Lievens Radio Club 60 years

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Calendar Year 2016

The Diploma "Lievens Radio Club 60 Years, is issued by the local branch PO CPP the Orel region with the aim of celebrating this event, the promotion of amateur radio, the strengthening of friendly and sporting relations with Russia and the radio amateurs all over the world.  The Livensky Amateur radio club "Ether" with the collective radio UA3KZI Sodano was founded in 1956, by then still young enthusiasts-radio amateurs: Voskoboeva AS - UA3ES, Tarasov NA - UA3ER, Gryazev AM - UA3EP, NF Golovin - UV3ES. The actual date of fjounding of the club is traditionally celebrated on the Day of Radio - 7 May!

Diploma "Lievens Radio Club 60" is awarded for making two-way radio contacts with amateur radio stations in the Livny Livny area and Orel region (districts OR-05 and OR-18 on the list of the diploma «RDA»). For the purpose of this award, QSOs must be made from January 1, 2016. on December 31, 2016. To obtain the award you need to earn at least 60 points.

1. special memorial and the city and district stations = 20 points.

2. Club stations of the city and the area = 10 points.

3. individual stations of the city and district = 5 points

4. individual radio stations owned by radio amateurs who previously lived in the town of Livny = 5 points (R5GM, RK3E, RN2Y, RV3 DDI - note that the list is incomplete ...).

Other Rules:
1. Each radio station QSO, conducted any kind of work at all bands including WARC; may be repeated on different bands for award purposes.

2. 144 MHz or higher bands are counted sufficient to radio sum of the distances for which the QTH locator will be not less than 600 km.

3. QSO conducted via VHF repeaters, are not counted.

4. Points are doubled for contacts:
A. In a day of activity devoted to birthday 7 Maya Lievens radioclub
B. Contacts made on 160 meters.
C. . For amateur radio operators who are located in the WAZ Zones 18 and 19.

5. Repeated radio contacts are allowed on different bands and modes

6. Any DIGI communications (PSK31, PSK63, RTTY, etc.) are counted as one DIGI mode.

7. SWLs may earn the award on the same point/QSO basis.

8. Radio amateurs in the Livny district for certification necessary should make QSOs from at least 50 regions (provinces) of Russia.

The award is issued free of charge in electronic format only.

The award is issued to all radio amateurs from Russia and foreign countries.

The application for the award is made as a log extract showing station call, with details of the date, time, band, and mode of radiation and reports QSO / SWL..

Applications for the diploma "Lievens radio club 60 years" should be sent to 303851, Orel., Livny Street. Selishcheva d. 16-A, Apt. 44 Serzhenyuk Alexander Mikhailovich, or by e-mail to:


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