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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA   Tim Hendel in Alabama says he was hearing no programming on the
Albanian hour to North America at 00-01 UT on Jan 6, on 7465 kHz, or on
webcast just interval signal for 60 minutes.

So we make a point of checking the English broadcast at 0230 UT on 7470
kHz. I find a poor carrier at 0227 UT but no IS or any modulation past
0230 UT when I should have heard a sign-on (likewise Tim). At 0232 UT I
realize that the carrier I had earlier is gone; except a much weaker, just
barely audible one, probably Kuwait, where IBB started up a week ago
despite Tirana.

Then at 0237 UT I bring up the remote receiver in Twente, Netherlands, on
7470 kHz, and get a very good signal from Deewa Radio in Pashto W&M
conversation until music at 0258 to 0304 UT, then more talk. Not a trace
of Tirana there! I think Shijak must be completely off altho I haven't
checked how reception is at Twente before.

What happened? When resuming, Tirana might as well go back to 7465 kHz, to
avoid the IBB intrusion on 7470 kHz, unless IBB can be persuaded to get
away. Nothing on 7465 kHz, and utility on 7475 kHz. Also, WRMI is no
longer on 7455 kHz at all, so no interference problem from it, just the
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 6)

ALBANIA   7389.9775 kHz Albania, Radio Tirana on Jan 6th, at 09.00 UT.

Checked the morning Albanian language service on shortwave of Radio
Tirana, tx Shijak towards Balkan, Kosovo, exYugoslavia, Italy, Greece, and
heard also well rx signals in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary,

around 08.55 to 09.52 UTC tune-in.
Listen to the recording on
"box" under address access


preferred VLC Media Player - ogg.format.

7389.9775 kHz  Radio Tirana Albanian language, broadband modulated
7379.97 to 7399.98 kHz range visible of SDR Software Defined Radio Perseus
browser software.

And audio signal accompanied by three 100 Hertz buzz audio like
100/200/300 Hertz from the main power - (except the lady presenter part at
0930 UTC, which was clean of 100 Hertz buzz!?).

Signal strength observed on various reception locations:

on Zakynthos Greece island S=9+15dB or -60dBm.
in Calabria Italy          S=9+30dB or -48dBm.
in Switzerland and southern Germany S=9+5dB or -70dBm.
in Austria and Hungary     S=9+25dB or -56dBm.

News in Albanian read by male announcer presenter,
start at 09.00 UTC til 09.19 UTC.
Audio of the male presenter from studio sounded a little be
muffled/distorted and overmodulated.

News details like
09.06 UTC item of Turkey,
09.07 UTC Coca Cola bussiness?,
09.09 UTC President Obama item,
09.12 UTC Tirana airport,
09.13 UTC Notebook item,
09.14 UTC Kosovo Press item, money millionares there,
          economy export from Kosovo.
09.19 UTC 3 ! seconds music  O N L Y

Then at 09.19 UTC a short 3 second music noted / heard,
but suddenly stopped the music,
pause of 5 minutes til 09.21:05 UTC - not modulated, no talk, no music,
at 09.21:05 UTC technician started 2 tries to start music again.

Later at 09.30 UT the lady presenter in Albanian language took over their
duty. String instrument played at 09.51 UTC.

vy73 Wolfy from Stuttgart Germany, Jan 6
Happy New Year to all.

AUSTRALIA   4835  As always much strong signal of S=9+30dB level, logged
domestic ABC Northern Territory from Alice Springs signal at 1217 UT on
Jan 4. Heard at remote net of Perseus Udine Italy, on Brisbane Queensland
SDR server.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

ARMENIA/AZERBAIJAN   Since late 90s, from Stepanakert - the capital of
separatist Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (ex Azer, now pro-Armenian) was on
the air radio station, rather radio monster, broadcasting in wide
frequency range around 9677 kHz with super distorted audio.

It is ex-jamming transmitter which was used in 80s against US-Radio
Liberty. The broadcasts were in Azeri two times weekly - each by 30
minutes and repeated on next days, resp. Tue/Wed and Fri/Sat. The Russian
DXers recognized their ID as "Edaletin Sese Radiosu" (= Voice of Justice).

Already 2-3 radio seasons the transmissions are at 0820-1420vary UT (DST
from end of March 0720-1320) on 9677 kHz, and irregularly 0410-0610 UT
(DST 0310-0510) on 11760 kHz. Also with wide range but on 11743-11763 kHz.
According to the WRTH it is V of Talyshistan; according to Ivo Ivanov
is Radio Ictimai, etc., but I don't know some DXer who recognize the
exact ID.

Some notes: On 9677 kHz there are now two stations - on as jamming.

Ictimai in Azeri means Public; in Azerbaijan there is not DST but in
Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh there is DST. The sounds, the speakers,
the music between the news are the same now as were in the past by
V of Justice.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, dxld Dec 30)

AUSTRALIA   Photos of Symban World Radio and antenna in tropical wave
2368 kHz and FM 93.3 MHz from Sydney, NSW. EXCLUSIVE:

From year 2008 (Presumably). Other pictures in the tropical wave antenna,
FM, Radio link antenna to studio, etc. You can see this link of Radio
Symban, section Photos


they disclose at 2369 AM on the website.

Radio Symban was founded in April 1997 by Angelo Matsoukas, a person with
a wealth of knowledge in radio both in Greece and in Australia since the
1970s. The vision of Angelo Matsoukas and his colleagues was to create a
radio station with a 24 hour Greek radio programme which would respect the
political and religious convictions of all listeners, a value which has
been respected by all and which makes up the philosophy of the station
until today.

Watch your tropical wave antenna Radio Symban, some limited stations in
Brazil in tropical wave use the same scheme.

Videos DXing received in Japan


* Photo year 2015 Studios Symban World Radio *


(Daniel Wyllyans-MT-BRA, hcdx Dec 25)

However, the private station, 2368, Radio Symban, Sydney NSW has not been
heard since about July or August, and still remains off-air; perhaps for
good? Who knows!

Over the last week, 2325 kHz ABC Tennant Creek, NT and 2485 kHz ABC
Katherine, NT have both been off air with different technical
problems. New parts have arrived, been installed, and both
transmitters were back on air last night when I checked at 1020 UT.
(Rob VK3BVW Wagner, HF Underground via Daniel Wyllyans-MT-BRA,
hcdx Dec 25)

BHUTAN   6035.05   BBS Thimpu, at *0050-0125 on Jan 5:

*0050-0101: suddenly on; no intro;
            straight into repetitive indigenous chanting.
0101-0112:  monologue (news?).
0112 & 0115 brief indigenous instrumental music.
0117-0125:  indigenous music and singing/chanting.

Still with grayline reception.
My local sunset at 0105 UT, while Bhutan sunrise was at 0052 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 5)

6035.05, BBS Thimpu, at *0057 on Dec 24:
*0057-0100: no intro - straight into indigenous chanting.
0100-0111:  monologue (news?).
0111-0119: items with brief indigenous instrumental music between items.
0119-0126: indigenous chanting/singing.

My local sunset at 0056, while Bhutan sunrise was at 0048 UT.
Close to a perfect match up for grayline reception.

6035.05  BBS. Dec 28 listening for sign on between 0030-0125 UT, but
nothing heard; they signed on later; by 0140 noted open carrier, but by
then was too late for any audio. My only window of opportunity here for
BBS reception is about 0040-0120 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Dec 30)

BRAZIL   3195 (Nao Indentificado) escuto um homem conversando em idioma
ingles na coversa ele citou o Brazil, ate tocaram uma musica no progama e
o estilo parece bastate radio difusao evangelico? verificado se o sinal
vinha de 3185 kHz e 3215 kHz ambos canais USA estava com diferentes OMS.
SINPO 35233 Dia 03 de Janeiro 2015 em 02:17 UT.
[visible are only two UNID stn signal strings on Jan 4 at 0515 UT
on 3193.614 and 3199.294 kHz ... wb.]

4862.77   Radio Alvorada de Londrina OM CX Sobre o ser humano estava em
rede com a rede milicia sat, o progama vinha de Sao Bernado do Campo - SP
o locutor cita a rede, percebe que a radio alvorada de londrina esta em
rede durate boa parte dos progamas durante o dia e noite. A frequencia
central recebida em minha regiao e 4862.77 kHz e estava soltando alguns
Spurius no 4861 kHz 4863 kHz, 4864 kHz e muito levemente no 4865 kHz,
quanto a radio verdes florestas parecida presumidademente esta OFF durante
a minha escuta as 2327 UTC de 03 de Dezembro 2015 SINPO 34222.
(Daniel Wyllyans-BRA, hcdx Jan 4)

On Jan 4 at 0500 UT I see only an UNID stn signal string on 4862.254 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

11855.05  on Jan 3 at 0447 UT, JBA carrier from R. Aparecida, edging
closer to truly accurate frequency.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Jan 3)

11780.098 accurate footprint of RNB/RNA program in BrasPort,singer group
at 0515 UT on Jan 4, S=9+10dB signal strength in FL-US remote SDR post of
N9JY. An young boys singer group performed already.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

CHINA   9520 {recently odd 9519.978, wb.}   PBS Nei Menggu. In Dec 2014,
I often heard their nice multi-language IDs at sign off, including one in
English - "Radio Inner Mongolia - Voice of Inner Mongolia."

Recently checked again and found they have dropped the ID in English; now
only in Chinese and Mongolian. Dec 26 (1552-1605* UT) and // 7420 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 3)

CHINA   When looked out at R Sana'a signal on 11860 kHz channel
in 0530-0610 UT slot today Jan 4, came across of 3 spurious - or rather
intermodulations of CRI En/Chinese lesson hour ... from powerhouse beast
Kashgar/Kashi bcast center in western China. Brought tremendous signals on
11870 and 11895 kHz into the Arabian peninsula, - as well could also be
compared to same program outlet via CRI Cerrik Albania on 11750 kHz latter

Kashgar intermodulation / spurious 56.8 kHz distant combination noted
around 11813.2 kHz, 11845.000 kHz, and 11926.8 kHz - latter difficult to
trace due of VoIRIB Kamalabad-IRN in Dari.

CRI basics 11895 and 11870 kHz were S=9+25dB,
but intermodulation on 11845 kHz only S=8-9 strength,
- ? or had Xian Chinese 11845 kHz carried the wrong English audio feed ?

4940.000  China has aligned that TX lately to exact x.000 Hz even
frequency channel again. Voice of Strait from Fuzhou southern China coast,
in Chinese.

Was some 50 Hz downwards on lower sideband previously in Nov/Dec 2015.
At 1205 UT on Jan 4 noted S=9+10dB fair signal in downunder Queensland
remote server unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

CHINA / KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   4820 even frequency  PBS Xizang Chinese,
S=5-6 fair signal, talk by men, from Lhasa Tibet at 1219 UT.

4819.887  co-channel another string visible on Perseus software screen
display, probably likely Radio Birinchi from R1 Bishkek KGZ Krasnaya
Rechka bcast center site. Tiny S=4-5 signal stated at 1221 UT on Jan 4.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

CHINA   new 5006-USB (ex: 6225 kHz), VC01, Chinese military numbers
station, randomly monitoring from 1239 to 1523 UT, Jan 8; non-stop
numbers via mechanical synthesis voice; mostly fair. Thanks to
Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan) for the timely tip, who heard VC01
at 1020 UT today.

Why is VC01 broadcasting non-stop here? Now completely blocking
the low powered Japanese station; per Aoki:

5006 kHz HFD Radio Station 0000-2400 UT daily  H3A-mode  0.2  Non-Dir
Tokyo-Chofu J  35 39 N 139 32 E JG2XA // 8006 kHz.

contains my three minute audio (fair quality).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

Re: China - V26 Chinese numbers station on new 5006 USB

Thanks very much to Amano (Japan) for the correction of my log.
In fact I heard VC01, a Chinese military numbers station, not V26.

"Ron-san. Thank you for your great reception audio. I have just heard
the audio. The results that I have heard from the audio, it's not
V26 but VC01.

VC01's another name has called Chinese Robot.
Reference (VC01) -

My audio: Jan 28 (Sat) 2012 at 1650 UTC on 5195 kHz (USB) -
<>  ."

Then it would seem that 5006-USB is in fact ex: 6225-USB, the Chinese
military station that I had recently been hearing. Audio of that
reception at

As always, appreciate Amano's expert assistance!
(Ron to Amano-JPN, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 9)

CUBA   9535  weak LOW MODULATED RHC signal heard around 0525 UT, only
noted on the US east coast. No signal did propagate towards Edmonton
Alberta-CAN and Vancouver island in western area part at this hour.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

CZECH REPUBLIC   Mediumwave usage still in Czechia in 2016.

Die Meldung betraf tatsaechlich nur das Programm CRo-Plus.

Alle MW Frequenzen 1332 / 954 / 639 kHz, sind on-air mit dem Programm CRo
Dwojka. Vom verbliebenen CRo Plus-Sender in Ostrava auf 639 kHz ist hier
zumindest aktuell nichts zu hoeren, da der starke Sender in Liblice mit
CRo Dwojka dominiert.
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX ng Jan 5)

CZECH REPUBLIC   at 17.41 UT on Jan 6, Topolna on 270 kHz longwave on air,
- why not ?

R Journal ID heard at S=9+30dB or -40dBm on Perseus remote net unit in
eastern Czech Republic, location on mountains between Ostrova Czech
Republic and Wroclaw in Poland.

the others

 639 kHz S=9+40dB -32dBm,
1233 kHz S=9+30 dB -42dBm
1287 kHz only Spanish stations heard.
1071 kHz nil CZE station.  -- at 17.41 UT on Jan 6th.
wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 6)

DJIBOUTI   IBB Radio Sawa, Djibouti Arta-Dorale, 1431 kHz 600 kW, 2200 UT,
Jan 4. Arabische Musik und Sprache - das duerfte tatsaechlich aus Djibouti
kommen, wenn ich mich nicht irre.

Schoenes Log, Danke Reinhold. Das Signal ist an meiner Afrika Beverage
auch sehr stark, das ist sicher Sawa aus Djibouti. Im Hintergrund ist
Radio Fars aus dem Iran zu hoeren.
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM, A-DX ng,
<>   <  Jan 4)

ex FRANZ. SOMALILAND  - IBB History 2001 - 2004.
... daran haben bei der Technik im Aufbau der 1431 kHz Djibouti Station
die IBB Deutschland Spezialisten aus Ismaning und Lampertheim
rund um Ing. Schott nach dem Dec 2001 heftigst gewerkelt.
Und nebenher den RTD tx 4780 kHz auch noch wieder her-gerichtet.

Erste Tests erfolgten dann im Febr 2004:

DJIBOUTI   1431  IBB's 600 kW medium wave tx in Djibouti will begin test
txions on 1431 kHz at 1600-0400 from Febr 1, 2004, carrying one of the
Radio Sawa streams in Arabic.
(Dan Ferguson-USA, "via SWBC mail list at Topica" Jan 30)

The new 600 kW mediumwave tx installed in Arta-Dorale, southern Djibouti
by the US Broadcasting Board of Governors has started txions. It carries
Radio Sawa in Arabic, at 1600-0400 UTC on 1431 kHz, beamed to Egypt, Saudi
Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen from a three tower directional antenna system.
The agreement signed on 18 June 2002.
(RNW MN NL Feb 2, 2004)

1431 0000-0400 SAW MRN6 ARAB DJI 02/02/2004 03/27/2004
1431 1600-2400 SAW MRN6 ARAB DJI 02/01/2004 03/27/2004
According to Thales the station has a three tower directional array.
Two pattern possible.

1431  Radio Sawa [US IBB-BBG]. Reliable reports from Djibouti indicate
that nighttime testing, possibly using both directional and non-
directional antenna modes, should now be underway or commence very
(Ydun Ritz-DEN Mar 4, Ydun's MW Nx via dxld Mar 8, 2004)

R. Sawa, via Djibouti, 1431 kHz MW, is now running 300 kW in the daytime,
600 kW at night.

Distance Djibouti to central Somalia 800-900, to Mogadishu 1050, and to
Nairobi 1650, to Kampala 1750 kms.

See the purple coloured line on the IBB footprint, and you will see
reliable reception up to Sinai peninsula, that's 2100 kilometers.

If the antennas are set reverse, like main signal director/reflector
southwards, set a mirror image on this purple coloured line, you will see
reliable reception on the main lobe at 150 degrees southwards, that's
1000 kms to the Somali coast line, and 1000 kilometres more into
Indian Ocean fishering fleet; and German Marines which keep watch
to the coastal traffic between Kenya-Dar es Salaam and Red Sea.

But also non-dir pattern would cover most of Somali on sufficient
signal level.

new IBB US Dorale site [3 mast tower installation for 1431 MW] of Febr
23, 2004y, 3 kms away southwestwards at 3 mast tower location
11 34 01.03 N  43 04 02.64 E
measuring with the goniometer on the google earth browser image,
shows 325-330 / 145-150* degrees direction.

TX seems Thales, but antenna built up by Antenna of Benj. F. Dawson III,
P.E., Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers, LLC, 9500 Greenwood Avenue
North, Seattle, WA, 98103 USA.
(Ben Dawson-WA-USA, dxld Feb 17, 2004y)

Details of the IBB Djibouti pattern were given in the procurement,
which was on line when issued in 2002. It is "super-cardioid,"
boresight a 325 degrees true, 3 element, in-line. It can also
operate omni- directionally.

* 148deg It cannot, in its present feed system configuration, be reversed.

Also spelt Doraleh (RTD website) - but was the older 1539 kHz 40 kW site:

- C'est en 1983, avec le concours de la cooperation allemande (ex RFA)
qu'un centre d'emission pour la radiodiffusion a ete installe a Doraleh en
banlieue de la ville de Djibouti. Ce centre, desormais avait la capacite
de diffuser en onde moyenne, en onde courte, en modulation de frequence et
de produire des emissions radios.
(Olle Alm-SWE, BC-DX Feb 6, 2004)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA   5004.9965 accurate frequency read at 0535 UT on Jan 4.

Thanks to continuesly issued monitoring tips of Ron Howard in CA on the
Bata operation in UTC mornings, I was negative on previous day Jan 3rd
log, but today on Jan 4 around 0535 UT was a very poor tiny signal string
VISIBLE in Italy and Greece remote SDR server posts.

But NOTHING could be recorded on audio file, signal was far low under
threshold level, at least to mention here in southern Europe posts.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

FRANCE   LORAN-C-System 100 kHz ceased for ever.

Lesnay France Loran stn, 100 kHz, 165 kW 195 m mast
49 08 55.31 N  01 30 16.91 W
(Dominique Kremp-F, A-DX ng; via wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

Hier in Kiel Germany war das Signal immer noch sehr stark aufzunehmen und
machte natuerlich auch ueber die 100 kHz hinaus noch Krach.
(Daniel Kaehler-D, A-DX ng, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

Das ist ja mal eine Nachricht die mir gefaellt. Auch hier an der HDLA
macht Loran C die halbe Langwelle dicht.
(Sven Dibbert-Midsund_NOR, A-DX ng, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

... dann kannst Du auch froh sein die 165 kW Schleuder los zu sein,

... und dass die Partei, die immer recht hatte,
den Chayka Sender in Ribnitz-Damgarten DDR/GDR am Darss
nicht mehr verwirklichen konnte, - die liebe SED verblich vorher.

Das 4rer Kettenglied sollte am Flughaefele Puetnitz bei Ribnitz-Damgarten
errichtet werden, mit entsprechendem QRM in Kiel ...

mit den drei Pendants in
Esztergom  in Nord-Ungarn,
Kunmadaras in Ost-Ungarn und
Pleven     in Bulgarien, - see history below.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

[history BULGARIA/former GDR/HUNGARY - non]   I came across about erection
of CHAYKA / LORAN "Long Range Aid to Navigation chain" system on eastern
block countries Bulgaria, GDR, and Hungary in 1989 - 1990, but never
realized !


at GDR_Damgarten, planned Chayka navigation sender, north of airport
54 16 08.30 N  12 28 12.66 E  or
54 16 59.07 N  12 26 31.16 E


and 2 x Hungary, somewhere at Esztergom Hungary


and close to Kunmadaras Hungary, next to the atomic bomb stock
and the SS-22 nuclear bomber airport.


as well as at Pleven BUL, 22 kms east of Pleven MW 594 kHz site
25 04 E  43 20 N


For land and air navigation, some activity is performed Eastern Europe.

Indeed a new CHAYCA chain is planned between Eastern Germany, Hungary and
Bulgaria; the planned positions of this new proposed chain were:

GDR     Damgarten  12 27 E  54 15 N  Puetnitz airbase
Hungary Esztergom  18 45 E  47 46 N
Hungary Kunmadaras 20 47 E  47 24 N  Kunmadaras
Bulgaria Pleven    25 01 E  43 20 N  Russian airfleet airbase Kamenets

No news are available about the status of the new proposed chain nor about
the consequences of recent political changes. At any rate it can be stated
that, at least from July-August 1990, no activity was observed.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 3, 2010)

Mehr in unserem Archive unter BULGARIA bei file bcdx959.txt aus 2010,
unzipped aus dem Archive

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

FRANCE   The Radio France website now has an article on the closure of
mediumwave stations together with a link to their FM frequencies for each


"Il sera suivi au 31/12/2016 de l'arret de la diffusion en ondes longues."
Does this mean that Radio France will cease broadcasting on longwave at
the end of 2016 ?  (Harald Kuhl-D, BrDXC-UK)

Yes, that's a confirmation of what was said earlier this year.
Presumably as for medium wave they will put in some additional FM outlets


A partir du 31 decembre 2015 'a 24h00, les emetteurs diffusant en ondes
moyennes les programmes de Radio France cesseront definitivement
d'emettre. Ces emetteurs diffusaient jusqu"a present France Info, France
bleu RCFM et France Bleu Elsass.

L'arret du mode de diffusion en ondes moyennes (au 31 decembre 2015),
prevu dans le Contrat d'objectifs et de moyens de Radio France 2015 -
2019, vise 'a adapter le mode de diffusion de nos antennes aux nouveaux
usages et aux technologies d'aujourd'hui. La diffusion en ondes moyennes,
procede mis en service entre 1937 et 1944, s'avere en effet aujourd'hui
obsolete. Cette technique est de moins en moins integree dans les
recepteurs par les industriels. Le nombre d'auditeurs 'a l'ecoute des
ondes moyennes est desormais marginal. L'arret du mode de diffusion en
ondes moyennes participe egalement de la mise en oeuvre du plan
d'economies prevu dans la trajectoire financiere de Radio France. Il sera
suivi au 31/12/2016 de l'arret de la diffusion en ondes longues.

Pour toucher les publics sur tous les territoires et elargir l'audience
des antennes, Radio France privilegie une amelioration de la diffusion en
modulation de frequences, la FM demeurant le premier mode de consommation
de la radio d'aujourd'hui.

Dans un contexte d'evolution des usages (un auditeur sur 7 ecoute Radio
France sur un support connecte), Radio France investit egalement dans la
distribution de toutes ses chaines et de tous ses programmes sur les
terminaux connectes (smartphones, ordinateurs, tablettes, TV ....). et
propose de nouveaux services tels que les webradios et les applications

La couverture des auditeurs de France Bleu et de France Info dans les
zones qui etaient couvertes par les ondes moyennes sera donc desormais
assuree par la FM et internet (cliquer ici pour consulter la liste des
emetteurs FM).
(via Mike Cooper-UK, dxld Dec 30)

FRANCE   France Info Lyon 603 kHz now silent.

The last Radio France mediumwave transmitter, Lyon 603 kHz, has now gone
silent. I was listening to it last night Sunday 3 January when the
transmitter was switched off abruptly at approx 2302 UT - just after
midnight local time in France. Earlier in the evening it had carried the
mass from Notre Dame des Ondes at 1700 UT, which was heard here with good
(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC ng Jan 4)

FRANCE   No, it isn't the end of MW in France. Bretagne 5 is alive and
kicking. And, OK, you may regard the France Bleu Corse Frequenza Mora
stations as low power outlets, but certainly not France Bleu Elsass. The
Selestat transmitter sends out a solid 300 kW. It is well heard in many
parts of Europe at night.

One thing I can tell you is that the local people at Selestat are glad the
blasted thing shuts up at long last. A friend of mine who lives there
recently told me that he is glad he will now be able to listen to his old
LP records again, something he hasn't been able to do since he moved there
30 years ago because the record player demodulated the signal from the
nearby transmitter.

If MW had been used with appropriate power, and only at times when
specific programming is carried, then it would not have been so costly and
Radio France would not have to drop it altogether.
(Remy Friess-F, Dec 28, MWCircle yg via dxld Dec 30)

FRANCE/GERMANY/LUXEMBOURG   RTL Marnach 1440 kHz and Radio France
Sign-on/Sign-off recordings.

The documented recordings of RTL Marnach MW 1440 kHz, last sign-on and
sign-off and France Bleu Alsace, Strassbourg Seletstat 1278 kHz, and
France Info Lille, 1377 kHz, have been posted to the Shortwave Radio Audio





As of this afternoon, France Info Lyon on 603 kHz is still on the air with
co-channel pop music QRM. I recall reading that it is scheduled to go off
(Richard Langley-CAN, dxld Jan 3)

[LUXEMBOURG]   Re: DLF MW deadline, CRI unaware of 1440 kHz closure
Dec 31?  Correction now:

acc to our German Govt Atomic clock and synchro with my local PC.

At 22.44 UT on RTL 1440 Marnach carries sic:
"religious of the longtime client of <Radio Freundesdienst> religious
in German ? from Switzerland.

rather correct:
1440 kHz CRI literture program section in German til 22.57:47 UT,
midst on the spoken literure reader started LUXembourg National Anthem
Hymn, lasted til 22.59:05 UT, end of Hymn,

5 seconds later then at 22.59:10 UT TX OFF air - for ever.

On 1440 kHz afterwards Arabic from Saudi Arabia heard in southern Germany.
vy 73 wolfy df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 3)

My recording of the RTL Marnach 1440 kHz sign-off is here:


It seems that the program that was interrupted in mid-sentence was CRI-
Panorama or possibly Chinesische Literatur, which may or may not be part
of CRI-Panorama. It didn't sound particularly religious to me and I heard
no mention of Freundes Dienst.
(Richard Langley-CAN, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 2)

Yes dear Richard, you are right and correct in CRI / RTL 1440 kHz detail
of Dec 31, at 22.59 UT ...

LUX National Anthem started as crash start midst on the sentence of the
CRI German sce literature reading ...

( n o t   religious progrm of Radio Freundesdienst from
Switzerland AT THIS HOUR),

that item was MY FAULT, due of much stress - to
follow all ten bcasts in LUX, Germany and France at once.

Comment too:
correct to accurate "off at 22:59:10 UTC"
i.e. 23.59:10 CET central european time.


listen to the dropbox recordings :

all times in CET (UTC +1 hr) - Dropbox:



Mitschnitte MW-Senderabschaltungen

Ich habe mit dem PERSEUS und HDSDR an Silvester/Neujahr die gesamte
Mittelwelle aufgezeichnet. Die AOR-Rahmenantenne war Richtung Suedwest
ausgerichtet. Deswegen kam Neumuenster auch schwach rein. Selestat hat
sich sich zum Abschied mal wieder in sein typisches tiefes Fading
verloren, aber man kann auch leise "Adieu" sagen...

Ansonsten ein trauriger Tag fuer alle Freunde der Mittelwelle, besonders
wenn gleich so viele Schwergewichte binnen 90 Minuten fuer immer aus der
Luft gehen!

Meine Mitschnitte von den Abschaltungen der unten stehenden Liste liegen
in der Dropbox [recordings}:



Die folgenden Sender habe ich nun als Mitschnitt aus den HDSDR-Aufnahmen
extrahiert und exakten Uhrzeiten, wann der Traeger verschwunden ist,
mittels Zeitstempel herausgesucht:

Deutschlandfunk  549 kHz, Thurnau & Neumuenster:      23:51:50
Deutschlandfunk  756 kHz, Koenigslutter & Ravensburg: 23:51:40
Deutschlandfunk 1269 kHz, Neumuenster: 23:52:20
Deutschlandfunk 1422 kHz, Heusweiler:  23:57:30

RTL Radio 1440 kHz, Marnach:           23:59:00

France Bleu 107.1 864 kHz, Paris:      01:09:40
France Info 1206 kHz, Bordeaux:        01:11:45
France Info 1242 kHz, Marseille: nach  01:15:00
France Bleu Elsass 1278 kHz, Selestat: 01:13:10
France Info 1377 kHz, Lille:           01:14:10
France Info 1494 kHz, Clermont-Ferrand 01:06:20
France Info 1557 kHz, Nice:            01:20:50

Lediglich bei France Info auf 1242 kHz aus Marseille konnte ich nicht
exakt feststellen wann der Sender off-air ging. Vermutlich war es um
01:15 Uhr, jedenfalls habe ich ihn den Aufnahmen danach nicht mehr bis
02:00 Uhr hoeren koennen. Deshalb endet mein Mitschnitt auch kurz nach

Auf 1404 kHz ist zeitweise France Info (Brest, Dijon, Grenoble) mit Hall
zu hoeren, kurz nach 01:00 Uhr verschwinden diese aber allesamt.
Hier mache ich noch einen Mitschnitt von.

Die beiden Sender aus Korsika (1404 kHz, Ajaccio und 1494 kHz, Bastia)
mit France Bleu RCFM konnte ich in den Aufnahmen bisher nicht entdecken
- es sind aber auch viereinhalb Stunden Material...

Da France Info zum Zeitpunkt der Aufnahmen ueber die Sender Rennes
(711 kHz) und Lyon (603 kHz, - latter ceased later on Jan 3 at 2302 UT,
wb) weiterhin zu hoeren war, habe ich hiervon auch keine Mitschnitte
(Oliver Schmidt-D, A-DX ng Jan 3)

GERMANY/SRI LANKA   Photos of MW-Sender Heusweiler Saar, sightseeing tour
photos in 2015 year, - sent in A-DX ng via "Paul Reinersch" Saar, Germany.


The SR Heusweiler 400 kW MW unit of 1977-1978 year went, - as gift of the
all-German Evangelical Church - here ERF-TWR branch Wetzlar Germany,
- refurbished then  -  to SLBC/TWR Sri Lanka site at Puttalam-CLN
on 890/891 kHz, later moved down to 882 kHz channel.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 3)

Trans World Radio India, TWR Sri Lanka site MW Puttalam
07 58 35 N  79 48 08 E

Mediumwave: 882 kHz 400 kW, transmitter operated by SLBC Colombo.
(Alan Davies, Asiawaves MW sites)

GERMANY   SR 2 Medienwelt - media magazine, Saarebruck,
at 19 Dec 2015 and 02 Jan 2016:


(Paul Reinersch-D, A-DX ng Jan 4)

GERMANY   Schedule (eff 1 Jan 2016) from Kall Eifel Germany.

Das Sendezentrum Kall (Funkhaus Euskirchen e.V.
Kuchenheimer Str. 155, 53881 Euskirchen, Germany,


hat nach eigenen Angaben zum 1. Januar 2016 folgenden Sendeplan
(Sprachenfolge bei Radio Mi Amigo nach deren Website


00.00-24.00  3985 kHz Radio 700, darin:

07.00-09.00  Radio Belarus
17.00-17.30  neu So Musikalische Reise durchs letzte Jahrhundert
17.30-18.00  Radio Bulgarien: Deutsch
18.00-19.00  Mo-Fr Radio Mi Amigo: Mo Di Fr Englisch, Mi Deutsch,
             Do Niederlaendisch
19.00-20.30  Radio Slowakei International: Deutsch.
             19.30 Franzoesisch. 20.00 Englisch
19.27-19.30  Mo-Fr Nordschleswiger
20.30-21.00  Voice of Mongolia: Englisch, Sa Radiodienst Polska (Deutsch)
21.00-23.00  Radio Belarus

07.00-18.00  6005 kHz Radio 700, darin:

07.00-09.00  Mo-Fr Radio Belarus
07.00-11.00  Sa Radio Mi Amigo: Niederlaendisch. 08.00 Englisch.
             09.00 Deutsch
07.00-11.00  So Radio Mi Amigo: Englisch. 08.00 Niederlaendisch.
             09.00 Englisch. 10.00 Englisch
11.00-13.00  Sa Radio Mi Amigo: Deutsch. 12.00 Niederlaendisch
11.00-11.30  neu So Musikalische Reise durchs letzte Jahrhundert
12.00-13.00  So Radio Amathusia: Niederlaendisch
13.00-14.00  So Hollands Palet: Niederlaendisch
14.00-15.00  Radio Slowakei International: Deutsch. 14.30 Franzoesisch
14.27-14.30  Mo-Fr Nordschleswiger
15.00-15.30  Voice of Mongolia: Englisch
15.30-16.00  Radio Bulgarien: Deutsch
16.00-17.00  Mo-Fr Radio Mi Amigo: Mo Di Fr Englisch, Mi Deutsch,
             Do Niederlaendisch
16.00-17.00  4. So Radio Gloria International

07.00-15.30  7310 kHz Radio 700, darin:

07.00-08.00  Radio Slowakei International: Deutsch. 07.30 Franzoesisch
08.00-08.30  Voice of Mongolia: Englisch
08.30-09.00  Radio Bulgarien: Deutsch
10.00-11.00  4. So Radio Gloria International
11.00-15.00  So Radio Mi Amigo: Englisch. 12.00 Niederlaendisch.
             13.00 Englisch. 14.00 Niederlaendisch
15.00-15.30  neu So Musikalische Reise durchs letzte Jahrhundert
15.30-16.00  Radio Slowakei International: Englisch

stundenweise: 9560 kHz
09.00-13.00  Sa Radio Mi Amigo: Deutsch.  12.00 Niederlaendisch
09.00-13.00  So Radio Mi Amigo: Englisch. 10.00 Niederlaendisch.
             11.00 Englisch. 12.00 Niederlaendisch
13.00-14.00  Radio Slowakei International: Englisch. 13.30 Franzoesisch
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 3)

GUYANA   3290  Voice of Guyana noted on Jan 5, 6, and 7th.

Jan 7 - VOG on 3290 kHz, from 0208 to 0411 UT; third consecutive day of
above threshold level audio; another day of a local music show (0208-0400
UT); tentatively heard the program ID - " 'Straight from the Heart' to
you"; countless brief segments of Bryan Adams singing "Straight from the
Heart," always followed by announcer in English; 0227 UT finally one very
faint ID - "You are listening to the Voice of Guyana".

Songs played - Kenny Rogers with "You Decorated My Life," Whitney Houston
"I Will Always Love You," Bee Gees "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart,"
etc.; poor with QRN that sounded more like summertime static;
0401 UT seemed to be BBC news; almost readable, but not quite.

On the web found an interesting letter to the editor (Sept 22, 2010)
talking about, among other things, "VOG's 'Music to Remember',
'Soundsational' and 'Straight from the Heart' all tie for best English
musical programme"; letter also had nice observations about listening to
the radio.



contains my poor quality audio. Even with QRN was still very happy to be
hearing VOG again.

3290, Voice of Guyana, at 0150-0317 UT on Jan 6. Another day of decent
reception; the whole time was just one long music program with two
announcers (many segments with them always taking during their theme music
- "A Summer Place"); songs included "Just My Imagination," "Dream Lover,"
"Don't Know Much About History," "When A Man Loves A Woman," etc.; unable
to make out what was said (low modulation), but the music was fairly

My audio at
poor quality)
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 7)

3290  *Voice of Guyana*, at 0210-0350 UT on Jan 5. Due to outstanding
propagation, had much stronger reception than normal; very rare for me to
have such well above threshold level audio; a special reception for me!
Their local program of all EZL pop songs in English (Michael Jackson with
"The Lady In My Life," "Heal The World," "The Girl is Mine" (along with
Paul McCartney), Dionne Warwick, et al. with "That's What Friends Are
For," Barry Manilow with "I Made It Through The Rain," etc.); started out
poor and slowly improved to close to fair. Very enjoyable to catch this
one after such a long time since I last had actual audio.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 5)

3289.988  accurate frequency UNID signal string visible in MA/NJ/KY-US
remote stations, around 0319 UT on Jan 6.

BUT  HEAVY  UTE  like digital Stanag signal in broadband range 3287.6 kHz
to 3290.6 kHz, latter S=8 strength in US east coast, but noted S=9+10dB in
western Europe.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 6)

INDIA   Some AIR 60 meterband stations observed in 1155-1220 UT time slot
on Jan 4 in SDR remote net at Brisbane Australia remote server.

5010.005  AIR Thiruvananthapuram from Chennai, subcontinental Hindi? music
          at 1201 UT, poor S=4-5 in Australia.

4970.015  AIR Shillong, shrill female singer voice from subcontinental
          style heard at S=6-7 level at 1203 UT.

4920.0    Two bcast stn mixture of PBS Xizang CHN and AIR Chennai Hindi
          program, latter S=5 poor signal.

4910.002  AIR Jaipur Hindi sce, tiny S=4 signal, mens talk heard
          at 1208 UT.

4894.9955 AIR Kurseong, shrill subcontinental singer noted at 1209 UT,
          but fair S=7 signal though.

4880.005  AIR Lucknow, much tiny in AUS, S=4 only at 1216 UT Jan 4.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

INDONESIA   3904.983 kHz noted a radio station played South Sea music -
nice singer performance, could be really from RRI Merauke, observed at
S=8-9 level in downunder remote SDR unit at Brisbane Queensland in
Australia, noted at 1153 UT on Jan 4.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

INDONESIA   LV de Indonesia 9525 (!) kHz at 1744 UT on Jan 2.

VoINS genau auf 9525 kHz zu hoeren.
Seit wann sendet man den wieder auf der Nominalfrequenz ?
Das habe ich schon eine geraume Zeit bemerkt. Weiss aber nicht genau,
seit wann, weil ich nicht regelmaessig dort nachschaue.
(Heinrich DF8RY, A-DX ng Jan 2)

Ich auch nicht, daher auch die kleine Verwunderung meinerseits. Bei meinem
letzten Logbucheintrag im Zuge des DSWCI-Contests Anfang Oktober 2015 war
die Frequenz noch knapp unter 9526 kHz.
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Dec 10)

re 9526 / 9525v.
Bis Ende Nov 2015 war INS immer bei 9525.990v kHz, einige Jahre lang,
danach war der Sender 'ne Woche ausser Betrieb, und seit dem 10. Dez.
nunmehr 1 kHz tiefer bei akurat 9524.981 kHz.

Die Station hatte ja mal 3 Sender, einer war domestic bei 9680.051v kHz,
der andere international bei 9525.891 kHz, der Dritte war

9524.981  VoIndonesia's English sce from Jakarta Cimanggis, poor S=6
signal, noted in Doha Qatar Perseus remote post at 1235 UT on Dec 28.
Young lady singer, mix of Indonesian and Pacific 'South Sea' song kind, -
smooth and sweet.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 28, 2015)

History Cimanggis; and Ujung Padang, Bonto Sunggu Jeneparto in Sulawesi:

Unser Stuttgarter Roland in den Philippinen meldete um die Jahre
1999-2005:  RRI / VoINS Cimanggis varies again,
heard recently on either 9524.9, 15149.82, or on 11784.8 kHz.

INDONESIA   VoINS was on 11785.98 kHz from 1600 UT, today Oct 2nd.
They use three different txs, one is +xx.90...98 kHz, like 9525.96 or
11785.98, another -x4.86, the third unit or -x4.74 kHz.
(9524.xx / 11784.873 kHz to Febr 2008 year).
(Roland Schulze-Pangasinan-PHL, BC-DX Oct 2nd / Jan 16, 1999-2008)

9524.88  VoINS, 2031-2040 UT, OC as early as 2016, soft pop mx.
(Roland Schulze-Pangasinan-PHL, BC-DX Nov 2002)

Die damals neuen Marconi-England Sender in Ujung Padang und Sumatra waren
im Jahr 1996 schon nach einem Halbjahr in den Tropen defekt und gleich
danach ausser Betrieb bzw. in Ujung Sulawesi nur noch ein einzelner Sender
regelmaessig in der Luft.

Damals vom besten Kenner der INS Radio Szene aller Jahrzehnte David
Forster aus Australien gemeldet.

Einer aus Ujung hampelte noch jahrelang bei 11885 kHz Richtung Peking-
Tokyo-Alaska CAN/USA Azimuth herum. Lag es an den Tropen Bedingungen, -
oder gar an der efehlenden Main Power Versorgung f?r drei
Hochleistungssender im Urwald?
Eine grosse Verschwendung von indonesischen Steuergeldern.

Die rostigen Anlagen bei Ujung Padang, Bonto Sunggu Jeneparto im Sulawesi
Urwald erinnern doch sehr an den
OHR_Duga3_Woodpecker_Chernobyl_July 1976 - Dec 1989 323degr Schrott,
dann besser 'hastige' Bisamberg oder Wertachtal Entsorgung.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 3)

IRAN   1278  IRIB Kermanshar. At 2228 UT on Jan 2nd. Anthem and ID by
female in Farsi. Into more classical mx and end of transmission. SIO: 333.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 7)

IRN__Kermanshah 1278 kHz 300/200 kW, also ITU listed 1422 kHz 100 kW,
location at
34 27 37.14 N  46 57 27.79 E

JAPAN   Two Nikkei programs on 75 mb logged on remote unit downunder in
Brisbane. Radio Nikkei-1 talk program on 3925 kHz, Radio Nikkei-2 music
program on 3945 kHz. Both at S=5-6 level and fluttery at 1156 UT on Jan 4.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

KOREA  D.P.R. /  CHINA    Re: Echo of Hope - VOH / re 4885 kHz on Jan 4.

In Pacific region between Australia and Japan was the 4797 to 4924 kHz
frequency range totally covered by Bubble jamming - pulsating noise.
I don't think that is new CODAR or OTHR mode type interference?

Today Jan 6th heard similar wide scratching signal on
5700 to 5830 kHz, but not BUBBLE, rather scratching / white noise,
totally different kind of sound.

Also VoA English on 4930 kHz 14-18 UT Jan 6th, was covered by white noise
buzz jamming too, like DRM digital / Stanag digital signal. Of course
typical mainland China noise jamming.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 6)

KOREA D.P.R. / JAPAN   5910  Shiokaze / Sea Breeze via Yamata-JPN, on
Jan 2 finally jammed by N. Korean with pulsating noise; at 1348 UT
another special program of classical music before an audience; sound of
applause; in Japanese; usual "Message from the Japanese Government"
segment; identical program as I heard Dec 28.

These special programs were recorded during "North Korean Human Rights
Abuses Awareness Week" (Dec 10-16) and continue to be repeated. Thanks to
Hiroshi and Hiroyuki Komatsubara for their assistance. Much appreciated!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 3)

KOREA   REP OF   Echo of Hope Sagang Hwaseong-KOR on new 4885 kHz.

As there are far fewer stations on 60 metres these days, something on a
new frequency stands out! Today I heard an UNID on 4885 kHz in an East
Asian language (definitely not Chinese) with both Asian and Western music
at 1530 to past 1600 UT. Nothing Asian has been listed on this frequency
for some years.

A Google search found that Ron Howard and others have identified this as
Echo of Hope to North Korea - first heard 21 December.

I confirmed it as Echo of Hope as I could (just) make out that it was in
// with EoH's distinctive 6003 kHz frequency (which was weaker than
4885 kHz). No jamming heard on either frequency.

37 12 46.32 N  126 46 32.52 E
(Chris Greenway-UK, dxld Jan 2)

4885  VoH - Voice of Hope Sagang Hwaseong-KOR at 1528-58+ UT on 1 Jan.
Still in the clear w/ casual chat/mx. // 6003/6348 jammed up. 1st heard
21 Dec on the E5 at 1448-1533 UT w/ Korean chat, chimes/jingle at 1458 UT,
1525 UT & partial ID at TOH thanks to Ron Howard for the complete ID
(Dan Sheedy-CA-USA, dxld Jan 3)

KOREA REP OF   3911.966  accurate fq, logged a Korean stn at 1155 UT, male
and female radioplay heard at S=8-9 level in downunder Australia remote
SDR unit. Underneath heard poor North Korean jamming signal.

3985.022  EoH / VoH program heard with station ID in Korean language
at 1158 UT on Jan 4. S=9+5dB in remote Brisbane SDR server unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

KOREA REP / KOREA D.P.R.   4884.999  Newly channel of EoH VoH program
from Sagang Hwaseong, noted Korean nx at odd time 1209 UT on Jan 4,
NY USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Seoul news details heard.

Accompanied by Bubble-Blubber jamming signal, heard both in Australia and
Japan, - but not! really in Qatar, Russia and European server posts.

In Pacific region between Australia and Japan was the 4797 to 4924 kHz
frequency range totally covered by Bubble jamming.
I don't think that is new CODAR or OTHR mode type interference?

In Brisbane Australia signal strength of S=8-9 on limited range 4841 to
4909 kHz, but totally covered the 60 mb on jamming strength at Tokyo
and Osaka much broadband of S=9+10dB. It's not possible to be heard
strong ABC NT Alice Springs signals on 4835 kHz there.

At 12.27 and 12.28 UT the Bubbler transmitter was two time OFF AIR
for 1-2 seconds, in order to check for EoH VoH news still in progress
on air ?

-- Let's wait and see. --

I narrow and center locate this Bubbler in the Japan, Korea, Taiwan,
or China coastline area.

Voice of Hope from Sagang Hwaseong 4885 kHz location
Sagang Hwaseong, 1134 kHz 500 kW MW two antennas near
37 12 46.32 N  126 46 32.52 E

left of the TX house 6 Mast Sidefire directional antenna

on the street fence corner left side,
two Corner Reflector fountain like antennas,
4885 and 6003 kHz ?
see image of 12 Febr 2015

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31, 2015)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   4009.835  4819.891  5129.965  Observation of
Kyrgyz Radio from Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka-KGZ at 1605 UT on Jan 7.

"4009.969 and 4819.837 kHz footprints at 1220 UT on Oct 14, 2015"

The Kyrgyz seem to switch their transmitters to suit your mood on the
three 75 / 60 meterband frequencies. Possibly they have left of
USSR Soviet era some 4-5 station units?

Today on Jan 7 at 1605 UT
4009.835  Kyrgyz Radio 1, Bishkek of Krasnaya Rechka-KGZ bcast center,
S=8-9 at -75dBm signal, an local domestic radioplay with two announcer
in progress, female and male voices. Two weeks ago Bishkek accurate
precise footprint was upper sideband on 4010.033 kHz on air though.

By opposite contrast, the tx unit in 4820 kHz channel is much weaker
today Jan 7, than 4010v kHz.

4819.891  At 1610 UT on Jan 7 very tiny signal propagate from PBS Xizang
Chinese px on even 4820.0 kHz too, latter S=5 or weak -93dBm. And Bishkek
Krasnaya Rechka-KGZ bcast center tx as usual on lower sideband close to
4819.891 kHz, S=4-5 poor tiny -98dBm.

5129.965  The 3rd Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka-KGZ tx, rent at religious
"Radio Sedaye Zindagi" program (with TWR roots?) noted at 1625 UT
on Jan 7 on 5129.965 kHz in 58 meterband.

All heard on Zakynthos Greece remote SDR Perseus server.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 7)

LAOS   6130.0015  Lao National Radio in Laotian language from Vientiane,
rather in close nigthtime skip zone? Only S=9+10dB or -62dBm signal
observed at 1245 UT on Jan 8. Heard on remote Perseus in Thailand.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

MALAYSIA   [SARAWAK]  9835 // 11665 RTM from Kajan) at 1545-1605+ UT
on 31 Dec 2015. Live NYE celebrations w/ "lima, ampat, tiga, dua, satu.."
countdown at TOH followed by loud gongs & "selamat tahun baru". Negara Ku
after the NY greeting. 11665 kHz closed right after NK & with no "Sarawak
FM" ID heard, this might have been the main RTM studio broadcast rather
than Sarawak FM's program.
(Dan Sheedy-CA-USA, dxld Jan 3)

MOLDOVA   1494  Edinet Yedintsy heard at 1900 UT on Jan 3. Story-telling
by man followed by light mx and a mention of "Radio Moldova" by female in
Moldovan (Romanian language). On top of the hour clear ID. SIO: 333.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 7)

MDA__Edinet Yedintsy MW 1494 kHz 30 kW, location at
48 10 58.89 N  27 17 57.10 E  but seemingly only TV/FM tower mast,
on more easterly side at location
48 10 59.10 N  27 18 03.59 E  an earth net of MW mast is visible too:

MYANMAR   6164.993  Thazin Radio noted from northern Myanmar-Burma area at
Pyin Ou Lwin site. Heard on remote Perseus in Thailand. at 1235 UT on
Jan 8, at S=9+30dB or powerful -41dBm signal level.

5914.992  Myanmar Radio in undoubtedly Burmese - or similar dialect - from
new national capital Naypyidaw MW tx site, logged at 1253 UT on Jan 8 at
S=9+25dB or -45dBm much powerful in Thailand SDR server unit.

5985.0  even frequency of Myanmar Radio in Burmese at 1258 UT on Jan 8,
rather from British empire era Rangoon Yegu site - tentativelly?
Logged at S=9+25dB or -49dBm signal strength.

7199.9965  precise Myanmar Radio outlet from - probably -
Rangoon Yegu site.

Scheduled 0930-1500 UT according Japanese Aoki Nagoya listing. S=9+30dB
signal strength in remote SDR unit in Thailand. Singing ladies chorus in
Burmese, well ahead of China mainland jamming stn against Taiwan Chinese
sce, Chinese lang poor underneath still heard at 1315 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

PHILIPPINES   9520  R. Veritas Asia, at 1327 on Jan 3. Series of IDs in
English before starting scheduled Chin language; totally blocking
reception of PBS Nei Menggu {latter odd 9519.978 kHz, wb.}.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 3)

SAUDI ARABIA-excile?  [YEMEN non]  11860 kHz on Jan 3 at 1434 UT, Radio
Sana'a, ME music at S9+10, into yelling and dramatic music we've heard
before; break for Maghrib sunset call to prayer at 1445:39. Right on: shows today's sunset in Sana'a as 1445; Aden 1446 UT.
Here's how it's been timed the last few days:

x   Jan 2 skipped!
1442:54   Jan  1
1443:28.5 Dec 31
1441:56   Dec 30
1441:22.5 Dec 29

In case anyone can hear 11860 around sunrise, calls to prayer then should
be circa 0322 for Aden, 0330 for Sana'a, a much wider disparity, so which
one would be favored?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Jan 3)

[and various other to compare in 25 mb at that ME region]

Compared the probably Radio Sana'a broadcast via excile Riyadh - supposed
to be reserve log-periodic antenna outlet signal in 0530-0630 UT time
range on Jan 4,

on remote units in Calabria Italy, Zakynthos Greece,
and mainly on Doha Qatar units in Perseus remote SDR net.

11859.997 accurate measured around 0549 UT on Jan 4 as S=9+25dB signal in
Italy and Greece, but at Doha Qatar site only S=6-7 signal, due of local
nearby skip zone, heard at 0640 UT.

To compare 11860 kHz with various services in 25 mb ONLY,
- (and a lot of CRI/CNR nationality domestic stns too)

11625 Vatican Radio SMG Port/French S=9+15dB
11870 and 11895 CRI Kashgar English both S=9+25dB
11880 AUT  AWR ORS Moosbrunn in Arabic, S=9+15dB 0604 UT Jan 4
11925 IRN  VoIRIB Kamalabad in Dari to Eastern IRN/Afghanistan
      at S=9+15dB level
12130 IBB Mashaal R Pashto from Kuwait center S=9+15dB
12140 IBB Azadi Radio Free Afghanistan in Pashto/Dari
      from Kuwait little stronger S=9+20dB.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

SERBIA/ex Yugoslavia   "Beograd 202" bestaetigte meinen Empfang auf
MW 1503 kHz innerhalb von 25 Minuten mit einer detaillierten  e-mail
<sekretarijat.202 -at->

v/s Snezana Grujic, Chief in editor
and Alexander Babic, Secretariat Belgrade 202.
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX ng Jan 8)

SOLOMON ISLS   5020  SIBC at 1540-1606+ UT on 31 Dec. Nice to have them on
late with NY greetings (phone calls, texts) & 2 chatty announcers
("wherever you are, good morning ... it's 2 hours and 45 minutes into
(Dan Sheedy-CA-USA, dxld Jan 3)

SOLOMON ISLS   5020  SIBC / Wantok FM. After hearing the special
extended New Year's Eve broadcast on Dec 31 from 1435 to 1514 UT and
also the special Wantok FM 96.3 simulcast on Jan 1 from 1356 to 1548 UT,
found on Jan 2 & 3 that SIBC/Wantok FM no longer has an extended schedule
past 1200 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 3)

TANZANIA   1377  Radio Free Africa, Mwanza. At 2200 UT dance MX and two
IDs by male. At 2248 UT phone-in-programme in Kisuaheli ??? and again
"Radio Free Africa" was mentioned. SIO: 222, on Jan 2.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 7)

TZA__Mwanza 720 kHz 50/10 kW, Radio Free Africa 1377 kHz 50 kW,
at location
02 27 49.97 S  32 54 57.34 E

THAILAND/CHINA   5869.9 to 5880.1 kHz wide range WHITE NOISE jamming sound
by China mainland security organization against 5875 kHz BBCWS in English
12-14 UT from Nakhon Sawan-THA relay site. Latter S=9+20dB signal
strength. Heard at 1250 UT on Jan 8 on remote Perseus in Thailand.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

TUNISIA   German of RTCI Tunis now at 1400 hrs UTC / 1500 hrs TUN LT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

Deutsch bei RTCI nun um 14.00 Uhr UTC / 15.00 Uhr Tunisia Ortszeit.

Radio Tunis Chaine Internationale
71, Avenue de la Liberte
1002 Tunis, Tunisia


hat am 4. Januar 2016 die Sendeplaetze der nicht-franzoesischen Sendungen

1300-1400 UT Englisch
1400-1500 UT Deutsch     (ex 0803 UT)
1500-1600 UT Italienisch (ex 1403 UT)
1900-2000 UT Spanisch

Die Aenderung, die auch im deutschen Programm am 4. Januar angesagt wurde,
spiegelt sich noch nicht bei


RTCI wird in Tunesien auf UKW (Kef 88,2 MHz, Bizerte und Sousse 92,0 MHz,
Tunis 98,2 MHz, Sfax 99,5 MHz, Gafsa 101,8 MHz) ausgestrahlt und kann auf
der Mittelwelle 963 kHz (100 kW) zeitweise auch jenseits des Mittelmeers
gehoert werden.

Am leichtesten sind die Sendungen via Internet bei
zu verfolgen, die Sendestunden in Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch und
Spanisch auch downloadbar.
(Christian Ghibaudo-Fm 4 Jan 2016 <>; via
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 4)

UZBEKISTAN   another Bubble Jamming on KRE Korean soil:
7615 kHz  Voice of Wilderness in Korean via Tashkent-UZB site relay,
at 1335 UT on Jan 8. Heard on remote Perseus in Thailand.
And accompanied BUBBLE jamming underneath.

[later]  heard in Tokyo Japan remote unit:
7590 kHz  NKRR in Korean via Tashkent-UZB site relay at 1505 UT on Jan 8.
Wideband frequency range jamming bubbler on frequency 7581 to 7599 kHz.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

VIETNAM   All Vietnamese shortwave stations I monitored on 5925, 5975,
6020, and 7210 kHz were on precise accurate xxxx.0 kHz frequency,
at 1254 til 1330 UT on Jan 8th  !

5925.0  Voice of Vietnam 2nd sce in Vietnamese language via Hanoi domestic
site of Xuan-Mai center, logged at 1254 UT, S=9+30dB or -44dBm signal in
eastern Thailand. But outlet was accompanied by some buzz tones either
sideband, 9 x 100 Hertz apart distance peak strings 'like a garden fence'.

5975.0  Voice of Vietnam 1st program from Son Tay tx broadcast center,
heard at 1256 UT on Jan 8. S=9+25dB or -48dBm signal heard in Thailand
remote SDR unit.

6020.0  Voice of Vietnam 4th program from Dac Lac site, S=9+15dB or -55dBm
signal strength at 1306 UT on Jan 8. Slight be neglected little buzz of
200 Hertz noted so far. NX on Cambodia matter at 1308 UT. I monitored

But no spurious signal in 13 kHz apart range COULD BE OBSERVED TODAY.

7210.0  Voice of Vietnam 1st program from Dac Lac site, fair S=8 signal at
13.33 UT on Jan 8. Maybe shortwave signal in 41 mb skip zone, to consider
the short distance between Vietnam and Thailand at this hour.

But on this 41mb VoVTN1 Dac Lac outlet heard again that widely reported
spurious whistle signal of precise measured 13.791 kHz today.
Centered spurs visible on 7196.209 and 7223.791 kHz. ...

... and not much far away noted at 1335 UT probably ETH odd bcast on
7236.332 kHz, centered at 30 Hertz wandering up and down signal range.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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