70th Anniversary Of SK7HW Club (SK70HW)

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1 January to 31 March 2016 (?)

Sponsored by the Kronoberg Radio Society on the occasion of its 70th anniversary. Make just one QSO with the special event station SK70HW, go to their website or to QRZ.com for that call and you can print out a good looking certiicate at no charge.

Email: sk7hw@ssa.se
Internet: www.sk7hw.org

The 70th anniversary with our special call sign SK70HW is now under way.
Have you succeeded in making a QSO with us and don't want to wait for a QSL-card?
Download our printable A4 diploma (pdf 2.5mb)

Visit sk7hw.org for more information on our club and the anniversary
73 de SM7YSA, director of Kronoberg Radio Society

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