Diploma Chernobyl

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Contacts on or after April 26, 2016



This award requires that you earn at least 100 points based on the requirements shown below:

Point Values:
1. Radio communication with the members of amateur radio association "Union - Chernobyl" give 5 points

2. QSOs with special commemorative stations = 10 points

3. QSOs with hams living in the following regions which were affected:
A. Ukraine (first letter of suffix =R, U, X),
B. Russia (firwst letter of suffix = 3E, 3P, 3X, 3Y .)
C. Belarus (prefixes of EW7 , EW8) - 1 point.

The radio communications may be made on all bands and modes since April 26, 1986.

Repeated contacts with the same radio stations are not counted.

Note: For radio, held on April 26 (the day of the disaster on CNPP) and 14 December (Day of Ukrainian liquidators of the accident) = double points.
The award is issued on the same terms for SWL/observers.

The application is based on the log extract and signed by two amateur stations as witnesses.

The award fee (including postage costs):

1. Ukraine - 10 UAH,
2. All other countries - equivalent of $US3.
Apply to award manager: Vladimir Anayko (UX5IZ), p / 60, Kurakhovo, Donetsk region, 85612 UKRAINE.

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