Galina FESENKO Diploma

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25 February to 2 March 2016


Sponsored by the Volokonovsky Radio Club. From February 25 to March 2 in the framework of the project "Preserving the Past" in honor of the heroic countrymen who died during the liberation of Volokonovsky area from the Nazi invaders, the Volokonovsky radio club has established a special diploma Ghali Fesenko.

Requirements: Earn 20 points.

Point values: amateurs Volokonovsky area - call sign UB3ZDO, R2ZCH, R2ZBR, UB3ZBR, UB3ZDC, RA3ZDC, RA3ZII, R3ZAS, RL3ZG and RK3ZL = 2 points.
2. call signs RN3ZRM and RN3ZDR = 4 points
3. Repeated QSOs with same station OK if made on different bands. All HF bands OK.
Diplomas are available in electronic form sent by e-mail and downloaded free of charge. Send application in the form of a log extract to email address , indicate your call sign, name and surname of the applicant's e-mail address.



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