WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1224 - 14 Oct 2015

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

AFGHANISTAN   1296  Ashna Radio. at 1645 UT on Oct 12. Talk by male and
female in Dari. Then clear ID by female saying "Ashna Radio" and "VOA".
SIO: 322.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

Kabul Pol-e Charki / Udkhel on 1107 / US IBB 1296 kHz, location see
34 32 16.34 N  69 20 19.28 E

ALGERIA   891, 981 and 1422 kHz, the three frequencies transmitted from
Ouled Fayet near Algiers, are off since some days ago.
(Rafael Martínez, Barcelona, Catalonia - 10 Sept;
in MW Report, BrDXC-UK Communication magazine Oct 2015, page 29)

That's due of 891 kHz TX hard- and software replacement of the new solid
state TransRadio Berlin Germany made refurbishment work to TDA LW Tipaza
252 kHz {already finnished in Febr 2015}, MW Bechar 576 and Ouled Fayet
891 kHz, wb.

ARGENTINA   11710.69, on Oct 9 at 0050 UT, RAE Buenos Aires measured here
as it varies slightly, never to 11710.0 or 11711.0 kHz. Recheck at 0212 UT
to confirm it's in French, despite someone reporting English during this
hour, which was swapped several months ago with French ex-03.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 10)

Noted station ID announcement in various languages, but started at 0100 UT
on Oct 10th in Japanese language, gave station contact addresses, on

11710.766 kHz footprint at 0108 UT, S=9 in Germany,

but much weaker on northern hemisphere in FL, NJ, NY, and Edmonton Alberta

11710.763 ... x.766 kHz, varying few Hertz up and down.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

ASCENSION ISL/U.K.   7415  "Dandal Kura Radio", Babcock brokered African
language Kanuri service logged at 0511 UT on Oct 12, S=9+5dB audio level
here in southern Germany. But audio feed was NOT CLEAR, spill-over cross-
talk in background also to mention. Some undesired coupling heard so far.
Maybe sound mix in Babcock UK control room happened?

Despite next door ASC BBC 7445 kHz was totally 'clean' audio quality.

From July 2nd:
15480kHz 0700-0800UT to zone 46SE Babcock Woofferton site 250kW 165degr
Kanuri  G  BAB
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

7415, on Oct 13 at 0537 UT, good signal in African language about Nigeria,
no doubt Kanuri from the US-sponsored Dandal Kura for the Boko-Haram
stronghold in the northeast. Aoki shows since July 1 this has been 250 kW,
55 degrees from ASCENSION at 05-07 UT.

Checking here since in Oct BrDXC-UK Communication magazine, Michael Ford
reported that the 05-07 UT 7415 kHz broadcast had been replaced by 07-08
UT on 15480 kHz Woofferton. I don't know about that emission, but it's
certainly still on 7415 kHz earlier.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 13)

Some other stations heard this morning Oct 12 too:

4765.009 CUB Radio Progreso, Bejucal? site, 0345 UT, S=9+20dB in Germany.
4775.003 SWZ TWR Manzini Lomwe, S=9+5dB, end 003degr txion 03.57:30 UT
4775.003 SWZ TWR opened two minutes later German sce at 233degr antenna
         much weaker signal.
4875.102 BRA Radio Dif Roraima Boa Vista, RR, 0402 UT threshold level
4885.013 BRA probably Radio Clube do Para - Belem, tiny too.
4905.014 UNIDentified station string visible at 0410 UT,
         maybe electrical noise distortion? CODAR wiper distorted too.
5025.0   CUB Radio Rebelde, Bauta, S=9+20dB, "Los Locos" singer,
         but hit heavily by UTE High Speed two tone CW signals on
         5021.900 and 5022.100 kHz on lower sideband.
         Rebelde had 20 kHz wide broadband signal, 0415 UT talk on
         Guantanameros local people, orchestra and pueblo local,
         ese provincia, 'Cartandilla Group'. Rough audio quality,
         but RHC 5040 next door was much better quality, S=9+30dB.
5085.0   USA WTWW, S=9+5dB, US-English smooth music kind singer.
5810.0   USA EWTN WEWN Birmingham, Spanish! sermon bible reading.
         S=9+10dB here in Germany. 11 kHz wideband signal. 0420 UT
5829.985 USA WTWW Lebanon TN, True In Jesus, En sermon, Hope Of
         Glory, Safty Our States, strong signal into Germany S=9+30dB.
         BUT suffered by High Speed UTE CW signal on 5823.500 kHz,
         two CW peaks on 5823.4 and 5823.6 kHz.

Next rather poor signal 5850 kHz RMI Tru News program, S=6-7 tiny.
315 degrees azimuth towards western states and Canadian west coast.

5890.0   USA WWCR carried Brother Stair's TOM px, S=6-7 in Germany.
5910.0   F   NHK World Radio Tokyo, via TDF Issoudun France site,
         Guitar music played in French sce 3-5 UT, S=9+20dB signal
         at 0431 UT Oct 12.
5939.915 BRA Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, SC, at 0433 UT,
         S=6-7 fair signal, talk in BrasPort. Signal was not
         frequency stable, wandered up and down 3-5 Hertz.
5964.972 BRA Radio Transmundial (RTM), Santa Maria RS, sermon
         very weak tiny signal, S=4-5.
5980.005 UNID, tiny peak visible at 0437 UT.
5985.0   USA RMI Okeechobee, S=9+15dB fair signal in to Europe,
         unident program, at 0438 UT "Beautiful Balloon",
         'up Up and Away' fifth Dimension singer group.
6010.062 CLM La Voz de tu Conciencia, Lomalinda, Puerto Lleras,
         Meta, tiny S=5 signal, weak orchestra music at 0442 UT.
6069.990 CAN CFRX Toronto, - like Bell Radio Network
         advertisement noted in En language, fair signal
         at 0444 UT.

CFRX hit heavily by European Radio Liberty Belarus program signal
from Biblis Germany on 6075 kHz, S=9+20dB, similar signal also
// 6105 kHz from Lampertheim Germany, 13.2 kHz wideband signals
towards Belarus. And hit also on upper side VoA Sao Tome 6080 kHz.

6119.988 BRA SRDA Super Radio Deus e Amor, Sao Paulo, SP, usual
         high speed sermon in BrasPort. 0450 UT on Oct 12.
6135.0   ASC  BBC French sce, hit heavily by High Speed CW signal
         around 6132 kHz, some annoying peaks visible on
6129.5, 6130.55, 6131.4, 6132.0, 6135.220 kHz
6159.965 CAN one of the Canadian domestic stations, noted at 0459 UT,
         hit heavily by adjacent door px opening from ORF1 px 6155
         of ORS Moosbrunn Austria. Election results on Vienna local
         parliament. Lots of votes lost by Austrian Socialists,
         reinforcing the conservative right wing party, according
         to the refugee crisis in Muslim World, Near East and Europe.
         Zero cC temperature and fog in Austria this Oct 12 morning.
6184.977 Still visible an empty tx carrier on air at 0500 UT, TX
         switched OFF exact at 0503 UT this morning, probably the
         Mexican stn XEPPM.
6189.987 AFS Weak tiny audio signal peak, sure BBC En from Sentec
         Meyerton relay could be recognized at 0506 UT.
7295.0   F   RTA HQ prayer via TDF Issoudun site towards Sahel in
         northern Africa, // 9535 ISS. Both S=9+35dB powerful.
         10.8 kHz wideband signals.
7415.0   ASC, see above, "Dandal Kura Radio", Babcock brokered in
         African language Kanuri service, at 0511 UT.
9629.944 BRA Radio Aparecida SP, S=7 fair signal, female
         Brazilian singer at 0522 UT on Oct 12.
9714.923 ARS Usual odd frequency of HQ service via NON-directional
         NE / ME antenna from BSKSA Riyadh, at 0524 UT on Oct 12.
         Usual this signal fade-out at this time slot in Europe.
11645.0  CVA Radio Dabanga, southern Sudan sce via SMG Vatican
         radio txion center relay site. Many IDs and stn jingle
         repeats. - next on adjacent channel
11650.0  noted a TECHNICIAN measurement alignment signal ON AIR.
         0530-0540 UT. 1000 Hertz tone signal checks over and
         over again, switched on and off. I guess it was not the
         Sudan secret sce as jamming sound against 11645 kHz Radio
         Dabanga UN sponsored radio sce.
11724.984 NZL Radio NZi Rangitaiki, English, very poor S=4-5 signal
         at 0538 UT, next adjacent door 11730 kHz NHK World Tokyo
         in French language, latter S=8 in short skip zone away of
         TDF Issoudun some 600 kilometers distance to my place.
11975.0  CHN PBS Kyrgyz service, TX off at 0543 UT, Oct 12, see below.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

AZERBAIJAN   Strong signal of Ictimai Radio, on Oct. 9 from 0745 UT
on 9676.9 kHz, from unknown tx site to CeAS.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

Log: Ictimai Radio 9677 kHz on Oct 10 at 0802 UT.
Stark schwankendes Signal von O=2 bis nicht hoerbar. Wie ueblich in NFM
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Oct 10)

Ictimai Radio on broadband FM modulation noted on Friday Oct 9 around
1245-1255 UT, S=8-9 signal strength here in Germany, 26 kHz wide signal,
wideband modulation 9664 .... 9690 kHz visible on Perseus browser screen.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

BHUTAN   6034.952  Extended shortwave relay schedule tonight Oct 4th.

Thimpu was widely heard here in all Europe and reported on various
newsgroups, on this special -?national holiday?- Oct 4 on throughout the
UTC afternoon.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 5)

Re: Bhutan 6035 kHz.
I was hearing it at about 2100 UT as well in the UK. Reception was
confirmed via
(Stephen Cooper-UK, DXplorer Oct 5)

BBS Bhutan? noted with local songs without any ids on 6035 kHz past
1730 UT yesterday 4 Oct 2015. Usually they are on this freq till 1300UT.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXplorer Oct 5)

BOLIVIA   4451.1  Radio Santa Ana, Santa Ana del Yacuma, Beni, at 2320 to
2335 UT very weak signal in Spanish, often off the air 8 October.

6134.82  Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, at 2325 to 2335 UT,
good signal en Español using lsb 10 October.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer Oct 11)

BRAZIL   QSL ZYE726 Radio Super Deus e Amor, Curitiba PR, 11765,
f/d E-letter in 3 days for e-report to
<marcos.souza -at->   v/s Marcos Ribeiro.

Radio RB2, 6040, QSL, stickers in 3 months for e-report to
<rb2 -at->  and  <douglas -at->
v/s Douglas Proenca. <>
(Artur Fernandez Llorella via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Oct 12)

BRAZIL   4875.10, on Oct 12 at 0235 UT, Brazuguese talk at S7, the SBOB,
certainly R. Roraima, Boa Vista, Rondonia RR on its fingerprint off-
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 12)

BRAZIL   4885[usual 4885.013 kHz footprint, wb.], Radio Clube do Para -
Belem, 0332-0340* Oct 7, serious discussion between two men announcer sin
Portuguese language. ID at 0337 UT, announcements and into pop music which
seemed to be cut off mid-song. Either transmission problem or closedown.

4875[usual 4875.103 kHz footprint, wb.], ZYG810 Radio Difusora Roraima -
BoaVista, at 0343-0358* UT on Oct 7, program of Portuguese language pop
music tunes hosted by a man announcer with Portuguese language talk, ID
and announcements.  Another man with canned ID and close down
announcements followed by choral anthem. Poor to fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 12)

CHINA  {probably}  11975 kHz between 0535 and 0543 kHz switch-OFF time,
continously female singer heard of Central Asian monotonous audio kind,
probably CNR Kyrgyz singer via PBS Xinjiang domestic via Urumqi site. But
signal visible on software screen had also rush accompanied peaks -
visible each 100 Hertz distance apart, 8x times each sideband.
Aoki Nagoya list mentions PBS at 0305 UT, up to closing at 0530 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

CHINA   Most China Radio International frequencies via the Jinhua site
will be suspended for transmitter maintenance between 6 September and
16 October.
(DX Mix 925 via dxld;
in DX News of BrDXC-UK Communication magazine Oct 2015, page 31)

CHINA   China Radio International Direktfrequenzen in Deutsch
11650 no Signal, 11775 no Signal, only 7395 O=4 on air.
(Frank Kreuzinger-D, A-DX Oct 9)

re China Radio International direct channels off.
Yesterday report to Austrian newsgroup A-DX:

some high-power 500 kW units at both Kashgar and Urumqi were off
yesterday, but not all, they are much flexible in RTC facilities.

Similar observed today in 15-16 UT time slot,
when listened to the registered channels.

Maybe the Chinese maintain there high-power sites on some extended
4-6 weeks duration, before the strong winter in western China start.

see their CRI RTC A-15 afternoon registrations of 500 kW units at
Kashgar and Urumqi:

11940 1600 1700 27-29,37NW        KAS 500 294 216 Eng RTC
11965 1600 1700 27-29             KAS 500 298 288 Eng RTC
13760 1600 1700 27-29             KAS 500 308 288 Eng RTC
13790 1600 1800 37SE,38,39,40W    KAS 500 269 216 Ara RTC
15680 1600 1800 27SE              KAS 500 308 216 Fra RTC
13785 1630 1730 46E               KAS 500 269 216 Hau RTC
 9435 1700 1800 28SW              KAS 500 294 216 Hrv RTC
13760 1700 1800 27-29,37NW        KAS 500 308 288 Eng RTC
 9450 1730 1830 46E               KAS 500 269 216 Hau RTC
 7340 1800 1900 28SW              KAS 500 294 216 Ita RTC
 7395 1800 2000 28NW              KAS 500 308 216 Deu RTC
11775 1800 2000 28NW              KAS 500 308 216 Deu RTC
13760 1800 1900 27-29,37NW        KAS 500 308 288 Eng RTC
 7295 1900 2000 37SE,38,39,40W,47NKAS 500 269 216 Eng RTC
 7385 1900 2000 28SE              KAS 500 294 216 Sqi RTC
 9730 1900 2000 37NW              KAS 500 298 288 Por RTC
11895 1900 2000 27                KAS 500 308 288 Yue RTC
 7245 2000 2100 37SE,38,39,40W,47NKAS 500 269 216 Chn RTC
 7295 2000 2100 37SE,38,39,40W,47NKAS 500 269 216 Eng RTC
 7415 2000 2100 27-29             KAS 500 308 216 Eng RTC
 9585 2000 2030 28SE              KAS 500 298 288 Srp RTC
 9600 2000 2100 27-29             KAS 500 308 288 Eng RTC
 7345 2030 2130 28SW              KAS 500 294 216 Ita RTC
 9585 2030 2100 28N               KAS 500 298 288 Hun RTC
11660 2030 2230 27SE              KAS 500 308 216 Fra RTC
 7415 2100 2200 27-29             KAS 500 308 216 Eng RTC
 9600 2100 2200 27-29             KAS 500 308 288 Eng RTC
 9640 2100 2300 37NW              KAS 500 298 288 Spa RTC
 7315 2200 2300 13-15             KAS 500 294 216 Epo RTC
 9410 2200 2300 13,15             KAS 500 294 216 Por RTC
 9685 2200 2300 13,15             KAS 500 269 216 Por RTC
 9860 2200 2300 13-15             KAS 500 269 216 Epo RTC
 7350 2300 2400 27-29             KAS 500 308 216 Eng RTC
 9590 2300 0100 14                KAS 500 294 216 Spa RTC
 9800 2300 0100 14                KAS 500 269 216 Spa RTC

 6165 1600 1700 39NW              URU 500 270 216 Tur RTC
 9770 1600 1700 53S,57N           URU 500 212 216 Hak RTC
11875 1600 1700 29,30             URU 500 308 216 Rus RTC
15250 1600 1700 38,39N,40W,47N    URU 500 270 218 Eng RTC
 9435 1700 1800 53S,57N           URU 500 212 216 Yue RTC
11875 1700 1800 29,30             URU 500 308 216 Rus RTC
13640 1700 1800 29,30             URU 500 308 216 Rus RTC
 7275 1730 1830 38,39N,40W,47N    URU 500 270 216 Chn RTC
 9685 1730 1830 18,27-29          URU 500 308 218 Chn RTC
 7210 1800 1900 29,30             URU 500 308 216 Rus RTC
11650 1800 2000 28NW              URU 500 308 288 Deu RTC
13700 1800 1900 27SE              URU 500 308 216 Nan RTC
 7265 1830 1900 28SE              URU 500 308 218 Bul RTC
 7350 1830 2030 46                URU 500 270 216 Fra RTC
 6090 1900 1930 28E               URU 500 308 216 Ron RTC
 7415 1900 1930 28NW              URU 500 308 218 Ces RTC
 9560 1900 1930 28N               URU 500 308 216 Hun RTC
 6090 1930 2000 28E               URU 500 308 216 Ron RTC
 7265 1930 2030 18,27-29          URU 500 308 216 Epo RTC
 7415 1930 2000 28NW              URU 500 308 218 Ces RTC
 9745 1930 2030 18,27-29          URU 500 308 216 Epo RTC
 7305 2000 2100 28N               URU 500 308 218 Pol RTC
 7325 2000 2030 28SE              URU 500 308 216 Srp RTC
 7265 2030 2130 28SW              URU 500 308 216 Ita RTC
 9430 2030 2230 27SE              URU 500 308 216 Fra RTC
 9720 2030 2100 28SE              URU 500 308 216 Bul RTC
 7445 2130 2200 28N               URU 500 308 216 Hun RTC
 7250 2200 2400 37NW              URU 500 308 216 Spa RTC
 7260 2200 2300 37NW              URU 500 308 218 Por RTC
 7395 2200 2300 38,39N,40W,47N    URU 500 270 216 Chn RTC
 9865 2300 2400 18,27-29          URU 500 308 218 Chn RTC
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

COLOMBIA   5910.02  on Oct 2 at 0144 UT, Alcaravan Radio is reactivated
after missing about 5 months, and its sibling 6010.1 La Voz de tu
Conciencia already reactivated a few weeks ago and remains reliable
including now. First date back, as definitely absent from 5910 kHz thru
last night. S9 signal, EZL music, 0147 UT break for arpeggio and brief
Spanish announcement about El Senor, more music. Overridden a couple times
by "running water" ute, but no broadcast QRM at this hour. That will be at
03-05 UT from Japan via TDF Issoudun France; and 0543-0600 Mon-Fri from
TWR via ORS Moosbrunn Austria.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 2 - 7)

COLOMBIA   5910 & 6010, on Oct 12 at 0243 UT, neither HJDH is detectable,
presumed off. However, Wolfgang Bueschel reports one of them even later
Oct 12: "6010.062 CLM La Voz de tu Conciencia, Lomalinda, Puerto Lleras,
Meta, tiny S=5 signal, weak orchestra music at 0442 UT".
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 12)

COLOMBIA   Noted only 6010.065 kHz channel, threshold level at 0600 UT on
Oct 6, but NOTHING observed on 5910v kHz.

NEARBY channels in 49 mb

5829.984 USA WTWW 0607 UT
5850     USA RMI Tru News.
5890     USA WWCR TOM BS talk prayer 0609 UT.
5935     USA WWCR En, female presenter
5939.975 tiny but fair signal, R Voz Missionaria BRA.
         R. Voz Missionaria, Camboriu SC  <>
5964.985 BRA ZYE858 Rádio Transmundial, Santa Maria RS
6039.989 BRA Rádio RB2 Curitiba  <>  at 0614 UT
6069.994 CAN CFRX Toronto

nothing on 6180 kHz from Brazil, only VoA STP on 6180.0 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

CONGO   6114.995  on Sept 20 at 1715 UT, Radio Congo, Brazzaville in
French. A mere S5 signal.
(Thomas Nilsson-SWE, SWBB Sept 27)

CUBA   5025, Oct 12 at 0520, R. Rebelde, rough modulation to go with
rapidly wavering carrier; meanwhile 5040 kHz RHC has no such problem.
Still that way at 1259 UT check with R.R. ID.

Wolfgang Bueschel also noted this in Germany Oct 12:
"5025.0 CUB Radio Rebelde, Bauta, S=9+20dB, "Los Locos" singer, but hit
heavily by ute high speed two tone CW signals on 5021.900 and 5022.100 kHz
on lower sideband. Rebelde had 20 kHz wide broadband signal, 0415 UT talk
on Guantanameros local people, orchestra and pueblo local, esa provincia,
'Cartandilla Group'. Rough audio quality, but RHC 5040 next door was much
better quality, S=9+30dB".
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 12)

GERMANY   6070   Ich habe von 1835 bis 1848 UT am 5. Okt. bei
verschiedenen remote SDR Stationen in Europa hinein gehoert.

Ein besoderes DARC Rohrbach-Waal Signal auf 6070 kHz kann ich NICHT
bestaetigen, zusammen mit AFS Meyerton 6190 kHz ist das die schwaechste
Station im 49mb.

Hier mein log on heute Abend:

5865 KWT Farda S=9+25dB
5875 THA BBC Dari S=9+15dB
5890 CHN Firedrake jamming S=9+35dB
5910 ROU Macedonian  S=9+25dB
5930 D   RL Russian Biblis S=9+25dB
5950 ETH S=9+10dB
5960 TUR TRT Turkish S=9+15dB
5970 ALB CRI French S=9+40dB
5995 D   RL Russian Lampertheim S=9+30dB
6020 CHN CRI Bulgarian S=9+30dB
6030 ETH S=9+15dB
6055 ALB CRI French S=9+20dB
6065 BOT VoA S=9+15dB
6070 D   Rohrbach Waal S=6-7
6080 BOT VoA S=9+15dB
6090 ETH S=8-9
6110 ETH Fana S=9+5dB
6120 UAE FEBA/TWR? Tigre S=9+5dB
6130 SWZ TWR Manzini S=9+5dB
6135 KRE North Korean jamming S=9+5dB
6155 IND AIR Urdu S=9+30dB
6165 OMA BBC Dari S=9+20dB
6190 AFS BBC S=6-7
6195 OMA BBC En S=9+25dB

ps. SDR Twente remote SDR receiver nutzt einen Antennenvorverstaerker,
der auch schon oft zu Kreuzmodulationen mit dem DLF Mittelwellensignal
im Muensterland aus Nordkirchen 549 kHz fuehrte.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 5)

GERMANY   1422 / 1179  Mittelwellensender Heusweiler - Sightseeing /
Besichtigung mit Q08. Ein interessanter Bildbericht von einem Besuch des
DARC OV Q08 am 3. Juli beim SR/DLF MW Sender in Heusweiler.

Einige sehr interessante Bilder u.A. von der Versorgung die eine
Feldstaerke > 1mV/m sicherstellt.

(Oct 6)

GERMANY   QSL EARN (English Amateur Radio News), 6070 via Channel 292 at
Ingolstadt Rohrbach Germany, QSL in 1 week for e-report to
<englisharnews -at->

Atlantic 2000 Int, 6070, via Channel 292, QSL in 10 days for e-report to
<atlantic2000international -at->

EMR, 6070 via Channel 292, E-QSL in 7 days for e-report to
<emrsw -at->

Annoeska Surfradio, 6070 via Channel 292, E-QSL in 1 day for e-report to
<annoeska -at->

Radio Northern Ireland, 6070 via Channel 292, QSL in 4 weeks for e-report
to  <radionorthernireland -at->

Radio DARC, 6070 via Channel 292, QSL in 2 weeks for e-report to
<radio -at->   v/s Rainer Englert DARC Radio.

Hobart Radio Int, 6070 via Channel 292, E-QSL in 1 day for e-report to
<hriradio -at->

Botschaft des Heils, 3995 via HCJB Weenermoor Germany, QSL in 2 months
for e-report to
<info -at->  v/s Nikolai Ernst.

Hollands Palet, 6005 via Radio 700, Kall Eifel Germany, E-QSL in 1 day
for e-report to
<hollandspalet -at->   v/s Koos Wijnants, QSL Manager.

Radio Amathusia, 7310* via Radio 700, QSL in 2 weeks for e-report to
<radioamathusia -at->  and  <radio -at->
(Artur Fernandez Llorella via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Oct 12)

* 7310  Radio 700, Kall Eifel Germany, at present OFF AIR, due final TUBE
replacement in this week.
3985, 6005, and 9560 kHz channels still in regular service. (wb.)

GERMANY   I Got QSL-cards from the "Voice of the Andes," a radio
"Revelation", Voronezh. 5 Sept 2015, 1530-1600 UT, 13800 3995 kHz,
ORS Moosbrunn-AUT*.

[* comment, slightly wrong location: MBR brokered 13800 kHz Sats only
1530-1630 UT is via small 100 kW unit at MBR Nauen-Germany site at
100 degrees;

in winter season B-15 on 11900kHz 1530-1630 UT to zone 29S
NAU 100kW 100degr, wb.]

The card - Lake and mountains. The inscription "Studio "Revelation"
10 years on the air! "   The card can be found here -
(Anatoly Klepov, Moscow-RUS, RUSdx Oct 11)

GERMANY   Neuer Stahlgittermast fuer Leipzig


"Der Koloss wird nicht nur eine Dominante im Stadtgebiet, sondern auch der
hoechste fuer funktechnische Zwecke errichtete freitragende
Stahlfachwerkturm Deutschlands"

Aelterer Artikel:


"... Der Koloss wird nicht nur eine Dominante im Stadtgebiet, sondern auch
der hoechste fuer funktechnische Zwecke errichtete freitragende
Stahlfachwerkturm Deutschlands. Derzeitiger Rekordhalter dieser Bauart ist
mit 160,5 Metern der 2005 eingeweihte Sendemast in Halle. Den hatten
ebenfalls die Fachleute von Steffens & Noelle hochgezogen.

Das Unternehmen wirbt mit dem Slogan "Hoechstleistungen - seit mehr als
100 Jahren", wurde 1893 gegruendet und zeichnete unter anderem fuer den
seit 1926 in Berlin stehenden Funkturm verantwortlich. 2014 war es fuer
die Spezialisten noch weit hoeher hinaus gegangen als jetzt in Leipzig. In
Rostock montierten sie einen 225 Meter aufragenden Sendemast, der aber
nicht freitragend, sondern mit Abspannseilen gesichert ist.

Stahlgittermasten sind also noch lange nicht aus der Mode.....
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX Oct 5)

GREECE   The following ERT medium wave stations are now on the air:
729 kHz Athens    150 kW     1314 kHz Tripolis 10 kW
1404 kHz Komotini 100 kW     1512 kHz Chania (Crete) 100 kW

All these stations are on air with ERA 1. But note that frequencies are
sometimes off air without notice.
(Alessandro Sacerdoti using remote SV8RV SDR rx, via
24 Sept;
in MW Report, BrDXC-UK Communication magazine Oct 2015, page 29)

The active state MW transmitters heard in Sofia Bulgaria now are 729 kHz
(Athens) with ERT1, 1404 kHz (Comotini) and 1512 kHz (Crete). Both 1404
and 1512 kHz relay different programmes like ERT1, ERT2, ERA Sport or
Cosmos, it's impossible to work out a schedule.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, 28 Sep;
in MW Report, BrDXC-UK Communication magazine Oct 2015, page 29)

GREECE   9420.004 kHz ERT Avlis noted at 1258-1307 UT on Sept 9.

9420.004  Only single frequency of ERT program heard around 1258-1307 UT,
when time pips at 13 UT were too late, end pip happened late at 13.00:39
UT. 10.8 kHz wide broadband audio signal, S=9+35dB signal strength here in
Germany. Noted very clean! audio quality.

Speech to crowd in Spanish! language for two minutes duration, short piece
of papa Francisco on recent Cuba journey visit noted at 1301 UT, then
followed by Greek female reader comment.

Nothing heard // on 9935v 11645 15630, nor 15650 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

GREECE   Transmissions of Voice of Greece in 0415-0640 UT time slot
on October 8 & 9.

0500-0600 9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Vary + music, ex0500-0600 UT
Greek, Serbian, Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Albanian, Italian and
Arabic. Transmissions of Voice of Greece are suddenly cut off
around 0640 UT.
2nd TX on 9935 & 11645 kHz is off from several days due to maintenance.

From Monday, Oct 12 these transmissions will be moved 1 hour later from
0500-0600 to 0600-0700 UT and respectively other transmissions of VOG will
be moved 1 hour later:
Serbian, Romanian, Russian from 0805-0815 to 0905-0915 UT
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 8)

INDIA   [ANDAMANEN & NICOBAREN]  4760  AIR Port Blair noted Oct 11 from
2348 UT tune via Perseus site in CeGermany to past 0025 UT, but fading
fast as the gray line had passed Port Blair after 0000 UT. Decent signals
today with vocal/inst music, woman ann between songs. At 0025 UT there was
a short anmt by woman and then a man ancr. From 0001.5-0007 UT there was a
group singing with drum accompaniment - not a typical Hindi vocal but
sounding more indigenous. SINPO was 33433 using a Beverage covering South
and SoEaAsia. A 2-20 MHz vertical at the same site gives similar results
but with increased atmospheric noise.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Oct 12)

INDONESIA   Received two letters from the RRI World Service Voice of

English and Spanish edition.

1. Dear Sir,
Thank you for your email and reception report. We really appreciate that.
We'll soon send you our QSL card. Your email will be read at Listeners'
Mailbag program every Sunday on 9525 kHz and streaming
at 1000-1100 UT, 1300-1400 UT and 1900 UT. You can also visit and like our
fanpages on facebook Voice of Indonesia and The Voice of Indonesia and
follow our  <twitter -at- voiindonesia>

Thank you and keep listening to our program. Regards, RRI World Service
Voice of Indonesia

2. Estimado Señor Klepov,
Agradecimos por su carta informando sobre la recepción de nuestra emisora
en su país. Para mas información acerca de la Voz de Indonesia y horario
de nuestros programas, puede visitar nuestro sitio web:
<>  o  <>

La tarjeta QSL se enviara a Usted por correo aéreo. Saludos cordiales de
todo el equipo del programa Español de la Voz de Indonesia en Yakarta.
(Anatoly Klepov, Moscow-RUS, RUSdx Oct 11)

INDONESIA   3905 RRI Marauke.

100% RRI Indonesia, and not PNG. Very typical sing-song style of the
presenter is not at all the style of PNG stations, which are either in
English or Pidgin/Tok Pisin which have lots of English words. Fantastic
reception, too, Tim.
(Walter Salmaniw-CAN, dxld Oct 12)

I had exceptional reception of what I presume to be RRI Marauke on
3905 kHz this morning. While this station is usually there in the local
mornings around sunrise, this morning's signal was the loudest I've ever
heard them. This recording is from around 1240 UT. I'd planned to make
another recording from the top of the hour, but the station ended up
getting buried by ham QRM.

If anyone can give me a positive ID I would appreciate it. Last I heard,
New Ireland was still off the air on 3905 kHz, but confirmation one way or
the other would be nice.
(TIM rahto bowman, dxld Oct 12)

INDONESIA   4749.95  RRI Makassar, on Oct 11 at 1259-1310 UT.
33433 Indonesian, ID at 1300 UT, Talk and music.
(Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, dxld Oct 12)

3904.982 / 3904.985{Oct 14} kHz footprint Pro 1 RRI Marauke, Indonesia,
back on the air regularly since Sept 27. wb.

4749.944 kHz footprint RRI Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, at 1230 UT
on Oct 14, S=5-6 signal on remote SDR unit at Nagoya / Tokyo Japan.
Adjacent channel of CNR1 - stronger signal on 4749.993 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

ISRAEL   As the Israel Broadcasting Authority approaches its end next
March, staffers at Israel Radio have been losing a war of attrition. A
station that once employed more than 20 professionals is now down to four,
and they are hurting.

"We get the feeling that from the prime minister down, no one wants us
around," says veteran broadcaster David Ze'ev.

It has not always been this way.

When public radio was first launched in pre-state Israel in 1936, the
broadcasts were in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Established by the British Mandate authorities and modeled on the BBC, the
Palestine Broadcasting Service eventually evolved into the Voice of

The first English-language broadcaster was Ruth Belkind, who in later
years as Ruth Connell Robertson was a highly respected copy editor at The
Jerusalem Post.

Belkind was originally from England, and many of the broadcasters who
followed her were also British expatriates. But there were also Americans,
South Africans, Canadians and Australians.

New immigrants from English-speaking countries, plus those from other
countries whose English was better than their Hebrew, and of course
foreign diplomats stationed in Israel, relied heavily on Voice of Israel
English language broadcasts to know what was going on in the country, and
perhaps even more people were listening to English language broadcasts
from Israel on short wave radio.

One of the listeners who was in Israel to study at a yeshiva in Jerusalem
was Ze'ev, who together with fellow students from the United States used
to listen to the radio in the dorm.

He knew even then that he wanted a career in journalism, and thought how
wonderful it could be if he could tell people about Israel from Israel. He
wasn't interested in propaganda. He wanted to report on news as it was
happening and to interview people who were in the news.

Some 30-plus years ago, the wish came true. Ze'ev came on aliya, there was
a vacant slot at the radio, and he was one of those fortunate immigrants
who was literally living the dream. At that time in 1981, there were two
departments - news and features and more than 20 people worked in them.

Over the years short wave radio broadcasts were eliminated, as was the
features department. The staff load was reduced to only four people, who
write, edit and anchor news broadcasts in addition to trying to keep on
top of ongoing developments and interviewing the relevant people.

The department is headed by Naomi Segal and the two other journalists,
Mark Weiss and Neal Sandler, are veterans like Ze'ev.

There was a fifth member, Jacqui Beecham. But she left on September 30
along with a couple of hundred other employees of the Israel Broadcasting
Authority, who had been offered a relatively attractive package to leave
voluntarily rather than wait to be dismissed. A sixth member of the team,
Idel Ross, left several months previously.

Whenever someone leaves they are not replaced, says Ze'ev, and those who
are still working have to shoulder an additional burden of responsibility.

No full-time person has been hired by the department since the early
1990s, he asserts.

The worst part is that no one in the higher echelons of the IBA respects
what the English team is doing. "At this point, we're led to believe that
we're parasites," says Ze'ev.

"We are hanging by a thread" he declares, explaining that three out of the
four do not live in Jerusalem. They all work two shifts, both early
morning and late night. If they are doing late night and then early
morning, it doesn't pay to go home, but the IBA does not provide them with
a hotel room. They either sleep in the studio or stay with friends.

There are days that he doesn't even know why he is doing what he is doing
in an environment in which he and his colleagues are so underappreciated.

Among his interviewers over the past week were MK Ahmad Tibi, talking
about the Temple Mount, Yigal Henkin, the brother of Eitam Henkin who
together with his wife, Naama, was murdered by terrorists, and settler
leaders who are camped around the corner from the Prime Minister's

Ze'ev tries to the best of his ability to be up to date and to present
both sides of any story.

It's not always easy when you have a deadline, limited air time, and you
have to write news and anchor as well.

The IBA has never made any effort to publicize the English News, so Ze'ev
and his colleagues have no idea whether anyone is listening or not, or
even whether people are aware of the existence of the English-language
news service.

None of the four has been told whether there will be broadcasts in English
in the yet-to-be-established successor to the IBA, which is in the process
of liquidation. This is causing all four to give serious thought to their
best financial options. Should they stay in the hope that they will be
part of the new entity or should they leave now with whatever financial
package is being offered? Ze'ev is angry over the misreporting in the
print media over how much money IBA employees are allegedly earning.

He concedes that there may be a few people on very high salaries, but
overall salaries are barely above the basic wage and pensions. The extras
that crept into salaries over the years are not calculated into the
pension, and were introduced as compensation for the low salaries,
according to Ze'ev.

Despite the nightmare conditions under which he works, Ze'ev loves radio
as a communications medium, and would be prepared to last out the duration
if he were shown a concrete plan for English news and feature radio
broadcasts in the new public broadcasting entity and was given a concrete
guarantee of future employment.

"We're still working as if nothing is happening around us. It's been an
emotional hell!" says Ze'ev. "We are a public radio service, not
government radio, and we get the feeling that from the prime minister
down, no one wants us around. We feel like a sinking ship trying to do our
job and the government doesn't care. I don't want the government to
intervene, but I don't want them to destroy us."

Israel Radio's English News faces closure

Israel Radio's English News faces closure -
"We feel like a sinking ship," says veteran broadcaster David Ze'ev.
{Israel's IBA radio is still on web site and local Israel FM band, wb.}

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   Log 60 mb on Oct 9
2015-10-09 at 1534 UT, 5130 kHz Radio Sedaye Zindagi,
via Bishkek, Krasnaya Rechka-KGZ, O=2- (tent)
Afghan Christian Radio,  <>
Leider ist heute noch nicht einmal ein Signal zu SEHEN.
(Uwe Volk-D, A-DX Oct 10)

Perseus Online Server Netz Test. Moin! ... koennt Ihr Perseus-User bitte
meinen Perseus testen. Antenne ist eine ALA 1530 SSB+ Ausrichtung NW-SO.
Meine Kennung 'Andihat' im NoWe von Deutschland.
(Andreas Hatting-D, A-DX Oct 13)

Dein Server Geraet ist ein rx den man gerne besucht, auch heute nichts
auszusetzen, und die Umgebung scheint noch recht ruhig zu sein.
Als Beispiel um 17.21 UT am Oct 13

5130.964  Radio Sedaye Zindagi, via Bishkek, Krasnaya Rechka-KGZ,
Afghan Christian Radio,

und ETH hoppt 5-10 Hertz up and down um die krumme 7236.865 kHz Frequenz

Von den Signalen koennten sich die Hollaender und Schweden was abschauen,
die haben teure Perseus' zur Hand, leben aber in einer noisy Umgebung oder
haben sehr lousige DSL Anschluss Versorgung.  vy73 wolfgang df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

4009.969 and 4819.837 kHz footprints, both Kyrgyz Radio from Bishkek,
Krasnaya Rechka-KGZ, 1220 UT Oct 14, S=9+10dB signal on remote SDR unit at
Nagoya / Tokyo Japan.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

MADAGASCAR   Radio Tamazuj, 15150, QSL in 6 weeks for e-report to MGLOB
<monitoring -at->

Radio Dabanga, 15150, QSL in 6 weeks for e-report to MGLOB
<monitoring -at->

Radio France Int, 17660, QSL in 6 weeks for e-report to MGLOB
<monitoring -at->
(Artur Fernandez Llorella via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Oct 12)

MADAGASCAR   Finally some facts about Madagascar World Voice progress:
on AWR Wavescan, 17 Sept, the CEO of World Christian Broadcasting
recounted how the project had been delayed a decade {planned already in
2006 year, wb.}, but finally got moving once he managed to talk to the
current president of Madagascar while he was visiting Washington DC. The
transmitters arrived in Madagascar in April 2015 and were moved into their
long-vacant building on 1 May; they now plan to broadcast "before the end
of this year". The project has cost $12m so far. This was from his speech
in May 2015 at the NASB conference, held in Washington at Radio Free Asia
HQ.  (Glenn Hauser, DXLD;
in DX News, BrDXC-UK Communication magazine Oct 2015, page 32)

MEXICO   6185, on Oct 12 at 0318 UT, XEPPM, Mexico's only remaining SW
station, must surely be carrying 'La Hora Nacional' - but NOT, totally
different music playing than on 1570!
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 12)

MONGOLIA   12014.9, VoMongolia (tentat), 14.10 UT, 9 Oct 2015

Ich nehme an, es ist VoMongolia!
S=3...5, O=2 und bis 3. Am Besten in USB mode reception.

12015 VOICE OF MONGOLIA 1400-1430 daily Mongolian 250kW 178deg
Ulaanbaatar MNG
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX Oct 9)

MONGOLIA/KOREA D.P.R.  Extreme bad audio mixture channel frequency of
Ulaanbataar selected, when the Mongol did action to avoid Radio Australia
on 12085 kHz.

Today 12014.875 kHz footprint in Chinese language program,
and co-channel additionally Korea D.P.R. in Russian on 12014.988 kHz.

and ahead an RTTY UTE service on 12014.575 / 12015.425 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

MOROCCO   612  SNRT Al-Idaa al-Watania (Meknes), Sebaa-Aioun. 0500 UT. MX
followed by ID by female and into short prayer then more talk by female.
SIO: 333.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

MOROCCO   Information on the availability of live streams of the Moroccan
state radio and television:


which does not work any more, has been replaced by the streaming portal


which provides access to four radio and up to eight television channels
(some designated as on test). The radio streams are available at:

(main programme in Arabic)

(minority languages, at times in // with the Homeland programme)

(Quran channel in Arabic, at times in // with the Homeland programme)

<>  (Chaine Inter in French)

According to <>

Grille De Programmes Chaine Inter 2015/2016 the international channel is
mostly in French. It does however include 1300-1330 LT Sa-Th Spanish,
1330-1400 LT Sa-Th English. On Fr the time slot is used for a repeat of
the Friday prayer. News in French, English and Spanish are instead
broadcast at 1230-1300 LT.

(This schedule is a change when compared to the WRTH 2015.)

At the moment, Morocco observes Daylight Saving Time, ending in the night
from 24 to 25 October.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

MYANMAR   Myanmar log on shortwave, checked at 0005 UT on Oct 11.
Acc my observation when remote SDR stations used in all-Europe, Polar
Circle to Moscow Russia, 5985 and 6165 kHz are stronger, than 5915 and
6030 kHz channels. Footprints during last UT night:

5915 Naypyidaw, -5 Hz lower side, CRI English exact 5915 kHz.

5985 Rangoon, exact even frequency.

6030 Pyin U Lwin, -1 Hz lower side, but co-channel UNID signal -6 Hz low.

6165 Pyin U Lwin, -2 Hz lower side.

nothing noted in central Europe on Rangoon 7200v kHz around 0010 UT,
BUT on SV8RV SDR unit on Zakynthos Greece (back on Perseus remote server
net after summer break) noted a very small signals string on 7199.999 kHz,
at 0025 UT Oct 11.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11)

MYANMAR   9590  Thazin Radio (Presumed), Pyin U Lwin, on Oct 10 at 0820-
0828* UT, 34433 Vernacular, Music. Closing announce at 0827, 0828 IS?,
0828 UT sign off.

9590  Thazin Radio (Presumed), Pyin U Lwin, on Oct 10 at 1322-1328* UT,
34433 Vernacular, Music. Closing announce at 1327, 1328 IS?, at
1328 UT sign off.
(Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, Oct 12)

NEW ZEALAND   Updated A-15 schedule of Radio New Zealand International
RAN Rangitaiki site, as Oct 3:

0000-0300 15720 050 kW  All Pacific AM
0000-0200 17675 025 kW  All Pacific DRM Sun-Fri
0300-0400 15720 050 kW  All Pacific AM
0300-0400 17675 025 kW  All Pacific DRM Sun-Fri
0400-0458 15720 050 kW  All Pacific AM
0459-0650 11725 050 kW  All Pacific AM
0651-0758 11725 050 kW  Cooks/Samoa/Niue/Tonga AM
0651-0758  9890 025 kW  Cooks/Samoa/Niue/Tonga DRM Sun-Fri
0759-1058  9700 050 kW  All Pacific AM
1059-1258  9700 050 kW  All Pacific AM, exNWPacific/325 deg
1259-1550  6170 050 kW  All Pacific AM
1551-1745  5975 050 kW  Cooks/Samoa/Niue/Tonga AM
1551-1745  7330 025 kW  Cooks/Samoa/Niue/Tonga DRM Sun-Fri
1746-1835  9700 050 kW  Cooks/Samoa/Niue/Tonga AM
1746-1835  7330 025 kW  Cooks/Samoa/Niue/Tonga DRM Sun-Fri
1836-1850  9700 050 kW  Cooks/Samoa/Niue/Tonga AM
1836-1850  9890 025 kW  Cooks/Samoa/Niue/Tonga DRM Sun-Fri
1851-2050 11725 050 kW  Cooks/Samoa/Niue/Tonga AM
1851-2050 11690 025 kW  Cooks/Samoa/Niue/Tonga DRM Sun-Fri
2051-2150 11725 050 kW  Solomon Islands AM
2051-2150 15720 025 kW  Solomon Islands DRM Sun-Fri
2151-2400 15720 050 kW  All Pacific AM
2300-2400 17675 025 kW  All Pacific DRM Sun-Fri
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx / dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 3)

Ivo, where do you get info it's all non-direxional now?
Has been on 35 or 325 degrees, as in HFCC:
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 7)

and proposed B-15 northern winter / southern summer schedule
 5950 1300 1600 61S,62,63W    RAN  50 35  148 NZL RNZ
 5950 1300 1600 51,56,64S,65S RAN  50 325 148 NZL RNZ
 7330 1545 1700 61S,62,63W    RAN  35 35  148 NZL RNZ DRM
 9700 1300 1745 51,56,64S,65S RAN  50 325 156 NZL RNZ
 9700 1300 1745 61S,62,63W    RAN  50 35  148 NZL RNZ
 9765 0800 1100 51,56,64S,65S RAN  50 325 156 NZL RNZ
 9765 0800 1100 61S,62,63W    RAN  50 35  156 NZL RNZ
 9780 1550 1900 61S,62,63W    RAN  35 35  148 NZL RNZ DRM
11690 0645 0800 61S,62,63W    RAN  25 35  156 NZL RNZ DRM
11690 0645 0800 51,56,64S,65S RAN  25 325 156 NZL RNZ DRM
11690 1745 2000 61S,62,63W    RAN  25 35  156 NZL RNZ DRM
11690 1745 2000 51,56,64S,65S RAN  25 325 148 NZL RNZ DRM
11725 0500 0800 51,56,64S,65S RAN  50 35  148 NZL RNZ
11725 0500 0800 61S,62,63W    RAN  50 325 148 NZL RNZ
11725 1745 2200 51,56,64S,65S RAN  50 35  156 NZL RNZ
11725 1745 2200 61S,62,63W    RAN  50 325 156 NZL RNZ
13840 1100 1300 51,56,64S,65S RAN 100 325 156 NZL RNZ
15720 1845 2200 61S,62,63W    RAN  25 35  156 NZL RNZ DRM
15720 1845 2200 51,56,64S,65S RAN  25 325 156 NZL RNZ DRM
15720 2145 0500 61S,62,63W    RAN  50 35  156 NZL RNZ
15720 2145 0500 51,56,64S,65S RAN  50 325 156 NZL RNZ
17675 0250 0400 61S,62,63W    RAN  25 35  156 NZL RNZ DRM
17675 0250 0400 51,56,64S,65S RAN  25 325 156 NZL RNZ DRM
17675 2050 2200 51,56,64S,65S RAN  35 325 156 NZL RNZ DRM
17675 2250 0200 61S,62,63W    RAN  25 35  156 NZL RNZ DRM
17675 2250 0200 51,56,64S,65S RAN  25 325 156 NZL RNZ DRM

Farewell Barry Williams(78)  ZL1ACZ, NZ DXer of 1951 to 2015.

With considerable sadness we record the passing of another senior member
of the DX League in New Zealand. Former National President and Life Member
Barry died in Auckland on 1 October 2015.

He was very keen on radio history and produced numerous competently
written articles, many of which grace the pages at  <>

See:  <>



(Bryan Clark / Paul Ormandy in NZ DX Times, Oct 2015)

NEW ZEALAND   Rusting Titahi Bay radio masts to be demolished after being
deemed safety risks.

The Titahi Bay radio mast - the second tallest structure in New Zealand.

New Zealand's second-tallest structure behind the Sky Tower is rusting and
must be demolished as a safety hazard.

The 220-metre Radio New Zealand transmission mast at Titahi Bay, Porirua,
is set for demolition, along with its 50m neighbour, after engineers
discovered significant corrosion. A third tower would remain.

RNZ chief executive Paul Thompson said on Wednesday that the 50m tower was
identified as the most at-risk in a report delivered on Monday.

"They said 'Get it down immediately', so we fenced it off today ... no-one
will be able to go into the hazard zone, we'll get that down in the next
week or two."

Engineers recommended the 220m tower be demolished by next March, but RNZ
would instead look to bring it down this year.

"It's a really tough environment for metal structures, but you reach a
point where the advice is these things need to come down."

He said while the 50m mast was now fenced off, the bigger tower was not.
"It would take a lot of bad luck, including a catastrophic storm, to
create a problem there."

If it were to topple, it wouldn't fall "like a tree in the forest" rather
it would fall in on itself.

"Because it's partially a public area, and there are houses nearby, we
just want to get it down as soon as possible."

The 220m mast was opened in 1937 by prime minister Michael Joseph Savage,
allowing nationwide radio broadcasting for the first time.

It was not until Auckland's 328m Sky Tower was completed in 1996 that the
mast lost its title as tallest structure in New Zealand.

Titahi Bay Golf Club manager Tom Campbell said golfers would just have to
play around the safety fence cutting into three fairways: the seventh,
eighth and ninth holes.

"This is a quiet period of the year, so it won't matter that much."

He said RNZ contacted the club on Tuesday about the report, then fenced
off the danger area.

He said the 50m tower, which was on golf course land, was an obstacle and
was something players could do without anyway. "Our balls won't bounce off
it any more."

Thompson said the masts broadcast on the AM frequency, and all current
services could be run through the remaining tower.

He said RNZ might have to replace one of the masts eventually, but AM
broadcasting was not as important as it used to be.

A meeting open to the community would be held on Tuesday at the Titahi Bay
Golf Club from 7pm, he said.

JOEL_MAXWELL, Last updated Oct 14 2015


1 of 1 Photo(s) 1444809756912.jpg
(via Paul ?, mwmasts Oct 14)

NICARAGUA   8989u  "El Pescador Preacher", at 2330 to 2345 UT, om locutor
en Espanol, under some high noise level, 10 October.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer Oct 11)

NIGERIA   7254.9  On Oct. 11 at 1800+ UT: Voice of Nigeria on 7254.9 with
the English service, presumed // 15120 DRM mode (not decodable on remote
DRM tuner in Italy). 15120 kHz was missing recently most evenings. This
morning, Oct. 11, 7254.9 // 9689.9 kHz after 0600 UT as usual. From 1800
UT, only 7254.9 kHz again, nothing on 15120 kHz. Afternoon transmission
unheard on both 9690 kHz (or anywhere else) and livestream - the usual
situation for two weeks at least.
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld Oct 12)

NIGERIA   I got a semi-QSL in the mail from The Voice Of Nigeria for my
reception from Redding, California (northern California). Two emails went
unanswered so I sent a regular letter via the good ole' fashioned postal
service in late June and in mid September, I got a reply back from their
Chief engineer.

The letter didn't specifically confirm the times, dates or frequencies,
but did thank me for listening, monitoring and offering my feedback. I got
a Radio Nigeria notepad and 2 lapel pins.

15120, The Voice Of Nigeria with 250 kW from Ikorodu, Lagos State,
Nigeria, 0613 UT, May 20th, 2015.

9690, The Voice Of Nigeria with 250 kW from Ikorodu, Lagos State,
Nigeria, 0652 UT, May 20th, 2015.
(Paul B. Walker-CA-USA, dxld Oct 2)

PERU   6173.9  Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, Cusco. Very weak signal noted at
2320 to 2330 UT, en Espanol om, 10 October.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer Oct 11)

5980.005 approx., on Oct 4 at 0050 UT, JBA carrier from R Chaski,
Urubamba, Cusco; cut off at 0106:24* UT, which is 5.5 seconds later than
last night until 0106:18.5 UT
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 4)

PERU   Fotos de Radio Santa Monica y el parque de antenas en Onda Tropical
en 4965 kHz {Aoki list show 08-04 UT 1 kW}
OAZ7J AM 660 kHz y FM 93.9 MHz desde Wanchaq, Cusco - Peru.

Foto de Radio Santa Monica en 4965 kHz Onda Tropical, AM 660 kHz y Fm 93.9
MHz / Photo of Radio Santa Monica in 4965 Tropical Wave kHz, 660 kHz AM
and FM 93.9 MHz .

Antenas parque Fotos Radio Santa Monica, tenga en cuenta: tambien tiene
otras antenas de otras companias en esta ubicacion. Photos park antennas
Radio Santa Monica, note: also has other antennas from other companies in
this location.

Ahora tienen un sitio web es: / They now have a website is:

(Daniel Wyllyans-BRA, hcdx Oct 14)

location G.C.  13 30 45.96 S  71 59 44.86 W


TBS-17 list from DSWCI show 4965 kHz Radio Alvorada, Parintins, AM,
from Brazil only. wb.

PORTUGAL   666  Antenna 1. at 0307 UT on Oct 12. NX in Portuguese by man
giving football results and ID. Then other ID by female into more talk.
Heard two sites with slight delay. SIO: 333.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

ROMANIA   RadioCom Tiganesti-2 - rather Saftica site via revolving
horizontal log-periodic antenna to neighbouring countries, planned as
follows in B-15

5945 1800 1830 29SW SAF  75  30 812 Ukr RRO
5945 1830 1900 28SW SAF  75 270 812 Srp RRO
5945 1900 1930 28SW SAF 100 270 812 Ita RRO
5945 1930 2000 28SE SAF 100 210 812 Rup RRO
5955 1500 1530 28SW SAF 100 270 812 Ita RRO
5955 1530 1600 28SE SAF 100 210 812 Rup RRO
5955 1600 1630 29SW SAF 100  30 812 Ukr RRO
5955 1630 1700 28SW SAF 100 270 812 Srp RRO
5955 1700 1730 28SW SAF 100 270 812 Ita RRO
5955 1730 1800 28SE SAF 100 210 812 Rup RRO
6030 2000 2030 29SW SAF 100  30 812 Ukr RRO
6030 2030 2100 28SW SAF 100 270 812 Srp RRO
9880 1300 1400 28N  SAF 100 300 812 Ron RRO
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 20)

ROMANIA   Radio Rasant, 9510 via RadioCom Saftica-ROU site, IRRS Milano
brokered, QSL, letter in 6 weeks for e-report to
<info -at->
(Artur Fernandez Llorella via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Oct 12)

ROMANIA   Frequenze inverno Radio Romania Internazionale.

Portiamo a vostra conoscenza le frequenze dei programmi in Italiano,
valide dal 25 Ottobre prossimo al 26 Marzo 2016. Grazie e cordiali saluti!

ora italiana     Frequenza
16.00 - 16.26    5955 kHz
18.00 - 18.26    5955 kHz
20.00 - 20.26    5945 DRM mode
(via, Oct 7)

ROMANIA   Winter B-15 schedule of Radio Romania International

ARABIC    0730-0756 11660G 15200G 15330T 17810T
          1300-1326 11945G 13660T 15400T 15460G 17810T
          1630-1656  9680T 11760T 11975G 15170G

AROMANIAN 1530-1556  5955S
          1730-1756  5955S
          1930-1956  5945S

CHINESE   0500-0526 15220T 17640T-DRM
          1330-1356 11855T 13660T

ENGLISH   0100-0156  6145G  7325G
          0400-0456  6020G  7340G 11790T 13730T
          0630-0656  7345T  9600G-DRM 17780G 21580T
          1200-1256 13580T 15150G 15460T 17765G
          1800-1856  6090T  7350T-DRM
          2130-2156  6030G-DRM  6170T  7310T  7375G
          2300-2356  6015G  7220G  7395T  9620T

FRENCH    0200-0256  5975G  7395G
          0600-0626  6040G-DRM  7360G  9770T 11790T
          1100-1156 15255G 17640T 17870G 21580T
          1700-1756  5935T  7400T
          2100-2126  6030G-DRM  7375G

GERMAN    0700-0726  6020T-DRM 7345T
          1500-1556  6040T  7330T
          1900-1956  6010T  7405T-DRM

ITALIAN   1500-1526  5955S
          1700-1726  5955S
          1900-1926  5945S-DRM

ROMANIAN  0100-0256  5910T  7340T
          0500-0556  6145G  7220G
          0800-0856 15370T 15430G Suns only "Curierul romanesc"
                    17850G 17860T
          0900-0956 15380G 15430T Suns only "Curierul romanesc"
                    17745G 17775T
          1000-1056 15260G 17640T Suns only "Curierul romanesc"
                    17870G 21580T
          1300-1356  9880S Saftica transmission opens earlier
          1400-1556  9655G 11975G
          1700-1756  5920G  7370G
          1800-2056  5990G  7375G

RUSSIAN   0530-0556  5940T-DRM  7320T
          1400-1456  9880T 11985T
          1600-1626  5930T-DRM  9800T

SERBIAN   1630-1656  5955S
          1830-1856  5945S
          2030-2056  6030S

SPANISH   0000-0056  7325T  7335G  9525G  9730T
          0300-0356  6125G  7335T  7345G  9470T
          2000-2056  6010T  7235T
          2200-2256  7380T  9790T

UKRAINIAN 1600-1626  5955S
          1800-1826  5945S
          2000-2026  6030S

G=Galbeni 2x300 kW, S=Saftica 1x100 kW, T=Tiganesti 3x300 kW.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1, 2015)

by Antonello Napolitano.

[NOTE: proper spelling of Timisoara is with a [,] sedilla under the S,
which makes it an sh- sound, as you will see in any good atlas. While this
is difficult to achieve in many fonts, such as this, in English one should
otherwise respell it Timishoara, which I have done here by find-and-
replace 24 times below; also in a couple other words.

No one else seems to care about preserving Romanian fonetix such as
Tziganeshti instead of Tiganesti. Altho displaying some accents over
vowels, WRTH does not do it either, e.g. "Iasi" instead of Iashi. This
intervention is not meant at all to criticise Antonello for a fine first-
person article   Glenn Hauser, dxld Sept 30]

During the first week of September I visited the city of Timishoara (in
the west part of Romania), the cradle of 1989 anticommunist revolution and
today candidate for the European capital of Culture 2021. I took that
occasion to stop by at Radio Timishoara. I was greeted by its director Mr.
Mihai Anghel, a true gentleman who speaks five languages. Although his
Italian was not fluent, due to the presence of my wife who doesn't
understand any foreign language, he insisted that we speak my mother
tongue rather than English.

Two interesting facts emerged: unlike, for example in France where all AM
frequencies will be shut down at the end of September, Radio Timishoara
still relies on its medium wave outlet and that broadcasts are made in ten
different languages, including Italian!

As is well known, the number of broadcasters which have ceased
transmissions on medium waves has increased significantly over the last
years. This led most to assume that medium wave band has no future. But in
some parts of Europe there are some who still rely on AM to reach their

"The frequency of 630 kHz is important to us because it guarantees a large
audience" says Mihai Anghel, manager of Radio Timishoara, one of the nine
regional stations of country's public broadcasting organization, Radio

The station studios are located in Timishoara and housed in a three-
storey building which, prior to 1989 Romanian revolution, was used as a
guest house for students of adjacent Communist Party's school. In the same
building is housed TVR Timishoara which however is a separate
organization. There is also an additional studio in the city of Arad.
Radio Timishoara is primarily funded through public television license
fees as well as advertising. All of studios, except for one which dates
back to 1990, are digitalized.

Timishoara, capital city of Timi? [sic, some accented letter lost in
copying] County, and the main social, economic and cultural centre in
western Romania, is considered the informal capital city of the historical
region of Banat which is currently divided among three countries: Romania,
Serbia and Hungary.

The Banat is populated by ethnic Romanians, Serbs, Hungarians, Romani,
Germans, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Czechs, Croats, Jews and other
ethnicities. That explains why a regional station like Radio Timishoara
broadcasts in ten languages (only two less than Radio Romania
International!): Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian, German, Romi (the language
spoken by Romani people or Gypsies), Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Bulgarian
and, what a surprise, Italian, a language which, historically, has never
been spoken in the Banat region.

Asked why they broadcast in Italian, Mr. Mihail replies: "We have many
Italian friends. The Italian community is very large. About 18000 Italians
are here for work reasons".

It should be mentioned that there is a large presence of Italian investors
in Romania, but most of them are found in the west part of the country and
especially in Timishoara which in 2007 counted 420 Italian companies
registered with a capital of more than 2 million Euro.

Called "Spazio Italia", the Italian programme of Radio Timishoara can be
heard on the first Monday of each month from 19.00 to 20.00 (local time)
on the VHF-FM frequency of 105.90 MHz or from streaming audio on their

It consists of current affairs, art, culture, recipes and of course
Italian songs. The first edition of "Spazio Italia" was aired in June
2007. "Carlo Marchegiano, an Italian investor living in Timishoara, and
his wife Margherita Lenzini, were the initiators of the programme", says
Mr. Mihai Anghel. "There are three or four more Italians involved as well
as a colleague of Radio Timishoara who assembles the transmission".

A typical broadcast day includes news, current affairs, culture, sport and
different kinds of music, including pop and rock. The station also plays
from 08.00 to 09.00, on 630 kHz only, a show of Romania's folk music
accompanied by listener's dedications.

Daily programmes are in Romanian, German (13.00-14.00 only on MW),
Hungarian (14.00-15.00 only on MW) and Serbian (15.00-16.00 only on MW).
Similar to Italian, broadcasts in the remaining six foreign languages are
not transmitted daily.

Radio Timishoara in addition to its 630 kHz medium wave frequency has
three FM transmitters at Timishoara (105.90 MHz), Arad (102.90 MHz) and on
Mount Coseviza (103.60 MHz). According to Mr. Anghel, the same programmes
are carried on both FM and AM bands in the following time blocks: 00.00 to
08.00, 11.00 to 13.00 and 16.00 to 18.00.

Not all FM transmitters broadcast the same content simultaneously. For
example, from 19.00 to 22.00, on 102.90 MHz and 103.60 MHz, there is a
separate programme which is produced in the studio located in Arad. In the
same time block, a repeat of German (19.00-20.00), Hungarian (20.00-21.00)
and Serbian (21.00-22.00) morning broadcasts is aired over the 105.90 MHz
FM transmitter located in Timishoara.

According to Mr. Mihai Anghel, a 400 kW transmitter located at Ortishoara,
about 25 km from Timishoara, is used for broadcasting on 630 kHz. The
station has been heard in most parts of Europe, including Finland. "We
received many reception reports from listeners who are amateur radio
enthusiasts", says Mihai Angel. Do you verify reception reports? "Yes, our
chief engineer acknowledges reception reports by E- mail but in the past
we used to reply by snail-mail".

Sport is very important for listeners of Radio Timishoara. The manager of
Radio Timishoara explains that in the city there are two football teams:
ACS Poli, which plays in the first division and, despite it plays in Liga
III (the third level of the Romanian football league system), the most
loved Politehnica Timi?oara [sic   did this achieve a sedilla
originally?]. "Videos of this team (Politehnica) on our website -
comments Mr. Mihai Anghel - are among the most viewed by its Romanian fans
living abroad".

Among the other activities of Radio Timishoara are sponsorship of
traditional folk music festivals and production of CDs containing
traditional, folk, fanfare and classical music performed not only by
school or amateur orchestras, choirs or brass bands but also by well-
known composers like Gyoergy Kurtag. His composition "Colinda Balada" was
released on CD by Radio Timishoara and was first performed in 2009
Romania. Kurtag, who is Hungarian, wrote it for his birthplace, Lugos and
it was also a tribute to the Romanian language he learnt when he was

The day of my visit to the station coincided with the "Iosif-Sivu shi
Cosmin Golban" International Folk Festival's final night which was
presented by Daniela Bacila, a nice music editor of Radio Timishoara. Mr.
Mihai Anghel was also there to deliver a metal plaque to the winner of a
400 RON (approx 90.00 Euro) Radio Timishoara prize.

Speaking of future plans Mihai Anghel says: "We hope to have more
frequencies for covering our region. Our broadcasts attract lots of
listeners, 250,000 per day, but there is a big difference between AM and
FM which is not able to cover all of our region. With the introduction of
DRM, that difference will be bigger as listeners don't have receivers able
to pick up digital broadcasts. For that reason AM remains fundamental for
(Antonello Napolitano, DX FANZINE nr. 25 via dxld)

DX Fanzine is a publication Antonello has just reactivated. Free
subscriptions available from him, <tarantodx -at->
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 30)

RUSSIA   "Comintern Radio" with new winter schedule, probably from Oct 1

1200-1500 6990 kHz VOR 001 kW non-dir to EaEUR, ex1500-1800 UT in summer.
Comintern Radio relay Local Radio Voronezh in Russian from 1404 UT
on Oct 9.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

Seemingly the only remaining Russian bc stn, despite of Armavir Krasnodar
kray outlet of Radio Maykop, Adygeyan Radio relay towards nationals - in
former Osmanic empire a century ago ... in Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt.

From Oct 25 on B-15 schedule
6000 kHz 1800-2000 29 ARM 100kW 188degr Adygey RUS VOR GFC

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

RUSSIA   Current relays of state broadcasts
(VGTRK: Mayak, Radio Russii, Vesti FM) on medium wave in Russia and
Pridnestrovye (Trans Dnistria).

Frequency / kHz / Power, kW / location transmitter / broadcast programs
 918  50 Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan "Mayak" + GTRK "Dagestan"
 936   5 n.Matveyevka, Orenburg region "Radio Russii" + GTRK "Orenburg"
1350   5 Ust-Kan and Ulagan, Altai Rep "Radio Russii" + GTRK "Gorny Altai"
1395   1 Buguruslan, Orenburg region   "Radio Russii" + GTRK "Orenburg"
1413 500 pos. Mayak, Grigoriopol Pridnestrovie "Vesti FM"
1440   5 sec. Turochak with Ust-Koksa, Altai Republic
         "Radio Russii" + GTRK "Gorny Altai".
(DX Kurjer, editor Vasily Gulyaev, Astrakhan-RUS, via Arctic DX 14 Sep;
in MW Report, BrDXC-UK Communication magazine Oct 2015, page 29)

SERBIA   675  Radio Beograd 1, Bosilegrad. at 0304 UT on Oct 12. NX by
female ending with football results. SIO: 222.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

SYRIA   783  R. of the Syrian Republic, Tartus. at 0300 UT on Oct 12.
MX followed by ID by man and into news. SIO: 333.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

SOMALIA   [PUNTLAND province]  13800-cusb mode  Today, Oct 12, at 1558+
UT, talk, mentioning Somalia a few times at 1600+ UT, likely in Somali
then into traditional music. Quite strong on Italian remote receivers at
1600 UT, not so here in Germany. Signal declining, almost inaudible at
1645 UT not checked later. Not heard recently.
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld Oct 12)

SOUTH AFRICA   3320, Radio Sonder Grense - Sentec Meyerton relay, at
0402-0423 UT on Oct 7, man announcer with news in the Afrikaans language
followed byan ID at 0411 UT at end of news and a woman announcer. Some
announcements followed by music. Fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 12)

SWAZILAND   Trans World Radio (TWR) 6130 kHz, 5 Oct 2015 at 1913 UT.
e-QSL and schedule via  <lstavrop -at->
(Saratov Russian border - via RUSdx Oct 11)

SWEDEN   Extra SAQ Grimeton transmission on UN-day 2015-Oct-25
There will be a transmission with the Alexanderson VLF alternator
on 17.2 kHz on "United Nations Day" October 24th, 2015 at 1000 UT.
Start up and tuning from about 0930 UT.

This time we do not require any QSL-reports and will not verify.

There will be activity on amateur radio frequencies with the call

Any of following frequencies:
-  14.035 CW
-   7.035 CW
-   7.080 SSB
-   7.050 PSK31

QSL for SK6SAQ via SK6DK or SM-bureau.

The radiostation is open to vistors 1000-1500 local time. No entrance fee.
Also read our web site: <>
Regards. SM6NM/Lars Kalland.
(Lars  <lars.kalland -at->  <sm6nm -at->  Oct 11)

TANZANIA   [ZANZIBAR island]  Zanzibar bcasting corporation at Dole 11735
kHz with 50 kW non directional from a tower site in Zanzibar just east of
the Tanzania shore, south of Kenya.

Despite the super crappy conditions with solar flares and solar storm
stuff going on, I've had Zanzibar on 11735 kHz daily here in Southwest

On the average day, it's barely above the noise floor, but you can hear
the African music. Well, the last few days, it's been at pretty listenable
levels and at times, been shockingly strong.
(Paul Walker-AR-USA, dxld Oct 9)

Re: Zanzibar on 11735 kH AGAIN!!

> re   non directional

do not believe the   t a l e s   Aoki list entry ...

see screenshot of  06 06 08.83 S  39 15 27.99 E  location

typical China curtain antenna design visible,
50 kW tx of BBEF company delivered from Beijing PR China.
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

UKRAINE   Local programmes from Vinnytsia 1377 kHz, Ukraine.

1377 kHz  The local radiostation in Vinnytsia, western Ukraine, is on the
air a few hours a day. Heard in Vaxjoe on October 7th at 1359 UT with ID"
Radio Khvylia" then - the short version of the main newscast from
Ukrainske Radio. Local news from the area followed. Local weather at 1413
UT. Just before 1430 UT the station disappeared (closed ?) and France Info
dominated the frequency. Info thanks to Mauno Ritola-FIN, WRTH.
(Bengt Ericson, ARC, via RUSdx Oct 11)
... it's the new TransRadio Berlin made solid state transmitter on air ?

UNID   Next to Radio Dabanga 11645 kHz from Vatican Radio, heard an
on-air-engineering technician test on exact 11650 kHz at 0530 UT,
an 1000 Hertz tone test heard few times, once again at 0534 UT.
Technician test was of perfect professional kind on exact frequency.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

UNID   4057.994  Unidentified - probably Korean language spur or harmonic
-, noted on remote Nagoya / Tokyo SDR network unit at 1235 UT on Oct 14.
Mathematics: could be 73 kHz apart intermodulation of Korean fundamentals
3912 / 3985 kHz ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

UAE   Gaweylon Tibetan Radio, 15215 kHz via Al Dhabbaya-UAE, QSL,
letter in 2 weeks for e-report to
<gaweylon -at->   v/s Anil R. Alfred, Director.
(Artur Fernandez Llorella via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Oct 12)

I Got India QSL - card from Gaweylon Tibetan Radio Program for reception
on August 21 on 15215 kHz. The picture mare with foal and Tibetans drink
anything for three. The envelope enclosed letter and card with a picture
of a Tibetan nationwide. costume holding a lamb.
Report:  <gaweylon -at->
(Alexander Golovihin, Togliatti-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" & "open_dx", RUSdx)

USA   9974.932  footprint on Sept 6 at 0010 UT, KVOH acc Aoki list:
KVOH International Missions Fellowship, Rancho Simi CA, noted on remote
SDR unit at Hanson MA-US east coast, poor S=6 signal -86dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

New KVOH Transmitter Installation Over at the Facebook page of the
National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters (NASB), 10 new photos have
been posted showing station KVOH in the process of installing a new Harris
100-kW transmitter in addition to its old RCA 50-kW unit. There's also
some shots of the antenna system.

Worth a look at: National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters
(Rob Wagner-AUS  VK3BVW, Sept 30, shortwavesites yg via dxld Sept 30)

Hadn't looked at the whole KVOH sked lately, now updated as of Aug 24, and
I see some changes for the 9975 kHz evening English: 01-02 UT Sunday,
'CBS Radio Mystery Theatre'; 0100-0130 UT Monday, 'Unshackled' both seem
like fillers. Why not another DX program somewhere in there? Anyhow, the
sacred-soccer show is gone. *also Mutual Radio News at 01, 02 and 03 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 30)

USA   Angloparade, 5985 via WRMI Okechobee-FL, E-QSL in 14 weeks for
e-report to  <info -at->   v/s Omar Alfredo Ortiz.
(Artur Fernandez Llorella via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Oct 12)

USA   Radio Africa Network, via RMI Okeechobee-FL relay, 17790 kHz,
on 15 Febr 2015 at 1920 UT. QSL-card, a letter, schedule, English via
<info -at->
(moscow.dx, reception location: Hira-NZL, via RUSdx Oct 11)

USA   9955, QSL  Hobart Radio International - WRMI, Okeechobee-FL,
responded to an electronic report with a full data PDF attachment "The
Buzz eQSL Verification" in 9 days from Rob Wise ("Youheard our world music
special and have got a special-edition QSL!!!").

The station calls itself "The Voice of Tasmania". Hobart Radio
International is a shortwave community service relayed across Europe,
North America, South America and New Zealand and features the DX Extra and
The Buzz shows!
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 12)

USA   Strong signal of WHRI Angel 2 Brother HySTAIRical

0600-0800  7355 HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR English, but no signal
0500-0600 11635 HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR English, October 8-10
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

USA   B-15 WHRI FCC registration.
 5920 0000 0100 4,5,9,27-29   HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
 5920 0100 0200 4,5,9,27-29   HRI 250 47      -25 218 34567   Eng
 5920 0200 0300 4,5,9,27-29   HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
 5920 0300 0400 4,5,9         HRI 250 25        0 146 234567  Eng
 5920 0430 0530 11,12         HRI 250 173     -15 146 12      SpaEng
 5920 0530 0800 11,12         HRI 250 173     -15 146 23456   SpaEng
 5920 0800 0900 11,12         HRI 250 173     -15 146 17      SpaEng
 5920 0900 1000 4,5,9         HRI 100 25        0 146 17      SpaEng
 5920 1000 1100 11,12         HRI 250 173     -15 146 17      SpaEng
 5920 1200 1300 11,12         HRI 250 173     -15 146 17      SpaEng
 5920 2300 2400 4,5,9         HRI 100 25        0 146 23456   Eng

 7315 0000 0100 11,12N        HRI 250 173     -15 146 1234567 SpaEng
 7315 0100 0200 11,12         HRI 250 173     -15 146 12      SpaEng
 7315 0200 0300 12-15         HRI 250 152       0 218 1234567 SpaEng
 7315 0300 0400 12-15         HRI 250 152       0 218 3456    SpaEng
 7315 0430 0500 12-15         HRI 250 152       0 218 6       SpaEng
 7315 0500 0530 12-15         HRI 250 152       0 218 3456    SpaEng
 7315 0600 0700 27,28         HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
 7315 0700 0800 12-15         HRI 250 152       0 218 17      Eng
 7315 0800 0900 12-15         HRI 250 152       0 218 1234567 Eng
 7315 0900 1000 10            HRI 250 245       0 146 7       SpaEng
 7315 1000 1100 12-15         HRI 250 152       0 218 23456   SpaEng
 7315 1100 1200 11,12N        HRI 250 173     -15 146 17      SpaEng
 7315 2300 2400 11,12N        HRI 250 173     -15 146 1234567 SpaEng
 7355 0700 0800 27,28         HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
 7385 0000 1400 2,3           HRI 100 315       0 146 1234567 Eng
 7385 2300 2400 2,3           HRI 100 315       0 146 17      Eng
 7520 0300 0400 4,5,9,27-29   HRI 250 47      -25 218 7       RusEng

 9495 1300 1400 11,12         HRI 250 173     -15 146 23456   SpaEng
 9495 1400 1500 11,12         HRI 100 173     -15 146 1234567 SpaEng
 9495 1500 1600 11,12         HRI 100 173     -15 146 23456   SpaEng
 9505 2100 2200 4,5,9,27-29   HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
 9505 2200 2400 4,5,9,27-29   HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
 9830 0430 0600 38-39         HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
 9840 1200 1300 4,5,9         HRI 250 25        0 146 17      Eng
 9840 1300 2200 4,5,9         HRI 250 25        0 146 1234567 Eng

11565 0800 0900 51,55,56,59,60HRI 250 245       0 146 23456   Eng
11565 0900 1000 51,55,56,59,60HRI 250 245       0 146 123456  Eng
11565 1000 1200 51,55,56,59,60HRI 250 245       0 146 1234567 Eng
11635 0430 0600 38-39         HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
11635 0430 0600 38-39         HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
11655 1100 1200 12-15         HRI 250 152       0 218 23456   SpaEng
11705 2000 2100 4,5,9,27-29   HRI 250 47      -25 218 1       Eng
11705 2100 2200 4,5,9,27-29   HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
11705 2100 2200 4,5,9,27-29   HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
11705 2200 2400 4,5,9,27-29   HRI 250 47      -25 218 1234567 Eng
11790 2200 2300 11,12         HRI 100 173     -15 146 1234567 Eng

15320 1200 1300 12-15         HRI 250 152       0 218 23456   SpaEng
15665 1400 1600 12-16         HRI 250 152       0 218 23456   SpaEng

17530 1600 1900 2,3           HRI 100 315       0 146 1234567 Eng
17530 1900 2200 2,3           HRI 100 315       0 146 1234567 Eng
17610 1900 2000 46,47,52      HRI 250 85       13 218 1234567 Eng
17610 2000 2100 46,47,52      HRI 250 85       13 218 234567  Eng

21600 1400 1500 37-39         HRI 250 59      -13 218 17      Eng
21600 1500 1600 46,47,52      HRI 250 85       13 218 17      Eng
21600 1600 1900 46,47,52      HRI 250 85       13 218 1234567 Eng
21610 1300 1400 37-39         HRI 250 59      -13 218 17      Eng

USA   7504.705   Oct 4 at 0133 UT check, WRNO with usual gospel huxter,
poor at only S8 in 'long' propagation beyond mere Metairie. Since the NRD-
545 seems to be right-on calibration vs WWV, I am daring to interpolate
some more precise frequencies, but caution the final digit may still be
approximate. How can I be more accurate with my little old receiver than a
station with its big old transmitter? Easily.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 4)

WRNO transmitter switched-on air at 0057:05 UT on Oct 4. Station ID from
New Orleans, S=9+15dB in NJ remote unit at east coast. Footprint on
7504.719 ... x.706 kHz. Wandered down approx. 13-14 Hertz within 8 minutes
after signing-on.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 4)

9265, Saturday Oct 3 at 1402 UT, WINB is on with soul music, but wobbly
carrier resulting in rough modulation. We used to hear it like that
sometimes on 13570 kHz, now abandoned. A warm-up problem? as transmission
has just started: online program schedule now dated Sept 6, *still* shows
wrong UT with Eastern time as EST, 5 hours behind UT, instead of EDT,
4 hours behind:


Now starting Saturdays at "1500" 1400 UT, with 'Voice of Wisdom
Broadcast'. Largely because of the departure yet again of the
peripat[h]etic Brother Scare, the weekday WINB schedule has been reduced
to start at "3:45/2045" which really means *1945 UT; Sundays only, a day
sacred to certain religionists, it starts at "7:30/1230" which means
really *1130 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 3)   9264.996 kHz footprint, wb.

Updated summer A-15 of WINB, Red Lion with correct time in UT,
contrary to <> wrong time in UT

1130-1400 9265 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM English Sun
1400-1945 9265 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM English Sat/Sun
1945-2000 9265 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM Eng/Spa Mon-Fri
1945-2000 9265 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM English Sat/Sun
2000-2230 9265 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM English Daily
2230-2300 9265 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM Spanish Mon
2230-2400 9265 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM English Tue-Sun
0000-0200 9265 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM English Daily
0200-0230 9265 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM English Tue/Wed/Sat
0230-0300 9265 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM English Sat/Sun
0300-0330 9265 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM English Sun
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx / dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 4)

USA   VOA Delano Transmitter Readied for Public Display
Ver en <>
Photos by James E. O'Neal

If you've been following the saga of the Voice of America's Delano,
Calif., transmitter plant since its closure in the fall of 2007, you know
that one of the big Collins Radio machines there - a 1960s-vintage 821A-
1 250,000-watt shortwave transmitter - was rescued through the combined
efforts of the Antique Wireless Association and the Collins Collectors

The Collins 821A-1 250,000-watt transmitter is shown after its reassembly
at the AWA Museum in Bloomfield.

The Antique Wireless Association decided to recreate the VOA's Delano
transmitter plant's control room. When the facility was active, operators
could keep tabs on the station's Collins and ASEA Brown Boveri quarter-
megawatt transmitters.

The organizations pooled their resources to create the Collins Radio
Heritage Group and funded the removal and shipping of 38,000 pounds of
heavy-metal transmitter some 2,700 miles to the small New York town of

During my visit in 2014, the Collins 821A-1 had arrived, but was still in
relatively small pieces occupying more than 100 packing boxes and pallets.
(The accumulation of big rig components was sometimes referred to as "the
world's largest Erector set" or "the Heathkit from hell" by those involved
in its relocation.)

Making things all the more challenging was a mandate attached to donated
transmitter by the General Services Administration, manager of the Delano
site after it was vacated by the VOA, that required the transmitter to be
reassembled and on display within 12 months of its acquisition.

I'm pleased to report that the 821A-1 transmitter - as well as the VOA's
Delano transmitting station control room where the facility's aggregation
of high-power quarter-megawatt rigs were monitored and controlled - are
both back together now, looking very much as they did in their California

Everything was made ready in time for a viewing at this year's annual AWA
conference in mid-August, though according to the AWA's deputy director,
Bob Hobday, the official opening is still a couple of months away.

"We were rushing quite hard to have the transmitter available for the
conference members," said Hobday. "We still have to put up some displays
and walls around it. This needs to be done before we can open it to the
general public as part of the museum.

"Hobday said in late September, "Our hope is to have the grand opening in
early November. The construction is well underway. "He said that visitors
arriving at the museum prior to official opening would still be allowed to
view the new exhibit.

The Delano "big rig" now shares space in the AWA's new museum facility
with a range of yesteryear's communications equipment.

Hobday stated that, while costs associated with relocating the VOA gear
- some $20,000 - had been covered by donations and other funding,
financial assistance is still needed."The fundraising effort is still
ongoing," said Hobday. "We've paid for the expenses [associated with the
move and reassembly]. However, to put the transmitter in a museum setting
we're incurring some additional expenses. If anyone wants to get in on the
support of the project, we sure would appreciate their help.

"Additional information about the VOA transmitter/control room project and
how readers can support it may be found at

The AWA Museum was established more than 60 years ago, and in 2013 moved
from its previous home a few miles west of here to the present 10,000-
square-foot facility in Bloomfield, N.Y. In addition to the VOA
transmitter, the collection also includes early spark transmitters,
amateur radio gear, a wide range of consumer radio and television
receivers, military electronics and more. The AWA has some 1,800 members

For more on this topic read our March 2014 story "VOA Delano Station Goes
on the Block" and our February 2015 story "AWA Saves Piece of Delano
Station" at

James O'Neal is a frequent contributor to Radio World who often writes
about the history of broadcast technology.- See more at:

< readied-for-
(via Jose M. Romero-ESP, hcdx Oct 9)


This week, Voice of America marks 35 years of broadcasts to Afghanistan,
with special tributes and programming dedicated to the history of the

The Afghanistan service began broadcasting just months after the Soviet
invasion of the country in 1980, with a daily 15-minute Dari language
radio program. Two years later, the service launched a 30- minute Pashto
language radio broadcast into the region. Despite Soviet efforts to jam
VOA broadcasts, millions of Afghans tuned into the Voice of America for
the latest news and information. Following the attacks on September 11,
2001, VOA increased broadcasts into the region to a 24 hour stream and in
2006, launched a daily television newscast, known as Ashna TV.

A segment dedicated to the service's broadcasting history aired on AshnaTV
and included reactions from officials and citizens in Afghanistan and in
the U.S. on the impact of VOA's broadcasts over the years. Special guests
were live on set, including a former broadcaster of the service, who is
now the Afghan Minister of Culture.

"We're extremely proud of what we're celebrating: 35 years of accurate,
objective and comprehensive broadcasts to Afghanistan. We're grateful to
the millions of Afghans who have chosen VOA as their No. 1 source of news
and information and are committed to serving them in the years to come"
says VOA Afghanistan Service Chief Masood Farivar.

In addition to news from Afghanistan and the region, VOA's Ashna
programming reports on U.S. and international developments, current
affairs, U.S. policies, health, science, entertainment, sports, and
women's rights. In 2014, the service extensively covered Afghanistan's
historic elections and newly elected Afghan leaders' visit to Washington.
The service has also been known to provide high profile interviews, such
as an exclusive with former President Hamid Karzai, which was shared with
and aired by major media outlets in Afghanistan.

In a special congratulatory message to the service, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani,
President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, said "As an active media
outlet, VOA's Afghan Service continues to contribute to the culture of
democracy, human dignity, and pluralism. VOA Radio Ashna, through its
programming, reporting, news, and interviews, helps Afghanistan by
spreading the voices of Afghans for peace, justice, freedom and human
rights. Congratulations on the 35th anniversary, and wishing further
success to its colleagues."

VOA reaches nearly 40% of Afghanistan's adult population weekly on radio,
television and multiple digital platforms, including two web sites, five
Facebook pages and three twitter accounts. The service's Ashna TV program
airs on the affiliate station, RTA, Afghanistan's state broadcaster with
the country's largest television coverage. Radio Ashna broadcasts eight
hours of daily programming on AM, FM, and shortwave, and just recently,
RTA agreed to air two daily news bulletins in Dari and Pashto.

With its popular hosts and reporters in Afghanistan and in the US, VOA is
one of the leading sources of daily news and information for the country's
population of nearly 30 million, as well as a large Afghan diaspora around
the world.

(via Jose Miguel Romero-ESP, dxld Oct 7)

UZBEKISTAN   I got an electronic QSL from TWR-India for the reception 18
July 2015, 13.30 UT on frequency 12160 kHz (via a transmitter in Tashkent-
UZB). The card indicated TWR India. The report sent to the address:
<ktwrfcd -at->
(Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx", RUSdx Oct 11)


log on North American remote SDR units on Oct 10, around 1000-1033 UT

Very lousy propagation condition this morning in 41, 31, and 25 mb,
only Shepparton-AUS and Rangitaiki-NZL have average signals at present
from southern hemisphere.

6160.067 BRA? at 10 UT probably Rádio Rio Mar, Manaus, AM in Portuguese.
6159.963 CAN most probably CKZN St. Johns ?
6159.977 CAN CKZU Vancouver lower mainland, easy task to
         fetch them on local remote Vancouver SDR unit.
6069.994 CAN CFRX Toronto at 1015 UT.
5952.449 BOL probably R Pio XII, Siglo XX, Llallagua, Potosi, in Sp?
5910.060 CLM Alcaraván Radio, Lomalinda, Puerto Lleras, Meta,
         Spanish at 1023 UT on Oct 10.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

log on SDR unit here in southern Germany on Oct 11, around 0545-0615 UT

5829.984 USA WTWW English prayer, "All God pray..." relig song S=9+10dB

Nothing on 5910v, but HJDH, La Voz de tu Conciencia-CLM, Lomalinda,
Puerto Lleras, Meta, very tiny poor S=5-6 at 0606 UT on Oct 11
6010.063 kHz.

5939.913 BRA Rádio Voz Missionaria, Camborió SC, powerful signal
         BrasPort language, S=9+5dB, 0545 UT.
5964.975 BRA RTM ZYE858 Rádio Transmundial, Santa Maria RS.
         <>  Smooth Brazilian singer, S=7-8
6039.984 BRA Rádio RB2, Curitiba PR,  <>
         smooth kind singer group.
6119.989 BRA ZYE969 Super Rádio Deus é Amor, Sao Paulo SP, Port sermon
         prayer, S=6 signal at 0610 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11)

Short log of 0000 to 0130 UT time slot on Oct 13:

 9264.996 USA WINB Red Lion, McCarthey matter
 9369.983 USA WWRB Morrison TN BS TOM
 9474.976 USA WTWW only S=6-7
 7385.007 USA WHRI Jesus the Lord at 0028 UT
 7489.958 USA WBCQ Monticello, talk on Islamic culture, democracy action
 7519.995 USA WWCR Nashville TN. rather RADIOPLAY 0036 UT
 5910.051 CLM Alcavaran Radio, popular Latin American mx 0042 UT
 6115.0   USA WWCR, political talk discussion, Saudi Arabian dangerous
          politics, debt deficite of government budget,
          no investment anymore.
 6184.977 MEX XEPPM Radio Educacion, fluttery signal, poor level.
11710.628 ARG Unstable fluttery signal of RAE Buenos Aires, Portuguese sce
11780.099 BRA Rádio Nacional Brasil annment, many IDs also Rádio Nacional
          d'Amazonia heard between 0058 and 0100 UT Oct 13.
          Time annmt 0100 UT, ocho hora.
          Strong signal again, one of their 3 transmitters landed here.
          ZYE365 Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia DF
11670     CUB Powerful signal of RHC, S=9+25dB even in Germany,
          Raul Castro leader item at 0102 UT, 21 kHz wideband signal.
          // 11760 S=8, and distorted rough audio on 11840 kHz, latter
          rather final tube failure ?
11815.026 BRA ZYE440 Rádio Brasil Central, Goiania GO,
          modern Brasilian dance music. 0106 UT
11764.663 BRA ZYE726 Super Rádio Deus e Amor, Curitiba PR,
          poor signal, hit heavily by RHC 11760 kHz adjacent channel.
11856.242 BRA ZYE954 Rádio Aparecida, Aparecida SP,
          poor on threshold level 0112 UT.
11894.470 BRA Most probably ZYE856 Rádio Boa Vontade Porto Alegre RS,
          poor S=4 signal strength, wandered some 7 Hertz down ...
11924.975 Bandeirantes has been gone from SW,
          so I heard another Trincomalee signal here at 0123 UT,
          Aoki Nagoya list shows AWR Sri Lanka relay in chinese AMOY
          language, sermon? and followed by woman religious chorus.
          also SLBC Trincomalee on exact 11905.0 kHz at same time.
11934.955 BRA "Radio R-B Dois, AM 14-30", Curitiba PR,
          talk of presenter in BrasPortuguese, and Santa Caterina
          mentioned, on phone-in program at 0124 UT on Oct 13.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)


German Ham Radio Call registrations book, of Oct 2nd, 2015
786 pages A4 PDF file format, download 10 MB size.

Informationen zu deutschen Amateurfunkrufzeichen
Verzeichnis der zugeteilten deutschen Amateurfunkrufzeichen und ihrer
Inhaber (Rufzeichenliste) (pdf, 10 MB)


(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 2)


New Klingenfuss products for 2016:
Continuous high solar activity provides good HF conditions!

Dear friends,

we're now working on our new products

- 2016 Shortwave Frequency Guide
- 2016 Super Frequency List on CD
- 2016 Frequency Database for the Perseus LF-HF Software-Defined Receiver
- Supplement January 2016 to the 2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations

to be published on 10 December 2015.

Full-resolution title page graphics can be found at
<>  and  <>
<>  and  <>

If you are able to supply additional new frequencies and stations,
your cooperation would be highly appreciated.
Please let us have your data by 20 October 2015.

Our article "Shortwave Reception via Web-SDR", as far as HF utility
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This fascinating technique with new sample screenshots of professional
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The printed Supplement, with 600+ new frequencies and stations
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Those customers that did acquire the 2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio
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The continuously updated product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on
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After a relatively "weak" solar cycle maximum with a hefty
210+ sunspots in May 2015, we still have sunspot numbers around 80,
with some more considerable peaks expected such as - only recently!
- 154 on 27 September 2015. HF propagation conditions and long-distance
communication continue to be pretty good. New HF e-mail services,
stations, networks and frequencies continue to emerge on a regular
basis. HF e-mail booms and service providers continue to expand. No
other publisher considers this revolutionary development accordingly.

Latest references - see <>

Ruediger Heim, Bad Orb - 4 September 2015: "2015 Shortwave Frequency
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Best regards,

Michael Bethge

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D-61282 Bad Homburg

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