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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

Seasons Greetings to all readers on WWDXC BC-DX TopNews.

Have a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2016.

All best wishes and THANKS for your contributions in past year.

Lots of Good DX and SWL in the year 2016.

vy73 de Wolfgang


AFRICA  [UNIDENTIFIED - rather NIGERIA]  6090 on Dec 24, while checking on
Anguilla (Caribbean Beacon, University Network), found a station
underneath with repetitive African type singing/music; random checking
0450-0522. Possibly reactivated R. Nigeria Kaduna? QRM too strong to tell
exact language or to tune sharp audio.

Appreciate any comments or observations!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 25)

Thanks to Olle Alm-SWE. who recognized Kaduna again on Dec 18,
after long break off time since mid August 2015. wb.

ANGOLA   4949.75  R. Nacional de Angola, at 0302-0408 UT on Dec 22. Again
with above threshold level audio; able to make out several IDs. For me,
any reception I have that I am able to dig out clear IDs is good
reception! They played one Xmas song!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 22)

ARMENIA   12015  Trans World Radio - Gavar, at 1427-1502 UT on Dec 14,
closed program with instrumental music followed by opening of listed Sinha
language service. Long religious talk after opening musical selection.
ID at 1458 UT followed by IS at 1459 UT and a change of language.
Generally poor reception.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Dec 20)

ASCENSION ISL/PALAU/TAIWAN/U.K.   BaBcoCk brokery changes from Dec 15

BBC via Woofferton, instead of Ascension
0530-0600  6135 WOF 250 kW 140 deg to WeAF Hausa,  exASC
0600-0630  9870 WOF 250 kW 170 deg to CeAF French, exASC
0630-0700  9440 WOF 250 kW 152 deg to WeAF Hausa,  exASC
0700-0730  9440 WOF 250 kW 180 deg to WeAF French, exASC
1800-1830 15400 WOF 250 kW 182 deg to WeAF English,exASC
1830-1930 15400 ASC 125 kW 027 deg to WeAF English,ex18-20 UT
1930-2000 15400 WOF 250 kW 182 deg to WeAF English,exASC

HCJB, Radio Akhbar Mufriha
2145-2215  9530 ASC 250 kW 027 deg to WeAF Hassinya Th-Sa/Mo/Tu
2145-2215  9530 DHA 250 kW 275 deg to WeAF Hassinya Sun, exASC

Test broadcasts of Furusato no Kaze via Tamshui and T8WH Angel 5
from Dec 12
0500-0730 15635 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NoEaAS Jap Sat via Tamshui, TWN
1000-1230  9960 HBN 100 kW 345 deg to NoEaAS Jap Sat via T8WH Angel 5
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

AUSTRALIA   2325  ABC Tennant Creek NT, after being off the air for about
a week, they returned today (Dec 23); noted at 1338 UT talking about the
new "Star Wars" movie; // 4835 kHz, ABC Alice Springs NT and // 2485 kHz,
ABC Katherine NT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23)

AUSTRALIA   Updated 2325 kHz, 2485 kHz, and 2368 kHz.

Over the last week, 2325 kHz ABC Tennent Creek, NT and 2485 kHz ABC
Katherine, NT have both been off air with different technical problems.
New parts have arrived, been installed, and both transmitters were back on
air last night when I checked at 1020 UT.

However, the private station 2368 kHz R. Symban, Sydney NSW has not been
heard since about July or August, and still remains off-air ... perhaps
for good? Who knows! - Cheers all, Rob Wagner VK3BVW
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW via HFU HF Underground, hcdx Dec 25)

AUSTRIA   Frequency change of Adventist World Radio
via ORS Moosbrunn relay
0330-0400 NF9860 MOS 300 kW 100 deg to WeAS Farsi, ex6145
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

BAHRAIN   Surprisingly strong signal of Radio Bahrain Dec 23

1445-1515  9745 ABH 010 kW non-dir to NE/ME Arabic in CUSB due to
NHK World  9750 YAM 300 kW 290 deg to EaAS  Japanese is off today
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23)

BANGLADESH   4750  Bangladesh Betar (Home Service), at 1427-1435 UT
on Dec 23. Fairly good signal; almost no QRM; subcontinent music,
theme music and news in Bangla; certainly above average reception.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23)

BHUTAN   6035.055  (thanks to Jim Young-CA-US for measurement), at 0049 UT
on Dec 22. Just missed sign on; at 0051-0101 UT non-stop indigenous
chanting/singing. Am very pleased to finally catch their sign on format.

Thanks very much to Jim for his helpful assistance in monitoring BBS,
one of my favorite stations!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 22)

BHUTAN   6035.05  BBS, at *0057 on Dec 24 at *0057-0100 UT: no intro -
straight into indigenous chanting. 0100-0111 UT: monologue (news?).
0111-0119 UT: items with brief indigenous instrumental music between
items. 0119-0126 UT: indigenous chanting/singing.

My local sunset at 0056 UT, while Bhutan sunrise was at 0048 UT.
Close to a perfect match up for grayline reception
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 25)

BOLIVIA   6134.76  R. Santa Cruz, at 0118 UT on Dec 22 doing fairly well;
many mentions of "Radio Santa Cruz Internet"; certainly better than normal
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 22)

BRAZIL   4864.64  at 2335-2345 UT on Dec 22, R Alvorada, Londrina, PR
(tentative) Portuguese ann, orchestra music and hymns 14211 CWQRM.

[...]  4885.03 0 at 735-0745 UT fading out on Dec 25, R Clube do Para,
Belem, PA (presumed) Portuguese ann, Brazilian music 15221.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Dec 22 / 25)

BULGARIA   SPL Kostinbrod relay of IRRS Shortwave Radio City, Dec 18
1900-2000  7290 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR in German Fri only

SPL Sofia Kostinbrod relay of IRRS Shortwave Radio Warra Wangeelaa-ti
1500-1530 15515 SOF 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Oromo Sat Dec 19

SPL Sofia Kostinbrod relay of IRRS Shortwave Radio Santec on Dec 20
1500-1530 15190 SCB 050 kW 090 deg to SoAS English/German Sun only

SPL Sofia Kostinbrod relay of IRRS Shortwave
European Music Radio & UNRadio, Dec 19
1900-1945   7290 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English Sat EMusicR
1945-2000   7290 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English Sat UN Radio

Dimtse Radio Erena new or wrong frequency Dec 23
1700-1730 NF11850 SOF 50 kW 195 deg to EaAF Oromo,  ex11855
1730-1800 NF11850 SOF 50 kW 195 deg to EaAF Arabic, ex11855

Radio Biafra resumed it's shortwave broadcasts via SPL Sofia Kostinbrod
2000-2300 11600 SOF 100 kW 195 deg to WeAF English eff. from Dec 14

SPL relay test broadcast of Radio Biafra via Sofia Kostinbrod on Dec 19
2000-2143 11600 SCB 100 kW 195 deg to WeAF English, live broadcast
2143-2233 11600 SCB 100 kW 195 deg to WeAF open carrier / dead air.

Also open carrier 2110-2115 UT, frequency announcement 2116 UT,
and off air at 2233 UT.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21 / 23)

CHINA   3900.00  Hulun Buir PBS, Hailar in northernmost China,
at 2330-2340 UT on Dec 18, Chinese talk by woman and man, 35233.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Dec 23)

CUBA   Sunday Dec 13 at 1436 UT, it's time for 'En Contacto' but several
RHC frequencies are open carrier/dead air, some hum: 17730, 17580, 15370,
11760, 9710 kHz; others are OK altho weaker: 9820, 9710, 9640, 9550 kHz.

By 1448 UT when about over with Arnie segment, now he's modulating under
the hum on 15370, 17580, 17730 kHz.

The outages do not correlate exactly with the alleged sites as from Ivo in
dlxd: 17750 & 9550 kHz Quivican;
17730, 17580, 15370, 11760, 9710 kHz Bauta; 9820 & 9640 kHz Bejucal.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 16)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA   5005.3  Radio Nacional - Bata, at 0511-0540 UT on
Dec 15, carrier just seemed to pop-up out of thin air causing a het since
station opened up slightly above listed 5005 kHz. Started up with male
African highlife vocals. A man announcer with fast Spanish talk was noted
after two musical selection. Female vocals at 0519 UT and pretty much
continuous music programming. Poor with some noise and fading to contend
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Dec 20)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA   5005  RNGE / Radio Bata. Recently have been checking
here 0445-0515 UT with no success. Perhaps the problem was I was tuning
away too soon?

On Dec 23 again with 0445-0520 UT no signal; next check at 0530 UT had
definite signal with African pop song; today's program consisted of
repeating the following format: 2-3 minutes of Spanish followed with an
African pop song (very nice music!); IDs for "Radio Nacional (de Guinea

"Radio Nacional" and "Radio Bata"; mostly poor; found overall conditions
to be very poor.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23)

FRANCE/GERMANY   Media Broadcast changes

Bible Voice Broadcasting, cancelled from Dec 5
1515-1545   13630 NAU 100 kW 095 deg to SoAS English Sat

Voice of Khaatumo, Codka Khaatumo, cancelled from Dec 11
1700-1730   17580 ISS 250 kW 120 deg to EaAF Somali Mon-Fri

Voice of Oromo Liberation, frequency change from Dec 13
1700-1730 NF11810 NAU 100 kW 145 deg to EaAF Oromo   Wed, ex 17630
1730-1800 NF11810 NAU 100 kW 145 deg to EaAF Amharic Wed, ex 17630
1700-1800 NF11810 NAU 100 kW 145 deg to EaAF Amharic Sun, ex 17630
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

GERMANY   Voice of Oromo Liberation via Media Broadcast Dec 23

1700-1730 11810 NAU 100 kW 145 deg to EaAF Oromo Wed off at 1710 UT
1730-1800 11810 NAU 100 kW 145 deg to EaAF Amharic Wed, no signal!
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23)

GERMANY/KUWAIT   5990  US Radio Svoboda Russian service from tent. either
BIB/LAM sites in Germany, not requested/registered yet, heard with ID
at 0700 UT on Dec 21.

Maybe another RL Svoboda outlet to serve Kaliningrad Oblast, Belarus,
Moldova target and Russian nationals living still in Ukraine ?

Lampertheim 6 MHz outlets at 55degr, Biblis outlets at 88degr.

But could be an technician special outlet to measure the proper curtain
antenna matching ?

S=9+15dB signal, but heard also in Madrid Spain and Calabria Italy remote

// heavy powerhouses measured monitoring in remote SDR Moscow Russia unit
 9635 LAM S=9+50dB
12025 BIB S=9+55dB
17530 KWT S=9+30dB
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)


US RFE/RL Radio Svoboda in Russian:

1386 kHz at 0000-0300, 1800-1900, and 2100-2400 UT via RBWI Sitkunai

0400-0500  7435LAM  9635LAM 17770UDO
0500-0700  7435LAM 17530KWT 17770UDO
0700-0800  9635LAM 12025BIB 17530KWT
0900-1000 12025BIB 17770UDO
1000-1100 12025BIB 17530LAM
1300-1400  9610TIN 15130LAM
1400-1500 11890PHT 15130LAM
1500-1600 11890LAM 11985BIB 15130LAM
1600-1700  9790LAM 11890LAM 11985BIB
1700-1800  9790LAM  9840LAM 11985BIB
1800-1900  7305BIB  9790LAM  9840LAM
1900-2000  7305UDO  7485BIB  9840LAM
2000-2100  5885UDO  5925LAM  7485BIB
2100-2200  5925LAM  7485KWT
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

Unscheduled & unregistered frequency of R. Liberty in Russian on Dec 21

0700-0800 5990 unknown TX site EaEUR //  9635LAM, 12025BIB, 17530KWT
0800-0900 5990 unknown TX site EaEUR no // frequencies on SW
0900-1000 5990 unknown TX site EaEUR // 12025BIB, 17770UDO
1000-1100 5990 unknown TX site EaEUR // 12025BIB, 17530LAM
1100-1300 5990*unknown TX site EaEUR no // frequencies on SW
1300-1400 5990*unknown TX site EaEUR //  9610TIN, 15130LAM
1400-1500 5990*unknown TX site EaEUR // 11890PHT, 15130LAM
*co-ch CRI Mongolian/Russian/Mongolian.
No signal of Radio Svoboda/Liberty on 5990 kHz at 1430 UT.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

and probably also via RUSSIA - Vsemyrniya Radioset (WRN brokered service),
Kurkino (5kW) - 24 hrs. RL/Radio Svoboda in Russian at 03-05, 07-10,
14-18, and 19-21 UT.
(EMWG - by Herman Boel-BEL; <> )

[RUSSIA]  MW Moscow Kurkino site 738 kHz 5 kW
location  at  55 52 54.46 N  37 23 55.65 E



Close to Abandoned Flight Control Antenna center Moscow Kurkino at
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

GERMANY   NDR "Gruss an Bord" via Shortwave, 19 to 21 hrs UT:
  kHz tx            kW   azi
 6185 MBR Nauen     125  250  Atlantic     - North  (alternate 6125 kHz)
11650 TDF Issoudun  250  195  Atlantic     - South
 9830 TDF Issoudun  250  156  Atlantic / Indian Ocean (South Africa)
 9885 MBR Nauen     125  130  Indian Ocean - West
 9810 ORS Moosbrunn 100  115  Indian Ocean - East

21 to 23 hrs UT.
  kHz tx            kW   azi
 6040 MBR Nauen     125  250  Atlantic     - North
 9655 TDF Issoudun  250  195  Atlantic     - South
 9830 TDF Issoudun  250  156  Atlantic / Indian Ocean (South Africa)
 9515 MBR Nauen     125  130  Indian Ocean - West
 9765 ORS Moosbrunn 100  115  Indian Ocean - East

QSL via
Norddeutscher Rundfunk
NDR Info
Redaktion "Gruss an Bord"
Rothenbaumchaussee 132
20149 Hamburg

or E-Mail
<gruss-an-bord -at->
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 25)

NDR Hamburg "Greeting on board", various videos at

(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 24)

NDR Hamburg special - re 11650 kHz TDF Issoudun signal missing,

not so on excellent video snap by Ivo in Sofia Bulgaria,

listen to 2nd tube recording at 00.44 m/s, you will heard a poor signal on
11650 kHz channel too.

Thanks Ivo.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 25)

re:  maps

Greetings from Stuttgart to Felix DL5XL and his colleagues on ANTARCTIC
research station downunder.

Bad condition in US east coast in 31 mb tonight,

only REE Madrid 9690 kHz is on S=8-9 -74dBm signal level the
'lonely knight on the meterband'.

Short checks of NDR Hamburg special christmas transmission
on remote units in Qatar and Greece show at 1930 UT on Dec 24:
{farthest reception points on remote net}

9810 S=8 -81dBm
9885 S=7 -86dBm Freddy, Austrian Seamen at 1935 UT
9515 S=8 -81dBm
9765 S=9 -72dBm

6040 S=9 -73dBm
9515 S=6 -88dBm
9655 S=7 -83dBm
9765 S=9+10dB -63dBm
9830 S=9+10dB -63dBm

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 25)

GERMANY   6040  Norddeutscher Rundfunk "Gruss an Bord" relay (MBR Nauen).
At 2132-2400* not UT on Dec 24, 2015. Just beginning to fade in, good
level by 2210 UT. German church services and choir, ID, contact
information, phone number etc. at 2214 UT. After 2300[not in UT], news and
announcements-type magazine format with brief music interludes through
conclusion of the annual Christmas/eve broadcast. 9675[sic 9765?] audible
at 2334[not in UT] check, clear but poor. Unidentified ChiCom alone on
channel once NDR closed.
{the times given above were in CET / UTC +1 hr}.

9885  Norddeutscher Rundfunk "Gruss an Bord" relay (MBR Nauen). At 2046 UT
on December 24, 2015. Very weak with German church services and choir.
Carrier on 6185 kHz, but no audio and that could have been someone else.
(Terry L Krueger-FL-USA, dxld Dec 24)

[AUSTRIA/FRANCE/GERMANY]   6185.00  at *1900-1920 UT on Dec 24, NDR
Hamburg 90.3 FM relayed by MBR Nauen German news and weather, 1904 UT
"NDR Info 90.3" with "Gruesse an Bord" to 83 German ships in the
Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Song and audience clapping, interview about
hospital treating sick seamen, song, "3 netten Damen" sending greetings
to family members at sea, Merry Christmas song 45333

// ORS Moosbrunn-AUT 9810 kHz (55444), TDF Issoudun-F 9830 (45344),
MBR Nauen-D 9885 (15121) and TDF Issoudun-F (55444).
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Dec 25)

GUAM   Additional transmissions of KTWR Guam, Dec 15
1345-1430 11590 TWR 100 kW 290 deg to SoAS Dogri/unknown lang/Hindi
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

INDIA   4760  AIR Port Blair with very usable signal on Dec 18 from SDR
remote unit at DL0AO site at DARC Amberg-Germany using NoEa Beverage -
tuned at 0014 UT with readable signal for about 30 min before gray line
passage killed the signal. Some ocnl ute, CWQRM and hvy co-ch QRM from
Tajikistan on 4765 kHz.

Also hrd later on Dec 18 from 2345 UT tune with open carrier to 2353 UT
then IS to 2354 UT. Lost signal due to server timeout and wrong antenna
selected until 2357 UT at which time usual stringed/flute Hindi music
after sign-on hrd to 0000 UT. Woman ancr to 0001 UT then into local music
w/ periodic woman ancr to 0025 UT. Woman ancr fol by man ancr to tune out
at 0027 UT. Signal to this QTH seems to peak around 0015-0020 UT.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Dec 23)

INDIA   [former SIKKIM state]  4835  AIR Gangtok from 0104.5 UT tune in
SDR remote Perseus unit at DL0AO site at DARC Amberg-Germany site. Sign on
inst music fol by man ancr and local music (inst and male singer) to
0120 UT. Man ancr to 0125 UT then another man ancr to 0129.5 UT. Back to
earlier man ancr at 0130 to tune out at 0134 UT. Decent signal using NoEa
beverage antenna which drops right across Indian subcontinent, SINPO 33433
with co-ch QRM from 4840 kHz.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Dec 23)

INDIA   Status of AIR DRM transmitter installations by Nautel company.

75% of Installations Now on Air !

To date the following units are on air:

NX300 systems at Jammu, Jalandhar, Lucknow, Rajkot and Dibrugarh.

NX200 systems at Bengaluru, Jabalpur, Chennai, Ajmer, Dharwad,
Siliguri and Delhi.

NX100 systems at Panaji, Pune, Vijayawada, Tiruchirappalli, Kolkata A,
Patna, Varanasi and Mumbai A & B.

The first transmitter, an NX200, shipped on August 27, 2013. This
flagship installation in Delhi went on air (819 kHz) on May 30, 2014.

Installations about to begin:

NX300 system  at Suratgarh
NX200 systems at Ahmedabad

All Shipments Were Completed in Under a Year

August, 2013: NX200 shipped to Delhi.

August, 2013: three NX300?s shipped to Jammu, Jalandhar, and Lucknow.

December, 2013: four NX100?s shipped to Vijayawada, Tiruchirappalli,
Patna, and Varanasi.

January, 2014: four NX200?s shipped to Chennai, Bengaluru, Dharwad and

March, 2014: four NX100?s shipped to Mumbai A, Mumbai B, Panaji and Pune.

April, 2014: three NX300?s shipped to Dibrugarh, Rajkot and Suratgarh.

June, 2014: five NX200?s shipped to Kolkata A, Ahmedabad, Jabalpur,
Siliguri and Itanagar.

July, 2014: three NX100?s shipped to Kolkata B, Ranchi and Pasighat.
Source: Nautel Canada.
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia Dec 25)

INDONESIA   3904.98  Pro 1 RRI Merauke, 1300, Dec 21. Time pips; general
news followed by economic news; 1323 UT ending news with usual patriotic
song "Bagimu Negeri"; followed by local ID "Pro Satu RRI Merauke";
recently almost fair, but ham QRM.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

3904.98  Pro 1 RRI Merauke on Dec 23 coming in well above the norm, but
audio is rather mushy (slightly distorted?); anomaly today with no news at
1300 & 1400 UT; mostly EZL songs (some in English - Elton John "Can You
Feel the Love Tonight," etc.); 1459 UT "Pulau Ambon" (Island of Ambon) /
"Love Ambon" and ID till 1501* UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23)

3904.93v  Pro 1 RRI Merauke on Dec 25 found on a lower frequency than
recently heard; Xmas songs; off with "Pulau Ambon" (Island of Ambon)/"Love
Ambon" and ID at 1502* UT; another day of very decent reception.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 25)

KOREA  D.P.R.   6170  Voice of Korea - Pyongyang, at 1113-1129* UT on
Dec 15, program of operatic vocals hosted by a female announcer with brief
English talks. Nice ID, schedule and close down announcements at 1121 UT
followed by instrumental music until drifted away. Poor to fair but
somewhat choppy conditions. IS started at 1130 UT ready toopen another
language service but I had enough of them at this point. // 6185 kHz was
about the same.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Dec 20)

KOREA  D.P.R.   Bad conditions maybe but nothing heard on 6100, 9665,
11680 kHz for KCBS Pyongyang and nothing on 6400 kHz for PBS Pyongyang at
1730-1830 UT on 20 Dec 2015. Also nothing on 2850, 3320 kHz which usually
are observed here with tiny signals.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20)

KOREA  D.P.R.  and KOREA REPUBLIC   re: Korea North 6400 & 11680 kHz.

Hi dear Rumen,
checked the KRE / KOR stations in 1830 to 1910 UT time slot on Dec 22,
used remote SDR net units in Tokyo, Osaka, and Okayama Japan.

Pause break - nothing noted at 1845 UT on Dec 22
on 2350 2850 3920 3959 3968 3980 5830 6070 6100 6400 6518 9665 11680 kHz.

3219.899 KRE Carrier only 1830 UT, S=9+30dB in Tokyo
3250.002 KRE PBS Korean, female singer, 1834 UT, S=9+30dB
3319.997 KRE PBS Korean, 1835 UT, S=9+40dB
3912.004 KOR VoP, KRE jamming, 1837 UT, S=9+40dB
3985.021 KOR EoH/VoH, KRE jamming, 1840 UT, S=9+40dB
4449.991 KOR VoP, KRE jamming on 4449.931 kHz, 1842 UT, S=9+50dB
4557.000 KOR VoP, KRE Jamming, 1845 UT, S=9+40dB
6003.018 ??? two peaks - also on 6002.988 kHz at 1850 UT.
6015.000 poor KRE jamming only, 1858 UT (6020 CHN Firedrake)
6135.008 and 6134.983 UNID two peaks, VoF KOR, KRE jamming ? 1858 UT.
6169.997 KRE S=9+10dB
6250.004 KOR / KRE S=9+10dB
6348.032 KOR S=9+20dB, and ditter audio signal jamming by KRE.
6600.000 KOR S=9+10dB, jamming by KRE.

KRE log on 0100-0130 UT Dec 23 in Tokyo and Nagoya remote SDR units:

6100.000 KRE KCBS Pyongyang from Kanggye, S=8-9, at 0126 UT womans chorus
6518.004 KOR VoPeople Kyonggi-do Koyang NOT heard,
only KRE scratching noise jamming heard so far, S=7 at 0130 UT.
9665.003 KRE KCBS Pyongyang from Kanggye, S=8-9, at 0105 UT // 6100 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 22 / 23)

KOREA  REP of   "-*1803 UT 4885 kHz, Suddenly s/off in the middle of
a talk..."
(Hiroyuki Komatsubara-JPN, via Ron Howard-CA-USA, Dec 21)

Thanks to Bernd Friedewald (DK9FI) for the following email:

"Many thanks for the tip. Great! Just put on remote PERSEUS SDR in Japan
and they are still there at 1642 UTC. Looks for test ...

I remember when I was at the HFCC conference at Dallas we visited
Continental {tx factory}. Here we saw a 100 kW (or more) transmitter(s)
available for delivery to South Korea. Maybe this is one of them, because
KBS is still using the very old transmitters."

Appreciate his feedback.

new 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, at 1345-1430 UT on Dec 21. Fair signal; in
Korean with drama, news, Korean songs; easy to ID with "VOH", letters in
English and // 6003 kHz (jammed) and 6348 kHz (jammed). Testing?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

New 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, at 1222 UT on Dec 22. Second day testing
here; fair / good and not jammed; // 3985 kHz (jammed) // 6003 kHz
(jammed) and // 6348 kHz (jammed).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 22)

Per Hiroshi and Hiroyuki Komatsubara, observed schedule so far
is *1158-1803* UT.

KOREA  REP OF   Weak and poor reception of Echo of Hope
on Dec 23 from 1632 UT.
4885 kHz HWA 100 kW non-dir to NoEaAS Korean, new addit freq.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23)

KOREA  REP OF   4885  Echo of Hope-VOH at 1449-1532+ UT on 21 Dec. Fair w/
KR chat, singing jingle & chimes at 1458/1525 UT, news/commentary after
1500 UT on 22 Dec. 1440-1500+ UT w/ similar programming (more "gossipy"
style chat) + schedule / frequencies given after ID/chimes at 1459 UT on
24 Dec. 1529-1550+ UT Christmas carols in KR ("1st Noel", "Jingle Bells")
& EG ("Silver Bells", "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" [the "Figgy Pudding"
song]) & several "Merry Christmas" mentions.

4885 kHz still unjammed while 3985/6003/6348 kHz are usually about 40/60
w/ the NK roaring jammer..& a festive "thanks" to Ron Howard for
completing my "V-O-mumble-mumble" ID on the 21st.
(Dan Sheedy-CA-USA, dxld Dec 23)

KOREA  REP OF   4885.00  at 1405-1415 UT on Dec 25, Radio Echo of Hope,
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Korean talk by man and woman 35232 // a little
weaker 3985 kHz (25222 - R 700, Germany, was off the air at this hour!)
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Dec 25)

KUWAIT/SAO TOME/SRI LANKA   Frequency changes of IBB

Deewa Radio from Dec 28
0100-0400 NF 7470 KWT 250 kW 070 deg to WeAS Pashto, ex 9765 KWT
0100-0400 NF 7530 IRA 250 kW 334 deg to WeAS Pashto, ex12025 KWT
0100-0400 NF 9765 IRA 250 kW 340 deg to WeAS Pashto, ex12005 IRA

Voice of America from Nov 2
0530-0630 NF6020 SAO 100 kW 335 deg to WeCeAF French Mon-Fri, ex6180
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 24)

KYRGYZ REP   5130   SW Relay Sce. of Afghan Christian R. (R. Sadaye
Zindagi) in Pashto/Dari langs {little veiled radio service by TWR R.
Maranatha CeAsian branch, wb.} via Krasnaya Rechka, Bishkek, Kyrgyz
Republic at 1755 UT on Tuesday Dec 08, local music programme, 23333.
(Mauro Giroletti, Milano-ITA, via dswci DXW Dec 23)

LITHUANIA   2nd TRY of RMRC SW transmission now on 19 Dec 2015.

Hallo Freunde, die RMRC KW-Sendung zur EDXC Konferenz September 2015
in St. Petersburg wird im 2. Versuch ausgestrahlt:

via Sitkunai*, Lithuania
19 Dec 2015  11690 kHz 0900-1000 UTC for Asia (Japan) in English
19 Dec 2015  11690 kHz 1000-1100 UTC for Russia       in Russian

Fuer Empfangsberichte gibt es eine Sonder-QSL-Karte.
Empfangsberichte an / RR reports to:
<mail -at->

or per snail mail

Postbox 70 0849
60558 Frankfurt / Main

sent by
Michael Haun, Menorca-Spain.
RMRC Vorstand

( * Sitkunai-LTU transmission {probably} via brokery
ZRC Zilionis Radio TV Consulting, Lithuania, Mr Sigitas Zilionis

LITHUANIA   9455.000 kHz instead of once planned 11690 kHz.
DX Program in Russian language of RMRC via Sitkunai Lithuania,
at 1000-1100 UT  on Dec 19.

Heard this DX program in Russian since 1000 UT, mentioned BBC London
interval signal and Russian identification too, antenna discussion,
Radio Holygram etc. etc.

And from 1031 UT also mentioned German CEO Harald Gabler of RMRC
Frankfurt/Main Germany on 9455.000 kHz.

And talk about St.P. conference and media center excursion too at 1036 UT.

re 9455 kHz, here in Stuttgart Germany S=9+30dB signal, backlobe of
79degrees Far East Russia antenna in Sitkunai Lithuania.

Also at Tokyo and Osaka Japan S=4-5 -96dbm signal just above threshold,
like St. Helena level signal.

But on remote post in Moscow Russia powerhouse of S=9+45dB strength,
twist the needle.

ps. I guess they had difficulties to tune match the 25 meterband antenna
properly on - once planned - 11690 kHz at Sitkunai bcast center site?
So this 31mb outlet is an alternative ...

At 1047 UT mentioned in an interview a British DX Club member
Alan Pennington? in GB&IRL, about a most modern 30 EURo shortwave
radio set ...

RMRC and Russian program addresses given at 1058-1059 UT.

The transmitter in Sitkunai cut OFF transmission at 11.00:38 UTC.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 19)

LITHUANIA/RUSSIA   Re:  9455.000 kHz DX Program of RMRC in Russian
via Sitkunai Lithuania, on Dec 19.

... Alan Pennington-BrDXC-UK im Studio von "Radio Bonch" schon nach
gefuehlten 5 Sekunden. ;-)

Radio Bonch / wobei die deutsche Transkription "Radio Bontsch" lauten




September 21, 2015 at 7:48 pm.  28 Sep at 5:57 pm to Alexey Kulakov.

Vermutlich wartet Alex immer noch auf der falschen QRG aus Sitkunai ...

Und hier waeren die Streams, wenn man sendet, vermutlich:


Hoppla, auf OGG ist sogar AUDIO:

frei uebersetzt: "Studvolna" studentische Welle, nominell 128 kb ogg
format, allerdings "mono" aktuell:

The Black Keys mit "Fever".
Aus "aehnlichem" Hause scheint "Radio P - FM" zu stammen:


Noch'n Studenten-Radio ... mit sogar 320 kbps:


Erst "The Killers", nun "Arctic Monkeys", Good Charlotte - Sex On The
Radio ... das fetzt ... ;-)

Das ist also die "Konkurrenz" von der Polytechnischen Universitaet in St.
Petersburg. "spbstu".

Die Staatliche Universitaet fuer Telekommunikation in St. Petersburg hat
den String: "spbsut" (mit Radio Bonch + Radio Studvolna)

Passend fuer Weihnachten aber auch:
<>  momentan jedenfalls.
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX Dec 19)

LUXEMBOURG   1439 / 1440 kHz. -  Tail slate for Marnach.

On 1 January 2016, the medium-wave transmitter site will finally close its
doors after almost 60 years in operation, during which it gave generations
of listeners their first taste of rock and pop and an opportunity to
explore these new genres of music.

The now cult English-language station Radio Luxembourg broadcast on the
famous "Two-O-Eight", a medium-wave frequency of 208 metres, until 1991.
Its programmes were not only picked up in the UK, but also reached
Scandinavia and even parts of Eastern Europe, where they had a lasting
impact. Medium-wave broadcasts of the English programme were initially
transmitted from the site in Junglinster, starting on 15 January 1951, and
joined by programmes in Dutch in 1953.

But on 14 December 1956, these broadcasts were moved to Marnach to
guarantee better signal reception, primarily in the UK and Scandinavia.
On 15 July 1957, Radio Luxemburg's day-time German-language programmes
followed suit, becoming the success story we all know today.

The antennas erected on the high ground at Marnach in northern Luxembourg
transmitted daily broadcasts to millions of listeners. However, the advent
of FM broadcasts, offering superior listening comfort, gradually eroded
the appeal of medium-wave transmissions, which goes some way towards
explaining why broadcasts of medium-wave radio programmes were gradually

Nonetheless, the Marnach site managed to hang on to customers like Radio
China International, which continued to appreciate the tremendous range
covered by medium-wave transmissions.

In 2014, the Luxembourg government concluded an agreement with CLT-UFA on
the site's closure under the terms of which the land it covered would be
acquired by State. Meanwhile, the sites at Junglinster, Beidweiler and
Hosingen continue transmitting long-wave, short-wave and FM radio

Eugene Muller, Head of Technical Services and Transmissions at BCE, says:
"The closure of this site devoted to medium-wave transmissions marks the
end of a major chapter in our history. Indeed, thanks to the English-
language broadcasts by Radio Luxembourg and the German-language programmes
of Radio Luxemburg, Marnach became a kind of umbilical cord linking us to
millions of listeners in Europe."

The national anthem of Luxembourg will be broadcast for the last time on
medium waves on 1 January at 01:00.
(Link from James Robinson on <>  )


RTL Group "Backstage", BCE, Luxembourg, 22 December 2015
(via Mike Terry-UK, mwdx / BrDXC-UK ng Dec 24)

MADAGASCAR   {not SOUTH AFRICA-sic}  5820  RTE Radio One, Mon-Fri 1930-
2000 UT {via WRN/BAB FMO at Talata-Volonondry Madagascar site, not
Meyerton-AFS-sic}, at 1938-1958* UT on Monday Dec 14, several people
crammed into a studio discussing economic issues and government policies
(two men and two woman). Program ended at 1955 UT mentioning it was
Friday{?} and giving "RTE RadioOne" station identification. Brief
instrumental music segment before carrier was terminated. Poor to fair and
steadily improving.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Dec 20, and via dswci DXW Dec 23)

MALAYSIA   9835  Sarawak FM (via RTM Kajang) at 1558+ UT on 24 Dec. One
quick "Salam Christmas" & into Stevie Wonder's cover of "A Christmas Song"
just before TOH & 'Negara Ku'..Wai FM managed a cheerful "meri
Christmas.." at 1552 UT check, as well.
(Dan Sheedy-CA-USA, dxld Dec 25)

MYANMAR   6165  Thazin Radio, Pyin U Lwin, at 1156-1234 UT on Dec 15, nice
program of vocals and instrumental music selections. A female announcer
spoke over music at 1229 UT prior to news at 1230 UT. Poor with China
National Radio poking though periodically but mostly way underneath
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Dec 20)

MYANMAR   5985.0  Myanmar Radio, at 1530 UT Dec 25 with fair reception
(very readable) in English; ID, news and weather; 1537 UT NHK's "Friends
Around the World," a Thursday & Friday show; interesting program about
haioko short poems, with 3 lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 25)

NIGERIA/ANGUILLA   Radio Kaduna Jarji poor S=5 signal heard at 0640 UT on
Dec 21 on accurate 6089.860 kHz, accompanied by co-channel 6090.0
Caribbean Beacon religious program from Anguilla, noted English sermon of
S=8 signal. WeAfrican mx and HQ prayer heard at 0655 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

NORWAY   5895-USB mode, LKB/LLE Bergen Kringkaster  t e s t  broadcast
at 0820 UT on Dec 6. Here in Germany a S=7 or -89dBm signal, the test
contained various identifications - also in CW format - and asked for RRs
by the audience. At 0827 UT Saxophone / Flute music performed.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

NORWAY   LKB LLE Bergen Kringkaster tests on 1611 kHz over Christmas.

Thank you so much for your interest in the licensed test and development
transmissions from LLE-4. These are recent pictures from LKB LLE showing
the construction of the inverted "V" antenna for 1611 kHz, also the
refurbished Comrod plus the restored part of the original southeastern
broadcasting mast.

The next transmissions on 1611.0 kHz:
Christmas Day Friday Dec 25th evening 2100z-
Monday   Dec 28th evening   2100z-
Thursday Dec 31st afternoon 1600z-

In addition we'll try one morning transmission soon 0600- UT, date not

US DXers have requested the time 0000-0200z we'll see what we can do.
Happy Christmas!
(Svenn Martinsen-NOR, WRTH F-B group, 22 Dec; via Mike Terry-UK BDXC-UK)

NORWAY   LLE-2 Bergen Kringkaster 5895 kHz {test} transmissions.

Official announcement of broadcasts from LLE 2 5895 kHz (USB) Bergen
Broadcasting 0600-0800 and from 1300 to 1500 UT daily. We broadcast all
night into Saturday and Sunday. 50 watts, Inverted V antenna. Fine signals
in Holland. The Ipad photo [in posting] is displaying WebSDR Twente. IDs
of different types including Morse code, test tones, announcements by Ron
O'Quinn, svennm well as old and new theme tunes composed by Oeyvind Ask,
the new one is called MacGyver in Space.

Correct listening reports to
<report -at->
answered occasionally by mail.
If you want a QSL card this can be collected at the station or you may
write to

Bergen Broadcasting
P.O.BOX 100
5331 RONG

enclosing $4 in notes. You may have to accept a long delay for a reply.
(shared by Svenn Martinsen on WRTH F_B Group this morning, 24 Sept,
original post by Svenn Martinsen on FB - Foreningen Bergen Kringkaster
F_B Group yesterday, 23 Sept; via Alan Pennington-UK BrDXC-UK ng)

PERU   4955  R. Cultural Amauta tuned at 2255 UT on Dec 18 from SDR remote
unit at DL0AO site at DARC Amberg-Germany using SoAM Beverage with fair
signal, no QRM using SoAM beverage antenna. Instrumental hymn, several IDs
by man and woman, ocnl comls, anmts, news. Overall nice signal - SINPO
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Dec 23)

RUSSIA   6000  Adygeyskoje Radio log 1828 UT, via Armavir Krasnodar center

Nicht gerade alltaeglich: Adygeisch per Kurzwelle. Danke fuer den schoenen
Tipp. Heute Mon Dec 21 um 1900 UT mit nettem Intervallsignal zu Beginn und
SIO 333, leider etwas schwach moduliert, aber nicht minder interessant.
Offenbar wohl die einzige Rundfunk-KW-Sendung die aus Russland noch
verblieben ist.

Diese ungewoehnliche Sprache kann man auch unter
sogar noch mal nachhoeren.
(Daniel Kaehler-D, A-DX Dec 21)

SAUDI ARABIA  [tentativelly]   11859.9965 accurate fq on Dec 26 at 0510 UT
re Radio Sana'a, Yemen. S=7 -83dBm rather poorer as espected radio signal
at 0428 UT Dec 26 in Qatar, S=5 -93dBm in Australia, S=4-5 -94dBm tiny in
Japan, S=4 -100dBm much tiny in Finland, S=8-9 in Calabria Italy and near
Rimini-Bologna in Italy too, S=6 -89dBm in Belgium.
But nothing-nil in NY, MA, NJ-US at 0540 UT.

R Sana'a on 11860 kHz around 20 UT on Dec 24, at S=6-7 -88dBm
in Doha Qatar, local midnight time.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 24 / 25)

Radio Sana'a Yemen radio program, rather program originate from Aden bcast
house, by elected President leader of Yemen Mr. Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi,
is transmit via ARS broadcast site? wb.

Also Riyadh 11860 kHz would beam south and it would be interesting to
hear, how the strength is in South Africa for example. I checked at
0915 UT via Qatar Perseus and 11860 kHz was clearly stronger than
supposed Riyadh on 9715 kHz ...
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, dxld Dec 24)

Sorry, nothing definitive from South Africa.

Friday Dec 24 at 1655-1710 UT. 11860 is S=3-S=5, with lots of QRN.
Can just make out an OM talking in Arabic, barely readable.
Couldn't make out the ID at 1700 UT.

Early morning check Dec 25, at 0235-0425 UT, 11860 reception initially
very poor, but improved markedly after our local sunrise (0314 UT today.)
But by about 0330 UT it was deteriorating again. Early programming was
Arabic music, with assorted songs by OM or YL, and instrumental music on
ud (oud). Switched to a talk format at 0334 UT, and I thought I heard
several mentions of "Yemen" during this period, but not conclusive.

Back to music from 0342 UT, but by now reception was getting poor. Heard
nothing that I would recognise as a formal ID all the time I was
listening; I'm pretty sure I heard a "Yemen" at 0357 UT and two "San'a" at
0415 and 0416 UT, but they didn't seem to be part of a formal id so
probably irrelevant. Tuned out at 0418 UT. By 0500 UT whatever is there
was at noise level, and still is as of 0524 UT.

Throughout this period nothing at all was heard on 9715 kHz.
Both EiBi and Aoki list it as starting at *0300, but HFCC doesn't mention
it. Wooden entry, at least for this time slot??
(Bill Bingham-AFS, dxld Dec 25)

Re 11860 / 9715 kHz.
Also Riyadh 11860 kHz would beam south and it would be interesting to
hear, how the strength is in South Africa for example. I checked at
0915 UT via Qatar Perseus and 11860 kHz was clearly stronger than
supposed Riyadh on 9715 kHz ...
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, dxld Dec 24)

SAUDI ARABIA/OMAN/QATAR/UAE   9714.921  Checked BSKSA HQ program at 0410
UT on Dec 26, at Doha Qatar remote SDR unit. Powerhouse S=9+30dB carrier
signal though, but very low like 'submarine underneath' modulation, only
tiny 5% modulation. Using - according antenna request in ITU/HFCC file - a
rather fountain like NVIS antenna to serve Saudi Arabian peninsula and
Near East / ERI / SOM target.

Former 9580 kHz, at present settled on 9715 kHz for few seasons now. These
non-directional transmissions from Saudi Arabia heard hardly in our
European morning hours, far westernmost - but rather poor - signals heard
always in remote Greece and Calabria Italy SDR posts.

At same time in 4-5 UT slot on Dec 26 heard at SAME Power level at Doha
Qatar remote receiver:

9540 kHz heard Omani bcast service, but heard no "Radio Oman" ID, only in
English like "?90.4? ... FM". S=9+30dB powerful at 0430 UT. Seemingly
0200 Arabic, but En 03-05 UT.
04-05 UT NOT ON SCHEDULED 13600 kHz,
but heard at 0520 UT in Arabic, on exact 13600.002 kHz at S=8-9 level
in 'like skip over signal' zone between Oman and Qatar.

9669.988  BBC Persian service via nearby BBC Al Dhabbaya UAE relay,

9744.997USB mode, Radio Bahrain, Abu Hayan BHR, Arabic sce, but western
pop mx, and station ID in English at 0443 UT Dec 26, "98.4 FM ID", S=8-9
signal level in Qatar. USB mode bandwidth visible like 3.3 kHz only.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 25)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   5020  *Wantok FM 96.3 relay* via SIBC, 1425 UT on Dec 25
with pop & Christmas songs; no real announcements, just playing music with
very brief IDs between every 3-4 songs. Special extended Christmas Day
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 25)

SOUTH AFRICA   3320  Radio Sonder Grense - SenTec Meyerton, at 0152-0230
UT on Dec 14, pop music selection until a man and woman announcers began
talking in the Afrikaans language. A drama program began shortly there
after featuring music from the Peter Gunn TV show from many years ago.
After program ended more popmusic with woman announcer giving station ID
at 0230 UT. Poor to fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Dec 20)

SOUTH AFRICA   15235  Channel Africa, via SenTec Meyerton. At 1748-1758*
UT on Dec 24, 2015. Clear but extremely weak, with accented English female
talking about pre through post- colonial Niger history, traditional South
African vocals.
(Terry L Krueger-FL-USA, dxld Dec 24)

SWAZILAND   3200  TransWorld Radio - Manzini, at *0254-0258 UT on Dec 14,
music box IS followed by a man with English language station ID ("Trans
World Radio, Swaziland") before Ndebele language program opened
at 0255 UT. Poor to fair signal.

9500  Trans World Radio - Manzini, at 1853-1902* UT on Dec 14, man
announcer in Swahili language hosting a program music selection with
familiar music box IS closing the program. Fair signal.

9940  Trans World Radio - Manzini, at *1903-1937 UT on Dec 14, familiar
music box IS followed by a man with English language station ID ("Trans
World Radio, Swaziland") before a man announcer opened Lingala language
program which consisted mainly of long talks with some local songs.
IS before commencing the French language program at 1935 UT. Fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Dec 20)

TAIWAN   9465  New time & frequency for RTI English transmission
to South Asia.

Starting Dec 15th, 2015 Radio Taiwan International's transmission
to South Asia in English language on 6180 kHz from 1600-1700 UT,
has been changed to 9465 kHz from 1500-1600 UT. 300 kW 205 degr.
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXasia Dec 19)

TAIWAN   From Dec 15 Radio Taiwan International's transmission
to South Asia in English language has been changed as follows

1500-1600  9465 TSH 300 kW 205 deg to SoAS English, new
1600-1700  6180 TSH 300 kW 205 deg to SoAS English, deleted
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 22)

TAIWAN   7200  RTI, at 1318 UT on Dec 25. They were very sneaky today and
did not sign off at 1300 UT as they normally do; CNR1 jamming did sign off
leaving RTI in Chinese with good reception. At first thought it was CNR1
staying on late, as sometimes happens, but checked // 6125 kHz and found
was not a match; RTI mentioning "Taiwan" many times. Rare to clearly hear
RTI in Chinese with no jamming!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 25)

TAJIKISTAN   17860  Cambodian language Thursday/Sundays only, TOTALLY
distorted audio feed, 20 kHz wide bandwidth signal at 1140 UT. Poor signal
of Voice of Khmer M'Chas Srok, on Dec 20, 1130-1200 UT 17860kHz DB 200kW
125deg to SoEaAS Khmer Thu/Sun.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20)

TAJIKISTAN/CHINA/OMAN/THAILAND   BBC in Uzbek language heard on 13th
November 2015 at 1300-1330 on 4790 kHz + white noise scratching jammer.

13865OMA not - only CNR1 jammer was observed here, 15510THA + low siren
type jamming & 17780OMA BBC relay under siren + CNR1.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 22)

TANZANIA   [ZANZIBAR island]  6015  Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation -
Dole, at 0313-0410 UT on Dec 14, man announcer with Swahili language
talks, some local music and vocals. Re-tuned around 0400 UT to catch ID
and news ready by a man announcer. Signal was poor and needed lower side
band to clear mess on 6020 kHz. However, improved significantly to poor to
fair for 0400 UT news. Quite pleased to finally log Zanzibar on this

[...]  Again, at *0254-0420 UT on Dec 15, man talking over rhythmic
instrumental music with 5+1 time pips at 0300 UT followed by a woman
announcer with Swahili language ID for "Dar es Salaan" and opening
announcements. Man with recitation an then another man with a long talk.

Woman announcer with news at 0330 UT. At 0400 UT drums, time pips and
woman announcerwith ID. Fair signal with splatter fromCRI on 6020 kHz
required LSB.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Dec 20)

TANZANIA  [ZANZIBAR island]   11735  ZBC, Dole. At 1821 on Dec 24. Just
beginning to fade in at tune-in, steadily improving to nice level just
before 1900 UT. Time sounders (five lower, one high tone) at 1900 UT,
Swahili newscast by female until 1900:15 UT, then into Islamic-influenced
vocals. Time tones again at 2000 UT, news, vocals past 2030 UT, but gone
by 2040 UT re-check (earlier than usual just past 2100 UT variable
(Terry L Krueger-FL-USA, dxld Dec 24)

THAILAND   13745  Radio Thailand - Udorn, at 0002-0029* UT on Dec 15, man
announcer with English language news program with public service
announcements, ads for Bangkok Airways and "12 Core Values of Thailand"
propaganda. Closed at 0029 UT for antenna change but nothing heard
afterwards. Fair signal but choppy reception.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Dec 20)

U.K.   Matthew Postgate appointed Chief Technology Officer
to lead new division.

The BBC has today announced that Matthew Postgate has been appointed to
the position of Chief Technology Officer, leading a new division that will
bring together BBC Digital, Engineering and BBC Worldwide technology

As previously announced, the new division will have a global remit,
leading the BBC's digital strategy and technology operations that keep the
BBC on-air, online and operational. With immediate effect, Matthew will
lead the project to create the combined group, and take over
responsibility for the new division from April next year.

The CTO will initially report into the Managing Director Finance and
Operations but will move to report to the Director General in 2016. and
Matthew will be a member of Executive team. At some point during 2016 as
the BBC restructures, the CTO will change reporting line to the Director

Matthew Postgate says: "I am delighted to be taking on this role at such
an exciting time for the BBC, helping to integrate the BBC's digital and
technology divisions, and to make the BBC truly internet-fit for the

Welcoming the appointment, Anne Bulford said:

"Matthew is an outstanding leader and technologist who has been a key part
of the BBC's Digital and Engineering teams for the past 12 years. Matthew
will help to build a BBC with digital at its heart, and I wish him every
success in his new role."

Matthew Postgate is currently leading the BBC's Engineering division.
Prior to his current role, Matthew was Controller, BBC Research &
Development and a Director of YouView Ltd. He was part of the management
team that launched BBC iPlayer and was in charge of BBC mobile, where he
was responsible for building the corporation's world leading mobile

The merger of the BBC's Digital, Engineering and Worldwide technology
teams and the creation of this new role will result in the closure of the
current CTO role leading BBC Engineering, as well as the role of Director,
BBC Digital.

Notes to Editors. The merger of these divisions is part of the BBC's
ambitions to create an internet-fit organisation that is also a simpler,
leaner BBC, as part of our drive to save GBP 150m in costs across the
organisation as a result of the iPlayer loophole. The shortfall has arisen
because as more people use BBC iPlayer, mobiles and other online catch-up,
the proportion of households owning a television is falling - while a
loophole allows viewers to watch catch-up TV without a licence.

Date: 22.12.2015 at 12.42. Category: Corporate; Online and interactive

(via Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23)

USA   KVOH is extending it's weekday evening broadcasts by two hours
from Dec 14, 0400-0600 UT, 9975 VOH 050 kW 100 deg to CeAM English
Tue-Sat Ranch Nights Live
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

USA   9265  WINB on Dec 25 at 1505 UT, S9 open carrier, rather than WMLK,
much more likely WINB on early for Xmas rather than *2045 UT weekdays;
1557-1601+ UT still dead air, so when will they start?

Online sked
<>  is now effective Dec 20, but nothing about
extended Xmas Friday programming. AND after having achieved correct UT/ET
conversion of 5 hours in the last revision, now they are back to incorrect
4-hours as if EDT conversion!

WRTH 2016 on page 504 still lists Hans Johnson as sales/frequency manager.
Founder of Jihad-DX, later Cumbre DX, but long inactive as a DXer, Hans
surely knows how to convert times correctly, so who is responsible for
this atrocity?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA dxld Dec 25)

UZBEKISTAN   Good reception of BVBroadcasting via BaBcoCk brokery FMO.
1200-1215 17820 kHz TAC 100 kW 131 deg to SoEaAS English Suns only.

S=9+10dB signal here in Germany, at 1205 UT on Dec 20. English prayer,
Bible reading.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20)

UZBEKISTAN   Strong signal of Voice of Martyrs via BaBcoCk
1630-1800  7520 TAC 100 kW 70 deg to NoEaAS Korean, on Dec 23.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23)

VIETNAM   9635.79   VOV-1 Son Tay site, at 1258 UT on Dec 20. In
Vietnamese; 1300 UT instrumental National Anthem ("Sound of Singing
Soldiers"). Seems there are two transmitters here, as I often hear this on
9636.0 kHz; it is either one or the other, no drifting at all.
{measured on Dec 23 on accurate 9635.895 kHz, wb.}

7435.0   VOV-1, at 1257* UT on Dec 20. This is scheduled for 1600* UT, but
have recently observed at 1257 UT suddenly going off the air; up till then
// 9635.79 kHz, which continued on after 1300 UT.

7906-USB // 8294-USB, Ho Chi Minh Radio Coast Station, at *1305 UT on Dec
22. Rapid series of tones; "Attention ... All stations ..., This is Ho Chi
Minh Radio"; distress messages for fishing vessels with persons overboard
in English and Vietnamese; heavy accent, so hard to make out everything
that was said, even with decent signal strength; marine conditions in

8294-USB only (not on 7906-USB), at 1314 UT "All stations ... This is Ho
Chi Minh Radio" with "Navigational Warnings" in English and Vietnamese.

(2008) contains some pictures of the studios/stations, maps, etc. for
"Coastal Communication System Project in the Southern Part of Vietnam,"
that Japan helped set up for VISHIPEL (Vietnam Maritime Communications and
Electronics LLC).

contains my recording mostly in English (poor, due to heavy accent)
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 22)



Digital Reprint of all Editions ever published from 1957-2015.

The "Danish Short Wave Club International" (DSWCI) was founded in November
1956 and is one of the most traditional and by far the most international
club for radio enthusiasts worldwide. Since January 1957 the club
publishes the regular magazine "Shortwave News" which for decades now is a
unique source of information due to a most international network of
correspondents and monitors worldwide.

From 1957 to 2000 "Shortwave News" was published a monthly basis, and
after that every sixth week. In 1957 and 1958 the magazine was published
in Danish and from 1957 to 1969 two different editions were distributed:
"Shortwave News" in English and "Kortbolge Nyt" in Danish. Since January
1970 the magazine is exclusively in English language.

The DSWCI decided its last Annual General Meeting in 2015 to close the
club at the end of 2016. But it was agreed that everything ever published
from the DSWCI should also be available for future generations of radio

A unique blend of accurate news, reports and background information which
was only possible with the great support of countless people during the
past almost six decades.

During the last years we got access to every edition of "Shortwave News"
and"Kortbolge Nyt" ever published. The magazines were scanned, digitized
and processed with an OCR software. The work is finished and therefore we
now can offer a DVD with almost 60 years of radio-history and club-history
of the DSWCI.

DSWCI and ADDX in Germany offer this DVD to anyone interested:

Price: 49 Euro! (incl. shipment worldwide via Airmail)

Orders should be made by sending the money in cash via registered
mail to:

Scharsbergweg 14
41189 Moenchengladbach

Orders via E-Mail to <kurier -at-> and transfer of the money
to our ADDX-Bank Account
IBAN: DE25 3007 0024 0868 6800 00
Payment via Paypal is possible request.
Please write to <kurier -at-> for details.

The DVD will be shipped after the money has been received our Bank
(Michael Schmitz-D)

AS long as the DSWCI website exists, you may also download from
"Shortwave News SWN DVD" 17 sample editions of SWN from 1957 to 2002
years free of charge.
(Rolf Wernli-SUI, dswci DXW Dec 23)


TAIWAN/CHINA mainland   TWN SOH and others, CHN jamming, Dec 23, 2015.

Monitoring log of some "SOH  Xi Wang Zhi Sheng" and other Taiwan
broadcasts, and accompanied
CHN mainland jamming of CNR program and Firedrake mx. Slots on Dec 23 at

0130 to 0600 UT and 1430-1530 UT

heard mainly on remote SDR receiver unit posts in Australia and Tokyo and
Okayama Japan.

 5170 - 5173.2 kHz TWN Tainan CWB Meteo sce - weather report
          in Cantonese, usb mode, no carrier, S=5-6 at 1435 UT. nothing noted of SOH.
 6369.937 SOH, tiny S=4-5 at 1445 UT.
 6729.937 SOH, tiny S=4-5
 6900.038 SOH, threshold level S=3-4 nothing noted of SOH.
 7280.057 SOH female voice, S=6 at 1453 UT.
 7309.979 SOH, tiny S=4 at 1456 UT.
 7580.156 SOH, on threshold level.
 7729.967 SOH, on threshold level at 1502 UT, Dec 23. nothing noted of SOH. nothing noted of SOH. nothing noted of SOH.
 9229.965 SOH male voice,   S=6 at 0605 UT.
 9319.926 SOH / RFA relay,  S=6 at 0602 UT.
 9360.006 SOH female voice, S=5 at 1508 UT.
 9521.989 TWN number station, hit heavily by 9519.981 PBS Nei Menggu-CHN.
 9634.895 SOH tentativelly, but VoVietnam domestic sce 9635.895 kHz.
 9930.127 SOH male voice, tiny S=4 at 0600 UT.
 9970.110 SOH male voice, S=6
10819.982 SOH male voice, tiny S=4-5.
10870.118 CNR1 px jamming, tiny local stn jammer ...
10960.000 CNR1 px jamming, fair S=7 signal. // 11640 11600 11580 ...
11070.068 SOH fair S=7 signal level.
11100.115 SOH, but suffers by strong STANAG like UTE signal of 11102 kHz.
11149.894 SOH male + female voice px, S=6
11300.143 SOH male voice px, but tiny S=4-5 signal level.
11369.963 SOH, female voice heard, tiny signal just above threshold.
11410.010 SOH, S=5-6, but suffer by heavy UTE signal QRM.
11470.115 SOH, S=6 fair audio.
11529.995 SOH, tiny S=4-5 signal strength.
11579.989 CNR1 (local) jammer, poor S=4-5.
11600.230 CNR1 jammer, poor S=4-5.

11639.980 TWN Guanghua Zhi Shang (acc Aoki list) at 0525 UT Dec 23,
          weak underneath, but ahead the powerhouse from China mainland
11640.000 CHN even frequency, CNR1 S=9+15dB signal at 0540 UT.

11715.077 SOH, poor S=4-5.
11765.135 SOH, fair S=7 signal.
11775.025 SOH, fair S=6 signal at 0525 UT.
12150.060 SOH male voice, S=6 at 0330 UT.
12189.903 SOH / RFA relay program, S=6 at 0333 and 0505 UT.
12230.019 SOH male voice, weak and tiny S=4.
12344.932 ... x.945 wandered tx S=7-8, tentat CNR1 jamming at 0500 UT.
12369.970 SOH, carrier S=5 strength, tiny modulation at 0457 UT.
12430.039 CNR1 jammer, proper S=8-9 strength.
12500.216 SOH, fair S=5 signal, but QRM by KRE type scratch jamming... nothing noted of CNR jamming.
12870.038 SOH tiny signal.
12910.123 SOH, fair S=7-8 signal at 0338 and 0450 UT.

12950.000 CHN even frequency, CNR1 S=9+15dB signal at 0343 and 0447 UT,
          and co-channel weak underneath
12950.213 SOH, poor S=4 signal.
12980.120 SOH, S=6-7
13130.179 SOH, S=5
13199.885 SOH, S=5-6
13230.011 SOH, S=9+10dB at 1620 UT on Dec 24, rx in Thailand.
13270.016 SOH, and tone jamming?, tiny S=4-5
13530.218 SOH, tiny S=4-5, but UTE QRM tone signal of 13528.400 kHz.

13639.885 SOH underneath of co-channel
13640.000 CNR1 px jamming, latter S=9+10dB signal strength.

13679.800 SOH, S=7 signal heard at 1626 UT Dec 24 in rx Thailand.
13820.226 SOH, tiny S=4 signal.

13870.000 CNR1 px jamming, latter S=9+5dB signal strength.
          and underneath co-channel
13870.013 SOH program at 0345 UT.

13919.944 SOH male voice, at S=8 level, but heard like CODAR wiper.
13980.000 CNR1 px jamming, latter S=9+10dB signal strength. nothing noted of SOH.
14430.075 SOH male voice program, one of the stronger at S=8 level.
14499.910 SOH S=5-6 strength, 5 - 10 Hertz variable wandered.
14600.227 SOH male voice program, tiny S=4 at 0403 UT.
14774.966 SOH S=6-7 signal at 0300 UT.
14800.243 SOH tiny S=4-5.
14870.149 SOH female voice px, S=6 at 0258 UT.
14900.230 CNR1 px jamming, S=9+15dB signal strength.

14919.823 SOH S=5 signal at 0220 UT
14920.000 CNR1 px jamming, S=7 signal strength. nothing noted of CNR / RFA program.

15070.221 CNR1 px jamming, S=6 signal, at 1617 UT Dec 24.
15294.974 CNR1 px jamming, S=9+10dB signal at 0411 UT,
          ahead of SOH also at 0145 UT.

15388.000 TWN Xing Xing guangbo diantai 1 from Kuanyin site,
          numbers station 0400-0430 UT, fair signal
          and co-channel heavy QRM on regular.
15390.000 CHN CNR 13 program in Uighur, latter S=9+5dB strength.

15710.000 CHN CNR6 Amoy service, radioplay S=7-8 at 0140 UT.
15775.193 SOH female voice, tiny S=4-5 at 0156 UT.
15840.048 SOH endless mens talk in Chinese S=7 at 0150 UT.
15869.955 SOH tiny S=4-5.
15969.961 SOH poor and tiny S=4.
16100.270 SOH tiny S=4-5. Wandered 20 to 30 Hertz at 0213 UT.
16160.082 SOH female and male voices at 0211 UT, proper S=8-9 signal,
          unstable signal 5-10 Hertz varying ...
16250.097 SOH female voice, S=5-6.

16299.965 SOH tiny at 0208 UT
          and co-channel ahead
16300.000 CNR1 px jamming, S=9+10dB signal strength.

16350.020 UNIDENTIFIED, probably tiny SOH ? nothing noted of SOH.
16774.013 UNIDENTIFIED, probably tiny SOH ?
16979.951 SOH S=9+10dB signal strength at 0240 UT.
17200.350 SOH female voice, S=7-8 at 0205 UT.
17400.094 SOH tiny S=4-5.
17440.524 CNR1 px jamming, S=9+10dB signal strength at 0201 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23, 2015)

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