Mountain "Beluga"

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This award was developed by the KDR - Club. During any one year period, earn a specified number of points for contacts with the members of CRA clubs and amateur radio operators of the Altai Territory. All bands and modes OK. Contacts on or after January 1, 2016. The award is available to licensed radio amateurs of all countries.

Requirements: earn a minimum of 120 points.
The diploma in provided in electronic form at no charge.

Repeat QSOs are permitted on different bands and in different modes for award credit. During the days of special activities, the points from the members of the club «KDR» are doubled.

Point Values:
1. QSO / SWL with each member of "KDR" =- 2 points.
2. For QSO / SWL with hams resident in the Altai Territory, Altai Republic (U9Y; U9Z) = 3 points.
3. QSO / SWL with stations RA9YVS, RA9YRQ, UA9YHJ, UA9YHA = 10 points.

Repeated QSOs / SWL with same station is allowed if made on different bands or modes. Applications should be sent electronically to: , or in paper format to the address: YURI KAMENSKI, NEMOVA 12-A , 13 ASTRAKHAN , 414028 Russia.


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