WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News BC-DX #1232 - 19 Dec 2015

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

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WORLDWIDE DX CLUB - Wolfgang Büschel

ALGERIA/ROMANIA   LW 153 kHz channel heard in remote SDR unit
at Madrid Spain, at 0440 UT on Dec 8.

This morning at 0440 UT time, I heard the Algerian 153 kHz frequency
transmission from Bechar site, stronger than RadioCom Brasov Kronstadt Bod
signal from Romania co-channel.

Used the SDR remote net unit at Madrid Spain on S=9+25dB signal level.

Thus is clarified that Algeria continues albeit with low transmission
power in the channel 153 kHz frequency. The derating so to repair 576 kHz
mediumwave installation to a single-mast + new builtup earth net, to build
up the new Transradio medium-wave transmitter to the Bechar MW station of
576 kHz in 400 to 600 kW power range, and not to endanger the Ampegon &
Transradio technicians during work.

Listen to the recording in ogg. audio file format.
SDR rx audio output feed via VAC Virtual Audio Cable as 'Line_4' signal
Audacity software, transformed OGG audio format output as file.

recording attachment:

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

ANGOLA   4949.731 accurate footprint of R Nacional Mulvenos at 0335 UT on
DEc 16, heard in remote unit at KY-US.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

ARGENTINA/CHINA   11710.766  Odd frequency of RAE Buenos Aires in
Portuguese language, bad 766 Hertz audio whistle interference heard,
against co-channel Chinese transmission. S=7-8 signal strength, co-channel
also used by even 11710 kHz frequency of CNR Beijing #572 transmission
center outlet. At 0030 UT on Dec 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

AUSTRALIA   What has happened to ABC Tennant Creek NT?

It will be recalled that Dec 5 they didn't switch frequency from
4910 kHz to their usual 2325 kHz at 0830 UT, but continued past 1354 UT on
4910 kHz.

Dec 15 & 16 clearly not hearing them on 2325 kHz during my normal 1200-
1400 UT monitoring. *Tentatively* heard their open carrier on 4910 kHz ,
but no audio. Do not believe the open carrier was from AIR, but think the
carrier's strength might have matched that of the ABC transmitter?

Dec 16 did hear 4835 kHz, ABC Alice Springs NT // 2485 kHz, ABC Katherine
NT, 1237 UT, with fair reception.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

On Dec 18 at 1240 UT only ABC Alice Springs NT 4835 kHz was ON AIR !  wb.

BANGLADESH   4750  Bangladesh Betar. 1700 UT on Nov 13. Subcontinental MX
then time pips and ID by man. Into news. Off at 1706 UT. Seemed to
continue on 7250 kHz under heavy splatter from co-channel CRI: SIO: 222
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

BHUTAN   6034.95, BBS Thimpu, at 1142-1232* UT on , Dec 16. Running later
than normally heard recently; 1147-1201 UT EZL pop songs; indigenous
music; into OM monologue (PBS Yunnan with YL monologue); 1218 & 1227-1230
UT more indigenous music; poor, mixing with China (PBS Yunnan).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

[UNIDENTIFIED]  6035, on Dec 16 at 1338 UT, I have two very weak carriers,
one about 6035.03 kHz and the other 6034.95 kHz, so I assume they are
respectively, PBS Yunnan, V of Shangri-La higher, and BBS Bhutan, lower;
however, Ron Howard heard BBS going off an hour earlier. However2, he
agrees they are irregular and could have come back on; and agrees on the
precise frequencies.

However3, checking the following morning broadcast at 0022 UT on Dec 17,
wb found BBS 100 Hz higher than usual, on 6035.053 kHz; while 24 hours
after my log, Yunnan was on exactly 6035.000 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 16 / 17)

Kunming Yunnan was on exactly 6035.000 kHz, on Dec 18 at 1230 UT, S=9+5dB
signal logged at remote SDR unit in Brisbane Queensland downunder
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

BHUTAN   6035.053 accurate at 0022 UT on Dec 17. Listen to attached
recording taken here in Europe, a lot of main power and PLC electric
wiring interference.

Thimpu Bhutan program noted with "mens" sing-sang like Tibetan Buddhism
monks, - not nuns singer.

At 0040 UT on Dec 17 heard string instrument play and mens talk.
S=8 or -79dBm signal on SDR unit.

REMARK: the Bhutan keyboard frequency input tonight
set exact 100 Hertz higher to 6035.053 kHz,
than December 6034.953 kHz broadcast recent transmission.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)

Maybe I came too late for Thimpu BTN this Dec 17 UT afternoon.

NOTHING HEARD OR VISIBLE on variable 6035 kHz,

only even 6035.000 kHz PBS Yunnan China noted at 1329 UT on Dec 17
S=8 here in southern Germany.

But on 5905 kHz channel heard a VERY TERRIBLE CRI Russian sce bcasts,
HEAVY DISTORTED audio from the digital SATELLITE FEED receiver at the
relay station. S=9+10dB in Europe, at 1325 UT on Dec 17.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)

BHUTAN   6035.053  accurate frequency now. Yes, - 2nd time Thimpu heard
here 100 Hertz higher frequency than usual.

Poor signal into southern Germany, Just S=5 above threshold signal level
at 0232 UT on Dec 18. Male announcer voice.

Much late, nothing from Kunming Yunnan in southern China mainland sce
propagate co-channel 6035.0 kHz at this 0230 UT hour towards central
Europe anymore.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 18)

BRAZIL   6040.408  very ODD frequency of Brazilian RB2 from 0317 UT
on Dec 16 noted on tiny S=4 signal, poor performance here in Germany.

6010.029  Brazilian Radio ZYE521 Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte MG,
played a Brazilian singer on poor S=4 signal.

5035.017  Brazilian Radio Aparecida, tiny, hit heavily by adjacent program
of RHC Bauta on 5040 kHz, at 0331 UT on Dec 16.

4875.105  ZYG810  Radio Roraima, Boa Vista RR, tiny poor under threshold
level. 0340 UT on Dec 16.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

BULGARIA   Sofia Kostinbrod relay of BVBroadcasting, Dec 15
1700-1800 11600 SOF 100 kW 90 deg to WeAS Farsi

Relay ETC Radio, Dec 15
1801-1831 11600 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English

International Communications on shortwave and provided to you strong and
quality signal around the world.

Radio Biafra resumed it's shortwave broadcasts via Kostinbrod
2000-2300 11600 SOF 100 kW 270 deg to WeAF English eff. from Dec 14
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

BULGARIA   Radio Biafra testing on 11600 kHz. Radio Biafra heard back on
air this evening with live broadcast on 11600 kHz (thanks to Mike
Barraclough's post on PCJ Media F_B of report in newspaper The Biafra
Herald 14 Dec about their return to shortwave).

Audio on 11600 only heard here from around 2008 UT - continuous music
songs (including national song/anthem?) until 2053 UT when live male
announcer in English came on air from London (announced time "3 minutes
to 9 here in London"). Still speaking at 2110 UT including announcing UK
'phone numbers and mentioning testing shoortwave 11600 kHz.

Very weak here in Caversham. Stronger on Twente SDR receiver, on clear
channel with moderate fading with fair peaks. 11600 is // to stream on
website <>

[later]  Had faded out (or gone off) listening on Twente rx by 2135 UT
check, though continued online via website including a live 'phone-in
(some callers mentioned FM) and announcement at 2200 UT of protest at US,
UK and Nigerian embassies in Vienna at 10.30am 17 Dec.
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK Dec 15)

Re: Radio Biafra reported to have resumed shortwave broadcasts.
-00 frequencies smack of Bulgaria, but not necessarily. In fact, SPC has
reserved that time and frequency in HFCC, unlike anyone else:

11600 kHz 1700-2100 UT to ITU zones 30,40,41,42,31 SOF 100kW 90deg ant#618
daily 251015-270316  Eng BUL TOM SPC SpaceLine Ltd Sofia

But surely not on an eastward beam, and no longer Brother Scare. How about
it, Ivo; do you hear it on 23200?

The Biafra Herald reported that Radio Biafra resumed broadcasts today
(Dec 14) at 2000 UT on 11600 kHz.

The Biafra Herald: BREAKING NEWS. Radio Biafra is back on shortwave
at 11600 kHz. "Biafra cannot be defeated" many thought it's a mere word
but it is a reality.

(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 15)

BULGARIA   Re:  11600  Radio Biafra reported to have resumed shortwave

Kostinbrod is a 55-year-old installation. SpaceLine Ltd. often provides
any other organization the performance of shortwave broadcast test
releases, practically as a gift.

The investments of the FORMER  Bulgarian radio with possibility to reach
shortwave target in West Africa to send transmissions at

Stolnik site of 3 x 240 degrees curtains, all installation masts were
scrapped in August 2014.

The Broadcasting Center Plovdiv with 1 x 225 and 1 x 235 degr curtains was
scrapped after the month May in 2011.

At Kostinbrod, the following Curtain antennas are available
- all acc Google Earth  -
>if they are still technically usable intact<  -

1 x 170degr

6 x 195degr

I do not see any 270 degrees azimuth Curtain antenna in Kostinbrod.
This statement by Ivo concerning Azimuth 270 degrees - I do not see.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)

[BIAFRA non]   11600  on Dec 16 at 2053 UT, JBA carrier from R. Biafra.
Other reporters further east had been hearing drumming / music until this
time when they finally starting announcing in English. Ivo Ivanov confirms
the new site is Sofia Kostinbrod, Bulgaria, with a very strong signal for
him a few km away.

He thought SPC might be on a 270-degree antenna to WeAfrica, but that is
far from the true bearing toward Biafra, 205 degrees. wb looking at Google
Earth, says there is an antenna headed 195 degrees which would be a lot
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 17)

"Biafra cannot be defeated" many thought it's a mere word but it is a
reality. Recall that Nigerian government spent millions of dollars to stop
Radio Biafra from broadcasting but one thing about Biafrans is that, we
don't accept defeat; we love challenges because it makes us stronger.

Today we are back on shortwave after Nigerian government spent millions of
dollars tax payers money trying to stop Radio Biafra. All Biafrans and
friends of Biafra can now go to 11600 kHz at 25 meter band to cherish the
gospel of truth, Broadcasting time is 8pm London time, 9pm Biafra land
time. We are unstoppable because Chukwuka Okike Abiama is on our side.

Wole Soyinka to federal government of Nigeria "Biafra Cannot Be Defeated"

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(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

CHINA   5059.984  PBS XJBS Xinjiang Chinese sce from Urumqi, S=9+10dB,
commercial annmts at 0242 UT on Dec 18.

4979.988  PBS Xinjiang Uighur service, female announcer on S=9+5dB signal
at 0245 UT on Dec 18.

4850.000  even frequency PBS Xinjiang Kazakh service, guitar string /
flute music performer, at 0247 UT on Dec 18. Fair S=9+5dB signal into
southern Germany.

3949.977  PBS Xinjang Chinese language service from Urumqi site in western
China, poor S=7 signal at fade-out at 0252 UT on Dec 18.

3990.000  PBS Xinjang Uighur language service from Urumqi site in western
China, fair S=8 signal strength. Male voice presenter heard at 0255 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 18)

CHINA   1566-China (Yanbian Jammer) Information.

For those interested, here is some further information about the 1566-
Chinese Jammer from Chris Kadlec, who is currently in Seoul, SoKorea.

Gary DeBock: Hello Chris, The Chinese jammer on 1566 kHz (targeting HLAZ)
is located in Yanbian, according to Alan Davies and Mauno Ritola.

G.C. 42 47 30 N  129 29 18 E

This location is very close to Korea, and is the same as the 1206 kHz TX
location that CRI uses for its Korean language programs. The 1566-Jammer
was first heard here in Washington state mixing with HLAZ during an April
DXpedition to the ocean coast.

Chris Kadlec:
Ah, thanks! No surprise there. I know that they were using actual stations
to jam FEBC, but I wasn't so sure if they had a real jammer operating.
They clearly don't want the community hearing FEBC, though I've never
heard them jamming Korean programming, which seems like a more likely
threat. Then again, FEBC is kinda powerful on my end, and the jammer
likely isn't nearly as powerful.

Oh yes, this is certainly Yanbian! Much thanks for that information. Both
1206 and 1566 kHz have been off for the past 6 weeks or more since I
started my AM bandscan project. I noted both of them on in the past week
again, so the entire tower was clearly off the air for some time and now
back at the same time. Both stations are in the direction of Yanbian and

Here's a recording of 1566 kHz from 1 Dec 2015 at 0008 local time
(UT+9hrs). It's in the null of a weaker-than-normal FEBC, weaker because
it is directional to the west and airing Chinese, allowing Yanbian to slip
in from the other side. After they turned north at 1am, that jammer was
gone (65dBu FEBC makes sure of it), but I suspect the jammer signs off
with 1206 kHz at 0105 UT anyway.

(via Gary DeBock, IRCA via dxld Dec 2)

COLOMBIA/BRAZIL   6010.24v, Dec 14 at 0634 UT, presumed LV de tu
Conciencia carrier is wavering audibly as I listen on SSB.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 14)

On Dec 16 measured LV de tu Conciencia 6010.029 kHz poor signal - much
stronger on 5910.064 kHz Alcaravan Radio. also co-channel

6009.940 odd frequency Dec 16 at 0330 UT.
5 kW  ZYE521 Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte MG

5910.064  Poor S=6 signal, talk/sermon - two men phone-in program at 0325
UT on Dec 16, Colombian Alcaravan Radio, monitored in remote unit at KY-US
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

EGYPT   12070.052  Radio Cairo in Arabic, distorted audio quality,
at 0015 UT on Dec 12. S=9+15dB signal strength. And a chain of 50 Hertz
signals visible, each sideband 9 x 50 Hz apart distant signals visible.
Buzz / whistle bad audio mixture.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

FRANCE   Voice of Khaatumo, Codka Khaatumo, cancelled from Dec 11

1700-1730 17580 ISS 250 kW 120 deg to EaAF Somali Mon-Fri

Probably cancelled after the edition of Dec 1.
This is the last one they posted at  <>
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Dec 18)

GERMANY  [AUSTRIA/FRANCE/GERMANY]   Various press releases.
NDR Hamburg "Gruss an Bord" single day transmission 24 Dec on 1905-2300 UT
also via rented shortwave channels.

As in past years, German domestic broadcaster NDR will transmit its Xmas
greetings program for sailors, Gruss an Bord, on shortwave on 24 December.

Reception reports are welcomed at  <gruss-an-bord -at->

Empfang auf Weltmeeren und in fernen Haefen -
Gruss an Bord" auch ueber Kurzwelle.



NDR Info, NDR 90,3 und NDR Info Spezial werden die 62. Ausgabe von
"Gruss an Bord" am 24. Dezember 2015 von 1905 bis 2100 hrs UTC senden.

Nach der katholischen Christmette strahlen NDR Info und NDR Info Spezial
von 2215 hrs UTC bis 2300 hrs UTC weitere Gruesse aus, die bis zum
16 Dec 2015 per Post an:

Norddeutscher Rundfunk
NDR Info
Redaktion "Gruss an Bord"
Rothenbaumchaussee 132
20149 Hamburg, Germany.

oder E-Mail
<gruss-an-bord -at->
auf den Weg gebracht werden koennen.

Die Schiffsbesatzungen haben mehrere Moeglichkeiten, die Sendung
"Gruss an Bord" zu empfangen. Auch die Kurzwelle gehoert dazu.

Die Livestreams der Sendung (1905 bis 2100 hrs UTC und 2115 hrs bis
2300 hrs UTC) finden Sie hier: NDR Info, NDR 90,3 MHz und
NDR Info Spezial. NDR Info, NDR Info Spezial und NDR 90,3 MHz sind
ausserdem ueber UKW, DAB+ und DVB-S Radio zu empfangen.

Damit alle Besatzungen die Traditionssendung empfangen koennen, hat der
NDR Hoerfunk eigens fuer Heiligabend zusaetzlich Kurzwellen-Frequenzen

NDR "Gruss an Bord" via Shortwave, 19 to 21 hrs UT:
  kHz tx            kW   azi
 6185 MBR Nauen     125  250  Atlantic     - North  (alternate 6125 kHz)
11650 TDF Issoudun  250  195  Atlantic     - South
 9830 TDF Issoudun  250  156  Atlantic / Indian Ocean (South Africa)
 9885 MBR Nauen     125  130  Indian Ocean - West
 9810 ORS Moosbrunn 100  115  Indian Ocean - East

21 to 23 hrs UT.
  kHz tx            kW   azi
 6040 MBR Nauen     125  250  Atlantic     - North
 9655 TDF Issoudun  250  195  Atlantic     - South
 9830 TDF Issoudun  250  156  Atlantic / Indian Ocean (South Africa)
 9515 MBR Nauen     125  130  Indian Ocean - West
 9765 ORS Moosbrunn 100  115  Indian Ocean - East

nice target azimuth images at

(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX Dec 18)

GERMANY   QSL received from Missionswerk Friedensstimme for reception in
Russian, on 29 Aug 2015 at 1600-1629 UT on 13750 kHz frequency from MBR
Nauen, Germany. Report, send an e-mail to:
<redaktion -at->
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx"; RUSdx Dec 13)

GREECE   and Greek music, - what else -, Italian Canzione touch of the
50ties, at 0709 UT on Dec 19 on accurate 9420.002 kHz. S=9+15dB signal
here in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 19)

GUAM   [UNIDENTIFIED]  11590, on Dec 14 at 1421 UT, S=9+10dB in So Asian?
language, i.e. KTWR GUAM at 1345-1430 UT? HFCC says langs are VARiable and
EiBi leaves it blank. So to Aoki for that detail: NO, no 11590 kHz entries
at all!

More than a sesquimonth into the B-15 season, Aoki has still not put up an
easily accessible plain text version of the frequency schedule; via


one must choose either an xlsx version unfriendly to my computer, or a
condensed user list for Perseus which is zipped - but if you open that you
will find that the traditional full Aoki sked in text format is also ready
to be unzipped, from the current or very recent date.

BUT, consulting that, no 11590 kHz entries either!!
How about the Bulgarian B15 archive of schedules for TWR?

No 11590 there either, altho KTWR is included.
During this time period on weekdays it does have:

1345-1500 9910 TWR 100 kW 345 deg to EaAS Korean Mon-Fri

1400-1430 9975 TWR 200 kW 315 deg to EaAS Cantonese Mon-Fri

So maybe a replacement for one of those, but sure didn't sound like either
language to me; or not TWR at all on 11590 kHz now?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 14)

GUAM   re 11590 kHz KTWR Guam 250 kW 290 degrees to Zone 41,
1345-1430 UT hfcc request #16506 shows 'Var' language entry.
Likely Hindi program ?

Proper solid S=9+20dB signal in SDR remote unit in Doha Qatar.

Aoki didn't copied yet, this hfcc 13 Dec request entry, by KTWR Guam.

Others of TWR India:
15755 1300-1530 S=9+25dB powerful signal from Tashkent Uzbekistan site.
{not Grigoriopol Moldova ! }

12025 1245-1600 UT from Yerevan Gavar Armenia, S=9+5dB signal strength.

btw. discovered ARMENIA 1377 kHz entry, noted as CNR1 Chinese relay via
Gavar Armenia relay site at 13-15 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

INDIA   4970  AIR Shillong, at 2335 UT on Dec 3. NX in English by female
// to 6155 kHz. SIO: 222.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 3)

INDIA   AIR Panaji SW tx problem

The following schedule is noted via Bengaluru *ex Goa Panaji.
1315-1415 11560 Dari      (Afghanistan, Pakistan)
1415-1530 11560 Pushto    (Afghanistan, Pakistan)
1615-1730  7505 Hindi     (Middle East)
1730-1830  7505 Malayalam (Middle East).

Also via Bengaluru (ex Goa Panaji) 9810 kHz at 1215-1245 UT Telugu

Off air:  9810 1115-1215 Tamil            via Goa Panaji
Off air: 12025 1615-1830 Hindi, Malayalam via Goa Panaji

Due to problems with 250 kW transmitters of AIR Panaji, many of their
services are now transmitted via AIR Bengaluru (500 kW) etc. Hence Vividh
Bharathi Service at 1245-1710 UT on 9870 kHz is cancelled.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia Dec 3 / 4 /6)

INDIA/CHINA   11739.983  AIR Tamil language service, usual odd frequency
from AIR TX bcast center at Goa Panaji, S=7 signal in Doha Qatar remote
SDR unit. Hit heavily by even 11740 kHz CNR2 Lingshi China transmission.

AIR 2045-2230 English (Australia / NZ), 2300-2400 Hindi, 0000-0045 Tamil
(SE Asia), 0045-0115 Sinhala (Sri Lanka).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

INDIA   13640.007  AIR Bangalore in Gujarathi logged at 1545 UT on Dec 17,
female subcontinental singer, S=9+5dB sidelobe into Germany.

13605.007  AIR Bangalore in Swahili language to EaAF, at 1550 UT
on Dec 17, S=8 fair signal into southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)

INDIA   6145.020  AIR Urdu service from Aligarh bcast center site. mx sce,
subcontinental female singer in full performance at 0225 UT on Dec 18.
S=9+10dB signal propagate from greyline point in India into dark night
zone in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 18)

INDIA   [former Portuguese colonial GOA]
Story of "Voice of Freedom" from Goa.
The Underground Voice That Fought for Goa, Meet Unsung Libia Lobo.
By Rishika Baruah

During Goa's liberation movement, Lobo used to run an underground radio
service called "Voz de Liberdade" in Portuguese, 'Goenche Sadvonecho Awaz'
in Konkani and the "Voice of Freedom" in English. The broadcasts started
in 1955 from the jungles of Amboli bordering Goa.

Full story at:

(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia Dec 18)

INDONESIA   3904.97  Pro 1 RRI Merauke, at 1401 UT on Dec 15. News
headlines; 1403 UT ending with usual patriotic song "Bagimu Negeri";
local ID "Pro Satu RRI Merauke."

4749.95  RRI Makassar on the air again. Pro 4 RRI Makassar had been off
the air for about a week;at 1409 UT on Dec 15. Was not on the air earlier
today; heard the usual chatting on the phone and some EZL songs; local ID
and RRI jingle.

Very nice to have them back again! Light QRM from CNR1 & Bangladesh Betar.
Not reported yet by Atsunori Ishida-JPN.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer / dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

IRAN   675  IRIB Hamadan, at 1732 UT on Nov 7. NX by male and female and
ID as "Radio Iran". SIO: 322.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

ISRAEL   1080  Reshet Bet, at 1730 UT on Dec 11. Arabic MX, then time pips
and ID in Arabic by man as "Saft al Israil". Into news. At times over
Spain. SIO: 333.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   4819.854  Kyrgyz local domestic Birinchi Radio, Kazakh
R1 program from Bishkek at Krasnaya Rechka bcast center site heard with
same program on both 60 / 70 mb channels of 4010.033 {now 50 Hertz higher
than previously in 2015 year} kHz S=8 level, at morning fade-out /
greyline path propagation, and on // 4819.854 kHz same signal strength,
also from same Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka bcast center site.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 18)

LIBYA   1053  at 2013-2109 UT on Dec 4. Phone-in-show with children
singing and vivid DJ. At 2100 UT Birthday song in Arabic and English. At
2109 UT ID by man. At times stronger than Talk Sport and R. Yash-Iasi from
Romania. SIO: 333.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

LITHUANIA   2nd TRY of RMRC SW transmission now on 19 Dec 2015.

Hallo Freunde, die RMRC KW-Sendung zur EDXC Konferenz September 2015
in St. Petersburg wird im 2. Versuch ausgestrahlt:

via Sitkunai*, Lithuania
19 Dec 2015  11690 kHz, 0900-1000 UTC for Asia (Japan) in English
19 Dec 2015  11690 kHz, 1000-1100 UTC for Russia       in Russian

Fuer Empfangsberichte gibt es eine Sonder-QSL-Karte.
Empfangsberichte an / RR reports to:
<mail -at->

or per snail mail

Postbox 70 0849
60558 Frankfurt / Main

sent by
Michael Haun, Menorca-Spain.
RMRC Vorstand

( * Sitkunai-LTU transmission {probably} via brokery
ZRC Zilionis Radio TV Consulting, Gavar Lithuania, Mr. Sigitas Zilionis)

LITHUANIA   9455.000 kHz instead of once planned 11690 kHz.
DX Program in Russian language of RMRC via Sitkunai Lithuania,
at 1000-1100 UT  on Dec 19.

Heard this DX program in Russian since 1000 UT, mentioned BBC London
interval signal and Russian identification too, antenna discussion, Radio
Holygram etc. etc.

And from 1031 UT also mentioned German CEO Harald Gabler of RMRC
Frankfurt/Main Germany on 9455.000 kHz.

And talk about St.P. conference and media center excursion too at 1036 UT.

re 9455 kHz, here in Stuttgart Germany S=9+30dB signal, backlobe of
79degrees Far East Russia antenna in Sitkunai Lithuania.

Also at Tokyo and Osaka Japan S=4-5 -96dbm signal just above threshold,
like St. Helena level signal.

But on remote post in Moscow Russia powerhouse of S=9+45dB strength, twist
the needle.

ps. I guess they had difficulties to tune match the 25 meterband antenna
properly on - once planned - 11690 kHz at Sitkunai bcast center site?
So this 31mb outlet is an alternative...

At 1047 UT mentioned in an interview a British DX Club member
Alan Pennington? in GB&IRL, about a most modern 30 EURo shortwave
radio set ...

RMRC and Russian program addresses given at 1058-1059 UT.

The transmitter in Sitkunai cut OFF transmission at 11.00:38 UTC.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 19)

MADAGASCAR/VATICAN STATE   Re: Mystery on 13800 kHz? Dec 27
at 1530-1600 UT.

13800.015 kHz   ONLY a single radio program station on air on that
channel, heard often mentioned Sudan and Radio Dabanga, phone-in service
at 1532 UT from Talata-Volonondry Madagascar site. Proper propagation,
S=9+30dB into southern Germany. At 1600 UT Radio Dabanga in Arabic via
Vatican Radio SMG Santa Maria di Galeria on 13800.002 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)

MALAYSIA   11665  RTM Wai FM program via Kajang shortwave, S=8 signal into
Qatar remote SDR unit. Family radioplay bcast, many actors spoken
at 0035 UT on Dec 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

MEXICO/VATICAN STATE   6184.977  XEPPM Mexico City and 6185 kHz even
frequency noted on remote SDR units in KY/NJ/MI-US around 0305-0315 UT on
Dec 16. Bad interference QRM, terrible mixture on co-channel, when VR
interval signal heard, before VR Amharic started at 0310 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

MYANMAR   9730  Myanmar Radio, at 1111 UT on Dec 16. The Wednesday edition
of R. Australia's program "English for Business - Lesson 24 - Celebrating
Continues"; "There's the Opera House," "Thank you for this wonderful
dinner, Douglas," etc.; in Burmese & English; poor with SOH (Taiwan) QRM.
RA program only on Mon. & Wed.

contains full transcript>
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

NIGERIA   6090  Kaduna reactivated, - finally back on the air. Heard 18
Dec at 2130 UT with Hausa talk and music, gradually taking over from CNR.
Same low frequency as before. Ethiopia had a good period here when both
Nigeria and China were off. Ethiopia 6090 kHz now signing off at 2100 UT
on Dec 18 just like 6110 kHz.

Kaduna 6090 kHz signed off at 2259 UT. Now it remains to be seen if they
are back on a regular basis
(Olle Alm-SWE, dxld Dec 18)

Kaduna Jarji SW on 6090 kHz was not heard anymore, at least since end of
August 2015.  Heard at 0550 UT on Dec 19 on accurate 6089.859 kHz, S=9
signal, ID Radio Kaduna at 0559 UT followed by some drums. Hit heavily by
co-channel CBB Caribbean Beacon (University Network) from Anguilla on
6090.000 kHz.

And also Voice of Nigeria in French language service this Dec 19 morning
on 7254.922 kHz at 0703 UT.

Bulletin news.
VERY CLEAR AUDIO !!!! S=5-6 signal in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 19)

Log at same time 0555-0645 UT Dec 19 in 49mb:

5829.984 USA WTWW
5889.996 USA WWCR Overcomer BS program from South Carolina TOM.
5905.000usb mode  D   DWD Pinneberg, North Sea weather maritime report
                  at 0605 UT, S=9+10dB. Bandwith up to 5909.5 kHz
5910.070 CLM Alcaravan Radio, played Rumba music at 0610 UT, S=8-9
5939.907 BRA Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu SC, S=8 at 0613 UT.
5964.970 BRA ZYE858 Radio Transmundial, Santa Maria RS, poor S=5 signal
5982.623 ??? UNID 50 Hertz tone carrier, hit heavily the adjacent 5985
         ALB CRI Arabic from Cerrik relay site, S=9+25dB backlobe.

6009.946 BRA Brazilian Radio ZYE521 Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte MG,
and co-channel
6010.048 CLM LV de tu Conciencia, at 0618 UT, poor signals in Germany.

6040.411 BRA RB2, BrasPortuguese, Ave Maria prayer px at 0637 UT. S=6-7
6059.774 BRA SRDA, S=5, hit by RHC 6060 English sce at S=8 signal.
6069.995 CAN CFRX Toronto, talk by female and male at 0623 UT, fair S=6
6070.000 CVA Vatican Radio, Latin prayer at 0632 UT, S=9+50dB powerhouse
6119.984 BRA SRDA, S=5-6 at 0631 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 19)

QATAR   675  QBS Doha Qatar, at 2100 UT on Nov 28. Arabic NX and ID by
man. SIO: 333.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

Qatar Al-Arish, TransRadio Berlin MW 675 kHz unit, 2x300 kW,
of 15 March 2010

26 03 55.53 N  51 05 12.61 E

Qatar Al-Arish, Harris Tx MW 954 kHz unit, 1000 kW to 275degr.
former Marconi 1500 kW TX on MW 954 kHz, til 2006 year,
replaced by Harris 1000 kW unit and new 4-mast directional antenna.

26 03 45.23 N  51 04 59.76 E

RUSSIA   "Alpha" Navigation auf vier Frequenzen.

"Eben gestern berichtete mir ein MWLIST-Mitarbeiter von der Aktivierung
der 12.091 kHz, gleichzeitig sei 15.60 kHz RUS Alpha/RSDN-20 secondary
"inactive". Das wuerde ins Bild passen.

Als aktiv gelten die Stationen auf 11.90 kHz, 12.64 kHz und 14.88 kHz.

Auf 12.09 kHz ist eine Station auf der Kola-Halbinsel verzeichnet. Diese
wird bereits in einer Unterlage von 2001 als inaktiv gefuehrt.


Erstmals gestern Abend und dann wieder heute frueh habe ich dort aber ein
Signal empfangen. Weiss jemand mehr?

Ohne die exzellenten Visualisierungsmoeglichkeiten der neuen Persus
Software (V5 alpha) haette ich das Signal wohl nicht beachtet.
Vielleicht habe ich es schon laenger uebersehen.

Ja, die V5 {Nico's new Perseus Software}  ist ein Augenschmaus ... "
(Guenter Lorenz-DL3GLF (FMLIST),  A-DX Dec 15)

Die 15.60 kHz habe ich nie beobachtet. Ist der Standort der 12.09 kHz
noch die Halbinsel Kola? Gestern Abend war das Signal etwas schwaecher
als die anderen drei, heute frueh aber genau so stark.

Die Alphanavigation wurde immer als eine veraltete Technik betrachtet,
die man eigentlich im GPS-Zeitalter nicht mehr braucht. Erstaunlich,
dass jetzt wieder Stationen reaktiviert werden.
(Albert Kosnopfel-D  DL6SCN, A-DX Dec 15)

Die Station 11.09 kHz und die 12.64 kHz kommen gut in Hamburg an, die
14.88 kHz gerade ueber der Grasnarbe.
(Klaus-J.Gebhardt-D, A-DX Dec 15)

Murmansk, Krasnodar und die schwache Novosibirsk Station ?
Noted on these latest Perseus V5 superb software screen display.

Der Norweger hat mal vor einigen Jahren im web geschrieben:


RSDN-20 transmitter at Novosibirsk was (and still is) the master station,
Novosibirsk location  55 45 30.17 N  84 26 43.26 E

Die Alpha Station ist schoen zwischen den Baeumen versteckt, und gibt nur
bei den russischen Yandex Satellite Pictures die 7 x Masten locations




Ich habe mal mit Paint Shop die Lage der 7 Masten eingezeichnet.

RSDN-20 "Alpha" Navigation auf vier Frequenzen. In Google Earth / Maps
sind die oberen zwei Masten bei Murmansk Revda 'VEILED',
da bietet dagegen Flash Earth / ArcGis ein klares Bild.


RSDN-20 Murmansk Revda
68 02 12.53 N  34 40 44.47 E

oder auf der russischen YANDEX Satelliten Darstellung

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

RUSSIA   Radio Komintern 6990 kHz (located in the city of Rossosh in
the region or Voronezh, Russia) confirmed my report with an eQSL
showing a selection of oldtime radio equipment.
(Christer Brunstroem-SWE, SW Bulletin Dec 6 via dxld)

Voronezh region. Radio Voronez Russia z.Zt. richtig wintertypisch starkes
S=9+25dB Signal auf akkurat 6989.888 kHz. 14 UT Dec 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

A letter from the Comintern Radio:

"The radio station named. Comintern works Moscow time in summer from 18-00
to 21-00, and in the winter from 15-00 to 18-00. Basically broadcast first
two hours of news from "the local radio of Voronezh", as Lenin district
committee of the Communist Party of Voronezh calls his Internet radio
station, you can listen to it at this address:

< com_content & view article & id
110 & Itemid 44>

Then another hour sung patriotic songs that I already pick up directly.
Frankly, at the Lenin district committee of the Communist Party of the
city of Voronezh, I did not ask permission to rebroadcast they are even
Internet radio stations, I just never occurred that they may be against
it, quite the contrary. But if you think this is necessary, I will refer
to them with this issue.

In general, the radio it. Comintern it because the whole illegal, too,
Lenin at one time the newspaper "Iskra" issued illegally, this is our fate
communists, the authorities do not want to be criticized, thus raising the

Of all the reports about the reception that come to me probably more than
half of other countries. This is mainly European countries: Germany,
Austria, Poland, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, England, Denmark. But
also once they came from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India, South
Africa. The only thing not come from reports of reception is North and
South America.

Sincerely, Sergey, Rossosh Department of the Communist Party.

Address for reports: <050353 -at->
(Sergey, <>
via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6 /13;
forward Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx"; RUSdx Dec 13)

6990   Mezinarodne Radio (?), on Dec 2 1320 UT with lively Russian song
then with talks, Nes on 1335 UT weather in 1357 UT and ID on 1400 UT and
continued past 1400 UT + I can suppse which is the station but dont
remember the station name ... {Comintern Radio}
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

I got an electronic QSL from Radio Comintern for reception 05 Dec 2015,
1415-1430 UT at a frequency of 6990 kHz. The report sent e-mail:
<050353 -at->
(Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx"; RUSdx Dec 13)

SAUDI ARABIA   13710.074  BSKSA Riyadh HQ prayer at 1542 UT on Dec 17.
S=9+20dB here in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)

SAUDI ARABIA   {location tentativelly}   re: 'again very strong' -
11859.9985 kHz accurate frequency. At 1900 UT on Dec 11 check, on various
remote sites, Radio Sanaa 24 hrs service now.

S=7-8 signal only in Doha Qatar remote unit.

But NIL signal to tiny poor noisy threshold level, in Switzerland,
England, Finland, Sweden, Forli-Rimini, Sweden, Belgium, Moscow.

S=4 in Hiroshima JPN. S=7 in Spain.

To compare regular BSKSA Riyadh signals mostly much stronger on 9875 kHz
S=9+25dB and 11820 kHz S=9+20dB.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 11)

and some details from Tarek Zeidan in Egypt:

Radio Sana'a (a.k.a. Republic of Yemen Radio), is supportive of the Hadi -
the ousted leader of Yemen settled at Aden at present - (ARS supported)
forces {and Gulf Cooperation Council}

against the Houthi (IRN supported) rebels at Sanaa.

Now there are 2 Yemeni TV networks one supporting alHuethi group located
in Sanaa and the other one is supporting the elected President, who is
located in Aden the capital of Southern Yemen.

The Radio Sanaa online network - from Sanaa - is completely different than
the one on ARS 11860 kHz of course.

The "official" R. Sanaa, not on SW - but online only is completely
different, controlled by the Houthi revolutionaries really in Sanaa.
(Tarek Zeidan-EGY SU1TZ, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 11)

11860  on Dec 11 at 1440 UT, R. Sana'a, clandestine presumably via Jeddah,
SA'UDI ARABIA, is again very strong during this hour containing martial,
stir-em-up, music, draining my audience from the Kurdish music on 9400
kHz; after 1500 UT again mostly talk, Arabic discussion.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 11)

SAUDI ARABIA  {tentativelly}  11859.9985  accurate frequency, Radio Sanaa
signal via - likely - Saudi transmitter, like old 50 kW station at western
Saudi Jeddah site ? Arabic phone-in discussion at 0025 UT at S=6-7 signal
level, from Aden bcast house fed into Saudi Arabian shortwave transmitter.

Poor signals heard in European sidelobe areas, so seemingly a southerly
and westerly azimuth mainlobe target, like 220 degrees?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

11860 kHz, und online, TV, und eine App.

Wem der Kopf auch schwirrt, welcher Service nunmehr das 'richtige' Radio
Sanaa Yemen ist ... hier eine Mail von Tarek SU1TZ aus Cairo. (wb Dec 12)

Radio Sana'a (a.k.a. Republic of Yemen Radio), is supportive of the Hadi -
the ousted leader of Yemen settled at Aden at present - (ARS supported)
forces {and Gulf Cooperation Council program too}

against the Houthi (IRN supported) rebels at Sana'a.

Now there are 2 Yemeni TV networks one supporting alHuethi group located
in Sanaa and the other one is supporting the elected President who is
located in Aden the capital of Southern Yemen.

The Radio Sana'a online network - from Sanaa - is completely different
than the one on ARS 11860 kHz from Aden of course.

The "official" R. Sana'a, not on SW - but online only is completely
different, controlled by the Houthi revolutionaries[Iran supported]
really in Sana'a.

Re: 11860 listen to recording of 1353 UT, in Swiss ogg audio format.

Hello - The latest I got concerning this topic.

A new application is now available in google store with Radio Sana'a
matching what we hear on 11860 kHz, the interface is stating the
official Radio Sana'a transmission.

Here's a link for this app if you want to make sure you are tuning
to the right Sanaa Radio


Also between 10:00 and 18:00 UTC they are relaying the audio carrier of
Yemen TV the one supporting of course the legitimate president of Yemen
located currently at Aden.

11859.9985  accurate footprint.
(Tarek Zeidan_SU1TZ, direct and dxld Dec 12)

SOMALIA   Ein OM Jawahar aus Saudi Arabien berichtete ueber 'Jamming'
gestern gegen das somalische R. Hargeysa auf 7120 kHz so ab
1330 / 1400 UT.

Da bin ich vorsichtig mit einer Wertung, bei 6900 bis 7100 kHz treiben
sich auch oft OTHRadars aus Russland, Tuerkei, China oder Iran mit ganz
anderem Zweck herum.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

Greetings from Saudi Arabia !
I monitored Radio Herghesha from Somalia on 7125{?} kHz on 11 Dec from
1330 UT in English up to 1345 UT when Somali language started and from
exactly 1358 UT it was jammed with blasting jammers. I could observe the
jammers upto 1400 UT. A kind of moving and blasting noise jammers was
(Jawahar Shaikh, Jeddah-ARS, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

Re: Radio Herghesha, Somalia - observed jammed.

Many thanks for the news, dear Jawahar,
I'll check this Somalia - 7120 ! kHz - outlet, intensive day by day
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12; to Jawahar Shaikh Jeddah-ARS)

SOUTH AFRICA   6155  Scheduled 03-04 UT Mon-Fri only, Channel Africa from
Meyerton-AFS, politics magazine program at 0316 UT Dec 16, talk on Congo
President Joseph Kabila, about Congolese relations. S=8 signal in remote
KY-US rx unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

SWEDEN   former SW Horby site - Wikiwand photos.
Photos of Radio Sweden Horby site from Wikiwand:

(James Mills, SW TXsite Dec 15)

Nice to see some of my pictures from my visit in March 2011.

Here's the film from the Swedish Telecom board, made in 1985,
about Soelveborg MW.


A visit at Soelvesborg MW 5th March 2011>
Part 1:

Part 2:

Motala LW (1927-1961)
13:55 in the program

Motala LW (1961-1991)


But please tell me where I can upload my pictures from Hoerby and Motala.
(Christian Stoedberg-SWE, SW TXsite Dec 16)

SWEDEN   Hoerby and Soelvesborg album #89.

I've a uploaded some pictures to album #89 Hoerby and Soelvesborg. Some
pictures are dated late 1930's when the medium wave TX was inaugurated.
In 1952 the first short wave transmitters were bought and installed in
Hoerby. 20 years later two new Thomson- SW TX were installed and was in
use until 1993 when they became prohibited to use due to PCB in the
insulation. And from 1993 until 30th October 2010 3x ABB / Thales.

Regarding to the MW TX in Hoerby, it was so torn at the end so the
technicians prayed every morning for it would start... And that's a true
(Christian Stoedberg-SWEm SW TXsite Dec 18)

#89 SW/MW: Horby-Solvesborg Pictures.
I have found a folder with 124 pictures of the Horby and Solvesborg
transmitter sites that i have collected throughout the years.

As i don't have the time to sort them I hav put the in a combined album
with the name:

Also here is a link to my youtube account where i have posted a 30 about the sites  and chief engineer Hakan Widensted who died in
March 2011.

rshw xvid 001 <>

A documentary about Hakan Widenstedt chief engineer of the Horby and
Solvesborg transmitter sites of Radio Sweden

A documentary about Hakan Widenstedt chief engineer of the Horby and
Solvesborg transmittersites of Radio Sweden. Have fun.
(Jan Oosterveen-HOL, SW TXsites Dec 16)

TAJIKISTAN / CHINA Mainland   BBC Uzbek Dushanbe Yangi Yul 4790 kHz.
Moin, Moin nach Tha Mai.

Re China Mainland Jamming gegen BBC Uzbek 1300-1330 UT Dec 12 !?

Dushanbe MW 1251 kHz
Dushanbe    4790 kHz
Oman       13865 u. 17780 kHz
Thailand   15510 kHz.

Today Dec 12 I had no Chinese Opera jamming, but the BBC Uzbek program
Yangi Yul 4789.988 kHz and also on the // 15510 kHz Thailand Nakhon
Sawan relay site S=9+30dB, and the BBC Oman relays 13865 kHz S=9+40dB,
and weak on 17780 kHz also.

We had to talk with Mauno and Glenn in November about Chinese jamming
discussed programs against the BBC Uzbek, but later no longer persecuted.

The Jamming on 15510 kHz is also weaker than on 13865 and 17780 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

4790 kHz Jamming against BBC Uzbek via Dushanbe Yangi Yul
{4789.988 accurate} 1300-1330 UT on Dec 13.

Chinese security authority is much flexible, instead of China Opera mx
jamming, today Dec 13 came a WHITE NOISE interference on air, while
the transmission in 60 meterband.

I heard in Karelia-Finland in Mauno's 8014port SDR.
And in St.P. and Moscow Russia:

Usual 4790 kHz TJK was 13 to 17 minutes earlier to warm up ON AIR already.

After my Tune-In I heard at 12.59:08 UT to 12.59:37 UT the known
BBC / Babcock Control Room Cello / String Pause Music feed line filler
from Dushanbe Yangi Yul TJK, an S=9+10dB signal in Finland.

13.00:03 UT local Uzbek string instrument,
13.00:23 UT the station ID by a female voice.
Nothing heard of usual BBC Big Ben tower chime etc.

At 13.02:05 UT China put a strong NOISE jamming on air, BROADBAND WHITE
NOISE and metallic audio sound, as wideband around 8 kHz bandwidth.

The end of the BBC Uzbek broadcast was heard at 13.25:55 UT, a local
string instrument play, followed by the BBC / Babcock Control Room
pause music again, with cello / string instrument piece from 13.29:38 UT,
this last until 13.30:57 UT.

TX Dushanbe Yangi Yul transmitter carrier string switch connection
O F F  at 13.31:07 UT.

The CHINA Noise Jammer remained until 13.32:55 UT in the air.
The 8 kHz bandwidth noise signal disappeared from SDR screen.
{noise jammer noted on air til 1340 UT on Dec 15}

The other three BBC Uzbek broadcasts at 1300-1330 UT:
most 13865 kHz signal was disrupted, with a CNR word and 'Radio Play'
program, no music jamming observed on Dec 13.
S=9+30dB signal here in Europe.

But had the BBC Uzbek program on 15510 and 17780 kHz on top, little China
jamming here with us in Europe, but could be much worse and different in
the Uzbek / Uighur language target area in western China.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 13)

Re: UNID 4790 kHz


Hier die Frequenzangaben:

Taeglich 18 hrs LT Taschkenter Zeit UT+5hrs (13 UTC) 17650 // 4790
// 1251 kHz MW + Sat.
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX Dec 12)

re 17650 BBC Uzbek on website ?

Specifying 17650 kHz on the BBC website is not correct, but possibly part
of the VEIL behaviour or coming BBC frequency hopping aim to escape the
Chinese jamming.

In my estimation, Uzbek is not necessarily one of the
various 65 Chinese state national languages,
such as Tibetan and/or Uighur in western China location,
the latter are subject target of China Mainland radio broadcast jamming
for years.

Uzbek as Turkic group language, but is determined by Chinese security
authority with this Understood the background for jamming purpose.

If there would be no connection, otherwise the security authorities in
giant empire would not jam these short 30 minutes service.

ps. Tajik Radio1 Dushanbe Yangi Yul on 4765 kHz is on the same power
strength level at this time.

Re:  UNID 4790 kHz

Die Angabe 17650 kHz auf der BBC Webseite ist nicht korrekt, aber
moeglicherweise Teil der Verschleierung oder eine hinkuenftige Frequenz-
Hopping Zielsetzung, dem chinesischen Jamming zu entgehen.

Nach meiner Einschaetzung ist Uzbekisch nicht unbedingt eine der 65
chinesischen Staatssprachen wie Tibetisch und Uighurisch in Westchina,
letztere die schon seit Jahren Ziel des China Mainland Jammings sind.

Uzbekisch als Turksprache wird aber bestimmt von vielen Chinesen mit
diesem Hintergrund verstanden, sonst wuerden die Sicherheitsbehoerden im
Riesenreich nicht diesen kurzen 30 Minutendienst jammen.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 13)

A quick change of the rx antenna of Perseus SDR port-8014 unit in
Eastern Finland at 13.30:53 til x:54 UTC ?

Today Dec 15 noted at 13.28:40 UT, heard a 'BBC' mention S=9+5dB -72dBm

13.29:35 Babcock control room Cello / string pause music til 13.29:50 UT

13.29:58 Dushanbe TX off.

China mainland white noise jamming til 1340 UT:
"Only China digital hash jamming was present after 1330 UT and it was
switched off at usual time: 1340 UT Dec 15. Mauno"
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

UKRAINE   US secret services aid in 2016:

Ukraine plans to launch a new radio station for the military.


Alexei Makukhin, an advisor to the Ukraine's Defense Minister, said during
a press briefing that a new Ukrainian radio station for military personnel
will begin operating on March 1, 2016.

"It's no secret that our troops on the frontline often suffer from an
information vacuum," Makukhin said. "So we need a radio station. Seventy
percent of its content will be music; there will also be news broadcasts
and programs for the troops - where soldiers can say hello to their
friends and relatives, request songs and share stories live on air. There
will also be programs featuring interviews with experts and military

"The new radio station will be reportedly funded by Spirit of America, a
non-profit company which assists US military personnel deployed in Iraq,
Afghanistan and Africa.

The station will be headquartered in Kiev and will broadcast its content
on the FM band. Earlier this month the Ukrainian parliament approved the
creation of a new broadcasting company called Ukraine Tomorrow. According
to media reports, the new broadcaster will "provide foreign audiences with
unbiased reports about important events in Ukraine" and "provide
information support for Ukrainians abroad."

Read more:
(Jose M. Romero-ESP, hcdx Dec 18)

Sputnik ? Service - for Ukraine, - the non-profit company Spirit of
America ...

The US Yankee secret services coming in a strange naming of subsidized

A new radio service, who wants oppose Russian Vesti FM 1000 kilowatt
medium wave transmitter from Pridnestrovskiy radioteletsentr
Grigoriopol-Maiac? - owned by RTRN Russia.  wb.

U.A.E.   5940.092  IBRA Radio's Dari service program, via Babcock brokered
service Al Dhabbaya-UAE unit, at S=9+15dB signal here in southern Germany.
IBRA called Dari like "Sadaye Zindagi". Logged at 0235 UT on Dec 18.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 18)

U.K.  [Ascension/Cyprus/Malaysia/Singapore]
Re: Rampisham UK - 2015 images.

Just came accross this, the official last transmission of the old Skelton
transmitters (as opposed to the new RIZ Zagreb-Croatia type - last used on
3955 kHz:

BUT: "The remaining transmitter at the Skelton 'A' site (a B6122 Marconi
250kW) radiated 1 kHz tone for about a minute on 27th April 2013 when a
party was held to remember almost seventy years of broadcasting from
Skelton", says


Wasn't the model number actually BD272 and B6122 its immediate, very
similar successor, installed elsewhere, including RTE DWL Sines Portugal
until 2000?

By the way: What has become of the Skelton facilities? I have not read
anything about them anymore in the almost three years that have passed
since their closure...
(Kai Ludwig-D, SW TXsite Dec 13)

When Babcock announced the closure of Skelton it was stated that the SW
transmitters would be mothballed, which means its shut down but kept in
working order, which presumably is still the case.

There is also a VLF transmitter at Skelton - apparently the tallest
structure in the UK - which is presumably still in use.
(Dave Kenny-UK, SW TXsite Dec 13)

I can confirm that the SKA facilities are stripped out and removed with
the RIZ Croatia 250 kW sender being removed and installed in Kranji

The later Skelton-C facility of 1991 is indeed mothballed; all senders,
masts and antennas are present.

The active parts (valves and vacuum capacitors) of the six senders have
been removed and have been used at other Babcock sites. The senders could
be placed into service if required with new replacements of these
components. There would no doubt be a 12 week or so lead time before
operations could recommence.

The VLF continues from the SK site as does the Anthorn VLF and MSF 60 kHz
(Dave Porter  G4OYX, SW TXsite ng Dec 13)

Regarding the numbering of the MWT 250 kW senders it appears that the
Marconi designation was changed from the beginning of 1967.

All WOF Woofferton senders were BD272 as were most at Daventry, Ascension
and Rampisham, but Skelton A was updated with new 250's after Jan 1967 so
the designation was B6122.

Essentially, as far as we can ascertain, there was no difference in the
physical and electrical / electronic construction of the two types of

The B6123 was a 100 kW unit and the prototype was installed at WOF
Woofferton on test and then sent to Tebrau Malaysia in 1971 or 1972.

The next MWT sender was the B6124 (1979/80) and manufactured by the then
renamed Marconi Communication Systems Limited, MCSL and the first four for
UK service were installed at WOF Woofferton followed by Zyyi CYP.
(Dave Porter  G4OYX, SW TXsite ng Dec 14)

U.K. [presumed, UNIDENTIFIED]  12065, Dec 14 at 1415 UT, music not //
to 12085 kHz Australia, so keep listening and at 1416 UT, it's a BaBcoCk
test [from Woofferton, test audio snap spoken by Martin 2E1EKX] asking for
reports to

<transmissiontest -at->

and back to BaBcoCk theme in medley of many music forms, sitar, fado, etc.
This is S=9+10dB, while 12085 kHz is merely S9.

12065  RA normally has CCI from BBC Singapore collision at 1330-1430 &
1500-1600 UT et al. sites later, but what's the point of this additional
CCI? Nominal assumption is that these tests come from Woofferton-UK site,
perhaps merely for {technician personell} training, but BaBcoCk controls
lots of others.

Recheck at 1422 UT, it's off already, uncovering weak S7 RA // 12085 kHz,
which I couldn't even hear while BaBcoCk was on (nor BBC in Hindi - which
ought to be moving off 12065 kHz which ABC has claimed for itself 12 hours
a day, tough luck, BBC).
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 14)

U.K.   BBC introduces new automatic virtual voiceover translations.

James Montgomery, Digital Development Director, BBC News Category: BBCWS.

The BBC is piloting innovative new 'virtual voice-over' technology, which
could change the face and voice of its international broadcasting. The new
production tool will produce voice-overs and subtitles in multiple
different languages for short video news packages online, using automatic
translation and synthetic voice technology.

The Japanese version of the pilot is now available on
Watch a demonstration here (in English).

The tool, built by BBC News Labs, amalgamates existing technologies and
allows a single editor to generate multi-lingual voiceovers on top of an
existing video package and script. The script is translated automatically,
edited by a journalist, and converted into a computer-generated voiceover.
As the project develops automatic subtitles will be added.

The pilot will be available in Russian and Japanese. It will allow
audiences for those services access to many more video news packages,
while the BBC hones the technology. The initial pilot will run until April

James Montgomery, Digital Development Director for BBC News, says:

"I'm very excited about this trial. The BBC has some of the best original
journalism in the world, with correspondents around the globe. Technology
like this means we can bring more of our international journalism to more

"This pilot is the latest in a series of digital innovations from the
BBC's international news services. These include the international launch
of the latest BBC News App, the use of messaging apps to provide specific
or emergency news services, the F_B-only 'pop-up' service in Thai; and
innovative filming from the BBC 'hexacopter'.

(via Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)

USA [/rather Sao Tome]   6080, Dec 14 at 0636 UT, VOA International
Edition, with report from climate agreement in Paris; 0639 UT offers free
2016 VOA calendar with photos of America's #1 city, New York, by P-mail if
requested by E-mail to

<calendar -at->

VG at steady S=9+20dB, obviously Greenville site still substituting for
Sao Tome, but during this semihour only.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 14)

But nothing visible of Greenville usage in IBB RSM log reports of African
monitoring posts on Dec 14 - 15,
still mentioned Sao Tome 1530, 4960, 6080, 6180, 9550 kHz. (wb.)

USA   12104.985  WTWW Lebanon-TN-US, in African language Yoruba at 0010 UT
on Dec 12. S=5 noisy poor and tiny in Doha Qatar SDR remote unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

USA   On 22 mb: 13844.988  Slightly odd frequency WWCR Nashville, poor
signal of S=6 here in Germany, at 1538 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)

USA   9975  KVOH - Extended Schedule. Beginning this evening, KVOH is
extending it's weekday evening broadcasts by two hours, from 0400-0600 UT,
Tue-Sat, on 9975 kHz.

The program content will be 'Ranch Nights Live', a country music simulcast
with our sister station KWSV, "99.1 The Ranch". The show will be presented
live by Jeff Carol from our studios here in Simi Valley-CA, an hour
outside Los Angeles.

This is an experiment to see if there is any interest in hearing country
music on shortwave! If you tune in and like what you hear, please let Jeff
know where you're listening, either on the listener call-in line at 805-
888-0400 or by email to the normal <> address.
(Ray Robinson, Los Angeles-CA, dxld Dec 15)

USA  17775, KVOH - Rancho Simi, on Dec 3, at 1646 UT. Our local blowtorch
in Spanish with religious programming [to] CeAM, SoAM, S=9+5, hum on
audio. They used to have stronger signal here (only 22 miles away). I
don't know if this is do to a more directional antenna, reduced power or
my antenna. Web site looks like they are aimed towards Cuba which would
put me out of the preferred direction.
(George Herr-CA-US, NASWA Flashsheet via dxld Dec 9)

17775.00, Fri Dec 4 at 1517 UT, Xmas tune, but it's just a break during
'Frecuencia al Dia', via KVOH. However, there is also a big hum and
suptorted modulation, altho frequency is accurate. Wiggle that patchcord?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 9)

17774.984v  KVOH - Rancho Simi.
Checked this very modern religious POP MX program on Dec 16 around
1500-1545 UT, I did like the Spanish language voice very much
of "Estimados Oyentes... and tipped to ... 5 minutos en silencio - too".

Noted at best in remote unit at Detroit-MI, S=9+10dB, the others in
Kentucky and New Jersey had some S8+ level.
NOTHING of hum tone disturbtion could be observed this UTC afternoon.

The signal wandered few Hertz and settled at 1545 UT
on accurate 17774.987 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

USA   5109.702  WBCQ - talk by two men, phone-in program at 0328 UT on Dec
16. Noisy tiny signal in KY-US remote net unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

USA   21675  QSL-cards received from the Pan American Broadcasting for
reception in English language transmission Radio Africa Network 14 Nov
2015, 1400-1415 UT on frequency 21675 kHz. The card image of the
transmitter from which are transmission Radio Africa Network and the
inscription Transmitter #7 - Okeechobee-FL-USA. The report sent an e-mail
<info -at->  and  <radioafrica -at->

Also sent transmission schedule Radio Africa Network.
(Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx"; RUSdx Dec 13)

USA   Pete Sumrall, Son of Lester Sumrall, Dies of Heart Attack.
Pete Sumrall, son of the late Dr. Lester Sumrall, has passed away.
He died of a heart attack on Saturday. He was 62 years old.

Sumrall was president and CEO of LeSEA Broadcasting, a network that exists
to reach out to the lost across the world and offer families with an
alternative to secure television programming. Sumrall was also the host of
The Harvest Show.

After traveling as a missionary for several years, Sumrall became a full-
time employee with LeSEA Broadcasting in 1973, according to the company's
website. In 1982, Sumrall was promoted to general manager of the network,
which at the time consisted of two television stations and one FM radio
station. In 1996, he was installed as president of LeSEA when his father
and the founder of the company passed away. He assumed full leadership of
LeSEA Ministries and LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry in 2005.

(Charisma News, Dec 7, via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng)

Pete Sumrall, Son of Lester Sumrall, Dies of Heart Attack
from National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters F_B group.

Pete Sumrall of former NASB member WHRI Passes Away.
We lost a pioneer in shortwave broadcasting this weekend.

Pete Sumrall was a giant in Christian TV and radio and took his mission
even further than his father, who passed in 1996.

Doug Garlinger talked Pete into building WHRI and the rest is history.

Heather and I worked for Pete as consultants from 1996-1998. I was with
him when he purchased the Christian Science Monitor SW radio station in
Bangor Maine.

You may also know that Pete purchased the Voice of Hope - Asia station in
Palau. High Adventure had sold it some years before to a Christian Chinese
group who sold it to World Harvest. He was really excited about it and I
understand he loved to go to Palau often. Here is the most important thing
I know about Pete Sumrall... He loved God, was dedicated to using
shortwave radio and television to proclaim God's word! He was tightly
focused on that and he was faithful!

He will be missed
Rev. John D. Tayloe,
Voice of Hope - Americas (KVOH Los Angeles)
Voice of Hope - Africa   (Lusaka, Africa)
99.1 FM The Ranch -      KWSV Simi Valley
543 Country Club Drive
Simi Valley, CA 93065, USA
Tel: 805-338-0075  Fax: 805-669-3213
(KVOH / NASB / WHRI, via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng, Dec 7)

Marie Lamb wrote on the CUMBRE DX F_B group.

Our sympathies to the Sumrall family. WHRI, as you may recall, was the
home for "DXing with Cumbre" from 1996 until the program ended in 2014.
(Cumbre DX via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng, Dec 8)

UZBEKISTAN   6260, Bible Voice Broadcasting via Tashkent-UZB, at *1400-
1430* UT on Friday Dec 11. On the air only on Friday; program "Time of
Reason" with Don Curtis preaching in English; ends with religious song;
address given -

P.O.Box 95561
Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 8J8  Canada

start of intro for another BVB program, but suddenly cut off; poor.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 11)


MW List EMWG of Herman Boel in Belgium.

Seit gestern Dec 12 auf der Webseite des ausgezeichneten European
Mediumwave Guide zu lesen:

I have decided to no longer maintain the EMWG. There is not a single
reason that led to this decision, it is a combination of factors which I
won't go into (if you really do want to know, then mail me privately).

For now I will leave the latest version of the list online. I may decide
to make the source file (Excel) publicly available or I may end up taking
everything offline. No decision there yet.


Danke Herman fuer deine jahrelange Arbeit. Der EMWG war und ist fuer mich
eine unverzichtbare Quelle beim Mittelwellenempfang. Besonders die
Moeglichkeit hier fuer 5 Euro ein personalisiertes PDF zu erhalten welches
ausgedruckt und gebunden eine perfekte Arbeisthilfe beim MW Empfang ist!

73 Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM  A-DX Dec 13
<>  <>


Five new Klingenfuss products for 2016:

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Dear friends,
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(via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)


ISWBG Press Release 2015-2016 for the winter edition of International
Shortwave Broadcast Winter 2015-2016.

The new edition went on sale at Amazon on December 11.

New Winter 2015-2016 International Shortwave Broadcast Guide Now Available

What is shortwave radio and why should you listen to it?

Shortwave listening, or SWLing, is the hobby of listening to shortwave
radio broadcasts transmitting on frequencies between 1700 kHz and 30 MHz.

These transmissions can propagate thousands of miles and can reach
audiences worldwide. For instance, if you live in the United States you
can easily hear shortwave broadcast stations from countries like
Australia, Canada, China, Cuba, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Iran,
Japan, New Zealand, North/South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Turkey,
United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, and many other counties if you
have a good shortwave radio receiver, and you know when and where to

Quite simply shortwave radio provides the listener with a window to the
world that no other communications medium can provide. The listener will
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Throughout the world, shortwave radio remains the most readily available
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about the lives and concerns of people from all walks of life in over 300
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instantaneous coverage of news and events from around the world.

There are even transmissions from the dark side of shortwave radio from
broadcasters known as clandestine or clanny stations. Clandestine
broadcasters are deceptive and they usually exist to bring about political
changes or actions to a particular target country. Programming is
essentially propaganda, and may largely be half-truths or sometimes
outright lies.

If you want to get into the action then the International Shortwave
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The Winter 2015-2016 International Shortwave Broadcast Guide,
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It is a 24-hour station / frequency guide to "all" the known stations
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New In this edition, there is a feature on listening to Asia's broadcast
giant - China, updated information on the state of tropical band
broadcasting, and a special feature on Who's Who in the shortwave radio
spectrum outside the regular broadcast bands. Frequency and station
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The International Shortwave Broadcast Guide (Winter 2015-2016 edition) is
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If you enjoy listening or monitoring HF shortwave stations, and you miss
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Frequency updates between editions will be posted on her Shortwave Central
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QSLing the World Kindle Book  <>

Shortwave Central Blog        <>

Twitter: <@QSLRptMT>

Teak Publishing Company
P.O. Box 297
Brasstown NC 28902, USA
10 Dec 2015


Latin American DX Survey 2015.

(As seen in Australian DX News (ARDXC), December 2015).
Available for Free Download.

Rob Wagner has compiled the 2015 survey of Latin American broadcasters.

This list represents those stations that were monitored at his QTH at
Mount Evelyn, VIC. It is not intended as a complete list of all stations
operating in South America. The survey covers many domestic South American
stations as well as two international broadcasters between March and
September this year.

Also featured in this year's survey is an article he wrote for the August
issue of The Spectrum Monitor magazine entitled "Radio Verdad - Small
Signal, Big Heart", which focuses on this very unique Guatemalan

This free survey is a 16-page PDF document, approx. 11 mb download.
For more details, go to

(Jerry Berg-USA in DXplorer)
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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