"Divisiones Políticas Argentinas" (DDPA) (Argentina Political Divisions Award)

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Sponsored by the Radio Club Quilmes (LU4DQ) who has developed a series of awards based on contacting the provinces of Argentina. This award series is called the ¨Divisiones Políticas Argentinas ¨ and consists of a set of 30 awards, each one issued for every specific Province, one for completion of each Zone and one for completing the total award program. Contacts valid from 1 Jan 2016 using HF through the 6 meters bands (No use of echo link permitted).

Available awards : One for each Province of Argentina (23 awards)
                             One for "Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires" (1 award)
                             One for each complete Zone (5 awards)
                             One for having obtained each of the 29 awards mentioned above ("ORO")

The awards may be requested individually by amateurs and SWLs who are able to provide the necessary points required by the rules:

Example for award ¨Provincia del Chaco ¨

1. Make one QSO/SWL with one station of Provincia del Chaco (Province of Chaco)
2. Using the last letter of any Argentine station , spell the word ¨Chaco
3. This particular award requires a total: 6 stations: the one from the province of Chaco, and 5 others which spell the word Chaco.

Log of application should include the following data:
I am applying for the Argentine Political Divisions award ¨Chaco ¨
Operator: "Your Name on the application:
E-mail: "Your e-mail address"
Call: "Your call sign and level of license.:
Address "Your home address"

LETTER        STATION       DATE     GMT   BAND     MODE
C                     LU3VCC         08/01/16  20:56:00  10        PSK31
H                     LW7EDH/D     19/02/16  14:33:00  40        SSB
A                     LU7AA            22/01/16  15:46:00  40        SSB
C                     LU3XCC          11/02/16  16:45:00  10       PSK31
O                     LU1ECO           09/02/16 20:09:00  10       PSK31
Chaco Station:  LU1GBO      10/02/16  23:22:00 40        SSB

The same concept will apply to all of the remaining awards.
Jokers are accepted in this program. A "joker" is a station which can substitute for other stations as long as sponsor restrictions of use are followed.
The JOKERS for this program are any stations of Argentina ending with letters :   K  V   W  X .
To replace a missing letter (only one letter in each award) you can use a Joker.
Each "Joker Station" can only be used once in this series of awards. The use of a "Joker Station" should be highlighted in the log.
You can not use the "Joker Station" to replace the mandatory station of the Province.

List of "Divisiones Políticas" and Zones

Zone 1 (Contains 6 provinces)
Santiago del Estero
    Zone 2: (Contains 4 provinces)
Entre Ríos
Santa Fé     Zone 3: (Contains 4 provinces)
La Rioja
San Juan
Zone 4: (Contains 5 provinces)
Buenos Aires
San Luis
La Pampa
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (City of Buenos Aires)     Zone 5: (Contains 5 provinces, but since Tierra del Fuego includes the largely uninhabited
Antarctic Islands of the South Atlantic, the award requires only that you "spell" Tierra del Fuego.)
Río Negro
Santa Cruz
Tierra del Fuego

Other Rules:
1. Once you have completed all the provinces in a Zone , you will receive the award "Zona N° x"
2. If you have completed all the Zones , you will receive the award "ORO" (Gold Level).
3. QSL cards (or e-qsl, or similar) must be in possession of the applicant. The award manager may request one or more copies of any specific QSL in case of doubt.
4. Send your application to the e-mail address: diplomas@lu4dq.com.ar
5. The awards are free, and will be sent to you via email as a PDF or JPEG file.
6. The award manager reserves for himself the right to amend the award program without notice in advance, and in case of doubt, may make the final decision related to the awarding of awards.

7. Shown below is a key to the assignment of Argentina provinces.  The letters in red show the prefix used in the province.
Note that in general, the first character of the Argentine station’s call sign prefix is the key to the province. More populous provinces may use 2 or 3 letters.

E-mail: diplomas@lu4dq.com.ar
Internet: http://www.lu4dq.com.ar/files/RULES-div-politicas2.pdf

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