Diploma "WHSC65"

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1 - 30 May 2016


For QSOs which take place in May 2016 the founding month of High Speed Club (HSC), a special diploma WHSC65 issued. The following rules apply:

1. Period of QSO: 1 to 31 May 2016

2. Mode: CW (A1A)

3. Point Values: QSOs with HSC members = 1 point. Each call sign may only be worked one time, regardless of the band.

4. Club Callsign: The three clubstations DLØHSC, DKØHSC and DAØHSC each count 3 points. Each club station may only be contacted one time, regardless of the band.

5. SPECIAL EVENT STATIONS from other countries may be used. Look for the same format such as xx65HSC (currently DP65HSC, LZ65HSC, SQ65HSC, PA65HSC) and each will count for 5 points. Each special call sign may only be contacted only once regardless of the band.

6. Point Requirements: 65 points must be earned.

7. To apply send a log extract (QSO with callsign list, HSC number, date, band,) send it to dl1vdl@gmx.de . This is the e-mail address of the HSC secretary. There is no charge for an electronic certificate. The diplomas are sent for self-printing (PDF) via email. If you wish a printed diploma the fee of 5 Euro to cover printing and postage.Thise fee can be paid via PayPal.

E-mail: dl1vdl@gmx.de

Internet: http://www.highspeedclub.org

Internet: http://diplom-interessen-gruppe.info/r1900.html

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