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This award is a permanent award for making required contacts annually with Antarctic based stations and others as specified in the rules.

Requirements: Make contacts with 2 special activity stations during the current year during the February Antarctic Activity Week, plus an additional QSO with any Antarctic base plus 1 QSO with a "Antarctica veteran", ie a staff person or researcher no longer at the base, anywhere in the world. For example, a notable person such as DL5XL. The AAW activity stations must have a WAP-number.

Contacts began on 01.01.2014. All bands and modes OK.

The diploma, issued by Ukrainian Radio clubs is sent only in electronic format, and should be requested from the Award Manager: UT1KY, Dr. Pavlo Tarasovych, P.O. Box 85, Rivne, 33027, UKRAINE.

E-mail: ut1ky@ukr.net

Source: QRZ.com

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