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The rules for this award are in Swedish, and the translation is not as good as I would hope. Basically, the goal is to contact stations in Sweden who are on the air from locations near or close to lakes of Sweden. The activator stations are required to send logs of contacts made to the website www.svenskasjoar.se and you should register at the website to have access to the records of your contacts. There are no costs involved. No e-mail address is provided, and all transactions should be handled via WWW.

1. Purpose: The competition called SMS is to stimulate amateur radio, encouraging physical activity and recreation.

2. Organizer - The initiator and owner of SMSs is SM6CJJ, Jan Johansson and SM6TOB, Bengt Karlsson.

3. Participant - Anyone with a valid amateur radio license can participate.

4. The Activity - To carry out the greatest number of confirmed QSOs with at least one station in a SMSs area (lake).

5.Registration - Participants in SMSs registering at the website www.svenskasjoar.se which is where also all QSOs logged.

6. Frequency - According to IARU band plan. All modes allowed. But QSOs made via repeater or remote transmitters are not approved for the station in the area.

7. Call Frequencies (kHz) -
          SSB      CW
          7085    7020
          3740    3540

8. Look for: Appropriately called the CQ Swedish Lakes.

9. Logging of QSO: The station located in the vicinity of the Swedish lake must transmit information about each QSO logged on SMSs website within 14 days. The other station making QSOs must accurately log in the correct time in order to match the activating station with a time differentc of no more than 60 minutes. You can not delete confirmed logs.

10. Scoring: each unique contact is at least 1 point where a station is in a SMSs. [STN1 + SMSs] in QSO with [STN2] = 1 point each.

11. Overall Provision for the activating station: The transmitter and the antenna (all the equipment) shall be located no more than a maximum of 50 meters from the lake and the current one should be portable or mobile to be able to count double points. It the lakeshore is impossible to enter (eg marsh), the activator should decide what is reasonable. You may be located anywhere around the current lake. In any case, common sense and good competitive spirit rules. It is only possible to broadcast from a lake at a time.

12. Charges: There is no cost to participate.

13. Sponsor: Our main sponsor is Limmareds Radio & Data .

14. Charts: SMSs competition has no set end but a dynamic leader board (such as the ARRL’s annual list of verified DXCC countries) which shows the most points. This means practically that a participant can be active at a certain period and then again take up the activity a year later with the previously obtained points. Your total score always increases.

15 Sitting commitee: The activity is led by a steering committee consisting of SM6CJJ Jan, SM6TOB Bengt and SA5MMM Lennart.

16. Support: The support does not change logs and missing confirmations. Suggestions for new features are welcome at info (at) svenskasjoar.se.

17. Rule changes: The organizers may need to change the rules in which case announced on the blog.

18. Sportsmanship: Sponsors expect all participants to honor the amateur Code of honor and at all times use common sense.

Internet: http://www.svenskasjoar.se/regler.php 

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