55th Anniversary of the First Manned Flight Into Space April 12, 1961

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March 1, 2016 to April 12, 2016


A handsome plaque will be issued to radio amateurs / observers in Russia, CIS and foreign countries for making contacts during the period of March 1 to April 30, 2016 QSO / SWL with commemorative special event stations R1961G, R1934G, R12APR, RG55GC, RG61PP, RK55GG, RL55GC, R55CPK, UP55F and other stations who will be participating in days of activity of the Smolensk region.

a. For amateur radio operators of the European part of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - 108 points;

b. For amateur radio operators of the Asian part of Russia, Europe and Asia - 54 points ;

c. For amateur radio operators from other continents - 27 points .

a. Commemorative station = 10 points;
b. Radio Gagarin (RDA region SM-07) = 5 points;
c. Radio operators located in the Smolensk region = 3 points.

a. Repeated QSO / SWL are allowed if the same station is worked on different modes.

b. For amateur radio operators using only VHF (144 MHz or higher), for Plaques it is necessary to make 1 (one) QSO with a commemorative radio station listed above or three (3) QSOs with stations of the Smolensk region.

c. Radio stations from the Smolensk region (participants during the days of activity), in order to earn the plaques, at least 1000 QSOs , or earn 108 points (according to the Regulations).

a. Cost plaques, together with the shipment, shall be:
1. For radio amateurs or Russian observers (SWL) = 700 rubles.;
2. for amateur radio operators / observers in any of the CIS countries = $US20.
3. for radio amateurs or foreign observers = $US30.

Payment is made plaques:
- Hams Russia:

1. A Bank - Extras. office N8609 / 042 PAT Sberbank,core / bank account 30101810000000000632, BIK 046614632,
payee - 42306810859194104723, recipient - Ivanov, Vladimir G.;

2. The postal order -. Ab / Box 150, Central Post Office, -214,000 Smolensk, Russia. Ivanov Vladimir G. Note. To avoid misunderstandings - with the emergence of impersonal translation request to radio amateurs who send payments via the Bank, writing in the column PAYER - from whom payment is sent (name, address, or call sign).

3. Foreign radio amateurs: PayPal is accepted.
Address any questions about plaque or payment to Vladimir R3LO. Send your questions by e-mail to r3lo (at) qsl.net (English only).

The application, in the form of log extract should contain all the usual information and be sent to: Secretary Award Committee at-mail address the E: rv3lz@mail.ru , or traditional mail to - Ivanov, Vladimir G. (RV3LZ), ab / Box 150, Central Post Office, Mr. . Smolensk - 214000, Russia.

E-mail: rv3lz@mail.ru

Internet: http://gagarin.ga/plaque

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