80th Anniversary of the Romanian National Association of Amateurs - YO80YR5

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1 - 31 March 2016


This award commemorates the founding of the FRR- Federatia Romana de Radioamatorism on 1 March 1936, 80 years ago. In March 2016, the special event call sign of YO80YR5 will be used to remember this occasion.  The "YO" is today the main prefix in Romania, 80 represents the years 1936 to 2016 and YR5 was the Romanian prefix used in 1936.

A special award is available as follows: Earn 25 points by working YO80YR5 on different bands and modes. Each contact made on a different band/mode QSO = 5 points.

Send an e-mail with a log extract of these contacts to frr@hamradio.ro . The Electronic certicicate will be sent to you in digital format so you may print or display it as you wish. The awared is free. Printed copies are available for 5 lei for Romania and 5 Euro outside Romania.

From 10 March or later, you can download your award directly from http://www.hamyo.ro/maraton/

E-mail: frr@hamradio.ro

Internet: http://www.hamyo.ro/maraton/

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