Diploma III Ruta por los Castillos (3rd Edition of the Route of Castles)

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7 November 2015 to 28 February 2016

The Costa Blanca Amateur Cultural Association is sponsoring the award, to further promote the activities of contacting stations operating in the vicinity of castles, under the following rules:

1. Date: From the day November 7, 2015 until the day February 28, 2016.

2. During the contest period, only on weekends and holidays (national) will air 20 references associated with castles, towers, fortresses, etc. from different districts and always using the call sign of EA5RKB.

3. The certificate requires you make a minimum of 15 contacts.

4. Valid contacts during this period will be made with members of the ACRACB who use the call sign of EA5RKB.

5. All contacts will be also valid for the Spanish Castles Award (DCE) 1.0.

6. All stations in the world in possession of a amateur radio license are eligible to earn the award..

7. Bands: 20 m, 40 m and 80 m.

8. Applications may be made by e-mail with: infoderutaporloscastillos@acracb.org .

9. Winneres will be listed on their website: http://acracb.org .

10. The diplomas will be sent in PDF format. If anyone is interested in receiving printed, you must make a deposit of 5€ for printing and mailing expenses on the account of the Association: Banco Santander 0049 5958 51 2516035536.

11. Lists: Each participant must provide their Call Sign, name, complete address (not PO Box), Phone, email, date, time, reference and indicative of the activity.

12. Deadline for submission of lists: March 10, 2016.

13. Mailing address is PO Box 20117, 03080 Alicante, Spains or derutaporloscastillos@acracb.org.

E-mail: derutaporloscastillos@acracb.org
Internet: http://acracb.org

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