of Turkey - Emirler in English to Asia.

All three stations were about equal strength here. A quick check on the
Twente receiver indicated that all three are also easily heard in Europe.
A pity when there are so many vacant frequencies available these days! May
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, ARDXC ADXNews magazine #581 June, June 4)

GERMANY   Radio HCJB Info's: neuer Sender auf 7365 & Programmaenderungen.
New 7365 kHz TX equipment launched recently, still on test at present.

Seit einigen Tagen laeuft auf der 7365 kHz ein neuer Sender. Es gibt hin
und wieder zur Zeit noch einige Probleme mit Selbstabschaltungen, deswegen
ist die Leistung auch noch nicht "auf Anschlag". Dennoch liegt sie schon
jetzt deutlich ueber der Leistung vorher. Ich hoffe, der Empfang
verbessert sich.

Darueber hinaus haben wir ein paar Aenderungen am Tagesprogramm
SW-Radio laeuft jetzt von 0700-0930 Uhr und von 1000-1400 UT. Um 1400 Uhr
folgt dann Ichtys Radio. Der Rest bleibt wie gehabt.
(Stephan Schaa-D, A-DX June 2)

GERMANY   DW Hochhaus in Koeln soll gesprengt werden. - Bumms!

(Christian Milling-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 28)

GREECE   When checked Radio Tamazuj in Sudanese Arabic came across of
strong TX carrier of S=9+30dB strength at 0416-0418 UT on 11645.023
[Tamazuj/Dabanga underneath on lower strength] and start into ERT daily
program at 0418 UT on both 9420.005 and 11645.023 kHz channels, nothing of
ERT on 15630/15650 kHz channel this morning. Both S=9+30dB.

[later]  11645 kHz is rather tiny poor in western Europe, but stronger in
Moscow and Finland, S=9+30dB signal in Russia,
north-southwards antenna of HR3: 002 Moscow / 182 deg Africa in use.

9420 seemingly HR2: 105 / 285 deg western Europe Atlantic Ocean antenna,
at S=9+25dB at 0750 UT on May 30.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

The Voice Of Greece, Antennas And Service Areas. Compiled By John Babbis,
Silver Spring, MD, USA

The Fifth Program of the Greek Broadcasting Service (Elliniki Radiophonia)
is transmitted from the short-wave transmitting center at Avlis, about 70
kilometers north of Athens. The station was put into service in 1972, and
has two 100-kW H.F. Marconi B-6123 Broadcast Transmitters and one 250-kW
Continental 419 F-2 Broadcast Transmitter (working at 70 kW. with an
effective radiated power of 170 kW).

Antennas covering 1,100 acres, arranged in three lines cover the desired
directions. The pylons supporting the 6 MHz arrays are truly impressive at
328 feet. Each line has eight separate antennas for the 6, 7, 9, 11, 15,
17, and 21 MHz Broadcasting bands. Each antenna consists of two curtains
with a total of 8 horizontal dipoles. The dipoles are all fed by open wire
feeders which can be remotely switched to enable radiation in two
directions 180deg apart. There are also three curtains for the 11 meter
band (26 MHz) which may be put into service during Sunspot Cycle 22 if the
Maximum Usable Frequency allows it.

For transmissions to neighboring countries like Cyprus, Turkey, the
Balkans, and the Middle East, there are two rotatable-periodic antennas
with a high-angle of vertical radiation (45 deg) and a wide angle of
32deg in the horizontal plane. The remotely-controlled switching center
allows each of the two 100 kW Marconi transmitters to be connected to any
one of the 23 antennas. Electro-mechanical protection circuits ensure that
a transmitter can only be connected to an antenna that is tuned to the
same frequency.

The Continental transmitter is connected to a separate antenna.

The change of antennas and transmitting frequencies is made during the 10-
minute interval between programs, which always begin on the hour, preceded
by the familiar signature tune of a shepherd playing the flute with the
tinkling of sheep bells in the background followed by the Greek National

Location Power Azimuth Antenna Service Area
AVL      100   002deg  HR3     Europe, Balkan Countries, Sweden
AVL      100   046deg  HR1     Japan, Tashkent, USSR
AVL      100   046deg  HR3     Japan, Tashkent, USSR
AVL      100   080deg  HR1     Australia, Middle East, USSR
AVL      100   100deg  LP      Middle East
AVL      100   105deg  HR2     ME, Indian Ocean, Australia
AVL      100   105deg  HR3     ME, Indian Ocean, Australia
AVL      100   143deg  HR3     Arabia-Indian Ocean, Egypt-Libya
AVL      100   182deg  HR3     CeAfrica, Egypt-Libya, SoAfrica
AVL      100   226deg  HR1     Azores, South America
AVL      100   226deg  HR3     Azores, South America
AVL      100   260deg  HR1     Central America
AVL      100   285deg  HR2     Eur, Atlantic, NWAfrica,Americas
AVL      100   285deg  HR3     Europe
AVL      100   292deg  LP      North America
AVL      100   300deg  HR2     North America
AVL      100   323deg  HR3     Eur, Balkan Countries, NoAmerica
AVL      170   323deg  FIXED   Eur, Atlantic Ocean, Americas

Avlis has 3 series of curtains, some of which have been used in the
antipodal mode:

HR1: 046 / 226 deg   HR2: 105 / 285 deg
     080 / 260 deg        120 / 300 deg

HR3: 002 / 182 deg   105 / 285 deg
     046 / 226 deg   143 / 323 deg

Also, 2 log-periodic rotatable (000 deg ... to 360 deg) which have been
used for the azimuths of 002 deg, 008 deg, 052 deg, 100 deg, 292 deg,
and 306 deg.

Formerly a decade ago:
      kW  Azi
KAV  250  026 deg     KAV  250  095 deg     KAV  250  105 deg
KAV  250  208 deg     KAV  250  240 deg     KAV  250  355 deg
THE   35  115 deg     THE   35  315 deg     DL   250  075 deg
DL   250  272 deg     DL   250  296 deg     GR   250  164 deg
(John Babbis-MD-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 4, 2009)

ERTOpen was back on 11645 kHz on May 30 // 9420 kHz

0545-1300  9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek
0545-1300 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF Greek,
          till 0557 UT co-ch Radio Tamazuj / Radio Dabanga, SMG Vatican
0545-1300 15630 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek is off
[latter TX is defunct at present, wb.]
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

GREECE/IRAN   Two station signals noted from 18 UT on 9420v kHz. Unstable
up to 50 Hertz hopping/wandering IRIB Arabic signal from Zahedan [nominal
9420], measured on 9421.564 kHz, some 30 mins later on 9421.505 kHz. And
also an empty carrier only on footprint 9420.005 kHz, no program audio, of

1 - ERT Avlis,
2 - parked IRIB Sirjan tx, registered 1430-1700 UT time slot.

Re: 9420 kHz at 1810 UT, May 30.
re Greece / Iran co-channel 9420v. At 23.20 UT May 30 still same two-
stations whistle tone heterodyne heard co-channel as at 18 UT May 30.

ERT Avlis Greece still on 9420.005 kHz - no program, no audio on air

And the wandering IRIB Zahedan Arabic service co-channel moving around
9421.503 kHz, move in 30 to 40 Hertz distance apart up and down range.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

GREECE   ERT update.
So ... here's a quick update on the Greek public broadcaster.

ERT's website has gone online, has just corporate information.
However, as of 31 May evening the broadcasting is still apparently done as
NERIT. is also online at the moment and streaming ET3 from
Thessaloniki(which managed to stay on air online(and I think on some
remote satellite) the whole affair). Of course, as we approach June,
symbolically they might as well choose 11 June - the day the shutdown
decision came two years ago. This is also the date I've seen going around
in Greek sources, including this Greek posting from Friday


Stay tuned.
(T. Tanilsoo posted on the PCJ group May 31, via Mike Terry-UK, brdxc-uk)

GREECE   btw. I've the strong feeling, the new ERT Avlis Greece under new
left wing government reduced also power consumption at the TX bc center
now, even 9420 kHz comes in on lower signal strength now.

ONLY a single unit is working perfect at present,
2nd unit is seldom on air on 11645 or 15630 or 15650 kHz and wanders some
30 Hertz upwards,
and 3rd unit 9935/11645 kHz is out and de-funct at present.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 3)

GUATEMALA   4055  R. Verdad Nothing on the freq by 0940 UT, but did catch
the last rep of the midi IS at 1001 UT, then long choral NA, and multi-
lingual IDs including EG. Really good signal for 800 watts, per Dr. Madrid
who says they just got back on the air. They've been off for a while due
to another lightning strike. (28 May)
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 31)

INDIA   9704.972  Usual odd frequency AIR Goa Panaji signal in their
scheduled 2245-0045 UT English service from India at 120 degrees. Backlobe
signal well done on its path to Germany/Europe at S=9+25dB strength. En nx
heard at 23.06 UT on May 30. But also a faulty tx whistle whine audio tone
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

INDONESIA   On the weekend (May 23 & 24), 4869.88 kHz (RRI Wamena) did not
carry the Jakarta news after 1200 UT; instead that was heard both days
only via 3324.88 kHz (RRI Palangkaraya).

3905  RRI Merauke has not been heard since May 18th reception. Seems they
only wanted a very brief reactivation. Very disappointing, in light of
their decent reception the few days they did broadcast!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 27)

INDONESIA   Quiz Hoererwettbewerb der Stimme Indonesiens.

Die Stimme Indonesiens praesentiert das internationale Quiz
"Wunderschoenes Quiz Indonesiens 2015".

"Beantwortet werden sollen folgende Fragen:

1. Wann und wo wurde die Unabhaengigkeit Indonesiens verkuendigt?
2. Wer liest zum ersten Mal den Text der Unabhaengigkeit Indonesiens im
   a. Jusuf Ronodipuro
   b. Abdulrahman Saleh
3. Wann ist der Gruendungstag des indonesischen Staatsrundfunk - RRI?
4. Nennen Sie 3 Touristenziele in Indonesien, die Sie besuchen werden.
   Und Ihre Gruende dafuer ?
5. Worueber hoeren Sie die Sendung der Stimme Indonesiens, RRI World
   Service. Und warum hoeren Sie die Stimme Indonesiens?
6. Was ist Ihr Lieblings-Programm?
7. Was ist Ihr Vorschlag fuer das Programm der Stimme Indonesiens?
8. Was ist Ihre Meinung ueber die Website der Stimme Indonesiens?
9. Schreiben Sie bitte kurz Ihre Meinung ueber Indonesien in 500 Woertern.

Schicken Sie Ihre Antwort mit Ihrem kurzem Lebenslauf und der Fotokopie
Ihres Reisepasses oder der Nummer des Reisepasses und sein
Gueltigkeitsdatum an

<voiquiz2015 -at->
bis zum 11. August 2015.

Der Gewinner dieses Quizes erhaelt eine Einladung nach Indonesien."
(Stimme Indonesiens via Bernd Seiser, Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt May 31)

ITALY   900  Sendeanlagen RAI - Milano.

Ich konnte vor ein paar Tagen die Antennenanlage von RAI Milano
fotografieren. Die Anlagen befinden sich in Siziano, einem Ort, der im
suedlichen Bereich von Milano liegt.


Die Antennenanlage ist relativ gut zugaenglich zum fotografieren. Das Haus
befindet sich im militaerischen Sperrgebiet mit Kameras und Wachtuermen.
Erstere werden noch benutzt. Das habe ich erfahren, als ich das Schild am
Zaun fotografiert habe. Deshalb habe ich dann auch auf Aufnahmen vom Haus
(Sandro Blatter-SUI, A-DX June 1)

MONGOLIA   11999.875  V.O. Mongolia per Ivo, found on this NF in English
at 0900 UT, but just missed s/on. Apparent nx and features. Could only
copy a few words like Pakistan, 50,000, and India, etc. Played occas.
pleasant mx. A little better by 0928 UT w/English lang sked at 0929 UT,
website given, letter request w/mailing addr., then into the usual IS.
(30 May)
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 31)

MOROCCO   Acc EBU Brussels, ITU Geneve registered technical data:

Medi 1 (173, now 171 kHz)
34.8 dB maximal power radiation
directional pattern
1200 kW
azimuth of maximal power radiation is directed in 87 degrees
and minor in 242 degrees azimuth

These fed into the central mast, and reflected by the northern and
southern mast.

radiation reduction:
000 degrees 12dB power reduction
060 degrees  3dB power reduction
120 degrees  3dB power reduction
180 degrees  8dB power reduction
240 degrees  0dB power reduction
300 degrees 15dB power reduction

87 degrees covers the northern coast line of Africa, like Algier, Tunis,
Tripolis, El Alamein, Suez, Palestine, Jordan on center line,

and 242 degrees is center line azimuth towards Western Morocco, Marakesch,
Agadir, Canary Islands.

SW probably at 130 and 242 degrees on 9575 and formerly 15345 kHz too.
15345/15340 and 9575 are registered at {slewed?} real on 110 degr
towards ITU zones 28S,37E,38,39,47,48.

242 degrees azimuth installation could be also meant once PLANNED some
decades ago, - for Spanish Sahara target,
- and Moroccoan FISHERY fleet staff coverage.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 1)

Also longwave Nador 171 kHz has a west-east pattern directional azimuth to
cover North African coastal countries...

Looking at the antennas via Google Maps, I don't quite "understand" the
azimuth. Can you please elaborate?

(Guenter Lorenz-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 31)

see LW pattern describtion, automatic translation into English see below
on 'low level technical minded' so far.

E N G L I S H  automatic translation:
LW Antennes. It consists of three vertical poles, which are westerly of
the BC TX house. The middle (with three credits directions) you can see


If you minus zoom, you see the other two masts.
They are the wavelength corresponding to fairly wide apart
(estimated 650 m apart Distance each).

The antenna radiates toward 75degr (measured with set square on the
screen) and (180degr + 75degr  = 255degr, when all three poles are
energized in phase.

87degr direction is achieved by 12degr squint angle to the right.
Which then occurs on both sides, on the other but with the opposite sign
(-12degr), Ie both transmit beams are pushed axially symmetrical

So then from the 255degr:  255degr minus 12degr = 243degr (specifically
one can not look on the screen, let alone in the antenna switch houses

In linear antenna arrays as here one can determine the angle of deviation
from the angle between the main and side lobe. Without squinting which are
always 180degr.

Here are the 242degr - 87degr = 155degr. The difference to the non-
squinting antenna is 180degr - 155degr = 25degr. Since both legs to squint
one another, each for switched by half, so 25degr divide by 2  = 12.5 deg

Thus, the cross-eyed operation is pretty sure. Since I have no fourth
masts, side lobe will be the same size as the main lobe. Perhaps you used
the backstays/guywires to disturb the symmetry something that will have
but little influence.

[later]  Medi I Nador screenshots, main lobe bearings
(LW 87, 242 degr, slewings +/- 12degr, SW 110, 130 degr ...
slewed +/- -20degr), snaps, EBU / ITU Bruessels monitoring list of
the technical details of Nador.

Of course such a special complex! lobe out service is still in use
at Nador, also after Thales/Thomcast/Ampegon refurbishment work
done in 2010 / 2011y. Screened signal a little towards true north
also in Madrid as the original contributor to dxld explained, some
decreasing minus 10 to 15 dB less, compared than Allouis F 162 kHz or MCO
on 216 kHz ...




The radio
Radio International Mediterranean (Medi 1) was born in 1980 of a Moroccan
and French common will. Both parties have respectively 51 and 49 percent
of capital.

Medi 1 is a private, commercial enterprise, French and Moroccan partners,
banks and large companies are present on the board of directors.

Medi 1 is a bilingual generalist radio (French-Arabic), international
news, service and entertainment.

"The hearing on the Maghreb, is between 22 and 23 million listeners
(audience the day before). It exceeds the threshold of 25 million during
the holidays.

Medi 1 is unique and exemplary framework of a Euro-Maghreb radio success,
as evidenced by the constant success it among its listeners.

Its studios are located in Tangier in Morocco. Every day she produces and
broadcasts twenty-four hours of programs.

Radio International Mediterranean is mainly broadcast from the transmitter
center NADOR long wave and short wave, but also on FM, the Internet
(RealAudio) and satellite.

It thus covers the entire western Mediterranean, that is to say the great
Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania and part of Libya). It can
also be received in Spain, France and Italy.

The Editors It consists of sixty-one journalists in newsrooms, six
librarians, and related, grouped into two services, French and Arabic.
They are from different countries covered by the issuers of MEDI 1. This
is the case of the Arabic-speaking journalists writing from the countries
that make up the Maghreb. The drafting is fully computerized and receives
dispatches of the most important news agencies in the world. Since its
creation in 1980, it has developed a documentation which now represents a
tool of exceptional richness.

Every day, writing MEDI 1 product over 35 appointment information,
newspapers and current issues, including 10 major editions of more than
15 minutes plus chronic correspondents from 1 to MEDI abroad and
authoritative experts in Europe and North Africa. The editorial also
produced several weekly magazines on science, media, environment,
politics, etc ...

The Program Besides the many appointments of information, MEDI 1 program
consists of programming service and varied musical entertainment. They are
prepared and presented by a team of programmers and animators who
represents a total of twenty people.

MEDI 1 offers a music program that reflects the emotional and cultural
characteristics of the audience. It is organized around four main themes:
Arabic music, French music, Latin music (Spanish and Italian) and Anglo-
Saxon music. It makes room for young talent as the safe bets of the song
and oriental music is particularly well highlighted on MEDI 1 which
devoted a significant part of its programming.

The Disco Since its origin, MEDI 1 was a unique club in the Maghreb by its
richness and diversity. It is divided into two services: the western
disco, which includes all European and American productions, and the
Eastern disco. In recent years the oriental club has been enriched with
many exclusive recordings she scanned in order to keep all the artistic
and emotional value.

The club provides a daily average of 250 to 300 music tracks to the
antenna. Through the use of digital sound servers, all of the music
broadcast by MEDI 1 has the purity of the "sound laser".

TECHNICAL MEANS MEDI 1 has 5 studios broadcasting and editing. Three of
them are specialized for the antenna, the other to the production
(Advertising records, compact discs, copy MiniDisc, etc ...).
Dissemination and Production (recording, editing) are fully computerized
and digitized.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews / dxld June 1)

Re: Medi 1 on air.
I agree. If the antenna is a "broadside" array (perpendicular to the line)
the azimuth would be 75 degrees. That azimuth is on a line covering both
Algiers (350 miles) and Tunis (750 miles), likely targets for LW.

Of course the beam can be adjusted to just about any azimuth but 75 seems
most likely. Also, the site is very close to the Algerian border just
south of Melilla.
(Jerry Lenamon-USA, dxld June 2)

NIGERIA   Voice of Nigeria this morning "extended". Just noted that VON
Hausa on 7255 // 9689.9 kHz is now 0600-0700 UT instead of 0600-0630 UT
(plus occasional music filler).

At 0658 UT lenghty IS and 9689.9 kHz went off, while 7255 kHz is
continuing with another broadcast starting at 0700 UT, not VON Hausa
opening ceremony, female announcer, but getting too weak now on US remote
receivers to make much out of it. Nothing heard from Lagos throughout the
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld June 1)

PAKISTAN   15485, Radio Pakistan, 1329, May 24. Heard their IS, thus
confirming it's them; 1330 UT into programming in assume Urdu. Very
pleased to have caught their IS, as it should be noted that their sign on
time varies a great deal!

Thanks very much to Noel Green, who is very knowledgeable about R.
Pakistan, for listening to my audio clip and commenting - "yes, that's
their well known IS, and very good reception considering that 15485 kHz is
intended for the Middle East/ NoAfrica !!! The station appears to be on
air more regularly at present using just one transmitter. I'm tuned to
15485 kHz as I type and Pakistan has now emerged from beneath CNR-1
jamming Voice of Tibet at fair strength - REE is on air on 15490 kHz and
causing some side splash. This at 1430 UT++"
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 27)
close-down R Pak 15485 kHz at 1429 UT May 29, wb

PAKISTAN   15485.000  Totally distorted audio quality on Radio Pakistan
Islamabad's Urdu service, noted June 2nd at 1500 UT tune-in onwards.
Listen to attached ogg.format recording, taken of 1505-1507 UT time slot
on June 2.

Scheduled 1330-1530 UT Urdu 15485 {17510} ME, Iran, Turkey & No/We Africa
When checked again at 1535 UT on June 2nd, RP was switched-off already.

S=9+20dB signal strength here in southern Germany, nothing heard on
registered 17510 kHz at same time.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 2)

Thanks for the information. I didn't hear it Tuesday June 2nd when tuning
around 1400+ UT, but yes, I can hear 15485 kHz today June 3rd.

It's peaking to about S=5+ on my meter which puts it at fair strength. But
audio is distorted as you remark. This must be one of the 250 kW units
operating at reduced power.

The Tibetan clandestinefrom Yangi Yul TJK seems to have moved away from
15487 kHz - or I couldn't hear it - and no CNR jammer either. But this is
either extended transmission or a new time as they were formerly operating
1400-1500 UT. If REE Noblejas Spain comes up on 15490 kHz at weekends
then, there will be severe sidebands - obviously they don't like the idea
of moving just 5 kHz lower !!!.

Radio Pakistan are heard closing down at 1529-1531 UT on June 3, laying
their National Anthem.

Yes, I have also heard that distorted Saudi sender - it must be about time
they moved to their new transmitting station.
(Noel R. Green-UK, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 3)

PERU   4747.564  R. Huanta Dos Mil Found OC here at 0845 UT. But there
were also spurs of the carrier out 2.777 kHz on 4744.187 and 4750.341 kHz,
and also the harmonics as well. Never seen that before. (30 May)
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 31)

ROMANIA    ROU Galbeni on English sce wrongly. At 0030 UT on June 3rd
heard RRI Bucharest on three channels in their English program,

wrongly on 9520 kHz from Galbeni, and on regular scheduled 9730 / 11800
kHz from Tiganesti bcast center site too.

RRI Romanian language program to Americas heard only on a single 7335 kHz
from Galbeni, 0000-0057 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 3)

SAUDI ARABIA   17659.974  Similar distorted very bad audio quality also
heard of BSKSA Riyadh's French service at 1520 UT on June 2, scheduled
1355-1600 UT, noted S=9+35dB or -38dBm signal strength.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 3)

Re ARS Riyadh new 4 x 500 kW Ampegon
(ex Thomcast / Thales / BBC SWitzerland company) they will get during
summer 2015, so when tests on strange frequencies occur in July or August
months onwards, it will be from new 500 kW beasts ...

but 4 of 10 txs refurbishing action only planned in ARS,
what's about the remaining older 6 TX units there ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 3)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   5020  S.I.B.C. at 1155 UT playing a Country song,
interrupted at 1156 UT for "Welcome to the evening devotion...",
1200:25UT "You have been listening to the Solomon Islands Broadcasting
Corporation, Radio Happi Isles.", frequencies and meters, "Good night,
everyone.", 1201 UT National Anthem. - Good, June 1.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer June 3)

SUDAN   9505  R. Omdurman / SNBC Regional vcl mx at 1851 UT. W anncr at
1900 UT, then extremely low audio. Finally back up w/more mx at 1907 UT.
1912-1914 UT tlk by M anncr w/ment of Sudan. Back to regional vcl mx by M.
Same M anncr again at 1926 and 1929 UT, mx briefly, W anncr w/very short
anmnt, and off at 1930:40 UT. First time to hear audio let along get
anything here in a long time. (28 May)
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 31)

SUDAN/VATICAN STATE   13800  May 25 at 0533 UT, R. Dabanga with stingers,
via VATICAN, fair signal and double tone jamming from two carriers at
slightly different frequencies on the hi side.

11645  May 25 at 0534 UT, R. Dabanga via VATICAN, poor signal
// 13800 kHz, and the Sudanese tone jammer is *still* stuck up on
Dabanga's ex-11650 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld May 20)

re 13800, R. Dabanga with stingers ... double tone jamming from two
carriers at slightly different frequencies on the hi side.

Noted in 0530 to 0556 UT on May 26 range: Stronger whistle on 1220 Hertz
apart, and a lower audio pitch at 2620 Hertz apart distance on upper
(13801.220 and 13802.620 kHz from Omdurman Sudan).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 26)

SWAZILAND   Einen Monat nach einem schweren Unwetter ueber der TWR-Station
in Manzini ist der Betrieb wieder normal, doch noch nicht alles an der
Kurz- und Mittelwellenstation repariert. Am 19. April 2015 beschaedigten
naechtlicher Wind und Hagel das Sendergebaeude und auf dem Antennenfeld
Zuleitungen und eine Vorhangantenne. Trotz des Feiertags zum Geburtstag
des Koenigs gaben neben den Stationsmitarbeitern auch Mitarbeiter der
Mormond Electrical Company ihren arbeitsfreien Tag dran und begannen
umgehend mit Sicherungsarbeiten und Reparaturen.

Aus Suedafrika kamen Mark Blosser, der langjaehrige Stationsleiter von TWR
Swaziland, und der TWR Africa Technical Services Director James Burnett
zur Hilfe. Noch nicht repariert ist das Sendergebaeude, wo Dach und
Isolierung bei der Schaltmatrix beschaedigt worden sind. Insofern kann
auch das Klima im Haus nicht mehr erfolgreich kontrolliert werden.

TWR Africa hat darum Ende Mai einen Spendenaufruf gestartet, damit das
Sendergebaeude repariert werden kann. "Die Isolierung ist absolut wichtig,
weil sie unsere Sender schuetzt. Es geht darum, die extreme Hitze im
Sommer draussen zu halten und im Winter die Waerme drinnen.", so James
(TWR Africa via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc TopNews May 31)

TAJIKISTAN   Voice of Tibet in Chinese via Yangi Yul, TJK.
1200-1212 15537 DB 100 kW 95 deg to EaAS Chinese, S=9+10dB in GER.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 28)

USA   11635  WHRI 0630-0700 UT noted with poor S=7-8 signal at 0635-0640
UT, woman chorus singer group performed, acc Aoki Nagoya list "Songs of
Praise with Terre" on Tuesdays only. Low signal strength level compared to
RNZi 11725 kHz at S=9+30dB level.

Rather poor propagation condition in 25 mb this morning May 26 in 06-07 UT
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 26)

USA   Im US-Kongress ist eine weitere Vorlage zur Reform der US-
Auslandsdienste eingebracht worden. Das House Foreign Affairs Committee
hat am 14. Mai 2015 einen Gesetzesvorschlag vorgelegt, der das
Broadcasting Board of Governors durch zwei neue Agenturen ersetzen wuerde.
Nach diesem Vorhaben wuerden der klassische Auslandsdienst Voice of
America, die Kuba-Dienste TV/Radio Marti und das International
Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) in einer US International Communications Agency
arbeiten. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia und Middle East
Broadcasting Network (Radio Sawa/al-Hurra TV) wuerden kuenftig im Freedom
News Network zusammengefuehrt. Ziel ist nach Angaben von Ed Royce (R-
California), "dass mehr Geld fuer die Arbeit gegen die Propaganda anderer
ausgegeben kann und nicht in die Washingtoner Buerokratie fliesst". (VoA
News 15.5.2015, dxld via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt May 31)

UZBEKISTAN   Re 15020 kHz Unid.

Um 1730 UT am 26. Mai, sign-off. Habe eine YL mit Frequenzen infos gehoert
('KiloHertz' war sehr gut zu verstehen...), danach sign-off. Die Sprache
kein Wort zu verstehen.

Diese Woche versuche ich nochmal den Sender etwas frueher zu empfangen. Im
Aoki, EiBi, Short-Wave.Info, etc. und etc., keine Info ueber 15020 kHz. Im
Google stehen nur alte Infos, wie z.B. Indien... Das sah nicht wie Indien
aus, sondern etwas wie von eine Koreanische Region oder sogar eventuell
ein Dialekt aus China...

Ja, ich sitze vor meinem Rechner hier in Brasilien, in Sao Bernardo, nahe
Sao Paulo... Seit Januar habe ich die Verbindung mit Joensuu, Finland,
aber das DX-en in Brasilien selbst (mit eigene rx und Antennen), geht
weiter (wenn die Nachbarn es erlauben...).
(Rudolf Grimm-BRA, A-DX May 26)

7510 / 15020 kHz  Harmonische aus Tashkent Uzbekistan.
Rudolf, ich habe heute (May 27) mal um 15.45 UT in die Kanaele
7510 u. 15020 kHz hinein gehoert, NIL SIGNAL.

Dann beim nexten Check um 15.51 UT auf beiden Kanaelen ein Carrier/Traeger
on air bis 16.00 UT, unterlegt mit einem NDB CW Morse Signal, (?
Einstrahlung in direkt lokal in Tashkent ?)

Und um 16.00 UT dann der Programmstart von KVOM Voice of Martyrs
in Koreanisch mit viel Gesang und Musik.

Laut den Registrierungstabellen

7510 kHz KVOM Voice of Martyrs 1600-1730 UT Korean 100kW 65deg Tashkent
seit dem 22. April 2015.

 7510.0015 kHz und dementsprechend
15020.003  kHz
1.5 bzw. 3 Hertz auf der oberen Flanke, immer gecheckt/justiert gegenueber
RWM Time Signal Moscow Taldom, Radio Belarus Minsk Kalodzicy 7255.0 kHz
und den vielen China Sendern auf 7 und 15 MHz die meist auf exakt
Frequenzen aussenden.

In den letzten Tagen hoerte ich ab 16.00 UT einen koreanischen
Geheimsender Voice of Martyrs auf 7510 kHz, registriert auf der Anlage

Der Sender beginnt zum Aufwaermen mit dem 'leeren' Traeger ab circa 15.50
bis 16.00 UT. Heute hoerte ich aber durchgehend die 10 Minuten einige CW
Morse Zeichen, wie eine NDB Einstrahlung vom nahebei lokalen NDB Sender.

Tashkent Solnechnyi (Kuyoshli) site
41 13 07.57 N  69 08 54.05 E

Irgendwie waren folgende NDB? Morse code Signale zu hoeren:
Welche NDB Kennung hat Tashkent ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 27)

VANUATU   Warren Robert, Team Leader of the Vanuatu Broadcasting &
Television Corporation tells me that they are running about 1500-2000
Watts. They are doing this because Energy Onix, the company that made
their transmitters has gone out of business (as we all know!!) and with
Vanuatu's extremely dry and humid air, they don't want to damage the
transmitters HF power amplifier and risk damaging it and with the company
out of business, be unable to get parts for it.

Warren tells me the schedule for Radio Vanuatu is as follows:
Radio Vanuatu broadcast hours are from 0530am to 2315pm,
[or 1830-1215 UT].
3945, 0530am-0930am and 1630-2315 pm [1830-2230 and 0530-1215 UT]
7260, 0830am-1730pm [2130-0630 UT]
(Paul B Walker Jr, CA-USA, dxld May 20,
via ARDXC ADXNews magazine #581 June, June 4)

VIETNAM   Voice of Vietnam-1. The recently reported spurs of 5975 kHz on
both 5967.0 & 5983.0 kHz, are completely gone May 25. For almost a week,
they were as strong as a primary frequency. Now I can hear Myanmar without
a het on 5985 kHz and no het while checking for the return of Radio Klasik
(Malaysia) on 5965 kHz.

9635.98 & 9635.73. Seems that VOV1 now has two frequencies to use.

{9635.975 footprint May 28 1222 UT heard in Brisbane-AUS remote unit,
S=9+20dB or -49dBm,
selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz, wb.]
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 27)

9839.840  VoVietnam Son Tay Indonesian service logged on poor S=7 signal
level at 2300-2330 UT slot.

9635.787  Probably VoVietnam's Vietnamese home sce, registered 2145-1600
UT noted at 23.12 UT, S=8-9 signal, but at fade-out time from South Asia.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 30)

VIETNAM   Quiz Hoererwettbewerb der Stimme Vietnams.

2015 begeht Vietnam mehrere historische Ereignisse:
"Gefeiert wird der 70. Gruendungstag des Landes - 1945 rief Vietnam die
Unabhaengigkeit aus. Ausserdem wird es 85 Jahre her sein, dass sich die
Kommunistische Partei Vietnams gegruendet hat. Und es wird der
125. Geburtstag von Praesident Ho Chi Minh gefeiert.

Dazu kommen noch 40 Jahre der Befreiung des Suedens und damit der
Vereinigung Vietnams. Ausserdem feiert der Radiosender 'Die Stimme
Vietnams' seinen 70. Gruendungstag."

Aus diesem Anlass veranstaltet "Die Stimme Vietnams" einen Wettbewerb "Was
wissen Sie ueber Vietnam?" fuer Hoerer und Hoererinnen im Ausland, bei dem
sechs Fragen zu beantworten sind:

"1 - Zaehlen Sie die besonderen Erfolge Vietnams im Jahr 2014 auf.
(In den Bereichen Wirtschaft, Aussenpolitik, soziale Sicherheit,

2 - Vietnam ist nichtstaendiges Mitglied des UN-Sicherheitsrats der
Periode von 2014 bis 2016. Beschreiben Sie die Beitraege und Aktionen
Vietnams im ersten Jahr seiner Mitgliedschaft im Weltsicherheitsrat.

3 - Welche zwei Kulturstaetten und Kunstarten Vietnams sind im Jahr 2014
von der Weltkulturorganisation UNESCO als materielles oder immaterielles
Erbe der Menschheit anerkannt worden? Nennen Sie uns die Namen dieser
UNESCO-Welterbestaetten und Kunstarten. Wie viele materielle und
immaterielle Kulturschaetze der Menschheit hat Vietnam bis heute? Nennen
Sie bitte ihre Namen?

4 - Was wissen Sie ueber das nationale Tourismusjahr 2015 in Vietnam zum
Thema "Verbindung der Weltkulturschaetze"? Nennen Sie die einzigartigen
kulturellen und touristischen Ereignisse dieses Programms?

5 - Die Stimme Vietnams wird am 7. September den 70. Gruendungstag feiern.
Was wissen Sie ueber die Entwicklung der Stimme Vietnams in den
vergangenen fuenf Jahren?

6 - Wie viele Menschen nehmen an dem Wettbewerb 'Was wissen Sie ueber
Vietnam' 2015 teil?"

Fuer die "besten und richtigen" Antworten wurden Vietnamreisen
unterschiedlicher Laenge ausgelobt:

"Der erste Preis: eine kostenlose einwoechige Vietnamreise

Der zweite Preis: eine kostenlose fuenftaegige Vietnamreise

Und der dritte Preis: eine kostenlose viertaegige Vietnamreise

Ausserdem gibt es noch zehn Sonderpreise. Das sind Sachpreise im Wert von
einer Million Vietnamesischer Dong (umgerechnet etwa 40 Euro)."

Der Hoerer-Wettbewerb laeuft bis zum 30. Juni 2015 (Poststempel).
Beitraege koennen per Post an

Deutsche Redaktion
Auslandskanal VOV5
Radiosender "Die Stimme Vietnams"
45 Ba Trieu Str.
Hanoi - Vietnam

eingereicht werden oder per Email unter der Adresse:
<deutsch_vov -at->

Als Hilfe zur Beantwortung der Aufgaben empfiehlt die Deutsche Redaktion
das Hoeren ihrer Sendungen und die Website <>
(Stimme Vietnams via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt May 31)

Die deutsche Redaktion der Stimme Vietnams (VOV5, deutsche Redaktion, 45
Ba Trieu Strasse, Hanoi, Vietnam) bestaetigte einen per e-Mail an

<german -at->

eingereichten Empfangsbericht binnen 22 Tagen per deutschsprachiger QSL-
Karte "Sommernachmittag auf dem Land" und Gruss auf einer weiteren
Postkarte. Der Postlauf des Luftpostbriefs betrug laut Poststempel 10
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 31)

Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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