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1 April to 30 June 2016


In February 1926 the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR adopted a resolution "On the use of the private radio stations", which legalized the issuance of amateur radio callsigns in the USSR. In the same year the first three Ukrainian stations received their licenses:

1. 03RA – Fyodor Davydov (Yuzhny, Kharkiv region),
2. RA-23 (Kharkiv Main Chamber of Weights and Measures, club station),
3. RA-31 (Kharkiv Institute of Technology, club station).

In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the appearance on the air the first Ukrainian amateur radio stations the "Retro" section of the Chuguev club "Radiohvylya" is sponsoring the "UR-HAMRADIO-90" award.

To obtain the award it is necessary to earn a at least 90 points for QSOs with the Ukrainian radio amateurs in the period from April 1 to June30, 2016. Repeated QSOs are allowed on different bands irrespective of the modulation.

A. For Ukrainian stations:
1. Special event station EM90LUR = 20 points.
2. Radio stations from Kharkiv region (the first letter of the suffix is L) = 5 points.
3. Other Ukrainian radio stations = 3 points.

B. For stations from Europe the points shown above are doubled, and for those from other continents - tripled.

Application in the form of a log extract should be sent to the award manager’s address: Alexander Roslyak (UX3LF), P.O.box 43, Chuguev, Kharkiv reg., 63503, Ukraine or to E-mail "urhamradio@i.ua ".

Award fee: amateurs of the Ukraine the cost of the paper award including shipment - 20 UAH, for radio amateurs in other countries, the fee is $4. An award is also available in electronic form free of charge.

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