Brave Radio Friends Series

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Calendar Year 2015


General Requirements: The following group of awards are sponsored by the group: Brave Radio Friends. They are small versions of a number of well known and popular awards and give the awards hunter an introduction to these awards and may encourage participation in them at a later date.

All of these award are provided electronically as a PDF file. Be sure to specify the level, or the year applying for since they are offered each year. (Refer to the rules.) There is no award fee, and your application is an extract from your log as you complete any of them. Send an e-mail with the contact data to


BRAVE RADIO FRIENDS: Annual Islands Award 2015
To support the IOTA award program, this version is offered to all interested island hunters (OP or SWL). During the calendar year 2015, work or hear amateur radio stations operating from as many different IOTA groups as possible. Each group only counts once in the year (no band or mode restrictions).

Award Classes:
Basic: 10 IOTA groups
Bronze: 25 IOTA groups
Silver: 50 IOTA groups
Gold: 75 IOTA groups
Diamond: 100 IOTA groups

BRAVE RADIO FRIENDS Castle Hunter Award 2015

The international DX club Brave Radio Friends sponsors this award which can be obtained each year anew by amateur radio operators or SWLs for contacts with/heard of stations from at least 20 different castles worldwide in a calendar year. There is a different award design for each year. The first calendar year for which you can apply for the award is 2005.
Just send in a list of QSOs with stations from twenty castles worked/heard in the respective year. There is only one award class. All the years from 2005 until 2014 are available.
To obtain the Castle Hunter Award 2015, you must work or hear stations from 20 different castles in 2015.

BRAVE RADIO FRIENDS: Radio Activity Award January 2015
The award is sponsored by BRAVE RADIO FRIENDS and can be applied for by amateur radio stations or short wave listeners. The rules are simple: In January 2015 work (OP) or hear (SWL) as many DXCC-entities as possible. No band or mode restrictions. All entities count only once, regardless of band or mode. For the award a minimum of 20 DXCC-entities is required. The number of DXCC entities worked/heard will be entered in the award.
Application with log extract (please pdf, doc, xls or jpg). Deadline of the application is February 28, 2015.

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