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Calendar Year 2016

This award is an plaque made from glossy black acrylic with large letters "COSMOS". It shows an engraved portrait of Yuri Gagarin on the glass (transparent acrylic). This plaque was developed by the Lebedyansky Radio Club to honor the 55th anniversary of the first manned flight into space by Yuri Gagarin. .

To obtain the diploma you need to earn 55 points by contacting commemorative stations, clubs and individual licensed stations in the Smolensk Region.

Point Values:
All commemorative station devoted to 55 anniversary of the first flight gives 10 points.
     a. QSO with special event station UE55G =gives 20 points. (From 30.04 01.04.po 2016)
     b. QSO with stations of the Smolensk region = 5 points.
     c. Radiohams from Asian Sibereia = points are doubled.
     d. QSOs made by digital modes are doubled.

Contacts during the year 2016. All modes or bands. Repeat contacts are allowed for credit as long as made on different bands and modes.

Observers/SWLs may earn the certificate under same rules as amateur stations.
Applications sent to the address:

a. The award fee rubles 1500 including shipping to Russia.
b. The cost for neighboring countries including shipping 2000P.
c. Cost for all other stations is $42.
Your application should provide your complete name and address so that the plaque may be safely sent to you. Application in the form of an extract in a text format.


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