Heroes of The Dedicated Tankers (Victory-71) (71st Anniversary Victory over Fascism)

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3 - 9 May 2016


This certificate commemorates the 71st anniversary of the Victory over fascism, a tribute to the memory of those who defended Russia in WWII including those who forged victory by their work in the rear, in a sign of deep respect and thanks for their contribution to the victory over fascism. . The award "WIN-71" is offered by the radio amateurs of Lieven, Club radio RW3E, RT3E.

Award Rules: "VICTORY - 71"
1. The award may be earned by hams and observers all over the world.

2. Dates for valid QSOs are May 3 - 9, 2016.

3. All bands, HF and VHF may be used to make contacts.

4. REQUIREMENT: To obtain the award it is necessary to make 71 QSO with memorial stations who can be recognized by use of the RP71 prefix. Most will be Russian stations, but there will be some from other countries with special. call signs of these
countries formed in honor of Victory Day.

5. All modes including SSB, CW, and digital modes OK.

6. REQUIRED QSOs: radio stations with special memorial call signs of RP71IL, RP71NP, RP71O.

7. Repeated contacts OK if made on different bands, different days and using different modes.

8. SWLs may participate on similar conditions according to their status.

9. The application should be based on a log extract, communicated by e-mail to: ua3eej@mail.ru The log extract should be in the form of a list in a text file such as (Cabrillo, ADIF, TXT, etc.).
which should contain: date, time, band, mode, call sign, report, (call sign of the second correspondent for SWL), as well as all information about the Applicant (name, full address), and the total number of contacts that are claimed. The subject line should follow this format: (Your call sign) CALL SIGN POBEDA_71

10. Applicants who meet the conditions of the award rules, can obtain the Diploma in electronic form, stating in his application the recipient's email address.

11. Diploma "Victory-71" is free and will be sent only in electronic form!

12. Acceptance of applications for diploma begins10 May 2016 . The final date that applications are accepted is 5 August 2016.

E-mail: ua3eej@mail.ru

Internet: http://rw3e.ucoz.ru

Also Internet: http://www.qrz.ru/awards/detail/3089.html

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