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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALASKA   9655  KNLS Anchor Point at 1010 UT with "Postcard from Alaska",
profiling Kodiak Island. - Fair, July 1.

7355  KNLS Anchor Point at 1207 UT with an ID and into a health and
medicine feature about exercising before indulging in treats. -
Good, July 3.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer July 4)

ALASKA   KNLS: What's Going On?  July 2015


From Rob Scobey, Senior Producer for International English

KNLS got back on the air June 3rd after a considerable absence caused by
unusual weather conditions. And many of you have responded with letters.
Included in the "welcome back" letters was one from New York State in the
USA. And this listener requested a Bible. We don't normally think of U.S.
listeners as our target audience. But we were more than happy to send a
Bible to a destination within our borders, as well as to any of you who
request it.

While the storm damage problems have been resolved, our engineers, as of
this writing, continue to work with the manufacturer of our new
transmitter to get it hooked up to the other Alaska antenna.

The English Hour occupies three hours of the current 10-hour schedule.
When the second transmitter is hooked to the second antenna, and we return
to the 20-hour schedule, English will occupy five hours - four plus a
simulcast at 1200 hours UT.

While operating on one antenna - here's the frequency schedule for the
English Hour:

  1000 Hours UT         9655 kHz
  1200 Hours            7355
  1500 Hours            9920

Once we resume operating on both antennas - here's the spring/summer
frequency schedule for the English broadcast:

  0800 Hours UT        11870 kHz
  1000 Hours           11870
  1200 Hours           11870 and 7355
  1400 Hours           11765

If you access to the internet - you can listen to our broadcast on your
computer or smart phone on two websites -
<>   - or   <>

Half a world away from Alaska, in the Indian Ocean region-our engineering
staff will juggle the tasks of putting our new station on the air while
getting KNLS-Alaska back to its normal 20-hour schedule. From the Indian
Ocean facility, listeners in India, South Asia, Africa, and Europe, will,
on most days, be able to get a clearer signal. We're hopeful the new
station will be on the air by early 2016.

The Pacific Rim is the reason KNLS broadcasts in English. It's that part
of the Eastern Hemisphere that encompasses the English-prevalent countries
of the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.
Additionally-English is widely spoken in Indonesia. And English is the
official language of government and commerce in India.

Normally, KNLS is on the air daily from 800 hours UT to 1800 hours UT.
Eastern Daylight Time is four hours behind UT; Central Time is five hours
behind. So, if you're in Dallas, Nashville, or Chicago, you can listen
between 5:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. CDT. If you're in Atlanta, Miami, or New
York, you can listen between 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. EDT. Outside the
U.S.-most locations are on standard time rather than daylight time all
year. If you're in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, or Singapore, you can
listen between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. If you're in New Delhi or Mumbai,
there's an additional half-hour offset. Listening times are between
3:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m.

You can also use this website
to listen to the English Hour if you're not into shortwave radio. You can
also access KNLS through the Safari or Google applications on your mobile
(via Dr Hansjoerg Biener, Germany, July 6, dxld)

ANGOLA   4950-, at 1945 UT July 4 exact on 4949.735 kHz, compared to RWM
Moscow Taldom 4996, VOA 4930 and ABC Northern sce 4835 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

4950-  on July 4 circa 0100 UT, definitely a carrier here on the low side,
when there is not much making it from SoAmerica. Strongly suspect it's RNA
which is always reported off-frequency, and with deficient modulation (if
any, overnight?). (Such as 4949.75 kHz by Carlos Goncalves, Portugal, June
25 at 1931-1951 UT; but he does not mention any modulation deficiency this
time). It's not at all unusual to detect 4950- kHz carrier here around
this hour, with or without anything on 60m from SoAmerica
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 4)

ARGENTINA   Arbeitsniederlegung bei RAE Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Walkout strike stoppage of RAE workforce on July 7.

(Paul Reinersch-D, A-DX July 7)

ASCENSION ISL  7415  Radio Dandal Kura in Kanuri towards West Africa heard
in NoEaUSA like MA/NY remote SDR posts at 0505 UT, S=7 poor signal.

But much better signal on BBCWS English channel of 7445 kHz S=8-9 more
than fair signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

AUSTRALIA   [PNG]  NBC National Radio PNG relay of "Pacific Island
Communities Games" via Townsville Brandon 25 kW shortwave site ?

12025 kHz  2200-1000 UT for Pacific Island Communities, 2145-2205 UT July
3rd, duennes Signal, USB gestoert, koennte NBC sein.

> South Pacific Games. Koennte das der Grund fuer diese Ausstrahlungen
sein ?

Die Spiele finden vom 04.-18.7.2015 in Port Moresby statt.

ID "NBC National Radio - nothing else like the leading broadcaster of the
2015 Pacific Games".
(Patrick Robic-AUT / Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM, A-DX July 4)

NBC National Radio for the Pacific Games 2015.

Definitive information received from NBC:

The program you were listening to is part of our broadcast for the
coverage of the 15th Pacific Games hosted by the country for the 3rd time.
The first was in 1969 and the last was in 1991.

The current shortwave service is provided by Broadcast Australia from
transmitters based in Townsville [25kW Brandon site, wb.]. This is a
temporary measure so that the NBC can provide coverage of the games for
the whole of the country.

We are working towards purchasing our own SW transmitters and hopefully
this will be in operation by the beginning of 2016.

For your information tune into 6075 kHz from 5am to 8am (PNG time), 8am to
8 pm 9860 khz (PNGTime) or the Pacific Islands frequency of 12025 kHz from
8am to 8pm (PNG time)
(Ralph Perry-IL-USA, DXplorer July 6)

Need to spread out this special program towards the 24 countries in
Pacific area who take part on 2015 Pacific Games.

Seit gestern wird ueber neue Kurzwellen Aussendungen aus PNG via Satellit
Vervindung nach Australien berichtet. Da duerften auch Signale fuer Europa

 6075 kHz 1900-2159
 9860 kHz 2200-0959
 6075 kHz 1000-1400
12025 kHz 2200-1000 UT for Pacific Island Communities

by Rakuta in Tokyo.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

South Pacific Game's relays.
Papua New Guinea's national broadcaster is leasing time from the Broadcast
Australia shortwave site in Brandon, Australia for coverage of the South
Pacific Games.

Power: 20 kW
When Radio Australia used this site they were running 10 kW.
(Keith Perron-TWN, dxld July 3)

6075  New freq. of PNG. Opening Annmt.
by H. Komatubara in Akita-JPN on 6075 kHz at 1903 UT on July 2.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld July 2)

Radio NBC National Radio of Papua New Guinea on 6075 and 9860 kHz.

The Radio NBC National Radio of Papua New Guinea is already in the air in
at least two frequencies recently 9860 kHz NBC National Radio PNG
on PL-660 / July 03, 2015 0721 UT. Captured by Sony 2010DFS.

NBC National Radio
6075 kHz (02 July 2015, at 1053, 1150, 1202 UT)
Web Site: <>
(Daniel Wyllyans-BRA, hcdx July 3)

AUSTRALIA   "NBC National Radio - nothing else like the leading
of the 2015 Pacific Games".

Surprisingly much stronger than compared to R NZi signal, heard stronger
signals of NBC National Radio via newly rented transmitters in AUS, Aoki
Nagoya list mentions Townsville Brandon site small domestic 10 kW level.

But these both signal on 9860 and 12025 kHz thrilled me. Could that be
really a 10 kW signal on long propagation path across southern Pacific,
via Easter Isl, Colombia, across Azores into southern Germany ?

At 0600 UT July 4 on 12025 kHz received with S=9+15dB, never expected
signal strength, maybe one of the left over 25 kW Brandon txs in usage?

// 9860 kHz S=7-8 signal, heard Airline advts at 0630 UT. Compared to
Radio Australia Shepparton outlets 15240 S=8, and much stronger 15415 kHz
channel with S=9+15dB.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

[PAPUA NEW GUINEA  and non]  3365  NBC Milne Bay. July 3, by 1227 UT was
able to confirm // 6075 kHz (via Australia); very weak, but improving
slowly; IDs "NBC National Radio, the Voice of Papua New Guinea."

6075  NBC National Radio, the Voice of Papua New Guinea, via Australia;
random checking from 1130 to 1337, July 3; thanks very much to Sei-ichi
Hasegawa's alert; coverage of "2015 Pacific Games,"
PNG vs New Caledonia game
many promos for the Pacific Games; ads ("Airlines PNG," etc); promos for
"Prime Minister's Excellence Award, celebrating champions, creating
legacies"; played local songs (from Madang, etc.); contest questions about
Pacific Games; "NBC News Roundup" in English (cyclone heading for
Bougainville); many IDs; fair-good.

Contains DFS's audio - "Shortwave service, the signal will be sent to
Australia through satellite, then back into PNG and the Pacific." Thanks
to DFS for the clear audio that explains what is happening on 6075 kHz.
Also thanks to input from Sei-ichi, Rob Wagner, Craig Seager, et al
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

History 2014
- here are some facts and findings on ITU CIRAF image data documents:

Townsville Brandon site in A-14 season was ALWAYS registered at 25 kW
level on "Joint HFCC/ASBU/ABU Schedule".

but RAOS A-14 PDF sheet showed 10 kW only.

5995 and 9660 kHz at 10 degrees azimuth
5995 0800-1400 51,64,65  BRN  25kW 10degr 0 145 daily 3003-251014 AUS ABC
9660 2100-0800 51,64,65  BRN  25kW 10degr 0 145 daily 3003-251014 AUS ABC

CIRAF zones 51, 64 and 65
towards northern Pacific incl Koror, Kiribati, Samoa Isl.

12080 kHz at 80 degrees azimuth
12080 2000-1200 51,56,60,62 BRN  25kW 80degr 0 146 daily 3003-251014 AUS

CIRAF zones 51, 56, 60, and 62
towards rather central, eastern and southern Pacific
incl Koror, to NZL, Samoa, and Cook Isl.

facts, see

A total of 24 countries will take part in the 2015 Pacific Games.

so, PNG outlets via Brandon site covers these CIRAF zones
51, 56, 60, 62, 64, and 65

3 dipol antennas seen in north eastern corner of the area.
at close to  19 30 34.09 S  147 20 39.91 E



the far mostern northern Street View point at
4 kilometer away distance from TX site situated northerly. And MWs too:

Brandon 4QN 630 kHz 50 kW

Radio 4QN Main AM 198m Mast Broadcast Australia Site Jack Rd 5km NoNoWe

AGD66: 19 30 41.911 S  147 20 25.803 E
GDA94: 19 30 36.376 S  147 20 29.712 E

Brandon Radio 4QN Standby AM 37m Mast Broadcast Australia Site Jack Rd
5km NoNoWe of BRANDON

AGD66: 19 30 46.584 S  147 20 32.366 E
GDA94: 19 30 41.048 S  147 20 36.275 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

12025 kHz  At 0430 UT on July 5 mentioned ID "Voice of PNG" fluttery
S=8 signal into remote Edmonton Alberta SDR unit.

But NBC Brandon outlet on 9860 kHz didn't made it into Alberta, Michigan,
or NY/MA US states emote units around 0440 UT on July 5.

[also Radio Denge Kurdistana from Grigoriopol Moldova on 11600 kHz didn't
made it at 0500 UT, when switched from proper TDF Issoudun France signal
into nothing received in North America...., wb.]

But at 0500 UT switched into SDR unit in Brisbane Queensland Australia
instead, and heard 12025 kHz like S=9+35dB powerful, as well as 9860 kHz
on S=9+25dB signal strength level. The reporter was waiting for soccer
match start of PNG vv NZL at 0458 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

Pacific Games broadcasts now covered by entries in HFCC data list

The HFCC public data file now shows entries covering the broadcasts of
the Pacific Games by PNG's National Radio, via Brandon, Australia.  The
entries cover the dates July 1 to October 24. Perhaps this implies
continuing broadcasts after the conclusion of the Games, perhaps not.

The entries are:

 5995 1000 1400 51,64,65                       BRN   25 10 0 145
1234567 010715 241015 D  8467 Mul        AUS NBP BFM alterna
 5995 1900 2200 51,64,65                       BRN   25 10 0 145
1234567 010715 241015 D  8467 Mul        AUS NBP BFM alterna
 6075 1000 1400 51,64,65                       BRN   25 10 0 145
1234567 010715 241015 D  8467 Mul        AUS NBP BFM 17026
 6075 1900 2200 51,64,65                       BRN   25 10 0 145
1234567 010715 241015 D  8467 Mul        AUS NBP BFM 17027
 9660 0000 1000 51,64,65                       BRN   25 10 0 145
1234567 010715 241015 D  8467 Mul        AUS NBP BFM alterna
 9660 2200 2400 51,64,65                       BRN   25 10 0 145
1234567 010715 241015 D  8467 Mul        AUS NBP BFM alterna
 9860 0000 1000 51,64,65                       BRN   25 10 0 145
1234567 010715 241015 D  8467 Mul        AUS NBP BFM
 9860 2200 2400 51,64,65                       BRN   25 10 0 145
1234567 010715 241015 D  8467 Mul        AUS NBP BFM
12025 0000 1000 51,56,60,62                    BRN   25 80 0 146
1234567 010715 241015 D  8467 Mul        AUS NBP BFM
12025 2200 2400 51,56,60,62                    BRN   25 80 0 146
1234567 010715 241015 D  8467 Mul        AUS NBP BFM
(Dan - dxld Jan 8)
thanks Dan Ferguson Mr. VOA, same data like in comon ASBU/ABU A-14 file.

6075  NBC Papua-New Guinea, (via Brandon, QLD, AUSTRALIA) at 1325-1332,
1346-1400* UT on 4 July. Hip-hop, modern pop (Kelly Clarkson), Rare Earth
(not so modern pop). "My Station" promos, couple IDs as "You're listening
to (NBC) where we always keep it real", "Always keepin' it real on NBC
Radio 90.7", close-down chat by DJ w/ another "My Station" promo, quick
bit of hip-hop & off, leaving CNR1 TOH pips in the clear. Also heard on
9860 at various times between 0700-0830 UT doing interviews/chat with
coaches for the 15th Annual Pacific Games being held in Port Moresby.
Thanks to Rob Wagner's info on the HF Underground site.
- Dan Sheedy-CA-USA -
(via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer July 5)

The 'definitive' and other schedule info admits that 12025 kHz is for the
Pacific islands, while 6075 and 9860 kHz are toward PNG, so these serve
both purposes.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 7)

Glenn, you are correct. 12025 kHz is for listeners outside PNG. June 6, on
12025 kHz, at 0456, heard the full list of frequencies (95.5, 90.7, 91.9,
585, 6075, 9860 and 12025 kHz), per my audio at
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 7)

AUSTRIA   17830  BBC French service to West Africa via ORS Moosbrunn relay
site, "on route to Abidjan actualité..." at 1210 UT on July 8, Crise en
Grèce in 1200-1230 UT slot. Powerhouse 300 kW outlet, noted in southern
Gerlany at S=9+35dB or -41dBm signal strength.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 8)

BOLIVIA   3310  Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba threshold signal at 1000 to
1010 UT on 4 July (XM)

3310  Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, at 0915 UT with yl comments in
language, recheck at 0940 UT OM comments under thunderstorm. 3 July.

4699.9  Radio San Miguel, Riberalta, at 0900 to 0930 UT OM in Spanish with
consistent but only fair signal. Also on each day at this time and from
2300 UT, on 3 July.

6134.82  Radio Santa Cruz, at 0917 UT "en todos ... en la manana Radio
Santa Cruz" ID at tune in, were that it was ever so ... hi hi ... 3 July
(via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer July 5)

BRAZIL   6134.695  Rádio Aparecida Brazil, in BrasPortuguese, S=8-9 signal
not much strong this morning into remote Michigan-US SDR unit.

5939.766  Rádio Voz Missionaria, little disturbed by adjacent US WWCR
English sermon what else, when heard in Edmonton, Alberta at 0415 UT
on July 5.

6040.435  Proper odd frequency signal from likely Rádio RB2 Brazil,
fluttery S=7 signal this morning.

11780.011  RNB Brasilia accompanied distorted audio signals logged at
0450 UT on July 5. Disturbed RNB audio heard also in ranges 11730 - peak
at 11745/46 - 11752 kHz; as well as 11761 to 11802 kHz, continuesly to
peak 11814 kHz and up to 11821 kHz. Logged into remote SDR installation
at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

BRAZIL   3375.1  Rádio Municipal Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira, at 0915 to
0930 UT in PT with deep fades, OM chat 3 July  (Wilkner).

4824.9P. Rádio Cancao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, Sao Paulo, at 0920 to
0930 UT presumed the one in PT under thunderstorms 3 July (Wilkner)

4844.9  Rádio Cultura Ondas Tropicais, Manaus, at 0930 to 0940 UT in
Portuguese with partial ID by om 3 July (Wilkner)

4885  Rádio Clube do Para, Belem, PA, at 0858 to 0935 UT hard driving
Brasil Pops, then 0930 UT IDs by om seemingly for numerous MW outlets and
repeated "..onde media kilohertz", five times or more. 3 July (Wilkner)

4925  Rádio Educ Rural Tefe, June 23 at 0159 UT anmts, jingles, ment
Brazil, f-g (Paszkiewicz-WI)
(via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer July 5)

BULGARIA{non yet}/ARMENIA   Re: Polish Radio via Vidin-BUL on MW 1224 kHz?

Hier handelt es sich um den guten alten Polnischen Rundfunk. Den gibt's
noch, wenn auch nicht mehr auf Deutsch (aber einen Spin-Off via Kall!).
Unsere russischen Hobbyfreunde loggen den Polskie/Polish Radio  noch
regelmaessig ueber den WRN-Kanal 738 kHz in Moskau oder via Litauen on
1386 kHz.

Auf der russischen Webseite des P.R. wird aber nur der neue Dienst auf
1395 kHz erwaehnt, nicht die MW 1224 kHz. Entweder laesst die Realisierung
der 1224 kHz noch auf sich warten oder die Verhandlungen, waehrend derer
die zitierte Pressemeldung rausgegeben wurde, sind gescheitert.

Die anderen Sprachdienste (derer gibt es noch: Englisch, Weissrussisch,
Ukrainisch und Polnisch) erwaehnen die MW nicht mehr, ausser ein paar US-
Stationen, die WRN im Programm haben. Dauer online, UKW (sogar in Indien),
DAB/DAB+ und Satellit. Sitkunai listet allerdings noch die 1386 kHz fuer
den Belarus-Dienst.

Also neu: Polnischer Rundfunk, Russisch, 2100hrs Moskauer Zeit 1800 UT auf
1395 kHz via Gavar Armenien; man hofft, damit u.a. die alten Hoerergruppen
in Zentralasien wieder zu erreichen sowie neue in Zypern (russische
Touristen) und Israel (juedische Emigranten) zu gewinnen.
(Eike Bierwirth-D, A-DX July 5)

{clumsy automatic translation RUS-ENG ...}
1224 kHz Vidin-BUL
1395 kHz Gavar-ARM
Gestern 1830 UTC war auf 1224 kHz nichts zu hoeren (bzw. nur die Spanier).
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX July 5)

CHILE   Final game match tonight on 12365kHz-USB mode at 2000 UT July 4

Friday 3 July 2015
23:30 UTC
3rd Place Final
Estadio Municipal Alcaldesa Ester Roa Rebolledo, Concepcion
Peru PER   2 - 0   Paraguay PAR

Saturday 4 July 2015
20:00 UT
Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez Pradanos, Santiago de Chile
Chile CHI   4 - 1   Argentina ARG
73 wb df5sx, July 4

CHILE   final game match tonight on 12365-USB mode at 2000 UT July 4

Copa America final from Cooperative on 12365U - last three min of bcst
(presumably the wrap-up) hrd at S2 lvl w/ hvy QRM from 12370 kHz. Both QRM
and Cooperativa off at 2300 UT sharp. Did not realize the Final game bcst
was 3 hrs earlier than the earlier games in the Copa. At 2300 UT all I
could hear was VMC Charleville QL.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer July 5)

Yes it is 2000 UT, not 2300 UT !
1700 local time at UT -3hrs. We should also check some of the old
Argentine SSB feeder frequencies, 15820 and 13363.5 LSB(?) kHz, and there
was one in the 11 MHz band. It seems these were last reported about two
years ago.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 4)

CHILE   12365.0_USBmode, Chile - presumed on 12365 kHz, Radio Cooperativa
feeder (presumed), at 2245-2252UT on July 4. No signal here between 2000
and 2100 UT, first part of the soccer match, but at the end, whit penalty
resolution, I picked up a very weak male narration that likes the match
transmission. 14231.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, dxld July 4)

FRANCE   [to NIGERIA]   11825  13775  Nigerian Armed Forces Radio Takes
off. Fri 3 July, written by Okosun_Okhueleigbe.

The Nigerian Armed Forces Radio has begun its test transmission in
Abuja[but only one week tests via TDF Issoudun site, wb.]  on 11825 kHz on
the 25 meterband and 13775 kHz on 21 meterband Short Wave.

The transmission which began yesterday started from 7.00am to 8.00am in
English and Hausa Languages.

According to the Nigerian Army spokesperson, Col S.K Usman on his facebook
wall said that reception coverage area include Nigeria, West, Central and
Southern Africa.

The programne content includes traditional and Nigerian military musicals
as well as the station signature tune and salutation to Commander-in-
Chief, Chief of Defence Staff, Service Chiefs and gallant officers and men
of the Nigerian Armed Forces and the good people of Nigeria.

The broadcast languages include English and Hausa.

This is the climax of efforts made by the Nigerian army over the years to
have its own radio that would specifically educate Nigerian masses about
the activities of the Armed Forces.

As a prelude to this, there have been programmes ran in the Radio Nigeria
entitled: "Armed Forces Calling" and "Barrack Request."
(via Jose M. Romero-ESP, July 4)

re Nigerian Armed Forces Radio.

Fair reception of the Nigerian Armed Forces Radio test this morning
(3 July) on 13775 kHz despite local RFI. I recorded the transmission
unattended. Carrier came on the air at about 05:59:53 UT and the initial
music started at 06:00:07 UT (assuming no time slips from the start of
recording). The test, as with the past few days, consists of Nigerian
music interspersed with IDs in Hausa and English. The first musical piece
had the interesting line "I want to be a solider."

The IDs include an SMS number to which to send messages. In English, it
sounds like +2308108366886 with the "0"s pronounced as the letter "O." But
this cannot be right as the country code for Nigeria is 234. Indeed, in
Hausa, the number is given as 2348148366886 with the "4"s clearly
pronounced as "hudu" Hausa for "four." Does anyone hear the English
numbers differently? The test program ended at 06:59:31 UT with
transmitter sign-off at 07:00:05 UT.
(Richard Langley, dxld July 3)

FRANCE   11825 and 13775  "Nigerian Armed Forces Radio" program via TDF
Issoudun France test series.

Same program heard on both channels on Sundays...

Brokered by Jeff White of RMI Florida USA. Noted weak signal today around
0604 UT on July 5, due of short skip zone in less than 1500 kms distance
from the bcast center, like in central Europe, England, Belgium, Germany,
Austria, Italy and Hungary.

Only long signal distance to the SDR unit near Stockholm Sweden did work
like S=9+10dB signal strength properly.

On MA/NY/KY US SDR units heard 11825 kHz on S=7-8 strength, but nothing on
13775 kHz propagate during US nighttime, around 0610 UT  on July 5.
In Queensland AUS heard both 11825 and 13775 kHz on S=8 fair level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

13775  Nigerian Armed Forces Radio (TDF Issoudun France) at *0600+ UT
on 2 July. Fair signal in the intermittent noise with En s/on annct
(ID/freq. for 22/25mb), military march, followed by nice hi-life song.

Also heard JBA on 11825 kHz in (pres) Hausa, but not enough to really do
much with. Thanks to Glenn Hauser's tip for this one.
{on Sunday July 5 same program noted on both channels, wb.}

Also heard somewhat better at *0600-0635 UT on 3 July w/ (pres) National
Anthem, ID in Hausa & into program of alternating hi-life songs & man
reading #s in Hausa, En IDs at 0625 & 0633 UT "The Nigerian Armed Forces
Radio brings you news, views, and commentary of the moment...". VON
(Ikorodu) also heard in Hausa at 0611+ UT on 7255 kHz (vy poor)// 9690 kHz
- Dan Sheedy-CA-USA -
(via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer July 5)

FRANCE   Test of Nigerian Armed Forces Radio on SW continues until July 10

0600-0700 11825 ISS 250 kW 170 deg to WeAf Hausa/English text messages/Mx
0600-0700 13775 ISS 250 kW 170 deg to WeAf Hausa/English text messages/Mx
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 8)

GERMANY   Tip Bayern 2 radio program Munich Bavaria, Fri June 26, at 1320-
1330 UT, "Sozusagen! Deutsches Radio - aus Hanoi, Moskau und Pjoengjang"

Deutschland: Am kommenden Freitag, 26. Juni, beschaeftigt sich Bayern 2 im
Magazin "sozusagen - Anmerkungen zur deutschen Sprache" mit dem
verbliebenen Auslandsfunk in deutscher Sprache. BR-Autor Hendrik Heinze,
der selber einmal bei der Stimme Vietnams hospitieren, fuehrte dafuer ein
ausfuehrliches Gespraech mit Dr. Hansjoerg Biener, der seit mehr als vier
Jahrzehnten Auslandsrundfunk zu seinem speziellen Hobby gemacht hat.

Der Zusammenschnitt "Sozusagen! Deutsches Radio - aus Hanoi, Moskau und
Pjoengjang" wird am 26. Juni, 15.20-15.30 Uhr MESZ/CEST Ortszeit, auf
Bayern 2 ausgestrahlt und kann nach der Sendung als podcast
heruntergeladen werden.


(Bayerischer Rundfunk Munich; via
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

GERMANY   WDR will Switch Off MW Stations, Re-allocate Funds.
Radio Magazine July 6, 2015 Berlin - While there is general gnashing of
teeth regarding some countries plans (or lack thereof) to shut down their
FM networks, there seems to be no equivalent with respect to plans on
shutting down AM medium-wave stations.

At 2 a.m. local time, July 6, both of the WDR (West German Radio) Cologne
MW transmitters were turned off for good. Funds thus saved will be re-
allocated for DAB+ radio.

The transmitters are in Langenberg (720 kHz at 63 kW) and Bonn (774 kHz
at 5 kW). They provide coverage in the north Rhine and Westphalia areas,
along with Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse, according to

The programs that have been transmitted via the two AM stations are
already available via the internet, over DAB+, satellite radio,
and on local cable systems.

(via Mike Terry-UK, mwdx July 6)

WDR2 Langenberg 720 kHz Abschaltung heute Nacht, July 6.

Letzte Gelegenheit nochmal WDR2 auf Mittelwelle zu hoeren. Aktuell laeuft
eine Ansageschleife mit dem Hinweis, dass heute Nacht um zwei Uhr
Langenberg 720 kHz und Bonn 774 kHz abgeschaltet wird. Und dass man u.a.
ueber DAB+ etc. natuerlich weiterhin gut informiert bleibt...

Da wird mir morgen frueh etwas fehlen, war der Langenberger Sender doch
einer der ersten, die ich als kleiner Bub in Omas Roehrenradio gehoert
habe. Ende der Neunziger (oder war das spaeter) war ich dort mal bei einem
Tag der offenen Tuer, aergerlich nur, dass meine Knipse damals nicht
funktioniert hatte. Bin aber mal gespannt, wie sich die Abschaltung auf
den Empfang hier auswirken wird. Langenberg ist ca. 20km Luftlinie
entfernt und hatte schon fuer manche Effekte gesorgt.
(Gregor Behr-D  DD4GB, July 5, and Gerd Opalka-D, A-DX July 6)

Re: WDR Will Switch Off MW Stations, Re-allocate Funds for DAB+

At 2 a.m. local time, July 6, both of the WDR
(West German Radio) MW transmitters were turned off for good.
Funds thus saved will be re-allocated for DAB+ radio.

Wherever the teeth-gnashing Radiomag author got this description from:

It is not given in the official press release, posted at

This matters in as far as cost saving measures are around the corner at
WDR, and the radio operations are expected to be the target of
disproportionately severe cuts.

Btw1, other sources than the WDR press office specified the carrier power
last used on 720 kHz as about 85 kW. It may have something to do with the
antenna configuration.

Btw2, the 720 kHz transmitter has not been turned off at 2 AM but 1.5
minutes later. Apparently it took the engineer this long to get out of his
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld July 7)

GERMANY   HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen - Vortraege 2015

Das Wiener Dokumentationsarchiv Funk zeigt die wichtigsten Vortraege
(Powerpoint mit synchnonisiertem Audio) und die Eroeffnungsfeier
der Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2015 auf seiner Homepage

Dort sind auch die Keynote Lectures ab 2008 zu finden.
(Prof. Wolf Harranth, OE1WHC
<office -at->  URL  <>
(via Christoph Ratzer-AUT, A-DX July 6)

GREECE   This morning with two clean audio shortwave signals on air,
no whine signal peaks this morning:
Helliniki Radiophonia with Greek folk music
at 0530 UT July 4 on 9420.005 kHz and 11645.012 kHz,
both equal S=9+25dB signal strength here in southern Germany.
(wb,  wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

9420.005 kHz, - and always noisy audio 9934.970 kHz odd frequency, outlets
of ERT Avlis this morning. Noted also 8x spurious signals on each
sideband, like a garden fence visible, each distance of 161Hz, 322Hz ...
a.s.o.  Hertz apart distance. At 0430 UT on July 5 played songs of
legendary Chilenean Nightingale Rosita Serrano.

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

GREECE   Voice of Greece in Greek is on the air after 1900 UTC on July 7

1938&2000  9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR, co-ch VIRI/IRIB in Arabic
1938&2000  9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR, terrible audio + hum tone

Thanks to Kai Ludwig for this information. But nothing at 0530 UTC July 8.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 7/8)
TX off at 0523 UT see below. wb.

GREECE   GRC Avlis ERT program break and stopped using 9934.946 kHz
at 0523 UT on July 8th.

Also // on 9420.005 kHz on air still after 0523 UT, but was OFF later then
also when checked at 0540 UT July 8.

Checked in southern Germany, and at remote SDR's at Brisbane AUS,
and at Moscow Russia.

9934.946v  Annoying BUZZ tone accompanied the S=9+20dB ERT audio signal
from Avlis heard on Moscow Russia remote SDR unit.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]

BUZZ signal like GARDEN FENCE showed in Perseus browser screen
10 x accompanied buzz spur peak signals - each sideband - peaks varied at
258 ... 268 Hertz / 536 ... Hertz apart distance ... up to 2680 Hertz
apart distance, each sideband.

When checked 11645 kHz at 0524 UT heard short ERT FLUTE INTERVAL signal
for few minutes, weak signal underneath co-ch much stronger Radio Dabanga
from Santa Maria di Galeria Vatican site.

Nothing noted on either 15630 kHz, nor 15650 kHz channels.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 8)

GREECE   9420.005 and on // 11644.915 kHz little stronger TODAY !
Very weak tiny signals in 31 and 25 mb from 1100 UT on July 9, like Avlis
9420.005 kHz and Medi I Nador Morocco 9575 kHz too. Sunspot decrease
happens like Moegel-Dellinger effect at present?

Avlis ERT program like political speech on Greece State Bankruptcy to the
crowd and phone in program noted in 1100 to 1130 UT July 9.

9420.005 kHz on air only poor S=8-9 (Sunspot disturbtion?) and
11644.915 kHz S=9+15dB on remote SDR post in Moscow Russia, backlobe of
180degrees North Africa azimuth transmission.

Checked in southern Germany, and at remote SDR's at Italy, Spain, Belgium,
Sweden and Poland.

11644.915v  Annoying BUZZ tone accompanied the S=9+15dB ERT audio signal
from Avlis heard on Moscow Russia remote SDR unit.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]

BUZZ signal like GARDEN FENCE showed in Perseus browser screen
9 x accompanied buzz spur peak signals - each sideband - peaks varied at
329 ... / 658 ... 987 ... 1316 Hertz apart distance ... up to 2961 Hertz
apart distance, each sideband.

Nothing noted on either 9935, 15630, nor 15650 kHz channels.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 9)


"Construction" is an important word these days at TWR's transmitter
facility on the Pacific island of Guam. The most pressing work has
involved getting KTWR, as the station is known, back to fully operational
mode after Typhoon Dolphin crashed into the island May 15, 2015.
A generator and backup system provided power and water after the storm,
and repairs had to be made to antennas.

Not affected by the storm was a longer-term construction project at KTWR:
the installation of solar panels. A test project generating 23,000 watts
of power for the facility has been deemed a big success, so now the team
hopes to secure the funding to boost that production level to 60,000 watts
- enough to run the station all day.

The goal, of course, is to save on the increasingly expensive cost of
electricity so those savings could be applied toward expanding the
broadcast ministry to the many countries needing to hear the gospel across
Asia. The KTWR team is appealing to supporters for an all-out push this
(TWR Newsletter via July ADXN of ArDXC-AUS direct / via dxld July 1)

GUAM/USA   "Video" von AWR.
Wirkich eindrucksvoll gemacht, ein drehbares Video ueber AWR.

(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM, A-DX July 6)

Wirklich sehenswert. Am eindrucksvollsten ist fuer mich der Blick von der
Spitze des Sendemastes nach unten. Ich habe mir das Video 3 mal angesehen,
um alle Blickwinkel auszukosten.Technisch sehr gut gemacht.
(Michael Haun-ESP, A-DX July 6)

YouTube Videos von AWR Guam - mit Drone




and AWR Europe training at Vienna Austria, some snippets visible of ORS
Moosbrunn antennas
(Paul Reinersch-D, A-DX July 7)

GUYANA   3289.9  GBC Voice of Guyana, at 0210 to 0220 UT with Kurt Cobain
vocals, seemingly. on 2 July;.... 0355 UT " the people...and the rest of
..." 0400 UT time pips yl "This is the BBC World Service," 0825 UT
Caribbean pop music the yl 0827 UT "good morning from... " 3 July.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer July 5)

INDIA/CHINA/SAUDI ARABIA   17705  China mainland FIREDRAKE music jamming
against AIR Chinese service noted at 1205 UT on July 8, S=9+30dB, logged
in southern Germany. And a third station on channel noted BSKSA Riyadh's
Arabic General program underneath.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 8)

INDONESIA   3905  RRI Merauke. June 29, heard for the fourth consecutive
day, so can we safely say it's now on regularly for Ramadan? Briefly
checked the Jakarta news at 1207 UT, ending with patriotic song "Bagimu
Negeri" at 1220 UT. Checked again 1248-1302 UT, non-stop reciting from
Qur'an. My local sunrise was at 1252 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

QSL received from the German service "Voice of Indonesia" for reception on
01 Jan 2015, on the frequency of 9526 kHz. The card traditional houses
made of Papuans timber. The report sent the e-mail. The QSL pen signed
<voi.deutsch -at->
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, RUSdx June 28)

3905, RRI Merauke. July 2, was off the air during checks at 1131 + 1152 +
1233; confirmed by Atsunori Ishida <>

July 3, broadcasting again; brief checks at 1135 open carrier & 1310 +
1317 with reciting from the Qur'an.

As of July 3, still no RRI Ternate.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

IRAN   7415.005  VoIRIB in Kurdish-Kirmanji dialect from Kamalabad site,
S=8 signal, scheduled 0320-0420 UT on July 5, at 0359 UT nice local chorus
singer performed.

15179.996  IRIB Sirjan in Hebrew language, scheduled 1150-1220 UT, heard
on sidelobe signal path here in southern Germany, end of transmission at
1219 UT July 8, S=9+25dB signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5/8)

IRAN   Iran launches second Qadir radar system.
Oh my dear ...

Is it the same class as the one we've been monitoring on 10mb?
73 Paulo, CT2IWW
(intruderalert mailing list
<>  July 8)

IRELAND   UK Irish emigrants to be surveyed over RTE's LW service.

Diaspora Minister Jimmy Deenihan has said that government-funded research
into the use of the long-wave radio service service, particularly by older
Irish people in the UK, would help determine a decision on its future.
Last October, RTE postponed plans to switch off the long wave 252 signal
after receiving an angry response from the Irish community in Britain.

It is now aiming to wind down the service before closing it altogether in
May 2017.

Mr Deenihan has now urged migrants in Britain to speak out about the
planned shutdown for the survey, which is to be completed by the end of
this year.

He said: "I am pleased that this research is now being rolled out and I
would encourage the Irish community in the UK to engage with this process
as it seeks to deliver a better picture of need, to inform a solution
acceptable to all," he said. I am very conscious of the importance of the
longwave service for the Irish community in the UK, especially the older
members of this community, in maintaining their links to Ireland. I hope
that through this research a more complete picture of the current level of
listenership will be available."

The study will be managed by "Irish in Britain", an umbrella group for
Irish organisations in Britain, and will look at the frequency of
listenership, attitudes to its content and perceived benefits and
weaknesses in the service.

The frequency - formerly used by Atlantic 252 and short lived sports
station TeamTalk 252 - has been used to relay RTE Radio 1 since 2002, an
operation which the state broadcaster has said is "outdated and costly",
particularly in the age of digital and online radio.


Radio Today, By Niall O'Keeffe, 7 July 2015
(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng)

JAPAN   [to KOREA D.P.R.]   6020  Shiokaze [sea-breeze] program via
Ibaragi-Koga-Yamata Japan. On Thursday, July 2 anomaly noted at 1333 UT;
no English today, instead in Korean; no North Korea jamming, but July 3,
Shiokaze was gone, but jamming present, which blocked VOV4.

New alternate frequency 5985 kHz, on July 3, at 1339 UT. Ex6020 kHz; now
blocking Myanmar also on 5985.0 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

KUWAIT   Gaines Johnson hat mit einer Drohne gespielt und bei

ein Luftvideo von der IBB-Sendeanlage in Kuwait ins Netz gestellt. Im
wesentlichen fliegt die Drohne allerdings ueber den Sendergebaeuden und
nicht im Antennengelaende. Ein anderes, sehr informatives Video des Autors
wuerdigt bei <>

"20 Jahre IBB Kuwait" seit 2003. Hier sind nicht nur Daten ueber den Auf-
und Ausbau der Mittel- und Kurzwellenanlage zu finden, sondern auch mehr
Bilder ueber die Antennen.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

MADAGASCAR   7395.005  NHK World Radio Japan in Swahili language, via
Talata-Volonondry MDG, scheduled 0315-0400 UT. Weak S=6 signal at 0356 UT
on July 5. Heard across the Atlantic into Michigan remote SDR post.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

5010.48v  Radio Malagasy, 1920 UT, noted with warbly and drifting
transmitter, audio only noted on peaks and only when there was music.
3 July - David Sharp-NSW-AUS -
(via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer July 5)

MALAYSIA   6050  Asyik FM progr at 1135 UT July 3, with female announcer
and pop songs in Bahasa Malay. - Fair.

11665  Wai FM progr at 1141 UT July 3, with female announcer and pop songs
in Bahasa Malay, ID at 1145 UT followed by talk. - Fair.

9835  Sarawak FM program at 1148 UT July 3, with male announcer and songs
in Bahasa Malay, songs had an Arabic sound to them, so perhaps an Islamic
program. - Fair.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer July 4)

New schedule for Radio Free Sarawak.

July 4, checking RFS, on 15425 kHz, from 1146 UT onward, found them off
the air today (Saturday). Both John Herkimer and Dave Valko today confirm
RFS was not on their recent schedule of 1030-1200 UT.

RFS website shows this today - "We bring you the best snipets and lead
stories of the week. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show! We will be back
with fresh interviews next week. Don't go away stay tuned!" and has audio
streaming of "Our weekly wrap-up!" which was not broadcast today via SW.
Last year RFS did not broadcast on Sunday only, but now they are off
Saturday and Sunday. So only broadcasting on SW during weekdays now.

July 4, is a holiday in many parts of Malaysia (Nuzul Al-Quran
Thought perhaps with the holiday RTM might do something different on SW.

Nothing heard on 5965 kHz (Radio Klasik), 6050 kHz (Asyik FM, which is
normally well heard) nor 7295 kHz (Traxx FM), with 11665 kHz (Wai FM) and
9835 kHz (Sarawak FM) both good, but nothing out of their ordinary format.
So maybe with the national holiday there was even less activity on their
part than normal?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

MEXICO   6184.980  XEPPM Radio Educacion Mexico City, S=8 signal in MI-USA
at 0424 UT on July 5. Excellent Latin America dance music of the 50ties
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

MOLDOVA/FRANCE   11600   July 4 at 0458 UT, Kurdish music is F-G, but off
the air by 0459 UT, as the 03-05 UT TDF Issoudun, FRANCE relay of Denge
Kurdistane is finished. It should have handed over to Grigoriopol',
Pridnestrovye KCH Kishinov, Moldova, for the next eight hours, but
absolutely nothing audible here immediately after ISS went off.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 4)

Also Radio Denge Kurdistana from Grigoriopol Moldova on 11600 kHz didn't
made it at NoAm at 0500 UT on July 5, when switched from proper TDF
Issoudun France signal into nothing received in North America.... but see
proper 11600 signal here in southern Germany, seldom seen such sidelobe
signal totally blocking towards North America. wb.

11600  Radio Denge Kurdistana Radio from Grigoriopol Maiac site at 0505 UT
on July 5th at S=9+40dB level in southern Germany. Kurdish girl singer and
local string instrument and guitar music played.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

NEW ZEALAND   11724.983  Radio NZi from Rangitaiki, nearly fair signal via
long path into southern Germany at 0538 UT, only S=7-8 this morning.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

NIGERIA   Frequency change of Voice of Nigeria in English
1800-1930 NF9689.9*AJA 250 kW 248 deg to WeCeAF, ex1800-2000 UT on 7254.9

* QRM 9685 CRI Hausa and Chinese 1800-1827; R. Cairo Russian from 1900 UT
* QRM 9695 CRI Chinese till 1827 and CRI Bulgarian 1830-1857 UT
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 7)

9689.894  Voice of Nigeria noted on poor level at 0626 UT on July 7.
Nothing logged on 7255v kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 7)

PAKISTAN   Radio Pakistan has returned to air again, and currently heard
on 15485 kHz from tune in 1415 UT during their Urdu transmission to
ME/NoAfrica. Signal level is fair to good and with less distortion than
has been heard previously. There is co-channel QRM from CNR-1 which I
guess is aimed at VoTibet heard using 15487 kHz until both off at 1430 UT.

Currently heard is a programme of Pakistan songs. This must all be
originating from one of the old transmitters at Rewat, with no sign of the
new (but getting older) transmitters at Karachi coming on air.
(Noel R. Green-UK, dxld June 29)

btw. nothing visible on Google Earth/Google Maps images, of the newly
planned Ampegon revolving SW antennas at Karachi SW center area, planned
already in 2006 ! year, wb.

PALAU   Upcoming frequency change of T8WH Angel 4, registered June 24

1500-1600 NF11870 HBN 100 kW 270 deg to SoEaAS English Sat, ex11955*

* to avoid Adventist World Radio AWR 1530-1600 UT in Hindi via
SLBC Trincomalee-CLN relay site.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

PERU   4810  Radio Logos, Chazuta, Tarapoto, at 0800 UT carrier on no
audio...; noted 0930 to 0940 UT with vocalist a rustic OA music, clearly
the best signal from Peru. 3 July.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer July 5)

PHILIPPINES-likely  [to SARAWAK]  15425, Radio Free Sarawak. Thru July 3,
checking from 1130 to 1200* UT, most day's find fair reception here;
frequent IDs and many phone conversations; still being heard free of
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

Nothing heard here around 11 UT July 4, 1030-1200 UT only Mon-Fri weekdays
on air, wb.

15425  Radio Free Sarawak (unID site), at 1124-1200* UT on 30 June. Thanks
to Ron Howard's tip, RFS doing fair this morning with phone reports,
indigenous music bridges, a few IDs sprinkled around closed w/ longer
traditional tune.
- Dan Sheedy-CA-USA -
(via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer July 5)

PORTUGAL   666  RTP hat juengst die Mittelwelle Cristelo Covo (Valenca)
666 kHz (10 kW) reaktiviert und verbessert damit den Empfang von Antena 1
im Nordwesten des Landes.

42 01 03.18 N  08 38 33.75 W

Obwohl RTP in der bergigen Region laengst UKW-Sender aufgestellt hat, gibt
es doch noch einige Empfangsluecken. Der alte Mittelwellensender war 2011
kaputt gegangen, es ist aber unklar, ob fuer die Wiederaufnahme der
Sendungen tatsaechlich ein neuer Sender angeschafft oder nur ein
Reservesender eines anderen Standortes umgesetzt wurde.

Wie Carlos Goncalves hinzusetzt, ist dies aber die Ausnahme. Die vor einem
Jahr ausgefallene Mittelwelle Chaves 666 kHz (2 kW) werde nach RTP-Angaben
nicht wieder hergestellt. Der Trend sei eher so wie in Madeira, wo zwei
Sendeanlagen nach dem Ausfall aufgegeben wurden, weil UKW fuer
ausreichende Flaechendeckung sorge. Immer noch warte er auf RTP-
Informationen ueber die Zukunft der Anlage Miramar 720 kHz (10 kW), wo der
Sendemast vor einiger Zeit zusammengefallen ist und die Flaechendeckung um
Porto durchaus betroffen sei.
(Luis Carvalho 11 June, Carlos Goncalves 19 June, via
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

Miramar 720 kHz 10 kW, has been off the air for many months after the
collapse of the monopole. This one serves Greater Porto but so far the RTP
has not reactivated it which may well mean its fate is the same as those
in Madeira where two sites were "put down" after tower failure, then the
remaining two were simply silenced because MF coverage was considered
redundant there. I was promised data on the Miramar situation as well as
on Faro 720 kHz (active, poor regional coverage) but no further
information after more than a year.
(Carlos Gonçalves-POR, BrDXC news magazine Communication July, June 30)

ROMANIA  IRRS Shortwave relay European Gospel Radio, Sun June 28
0930-1200 9510 TIG* 150 kW 290 deg to WeEUR English Sun
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 28)

* used Tiganesti-2 bcast center of Romania RadCom southerly at Saftica
location site, revolving log-periodic antenna installation. Former
Comintern bcast center from mid 50ties like Radio Espana Indepedente  AND
Radio Portugal Libre site, communist exile mouthpiece in 50ties. 20/50 kW
shortwave at location
44 38 14.41 N  26 04 24.27 E
<>    wb.

SINGAPORE   11685  NHK-World Radio Japan (via Singapore Kranji relay site)
at 1325-1345* UT on 27 June. NHK's Bengali service doing well here most
mornings w/ what sounds like radio plays/dramatizations, quick close-down
chat at :45, but unlike NHK's other language services, I've yet to hear
"NHK World Radio...", just a mix of Japanese/Bengali w/ occ. mentions of
- Dan Sheedy-CA-USA -
(via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer July 5)

SOLOMON ISL   5020  S.I.B.C. at 1155 UT with usual format of devotional,
prayer, woman with ID and frequencies, National Anthem; anthem ended
before 1203 UT, then dead air to past 1205 UT; checked back at 1209 UT and
now relaying Wantok FM, songs "Black Velvet" and U2's "I Still Haven't
Found What I've Been Looking For", then all Pacific pop songs after that;
1233 UT announcements about "celebrating 37 years of our nation's
independence", and one about a national speech competition. - Good but
deteriorating to poor by 1300 UT , July 3.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer July 4)

SOMALIA   Radio Al-Andalus, Radioandalus24
(via Jose M. Romero-ESP, July 4)

Re: Somalia Clandestine Radio Al-Andalus.
Hello  What a strange name for a Somali station !
Al Andalus is Andalucia in Spain which used to be ruled by muslims for so
many years ... but what is that got to do with Somalia ?
(Tarek Zeidan-EGY  SU1TZ, dxld July 4)

SOUTH AFRICA   7284.988  South African "Radio Sonder Grense" in Dutch-
Africaans, like Hillbilly country music in Afrikaans, guitar, fiddler,
banjo instruments. 0520 UT July 4, S=8-9 across the Atlantic in MA/NY/KY
remote units.
(wb,  wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

SRI LANKA   15430  AWR in Meifei language on Wednesdays, S=9+5dB signal,
spread out at 25degr true north azimuth, logged at 1234 UT on July 8.
Young boys religious chorus.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 8)

SUDAN   Noted on 7205.001 kHz Sudanese Radio Omdurman, S=8-9 fluttery
fade-out, noted in southern Germany at 0345 UT on July 5. Scheduled at
0245-0430 UT ?
Surprisingly noted nice flippy modern morning mx program, never expected
as at coming from muslim country.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

9505  Voice of Africa from Omdurman-SDN, at 1935 UT, fair with local
music, talk by lang man, modulation a little low. 3 July (David Sharp-NSW)
(via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer July 5)

SUDAN/MOLDOVA    I would like to ask if someone knows a satellite
frequency of Radio Miraya (Juba, South Sudan).
11560 0300-0558 300kW 180deg MDA R MIRAYA FM, Sudanese Ar, via Grigoriopol
UNMISS via BRB brokery.

I speculate if it is possible to hear it here in Hungary, central Europe
beyond their shortwave daily broadcast. I also don't know how their signal
goes to the European shortwave transmitters. I assume it goes via a
satellite link. The UNMISS publishes a procurement call every 1-2 years
for 2 audio channel space on a satellite to South Sudan but i don't find
the results of these tenders. That's the reason why i am interested to
know about their satellite feeds.

I have some observation about the content of their morning programme.
Before the war they broadcasted news during their shortwave segment in
english, arabic and simple arabic (sometimes also called as Juba arabic).
Nowadays they don't broadcast news during their shortwave time. If you try
to use


website, it will not work. In the past they provided news, information and
even live audio on which i could listen their independence celebration on
july 9, 2011. After the war broke out in december 2013, this webservice
went for a time, then it was redirected to the UNMISS's official page, and
now it directs to an empty site which is for sale.
(Tibor Gaal-HNG, dxld July 7)

Re: South Sudan - Radio Miraya. Yes, it's possible to hear Radio Miraya FM
on satellite here in Europe but with a big dish, probably larger than

NileSat 201, 7 West, Covering Middle East and southern Europe.
Frequency: 12207 MHz, Polarization: Vertical, Symbol rate: 27500
FEC: 3/4, Beam: Middle East, Miraya FM, SID: 3234  VPID: 1060 A
You may find the coverage of the Middle East beam in the attached image
(Georgi Bancov-BUL, dxld July 9)

SWEDEN   Grimeton Reisebericht - Touring Report June 28

Hallo Liste,
bereits am Sonntag versuchte ich vergeblich aus Grimeton per smartphone
einen Kurzbericht zu senden, die mail "versackte" offenbar im WLAN-Netz
der Cafeteria von Grimeton, wie ich spaeter feststellte.

Nun sind wir alle zurueck, und ich kann auf den Reisebericht -
verfasst von OM Frank - verweisen.

Auch den Austausch des durchgebrannten Isolators haben wir live miterlebt,
es war insgesamt ein wunderbares Erlebnis.

Den Bericht findet Ihr unter folgendem link:


(73, Rolf, Perseus, FD4, ALA 1530 SSB+, 42m Windom, Mini Whip PA0RDT
A-DX July 3)

TAJIKISTAN   7245  Fade-out morning program from Tajik Radio Dushanbe
Yangi-Yul, at 0553 UT July 5, S=7 signal just above threshold and noise
level, politics? commentary in Tajik language.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

TAJIKISTAN/CHINA   Noted frequency change at 1235 UT July 8th:

15563 VOICE OF TIBET 1230-1235 Tibetan 100 131 Dushanbe-Yangiyul TJK
15557 VOICE OF TIBET 1235-.... Tibetan 100 131 Dushanbe-Yangiyul TJK

China mainland jamming station kept on 15565 kHz,
and heard still at 1240 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 8)

THAILAND   Another frequency changes of BBC World Service
0100-0300 NF15660 NAK 250 kW 290 deg to SoAS English,     ex15310
1000-1200 NF17790 NAK 250 kW 025 deg to EaAS English Sat, ex17760
{in order to avoid China mainland white noise jamming,
some days last 24hrs duration jamming, wb.}
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 27)

TURKEY   15450  V.O. Turkey. Fair signal at 1323 UT w/W in English giving
ID and sked for the English pgm and complete contact info, then into
instru. Turkish mx, and off at exactly 1325 UT in mid-song. (15 June)
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

UNIDENTIFIED   6010.051  Very weak and tiny radio signal, I couldn't
identify even the language Spanish or Portuguese, CLM or Brazilian
program. - sorry. At 0420 UT on July 5.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

UNIDENTIFIED   11650  Maybe the Tashkent UZB engineer checked their TX and
feeder line at 0448 UT on July 5, a 998 Hertz audio tone heard and the
signal string was visible both sides. At other 0330-0345 UT time slot TWR
Africa is carried via Tashkent relay towards Ethiopia East Africa, in
Oromo, Sidamo and Amharic langs.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

UAE   17845  Radio Ergo (IRIN Radio) program in Somali, scheduled 1200-
1300 UT noted at 1215 UT on July 8, S=9+15dB of sidelobe signla 225degr,
noted in southern Germany.

15215.130  Odd frequency transmission of FEBC Tibetan service via Babcock
brokery Al Dhabbaya-UAE relay site, Noted at 1222 UT on July 8, scheduled
daily 1200-1230 UT. S=9 signal, sidelobe path into southern Germany.
Little LOW MODULATED, chorus and percussion instruments performance, and
followed by FEBC chimes interval signal at end transmission, 1229 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 8)

UAE   BBC ends broadcasts on 90.3 MHz FM in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We would like to thank our audience for listening via FM over the past
10 years and hope you will stay tuned, as BBC World Service can still be
reached easily through a range of devices.
BBC Spokesperson

BBC World Service has announced today that from Tuesday 30 June 2015 its
radio services in English and BBC Arabic will no longer be available on
90.3 FM in Abu Dhabi, UAE.There are a variety of ways audiences can still
access BBC World Service:

- At <> via the internet
- Via audio channels on Nilesat or Arabsat satellite
- By downloading the BBC Arabic app on iTunes
- On shortwave radio (for correct frequency and times of transmission,
  see 'How to Listen' on the BBC World Service website)

A BBC Spokesperson said: "The BBC World Service is moving quickly towards
a mix of radio and digital platforms and, in this rapidly developing
environment, regrettably FM is no longer a cost-effective way of serving
listeners in the UAE. This has resulted in the difficult decision to end
this broadcast. We would like to thank our audience for listening via FM
over the past 10 years and hope you will stay tuned, as BBC World Service
can still be reached easily through a range of devices.

"The BBC's FM frequency in Abu Dhabi, which was first established in 2003,
has been streaming live and 27/4 a mixed radio schedule from BBC Arabic
and BBC World Service English.

Notes to Editors.

BBC World Service delivers news content around the world in English and 28
other language services, on radio, TV and digital, reaching a weekly
audience of 210 million. As part of BBC World Service, BBC Learning
English teaches English to global audiences. For more information, visit

The BBC attracts a weekly global news audience of 283 million people to
its international news services including BBC World Service, BBC World
News television channel and <>

The BBC's Arabic Service is a multimedia service, available on TV, radio,
online and via mobile handheld devices, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
BBC Arabic radio was established in 1938, the <> - in
1998, and TV - in 2008. BBC Arabic's overall audience reach has risen by
more than 11 per cent to 36.2 million adults weekly - up from 32.2 million
in 2012/2013.   PR/MAA
(via Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

UAE/U.K.   BBCWS British Antarctic Survey Special 2015 online, if you have
missed it, listen online at
seemingly only "15 days left to listen" online
(Harald Kuhl-D, DXplorer July 6)

UAE/U.K.   Re: Clandestine & Other Target Broadcasters: audio of Al
Jazeera TV [from Qatar] in Arabic has been received on 5940 kHz via Al
Dhabbaya UAE at 255 degrees at 2000-2300 UT since 11 June.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN,  dxld July 1)

Possibly targeting Yemen, where many people may be unable to watch TV
because of power problems caused by the war there.
(Chris Greenway-UK, dxld 15 June via July BrDXC-UK Communication)

Yes, main target seemingly Yemen clash parties of Sunni and Shiit.
RMS_IBB logs show as target YEM, ERI, ETH, EGY, SDN, KWT, IRQ, ARS, OMA
... and Karachi-PAK, like 255 degrees azimuth.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

Audio of Al-Jazeera TV again on shortwave from July 5
1200-1400 on 11835 Al-Dhabbaya
1800-1930 on 17680 Woofferton

1200-1400  11835 DHA 250 kW 225 deg to NE/ME Arabic, very weak signal
1800-1930  17680 WOF 250 kW 140 deg to NE/ME Arabic
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

Audio of Al-Jazeera TV again on shortwave.

Al-Jazeera 17680 kHz Arabic sce in southern Germany on proper S=9+30dB
signal strength level.

Heard at 1845 UT on July 6th, and compared audio signal to our local
central European satellite TV coverage on Hotbird 13.0 East
12111 MHz polarisation Vertical symbol 27500 VID 270 AID 271

Both signals were equal, not any signal delay could be detected so far.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

Audio of Al-Jazeera TV again on shortwave. Tuning in to 17680 kHz at 1805
UT July 6, very strong here in Cairo Egypt SIO 444 with the news from Al-
Jazeera about the current situation in Iraq. Ivo, are you sure it is from
(Tarek Zeidan-EGY, dxld July 6)

Dear Tarek,
11835 kHz is Al Dhabbaya-UAE and 17680 kHz is Babcock brokered Woofferton
according to IBB Monitoring. Powerful signal here in Sofia, Bulgaria on
17680 kHz.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

[UAE/CHINA]   11834.991  Al-Jazeera TV program relay via shortwave Al
Dhabbaya UAE on 11835v kHz Arabic sce in southern Germany on - sidelobe -
threshold level of noisy S=6 audio signal, and on rather
even 11835.000 kHz probably CNR2 Chinese program from Xianyang-China
tx site #594.

BUT on much more powerful propagation from UAE via Indian Ocean path into
northern Australia Brisbane remote SDR installation, of S=9+15dB or -60dBm
signal strength level.

Heard at 1240 UT on July 7th, and compared audio signal to our local
central European satellite TV coverage on Hotbird 13.0 East 12111 MHz
polarisation Vertical symbol 27500 VID 270 AID 271

European satellite TV signal was nearly 2 seconds faster(!) than
Al-Dhabbaya UAE signal on 11834.991 kHz.

Re:  Audio of Al-Jazeera TV again on shortwave


> why do they broadcasts it and who pays

This is a strange question ... there are a lot of money available in
Qatar, without end.

And WRN London and Babcock brokeries are, even financially spend their
hands and do their financal business with.

... is a Doha-based state-funded broadcaster owned by the Al Jazeera Media
Network, which is partly funded by the House of Thani, the ruling family
of Qatar ...

Some guy of BBCMS told last week, that probably target is Yemen civil
national war clashes between Sunnis and Shiites, due many villages in
Yemen lost main power electricity after the bomb rides, no chance to get
Satellite TV dish antenna access for the limited time being and Al-Jazeera
target crowd will be served via small shortwave band receivers now.

wb ps. Few Al-Jazeera TV programs in Arabic, English, Cultural etc. are
easily available here in central Europe via Hotbird and Astra satellite
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 7)

USA   11635  Powerhouse WHRI bcast English sermon at 0535 UT on July 4,
about salvation, receive the Lord ...
(wb,  wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

5829.985  Odd frequency outlet of WTWW Lebanon TN, seemingly amateur radio
hobby program on air, talk about radio masts, news on air patrol, rescue
emergency services radio, at 0412 UT on July 5.
(Despite 5085 kHz was on x.000 even frequency instead!)
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

5830  on July 4 at 0451 UT, open carrier/dead air from WTWW-1 instead of
PPPP. Meant to check again in a few minutes. Standard remark about how can
any station expect people to listen to it, when no one at the station
itself is constantly monitoring it? Of course, PPPP himself is not
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 4)

5985  NHK World Radio Japan in Spanish heard via Okeechobee-FL relay site
at 0417 UT on July 5, S=9 fluttery signal into Michigan remote SDR unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

UZBEKISTAN   15510  BVB Korean service via Yangi Yul noted with loud
S=9+10dB transmission at 1238 UT on July 8, nice smooth boys singer
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 8)


RUSSIA   18th edition of the "Broadcasting in Russian" Handbook.

18th edition of the popular "Broadcasting in Russian" Handbook, edited by
the St. Petersburg DX Club, has been released. The Handbook features all
(or almost all) radio stations that transmit programs in the Russian
language on short and medium waves at present, both from Russia and

Station listings include frequency and programme schedules, transmitter
location and power, target areas, postal addresses, phone/fax numbers, Web
sites, social network pages, e-mail addresses as well as QSL policy info.

The schedules are generally valid until October 25, 2015 (i.e. the end of
A-15 broadcasting season).

The Handbook is written in Russian language and is distributed as a hard
copy only. Volume is 56 pages of A5 size. Please address your purchase
requests to:

Alexander Beryozkin
P.O.Box 463
St. Petersburg, 190000

or by e-mail:  <dxspb -at->

The price is 7 EUR or 8 USD (including delivery by registered mail).
Your comments and suggestions regarding the Handbook contents are always
(Alexander Beryozkin-RUS, St. Petersburg DX Club,
via Mikhail Timofeyev-RUS, DXplorer July 1)


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