1050th Anniversary Of The Baptism Of Poland

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1 - 30 April 2016


The receiving of baptism in 966 by the then ruler of Poland – Prince Mieszko I was a very important event in Polish history. This date is considered as the beginning of the existence of the Polish state. By receiving baptism in 966, Mieszko I ensured for Poland a place among the countries of the Christian Europe, – thereby protecting it from forced Christianisation and this event did also contribute to unification of the state.

To celebrate this great event – on the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland, a group of Polish radio amateurs and the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) – has organized from the 1st to 30th of April a radio action during which it will be possible to achieve a commemorative short term award, for contacts with special event stations of the organizer.

Contacts may be made on any of the following bands: 160 m, 80 m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70 cm. All modes are accepted - and repeated contacts are accepted with the same station on the same band, but on another mode.

List of 20 Special Event Stations To Be Contacted Each QSO=100 points:
SN966CHP, SN1050CP, SN1050DG, SN1050D, SN1050JPM, SN1050KJU, SN1050KWA, SN1050LVK, SN1050M, SN1050PRR, SN1050SLU, SN1050W, SN1050PZD, SN1050ZT, SN1050U, SP1050CHR, SN1050PDL, SN1050PKA, SN1050PGK, SN1050PZK.

Award Requirements:
SP and EU stations have to collect 1050 points, and DX stations (outside Europe) have to collect 500 points.
The award is also available to SWL stations on the same basis.

Applications for the award are accepted in electronic form only, through the electronic platform of the organizer at the following website: www.1050cp.pzk.org.pl – until 31st May 2016. In particular cases and within some limits, applications are accepted via e-mail or via traditional mail, and they should be sent to the Award Manager (Hubert Marcinek, SP9MDY). SWL stations have to send extracts of their electronic logs to the e-mail address of the Award Manager: Hubert Marcinek, ul. Raciborska 61, Maków, 47-480 Pietrowice Wielkie/ Poland.  Send to E-mail: sp9mdy@interia.pl.

QSL cards are not required, and verification of the contacts that are specified in the applications is based on data collected by the Internet platform of the organizer – available at the following address: www.1050cp.pzk.org.pl >> On-Line LOG. Confirmation of the contacts with any of all event stations is available for interested persons through the QSL bureaus (QSL exchange), or electronically – via LoTW and QRZ.COM Logbook.

The award will be issued in electronic version only, and for the high scoring stations - who collect the highest number of points in individual categories - the award in paper version will be mailed for free to the following: :
     a. the three best Polish stations,
     b. the three best European stations,
     c. the three best DX stations.

In addition, the President of the PZK will fund the issuance of "TOP-100 Challenge commemorative plaques of merit for the winners in individual categories:
     a. for the best Polish station,
     b. for the best European station,
    c. for the best DX station (outside Europe).

More info please find on our dedicated website at http://1050cp.pzk.org.pl backup link (www.sq2rh.it2.pl/1050cp/ ) These web sites describe in detail our award program, competition, on-line log and @-application and other information related to the program.

E-mail: sq2rh@poczta.it2.pl

Internet: http://sq2rh.it2.pl

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