88th Anniversary of Sezione Enrico Davanzo TRIESTE

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10 October to 10 November 2015


The Award will be issued to OM/YL/SWLs from all over the world who request it, for completing the requirements. The duration of this Diploma is between the 10 September and 10 October 2015. All HF bands (including WARC) OK, and modes of CW, SSB, RTTY, and any other digital mode. 
Stations IQ3TS and Jolly (wild card) stations will give their report RS(T) and their related scoring points (3 or 5). Listen for Italian stations on SSB calling: "CQ 88th Anniversary of Trieste’s ARI section", and on CW/RTTY and DIGITAL, "Cq call/88".

a. contacts with "IQ3TS" = 3 points,
b. Special "Jolly" (Wild card) radio stations will operate alternately during this period which will be counted as 5 points. Jolly radio stations will alternate on air using their own nominative names, members of named sections will declare to be Jolly radio stations.
c. The same station can be contacted/listened several times a day, for all duration of the Diploma, but such contacts must be made on different modes, bands or days.

Minimum score for obtaining the Diploma is 70 points for Italian Stations, and 50 points for all Foreign Stations.

The Award is free of charge, and will be sent by e-mail in PDF/JPG format to all whom will request for it. No cards are needed. The requests should be sent to info@aritrieste.it no later than 1 November 2015, with a log extract of contacts made as an attachment in any of the common formats: adi, adif, txt and/or excel. Do not "zip" compress the file.) The file log sent must include your e-mail address. and the following information: QSO, Sequence Number, Call-Sign, Date, Time, Radio Band, Mode, and RST. After having completed the check of all logs, a ranking of the participants’scores will be prepared, which will be published on the web page of TRIESTE A.R.I. SECTION, in the dedicated page to the Award (Diploma), at the website address: www.aritrieste.it . The "Section A.R.I of Trieste" retains the right to modify the Diploma, and the "Terms and Conditions" in case it will be necessary, any changes will be communicated on their website.

E-mail: info@aritrieste.it

Internet: http://www.aritrieste.it/award88.htm

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