ILLW numbers ramp up

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All is looking good for the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend held this Saturday and Sunday, with many of the more than 40 countries now having reached their registration numbers achieved last year.

There are 480 entrants so far taking part by using portable Amateur Radio stations in the prime fun-event now in its 18th year on the third weekend of August.

Ireland's Hook Head lighthouse
It aims to promote public awareness and preserve the former navigation beacons that kept ships safe. Each marine beacon, that includes lights, fog horns and time ball towers, will be able to tell a story of its location and rich history.

For example, Ireland’s South Eastern Amateur Radio Group EI2WRC will be at Hook Head, on the Waterford Harbour eastern entrance, and the world's oldest intact lighthouse dating back almost 800 years.

Many venture each year with low power transceivers and make-shift antennas. The operators are usually very patient, often needing to take the time to hear others who may be masked by local or band noise.

With plenty of action in this non-contest environment see how many you can work. Many have a special QSL card available.

If you want to see the locations and callsigns to be used, or to register in the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend on August 15-16, visit the website
Jim Linton VK3PC

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