30th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Disaster

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30th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Disaster
On 26 April 1986 at 0123 Kyiv time, a series of powerful explosions destroyed the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (NPP) that resulted in a significant release of radioactive substances. This terrible event was classified at the international scale of nuclear incidents as an accident of the seventh, or highest level of severity.

To honor the memory of those who risked their lives and health, ham radio operators in todaty in the year 2016 will send their amateur radio message to publicize "Chernobyl-30". A number of special call signs, will be active, and from clubs of the Ukraine and other countries will offer memorable diplomas to mark the event. The list of diplomas and special calls can be found in special sections of the site http://1986.pp.ua/ru/ .

Watch the video, observe the fear and determination of the men who flew the helicopters to extinguish nuclear fires, many of whom were soon to perish.
Note to award hunters; only a few of the awards have specified the effective dates of their awards. I will try to get this information, but will assume that if not specified, the period is at least 30 days, beginning on April 1, 2016.

Additional awards may be identified in the future. Check here for details.
Internet Site containing info all all of the Chernobyl Awards: http://1986.pp.ua/ru/awards.html

«Pripyat Shadow City» Diploma


The Diploma «Pripyat Shadow City» is issued for contacting amateur stations living in the areas which were affected by the destruction and evacuation and whose owner was a participant of the Memorial "Chernobyl-30".

Requirements: Earn 30 points on any bands and modes during the duration of the memorial "Chernobyl-30".

Point Values:
1. Radio stations located in areas of the countries most affected by the Chernobyl accident, = 10 points:
A. Belarus (EW7, EW8);
B. Russia (3E, 3P, 3X, 3Y );
C. Ukraine (the first letter of the suffix R, U, X).
2. Contacts with members of the "Soyuz-Chernobyl" Association = 15 points.
3. Contacts with the ATP, working at the Memorial "Chernobyl-30", =20 points.
4. Repeated radio contacts will be counted on different bands and types of modulation.

Observers/SWL  certificate is issued on the same terms.
The Diploma «Pripyat Shadow City» is issued free of charge and only in electronic form.

Applications in the form of a log extract should be sent to the Award Manager:

EN30A - UR7AV,

E-mail: UR7AV (at) ukr net.

Award TERM is not shown in original rules. Assume that as long as EN30A is operating, that the AWARD is valid. .

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