Diploma Archeologia Industriale nell’Alto Lazio

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Sponsored by the Section Alto Lazio, Italian Amateur Radio Association, establishing permanently an award honoring the history of Industrial Upper Lazio. This is part of the region's cultural activities to spread the history of industrial development in northern Lazio.

The diploma is for Italian and foreign ham operators who carry out the number of contacts made with Italian Special Event Station IQØHL / p during the year which will be active at the various sites that preserve the remains of industrialization materials left by man: all located in the province of Rome and Viterbo, which will be referenced and uniquely identified by an alphanumeric code. This code must be listed in your application.

The following list are the official sites valid for the award  (updated year 2016):

• AI-001 Aurelia station
• AI-002 Mole Station Mignone
• AI-003 Allumiere Station
• AI-004 Monteromano Station
• AI-005 of Civitella Cesi Station
• AI-006 Blera Station
• AI-007 Banned Station Barbarano
• AI-008 Barbarano Station - Vejano
• AI-009 Railroad Works Civitavecchia - Orte
• AI-010 Allumiere Mines
• AI-011 Solfatara of Manzanita
• AI-012 Monterano Mines
• AI-013 Cava Sassicari
• AI-014 Cementicio Cerrano
• AI-015 Cableway of Sassicari
• AI-016 Paper Mill of Tarquinia
• AI-017 Ferriere Ronciglione
• AI-018 Saline di Tarquinia
• AI-019 Mola Monteromano
• AI-020 paper mill Marta

The radio activity of IQØHL / p is valid for the achievement of earning this award. IQ0HL will operate one time per year on 40SSB/CW/Digital at each of the locations listed above for a period of about 4 hours, as they activate an industrial archeology site in the list. Each reference will be activated only once in a year.

Please refer to www.arialtolazio.it/daial page which shows the schedule of activations.

The diploma, regardless of mode of operation, will be issued to the achievement of a number minimum of references contacted by IQØHL / p station; this number will increase annually as new references are added . For the current year (2016), the minimum number of references to be contacted is 6 out of a total of 8. 

For the purposes of the award your application does not have to include all of the QSO information, since the sponsor has the data. ARI Alto Lazio will count the references linked to all the stations that will log in with IQØHL / p station during the valid annual activity for the diploma. Note that the contacts made count only for the calendar year during which contacts are made.

The diploma (dedicated each year to a different site) is free and will be sent by December of the calendar year, to those entitled by e-mail in PDF format. You may print a paper copy with your printer.

E-mail: daial@arialtolazio.it

Internet: www.arialtolazio.it or http://www.iw3hv.it/

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