Swiss Fauna and Flora Award ( HBFF )

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The GSRC-SSFG, Swiss Castles Amateurs Group, together with the WWFF (WorldWide Flora Fauna, ) have established the HBFF , Swiss and Liechtenstein Natural Parks Award, that may be issued to YL, OM and SWL. To achieve the award the applicant should provide evidence to have activated at least 5 different parks, or to have had a complete QSO with, (or heard if SWL), at least 10 different parks among the valid HBFF References .

The HBFF rules complete the international rules of WWFF for the Swiss and Liechtenstein parks. In case of conflict, the WWFF rules, English version, will prevail.

Bands and Modes: QSO can be done on all assigned amateur bands and allowed modes.

Validity: Only the contacts with amateur stations operating from inside the parks acknowledged by HBFF in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and identified as HBFF-nnn are valid.

Award issuing : awards are available to any YL , OM or SWL that sends to the Management:

a. By WWFF Log Search ( ) the automatically issued and sent request, complete with the applicants family name and call sign ; please control that in the WWFF Log Search profile all these data are present.

b. By email at : Dated and signed form, with name family name and call sign, by which the Candidate declares that the Laws and Rules in force on his Country and the Rules of the Award have been observed; and the Log of the QSOs with his station call sign and operator call if different, and in this order : the reference number, date, hour UTC, mode, band, contacted station call sign, reports received and sent .

The sending of QSLs is not necessary; because the Management will check by means of the Expeditioneers logs. In case of doubt the award manager will ask for QSLs or other information, according to his incontestable judgement.

Awards : They are in the form of a printable .pdf or .jpg file, coloured, personalized; if the Award will be sent by e-mail there will be no cost . On request it may also be in the form of a personalized printed small paper, 297 x 210 mm (A4) . In this case it is required to send a contribution of 8 SFr or equivalent in € or $US amount, even as stamps, or 8 IRC for covering the delivery mailing costs.

Updating by endorsements and Honour Roll:.
The HBFF Award updates may be issued to YL, OM,or SWL, which has activated, contacted, or heard if SWL, 25, 50, 75 valid different HBFF References. The costs are covered above.

The HBFF Honour Roll will be issued to YL, OM or SWL who has activated, contacted, or heard if SWL, at least 100 different HBFF Parks of 10 Cantons or Semicantons. HB0 Liechtenstein count as Canton. The Honour Roll Award consists in a customized Plaque with your name, surname and call sign . It’s cost is 50 FrS or equivalent amount in € or US$, plus the mailing costs. Contact sponsor for mailing costs to your countryu.

Activators : Refer to original rules for activators.



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