"Battle of Posada" Diploma (YR7BP)

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Local governments and NGOs in Valcea county each year organize major events to commemorate one of the glorious pages in the history Romania, the battle of Posada from which took place from November 9 to 12, 1330. This battle is considered the start of the historic moment of Romanian statehood.  very year events are held here to commemorate those who died in battle and evoking the historical moment. In this context we call into Romanian amateurs loving memory of history, and we make known foreign amateurs, an important moment in the history of Romanians by contacting a special event station of Posada YR7BP dedicated to the fight in a competition lasting 11 days.

Running: between 5 to 15 November, 2015 inclusive.
Bands and modes: 80 and 40 meters of 3.650 to 3.750 MHz frequencies respectively 7.130 to 7.150 MHz, phone and CW

Categories of participation:
- A. individual stations YO Seniors (over 18 operators);
- YO B. Junior individual stations (stations operated by young people aged under 18, unfulfilled until 22 Feb. 2015);
- C. Stations club YO (operated by at least two operators other than those competing in other classes);

Stations which grant points:
1.YR7BP - special call "Battle of Posada = 10 points
2.YO7KRS - tails radio club callsign, = 10 points
3.YO7YO-Max, = 5 points
4.YO7HKR-Adi, = 5 points
5.YO7GWA - Lee, = 5 points
6.YO7HHE - Coco, = 5 points
7.YO7HUZ - Nicu, = 5 points

Stations who will be operating special call signs and the club station will be awarded points for their personal call signs.
Same station may be worked several times on the same day with the same station if QSO is made on different bands and modes.

Conditions for the qualification "Battle of Posada"
- Completion of a minimum of 100 points during the period 5 to 15 November, 2015
- Completion of at least one QSO with the special call sign with the radio club
For marathon final rankings are drawn up for each category of participation in descending order of the scores obtained;
. The top ten will be announced at QTC;
- The jury will consider only statements made by log stations granting operators points.

Award diplomas
a. Awards will be granted and collective QSL for all participants who qualify, regardless of their participation.
b. For the first three finishers in each category is awarded diplomas free with prizes.
c. After the publication of the ranking participants who qualify for the diploma will be sent until 15 February 2016 on the mailing address of the Association "Radioclubul tails" respectively
Romanian Scouts / Radioclub tails, CP50, OP5, 240 370 - Ramnicu Valcea jud. Valcea.

- Application diploma;
- QSL cards confirming contacts made with stations granting points (enough for one single QSL station, regardless of the date it was worked);
- Photocopy of birth certificate
or CI, for Category B operators;
- Clubs operators shall specify tokens;
- Fee diploma 5 Lei / participant can be paid by postal address association or association RO87BRDE390SV43754163900 deposit account opened at BRD forthe holder Radioclubul Association for the tails.
- For category B diplomas are free. (youthful stations.)
- Envelope self-addressed and stamped A.4
- Awards:  The first three stations ordered by their score in each category will be awarded by the organizers with diplomas and medals

If there are stations that have equal scores after scores tie will be conducted with special callsigns and the club.

Additional information may be obtained from any operator awarded points. One can also get information from contest organizers:

- Jidoveanu George Joachim - YO7HKR, tel. 0744306565, E-mail: yo7hkr@yahoo.com
- Almas Nicholas - YO7HUZ, tel. 0753121244, E-mail: nicualmasi@yahoo.com

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