Cycling Tour of Szeklerland 2015

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Aug 1 to Aug 31, 2015


Romanian special event station YQ0BIKE will be active during the entire month of August 2015 to help publicize the Turul Ciclist al Tinutului Secuiesc - Székelyföld Kerékpáros Körversenye. All bands and modes.

Requirements: Stations who work the YQ0BIKE call sign during 2015 on 3 different bands, or 2 different modes may request special award. There’s also a "combined award" for worked all 4 special callsigns in 2015: YR6MUSEUM , YQ0BIKE , YP1000LEANY , YR6WFF.

The cost of award is $US4 USD if you wish a printed paper certificate. There is NO FEE if you accept receiving a digital image via e-mail. 

If you apply for a digital award, go to the page: and at the bottom of the page is a place to enter your call sign for the award.

Internet: YQ0BIKE

Info about the bike race at:

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