Samuel Morse Award

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14 - 27 April 2016


The MRASZ – Hungarian Radio Amateur Society – commemorates the 225th anniversary of the birth of Samuel F.B. Morse, the creator of the Morse alphabet.
Between 14th April, 00:00Z and 27th April, 24:00Z special call signs will be active on the bands and stations who meet the required conditions, can obtain a downloadable diploma.

Requirements: To obtain the award you should collect enough letters to complete the name of SAMUEL MORSE depending on your QSOs with special stations. As some letters occur twice, there’s a "joker" station with the call HG225MSE, which can be used to replace the stations containing the second M, S, E letters. It’s enough to work with this station only once.

Bands/Modes: CW, SSB, digital modes can be used and mixed is also accepted.
WEB Page Records: The confirmed QSOs will be added to the log designed for this purpose on the MRASZ webpage ( ) each day, where visitors can check their contacts made with special stations.

These vanity calls are registered on the page. To avoid the potential inaccuracies, established QSOs will be uploaded to eQSL after the 27th of April.
The sponsor does not want to emphasize paper cards since the verification of contacts will be done through LoTW and eQSL. If you need a paper card, you can only get via direct, with a stamped SAE (self-addressed envelope) not later than 31st of October, 2016! We do not answer cards sent through bureau.

Charges for QSLs:

• for 1-4 cards: 1 valid IRC or 2 USD (+SAE)
• for 5-9 cards: 2 valid IRC or 3 USD (+SAE)

QSL manager: Istvan Solti, HA5AGP ( )
Active calls: HG225MSE, HG225S, HG225A, HG225M, HG225U, HG225E, HG225L, HG225O, HG225R.

The rules of the award are a little vague, but I suggest that once their system tells you that you have made the required number of cards to spell out Samuel Morse, you might want to send a confirming e-mail to the sponsor and provide your own e-mail address .



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