All Districts of Novgorod Region Diploma

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Sponsored by the RO CPP in Novgorod region of Russia. The Diploma is an electronic image and is available in 3 classes. Make contacts with 7, 14 or 22 different administrative regions of the Novgorod region.

The list of administrative regions is shown below. This information comes from the Russian District Award (RDA).
NV-01 Veliky Novgorod
NV-04 Batetsky District
NV-05 Borovichi District
NV-06 Valdai State
NV-07 Volotovsky State
NV-08 Demyansk State
NV-09 Krestetsky District
NV-10 Lyubytinsky State
NV-11 Malovishersky State
NV-12 Maryovsky District
NV-13 Moshenskoy District
NV-14 Novgorod State
NV-15 Okulovsky State
NV-16 Parfino State
NV-17 Pestovsky State
NV-18 Poddorsky District
NV-19 Soletsky District
NV-20 Starorussky State
NV-21 khvoyninsky district
NV-22 Kholmsk District
NV-23 Chudovsky State
NV-24 Shimsky district

Contacts made through repeaters or via the Internet (using Echolink, etc. ) do not count. Contacts made by amateur radio satellites OK. SWL’s may earn the diploma on the same conditions as licensed amateurs.

Applications should be made using Word, Excel, or ADIF, Cabrillo, Ermak and sent to award manager by e-mail to rn1tu [dot] The award manager may at it’s discretion request verification of any listed QSO. Confirmation requested of QSOs can be presented in the form of a photo, as well as screenshots and links to pages of e-QSL electronic journals, LoTW, HRD Log etc.

Diploma program has no commercial interest. Distribution of electronic versions of the diploma is absolutely free.


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