Echo of Chernobyl

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1 - 30 April 2016


Sponsored by the amateur radio section of the Bryansk regional youth and the public organization "Military sports club" Patriot "in conjunction with the regional branch of the CPP.

The period 1 - April 30, 2016 has established as a period of special activity days dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the memory of the victims of the Chernobyl accident.

The award is issued to licensed radio amateurs of all countries for QSOs (observations) using amateur radio in the range of 1.8 - 28 MHz and VHF. Repeated QSOs on different bands and modes will count for award purposes.

Requirements: Earn a total of 30 points.

Point Values:
1. Special temporary call signs: the R30, the CHA , RA30CH , RC30CH , and UE30CH =10 points;

2. Amateur stations RK3Y, UA3YHG, UA3YCN, UA3YDZ, R2YW, RW3YS, RW3YL, R3YM, UA3YCT, UB3YCE, RK3YWS, RN3YA, all of who will be operating from areas of
the Bryansk region affected by the Chernobyl accident = 3 points each.

3. Hams RA3YD and UA3YBW , both involved in the Chernobyl accident, = 5 points.

QSL cards:
· RA30CH should be sent to RA1ALA.
· R30CHA should be sent to RZ5D.
· RC30CH should be send to RW3YS.
· UE30CHA should be sent to RW3YW.

The electronic version of the diploma is issued free of charge through  . This is a site where you provide the callsigns you believe carry points, and the system will issue an online award.

The diploma can also be obtained by-mail address to , enclosing an application in accordance with regulation of the diploma.



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