HG5XMAS Christmas Activity by Hungarian radio amateurs, and Memorial Certificate

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18 December 2015 to 2 January 2016

The purpose of this special event station is maintaining the spirit of friendship between amateur radio operators during the Christmas holiday period.. The station will also take part in the DARC XMAS, and the HNY contests.

Frequencies: 160-10 m HF bands. Modes: CW,SSB,RTTY.

Requirements to receive Memorial Certificate:  During the activity period, make 3 contacts with HG5XMAS, on 3 different days, on 2 different bands, and using 2 different modes. For example: 3,5 MHz CW on December 20, 3,6 MHz SSB on December 21, 7 MHz CW on December 22.  Send a log extract of the 3 QSOs showing the usual information to the E-mail address of the special event station: hg5xmas@gmail.com The operator is HA5MY.

Look on facebook for more information: Hg5xmas Christmas radioamateur activity.

Cards are not needed, so do NOT send a paper QSL!  A special QSL will be downloadable from e-QSL.cc. QSL cards can be downloaded after uploading the logs, thus the certified e-QSL cards will only be available after January 3rd, 2016. by HA7AX.

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