Lightship registers a fun-event milestone

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A former important marine navigation aid, the Lightship Finngrundet in Sweden, is the prestigious 400th registration in the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, August 15-16.

These moored ships that remain stationary in very rough seas, radiate a brilliant light to provide vital marine navigation to seafarers.

Some were replaced by lighthouses, but others remained because it was too dangerous or not practical for a permanent construction.

The Lightship Finngrundet built in 1903, is moored in Stockholm now serving as a museum, with her signature of two consecutive light flashes every 20 seconds that could be seen 11 nautical miles.

It will be put on air by the Södertörns Radio Amateur club 7S0SFJ - most fitting because the lightvessel previously had the radio callsign SFJ’.
Among other lightships so far are those in England, Germany, The Netherlands and the USA. Under international regulations, each have their names painted in large white letters along the sides.

A standout country this year is Cuba, that had only really joined others in 2013 with five lighthouses, but so far this year has 12 registrations.

In 2014 there was a total of 56 countries and 544 registrations to set a record, and indications are that there will be plenty of action again this time.

The leader board has Germany in first place (70), followed by Australia (63), USA (55) and England (40). To see all registrations, the simple guidelines or online registration form for the ILLW in August 15-16, visit the website

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