ODESA-72 Diploma

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April 5 to 15, 2016


Sponsored by the Regional radio club "Odessa" on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of Odessa.  Odessa was liberated from Nazi invaders April 10, 1944, with the active participation of partisans and underground forces of the 3rd Ukrainian Front under the command of Army General Rodion Malinovsky liberated from Nazi invaders Odessa. The liberation of the city was part of an offensive operation conducted by troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front, with the support of the Black Sea Fleet on 26 March - 14 April 1944. This operation was the defeat of enemy forces between the rivers Dniester and Southern Bug, the liberation of the north-western coast of the Black Sea, Odessa and access to the border with Romania.  The city of Odessa was liberated from the Nazis April 10, 1944.

In memory of these historical events, from 0000 (UTC) 05.04.2016 till 23 chas.59min. (UTC) 15.04.2015, on the HF bands in CW, SSB and DIGI modes will work memorial radio station with call sign EO7FWW.

The special event station EO7FWW is dedicated to the 72th anniversary of the City - the Hero of Odessa by the German - fascist invaders in World War II ..

For two-way radio communications or SWL with EO7FWW will be sent, free the "Odessa-72" diploma in electronic form.

Submit an application in any form to the award Manager at the following address:


The application is required to provide your email address, call sign, name and surname. QSL card, except for SWL, are sent optional. After checking the log and confirm your QSO (SWL) certificate will be immediately sent to your address.

E-mail: ut2fc@ukr.net

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