Great Victory Diploma

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The diploma is sponsored by the Lebedyansky Radio Club from the Lipetsk Region, and is based on a copy of the Order of the Patriotic War’ (WWII) This is a plaque, and not a paper award.

Requirements: Make at least 30 QSOs with special event stations commemorating an anniversary of the Victory Memorial. Look for large numbers of these station which are , generally active each MAY. (RP69XYZ, etc.).

This special engraving will be made on the plaque:

1 Mode of operation: SSB, CW, MIX
2 Single specified BAND if the diploma is made on one band.
3 The specified number of QSOs made in memorial, if more than 1000 QSO

SWL’s award is issued on the same terms.
If all contacts are made on 160 meters, only 10 QSOs are needed.
Repeated QSOs with same station are allowed if made on different bands.
World War II veterans and home front workers need only 1 QSO.
Application in the form of extract from the log.
QSO on a diploma credited with .contacts beginning in 2015.

1. To Russian stations: 1800 p.
2. Neighboring countries, including shipping costs: 2300 p.
3. All others: $54.

Applications for the diploma should be sent to the e-mail address:



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