DIPLOMA AIR IN THE DEAD ZONE (Chernobyl 30th Anniversary)

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Permanent Award


The Diploma «Air in the Dead Zone» is sponsored by the RK "Delta" Club and is awarded for carrying out two-way radio to hams, participants of the Memorial "Chernobyl-30". This award memorializes the 30th anniversary of the Nuclear Reactor accident at Chernobyl.

Requirement: Earn a total of 30 points beginning on January 1, 2016 on all amateur bands, any mode. Contact stations from stations located in areas of the countries most affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

1. Contact stations located in the affected countries, each counted at 5 points.
- Belarus (EW7, EW8);
- Russia (3E, 3P, 3X, 3Y); (For example RA3EAA, RK3P, RA3YB)
- Ukraine (stations whose first letter of the suffix is R, U, X). (UB5RX, UB6UAA, etc.)

2. Radio communication with the members of "Soyuz-Chernobyl" Association = 10 points. http://deltaclub.org.ua/poleznaya-informatsiya/diplom-chernobyl.html

3. Radio communication with the members of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Delta" = 10 points. http://deltaclub.org.ua/o-radioklube/spisok-pozyvnykh-chlenov-rk-delta.html

4. Radio communication with the ATP, working at the Memorial "Chernobyl-30", = 30 points.  http://1986.pp.ua/ru/calls.html  (List to work - supplemented and corrected).

5. If a radio amateur and is a member of the Association of "Soyuz-Chernobyl" and a member of the RK "Delta", the number of points that he gives during the radio, respectively, increases: 10 + 10 = 20 points.

6. Also the number of points added, if the members of those clubs living in the areas most affected by the consequences of the Chernobyl accident:
10 + 5 = 15 points, or 10 + 10 + 5 = 25 points.

All contacts must be with different stations.

SWLs OK on the same rules.

The diploma is of indefinite duration
Diploma «Air in the Dead Zone» issued free of charge and only in electronic form.
Applications in the form of extract from the log send the Award Manager: BERESNEV Sergei Mikhailovich, UR7UT, E-mail: : ur7ut@mail.ru

1. The special call signals RK "Delta", which counted on the diploma «Air in the Dead Zone»:
- EM7UT via UR7UT (01.03 - 31.12.2016);
- EM30UT via UR4UT (01.04 - 31.05.2016);
- EM90US via US5UC (01.01 - 28.02.2016);
- EN90US via UR7UT (01.01 - 28.02.2016);
- EO90US via UR3UX (01.01 - 28.02.2016);
- EM10UFF via UR7UT (01.01 - 30.06.2016);
- EM10UCF via UR7UT (01.07 - 31.12.2016).

E-mail: ur7ut@mail.ru

Internet: http://deltaclub.org.ua/diplomy/diplom-air-in-the-dead-zone.html

Note: this award is planned as a permanent award.

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