UN-WPR, Goose flight

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This award has been established by the NGO of the "Federation of radio Pavlodar Region" It is available to all the amateurs of the world.

a. Russia and CIS need to make telecommunications contacts / observations with 7 radio amateurs operating in the Pavlodar region of Kazkhstan.
b. For applicants of other countries (North and South America, Australia and Oceania, Africa, Antarctica) 5 QSOs with hams operating from Pavlodar region are needed.
c. For applicants of the Republic of Kazakhstan must make 11 QSOs with hams operating from Pavlodar region.

For all radio amateurs, a prerequisite is to work with at least two different stations living in the Pavlodar region. on or after 17 March 1993  All bands, any kind of radiation OK. Repeated contacts  are allowed and counted on different bands and different modes.  

The application should be compiled in an electronic or hard copy of the form, and sent to the address PO "FRPO" 140011, Pavlodar, ul.Kamzina 24-50, or by e-mail Award Manager:un8fm@mail.ru .

 Application checks by the award manager will be completed within two weeks. The electronic version of the award and all the conditions for its receipt will be posted on the website of in Kazakhstan: http://www.cqham.kz/   

The Pavlodar region is designated in the list of areas of Kazakhstan:  They can be recognized by call signs which start with the letter F and then two digits (eg F13; F02 ...).  These are  amateur radio call signs of Pavlodar region: UN (0..9) F; UO (0..9); UP (0..9) F; UQ (0-9) F; UN (0..9) FA-FZ; UO (0..9) FA-FZ; UP (0..9) FA-FZ; UQ (0-9) FA-FZ UN (0..9) FAA-FZZ; UO (0..9) FAA-FZZ; UP (0..9) FAA-FZZ; UQ (0-9) FAA-FZZ in commemorative and special callsigns digit in the prefix may be any, and consist of several digits (eg UP44FF, UN70FF, UQ70F, UP20F, UO70F ...) radio stations operating special call signs of Pavlodar region with other suffixes: UP65KI, UP65KM. are counted while operating from the territory of Pavlodar region who have special mobile, mobile call sign.

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