Tuscany Award - 2015

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1-30 November 2015


Entry Categories
Stations not Italian
S1) OM foreigners
S2) SWL foreigners

Stations of TuscanyT1) ARI IQ5
T2) Stations IA5
T3) Stations IU5
T4) Stations IZ5
T5) Stations IW5
T6) Stations lk5
T7) Stations I5
T8) SWL stations of Tuscany

Stations not Italian Tuscan
I1) OM Italian
I2) SWL Italian
     a. Date and time: From 00:00 UTC on 1 November 2015 at 23:59 on November 30, 2015.
     b. Emission modes: CW, SSB, RTTY
     c. Bands: All HF bands granted in use to the Italian amateur radio in respect of the Band Plan ARI
     d. Listen for stations calling:
          CW / RTTY: CQ CRT5
e. Exchange: RS [T]

Point ValuesStations of Tuscany can contact stations in Italian call area 5 and all the foreign stations.
Stations not in Italian Tuscany and Foreign Stations can only contact stations in Tuscany getting 5 different point values based on the prefix as shown below:

     1 point for each station prefix I5
     2 points for each station prefix IK5
     3 points for each station and for IZ5 IQ5 stations not belonging to Sections ARI
     4 points for each station prefix IA5 - IW5 - IU5
     5 points for each station prefix IQ5 belonging to the ARI Section of Tuscany

Each corresponding station can be contacted only once per band and mode. Stations with special event call signs not counted. The list of stations is ARI IQ5 located on the site http://www.ari-crt.it/diplomatoscana .

The log must indicate the full name of the radio station operator, the report it passed, the full name of the correspondent and his past relationship; each name will appear once as station heard and not more than three times as corresponding station; the above is valid separately for band and mode.
Awards: For the winners of each category is a prize. For all participants provided a certificate of participation delivered electronically. Log Manager: The program for the management of the Diploma is directly available online at: http://www.ari-crt.it/diplomatoscana where you have to register in advance.

Enter Log: The log will be managed on site http://www.ari-crt.it/diplomatoscana both functionality log on-line or by uploading it later as ADIF file, accrediting on site with the appropriate form, but not later than 15.12.2015.

Internet: http://www.ari-crt.it/diplomatoscana/images/regolamenta.pdf

Tks RadioDX FUN Cluster 11/6/15

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