Chukotka - 85

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November 10 to December 20, 2015


Approaching a memorable date for all whose lives have somehow been linked to Chukotka.

December 10, 2015 marks 85 years since the founding of the first Chukchi National Okrug. On this day, the Central Executive Committee adopted a resolution "On organization of the national associations in the resettlement areas Small Peoples of the North." In honor of this anniversary, the initiative group of radio amateurs Chukotka Autonomous Region have established a commemorative diploma "Wise P{elike"

What is a Wise Pelike? (A sort of "elf" or mythical creature.)_
Pelike - the keeper of the hearth, he devours human envy, stupidity, trouble, everyday troubles and bad thoughts, digesting all that supplied an abundance of people eating in a dimensionless stomach! However, he is blameless and pure in thought and deed, and exudes laughter, kindness and justice. Pelike brings good luck, happiness and wealth. And it was he who, in our opinion, represents the attitude of people, friendship, mutual assistance in the harsh edges and serves as a symbol of Chukotka.

Holders of a diploma can become any radio amateur who hold between to 1.01. 31.12.2015 of the calendar year due to the Chukotka Autonomous hams, hams Russia, CIS and foreign countries, who had previously worked callsigns and from different settlements of Chukotka, and score at least 85 points. The diploma will be issued in electronic format no cost.

Point Values:
a. For QSO with radio, having the SPS anniversary RC85AO and RC85MP = 25 points.
b. Each contact with the Chukotka Autonomous station = 15 points.
c. Former residents of Chukotka, having a valid call sign at their place of current residence = 5 points.
d. 5 points will be awarded for the radio and with the members of the teams radio expeditions to the islands of Chukotka - R0K (2007.) RI0K (2012.).
e. Duplicate contacts are allowed on different bands, including WARC, and various types of radiation.
f. Radio Amateurs of Chukotka diploma will be issued on the basis of an application sent by the subject of the activity in days (from November 10 to December 10 2015) no less than 100 QSOs.

Other rules:
a. Observers diploma issued on similar terms.
b. Hams of Chukotka and other regions, who have previously lived in Chukotka and having a call on his present place of residence, have put their logs for the entire 2015 to the site for HAMLOG.RU.
c. Founders would appreciate any information to supplement or clarify the list of radio amateurs previously lived in Chukotka ... .. Send your information to: or .

Send log extract to .
E-mail: ua0kcx@yandex.ruInternet:

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