Diploma Cantabria Infinita 2016

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14 - 27 March 2016


The Regional Section URE Eastern Cantabria is sponsoring this Diploma to help publicize Cantabria to society at large and to the amateur operators in particular.

1. SCOPE: Open to all licensed amateur radio operators.

2. DATES: From 00:00 UTC on March 14, 2016 (Monday) until 23:59 UTC on 27 March 2016 (Sunday).

3. BANDS AND METHOD: 40 and 80 meters, SSB, within the segments recommended by the IARU.

4. CALL: "CQ Diploma Cantabria Infinita 2016".

5. CONTACT STATIONS: Those interested in obtaining the Diploma should contact radio operators to complete the following combination of letters and numbers (for a total of 28): 


6. WHO TO CONTACT: Members of the Regional Section Eastern Cantabria. You may request the letter which each operator can provide. The letter or number does not have to be in theri call sign, as other awards require.

7. LISTS: Send a list of those contacts made in electronic format (ADIF or Cabrillo), before 00:00 hours on April 11, 2016, to email ea1wd (at) ure.es.

8. Contact Verification: You may contact club or individual operators. Each contact will be cross referenced with the log of each station they will provide to the award custodian.

9. SENDING AWARD: The Diploma will be sent free of charge in electronic format PDF, e-mail sender of each list. Upon special request and payment of postal costs by the applicant, it may be submitted on A4 format cardboard color.

10. RULE INTERPRETATION: For any matter not covered in these rules, the question of interpretation, the Board of Directors of the Eastern Regional Cantabria will resolve the case, their decision being unappealable.

E-mail: ea1wd (at) ure.es (E-mail address is modified to stop spam. Remove formatting when applying.)

Internet: http://www.qrz.com/ea1wh

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