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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA/GERMANY   Deutschlandfunk Cologne: "Lange Nacht",
feature ueber Albanien und Radio Tirana in 1984 year,
"So klang Kurzwelle 1984..."


and in MP3 file available:
(in A-DX April 17)

ALBANIA   9855  Radio Tirane, Shijak, Albania at 0125 UT - Interval signal
appeared here at 0125 UT W/ fair-good signal levels. There is some strong
band noise along w/ local QRM here in the shack, I'm working on it. Audio
at s/on is very depressed. YL w/nx in English at 0031 UT. Could be on
reduced power ?
(Stephen C Wood-MA-USA, hcdx April 21)

ALBANIA   Re: Radio Tirane. 2300-2400 Albanian, 0130-0200 English.
9855 kHz Shijak 100 kW TX1 S-15 antenna at 310 deg to WeEUR, UK & NoAM

Re: [dxld] Radio Tirane - No electrical power - reported Shijak R/Station.

9855 - R Tirane Shijak tx center, 0132 UT on April 14 - No signal here
tonight, just like last night, conditions degraded . CRI Cerrik Albania
relay on 9570 kHz is on but very poor. Heard them here last week w/ very
good signal. Wondering if they are even transmitting the last few days.
(Stephen C Wood-MA-USA, dxld April 14)

9854.971 kHz accurate measured today April 14 - in UTC, but April 15 in
Europe already, at 2320 UT S=8-9.

NOT BAD signal tonight reaches east coast of Canada and NoAM. Radio Tirana
Shijak on air again, - heard tonight on various remote SDR units in
Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and in New Jersey and

S=8-9 signal strength all from Shijak, fair propagation condition,
but CRI Cerrik Albania on 6175 and 7210 kHz some S=9+20dB strength.

9854.971  Exact accurate shortwave frequency of Radio Tirana
Albanian service from Shijak Albania site txion on Aug 10, 2016, checked
in 23.00-23.59 UT transmission hour to North America.

Propagation WAS VERY BAD on shortwave this night. Only poor S=4 signal
heard on threshold -98dBm signal level - VERY POOR SIGNAL tonight.

Increased a little bit til end of transmission at 23.56 UT to 23.59 UT;
from S=5 to S=7-8 in peaks.

Albanian National hymn heard around 23.56 UT til 23.57:47 UT.
Followed by RT interval signal til transmitter switch OFF exact
at 23.59:15 UTC
(that means 01.59:15 local Albanian summer time, on April 11th).

ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, or IRELAND area on remote units.

Monitored on remote SDR radios in MA-NY Massachusetts / New York /
New Jersey, and Detroit, Michigan, USA.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 10/14)

Signal is on tonight at 0130 UT April 15. T/in to hear news read by om.
Suffering from severe QRM here tonight so noise level is very high. Audio
is only peaking occasionally above noise floor.Something here is causing a
hell of a lot of noise tonight. This requires some serious investigation.
(Stephen C Wood-MA-USA, dxld April 15)

ALBANIA   ALR Radio Tirana via Shijak site recording, April 17.

7389.979 kHz accurate frequency measured. Radio Tirana, Albanian morning
service 17 April at 0705 UT.

Dear Drita, noted RT Shijak transmission in 0700 to 0718 UT slot this

Radio Tirana morning sce to SoEUR / CeEUR / SouthEastern Europe in 41 mb
via Shijak broadcast center, noted on April 17 in 0700-0718 UT tune-in
slot. Signal strength in southern Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria
noted in S=9+20dB or -53dBm signal strength level. Listen to the attached
recording in about 0705-0708 UTC slot. The recording taken in, the very professional format of Technical University
Zurich, Switzerland.

BUT the screenshot showed also two BUZZ tone peaks, which you can listen
to, when the male presenter speaks into microphone. BUZZ peaks
accompanied, visible of the mains power, like strings visible on 50 Hertz
a n d  150 Hertz, either sideband.

Kind regards and nice spring Sunday I wish to Radio Tirana team.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

Hi Wolfy, - Thanks for the very nice recording or ALR on about 7390 kHz -
it was very clean and clear, and easy to hear the buzz when the microphone
was switched on.

I never hear 7390 kHz at this strength - good, and around S9 when they
sign on - but it fades, and then it's spoiled by the local noise here.
The ND antenna and 7 mHz channel are okay for reception in SoEaEurope,
but 9 MHz, or even 11 MHz, would be best up here {in England and Ireland}.
Best 73 from Noel.
(Noel R. Green-UK, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 18)

ARMENIA/UZBEKISTAN  Reception of FEBA Radio via BaBcoCk, April 19
1500-1530 9390 TAC 100 kW 131 deg to SoAS Bengali IBRA Radio
1500-1530 9445 ERV 300 kW 100 deg to WeAS Dari    Radio Sadaye Zindagi
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 19)

ARMENIA/AZERBAIJAN    Re-activated radio known under different names in
range approx 9667-9681 kHz confirmed here on 3rd April at *0810-1402* UT
with clear speech on 9673 KHz with a prgr in Azeri, at 1208 UT a jingle "
... sesi radiosu ..." followed by emotional (poetic?) speech with often
mentioned "Karabakh, Karabakh". The news on the top of the hour began with
"President Sarkisian...", around 11th minute weather reports are with
temperatures in Stepanakert, Shusha etc.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

ASCENSION ISL   Reception of Radio Dandal Kura International via BaBcoCk,
April 17
1800-2100 12050 ASC 250 kW  65 deg to WeAf Kanuri

Reception of Follow The Bible Ministries via BaBcoCk, April 17
1900-1928 12005 ASC 250 kW 114 deg to SoAF English Sun, poor signal
1900-1928 12030 ASC 250 kW  55 deg to WeAF English Sun, good signal
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

AUSTRALIA   Weak signal of ABC Radio Australia, April 14
0900-0905  9580 SHP 100 kW  70 deg to EaPAC French Mon-Fri
0900-0905 12065 SHP 100 kW 355 deg to EaAS  French Mon-Fri

Fair signal of Reach Beyond Australia, April 14
1445-1600 15340 KNX 100 kW 310 deg to SoAS English

ABC Radio Australia vs China Radio International, April 15
0700-0857 17840 SHP 100 kW  70 deg to EaPAC English Radio Australia
0700-1057 17840 KAS 100 kW 174 deg to SoAS  Chinese China Radio Int
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 15)

AUSTRIA   15440  AWR via ORS Moosbrunn, at 1405+ UT on 19 April. No sign
of WRMI/LDPOG this morning, so AWR's 1400-1430 UT Urdu program was audible
with inspirational chat, POB in Lahore, AWR web info.
(Dan Sheedy-Moonlight Beach-CA-USA, logs April 14-19, via dxld)

BELARUS   11730  Belarus QSL - Last Day of SW Broadcasting from Minsk rcvd
attractive, f/d QSL from Minsk in 18days for last broadcasts in German,
Spanish and English on 31 March - German hrd from Perseus site in NJ at
1825 UT and Sp/En hrd from Madrid Perseus site at 2015 UT. 2100* UT for En
pgm on 31 March was last SW bcst from Radio Belarus on shortwave. Would
rather get first day QSL (VOH Zambia) than last day QSL - too many of the
latter these days!
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer April 19)

BHUTAN   6035.05   BBS Thimpu, at 1210-1216* UT on April 14. Clearly two
stations here, the other being PBS Yunnan in Vietnamese; both stations
with announcers; BBS off before any music today.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

BULGARIA   SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod relay of IRRS European Gospel Radio
& other px, April 17
0933-1158  9510 SOF 50 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English Sun very poor today.

SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod relay of R. Santec, The Cosmic Wave, April 17
1502-1532 15190 SOF 50 kW  90 deg to SoAS English/German Sunday only

SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod relay of IRRS Radio City April 16
0800-0808  9510 SOF 50 kW 306 deg to WeEUR open carrier/dead air
0808-0903  9510 SOF 50 kW 306 deg to WeEUR German Sat Radio City
0903-0905  9510 SOF 50 kW 306 deg to WeEUR IRRS Music theme Auda

SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod relay Radio Warra Wangeelaa-ti, April 16
1502-1530 15515 SOF 50 kW 195 deg to EaAF Oromo Sat

SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod relay BaBcoCk Dimtse Radio Erena, April 16
1700-1730 11885 SOF 50 kW 195 deg to EaAF Afar Oromo, as scheduled A-16
1730-1800 11885 SOF 50 kW 195 deg to EaAF Afar Oromo, instead of Arabic
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

CHINA   9880even  Not scheduled anywhere: China national radio before and
after 0300 UT, news in Chinese, CHN ID theme. Not listed at this hour.

Could it be an on-air test running by Kunming transmission engineers?
Not on air anymore, when checked at 0422 UT again. Checked in Eastern
Thailand SDR remote unit.

13780  13780.002  CRI Nepali sce via Kunming center, S=8-9 -80dBm signal
at 0251 UT, heard in rather signal skip zone in eastern Thailand. Talk in
Nepali by two male/female presenter.

15710  Always nice Chinese music to be heard CNR8 Amoy service to Taiwan /
southern China target, S=7 signal in Eastern Thailand remote unit
at 0242 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 18)

CONGO  D.R.   5066.44  on April 17 heard R. Candip, Bunia from Perseus
site in Eastern Finland from 1920 UT tune until sudden carrier off at
2010:43 UT. Some French anmts at 1920.5 to 1925.5 UT then into non-stop
Highlife mx until off. SINPO 34333 w/ ocnl ute QRM and high noise lvl.
(Bruce Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer April 17)

CUBA   15370, April 10 at 1948 UT, RHC in French, very good the only other
RHC frequency to be emitting at this hour 1930-2000, 100 kW, 10 degrees
allegedly for Europe, but aiming more like Quebec, Nouveau-Brunswick,
(GH, dxld April 13)

CUBA   Cuba on 16180 kHz ???  HM01 - number station...

What IS the deal with RHC, heard the afternoon of April 14th on 16180 kHz
with a 55555 signal. English from 1900 UT ... maybe that should just stick
with this odd frequency for good as it's not subject to interference as
other channels are.
(darobin, dxld April 14)

Re: Cuba on 16.180???  Yes, agents number station HM01 also heard in
Germany at 1910 UT April 14, as well as in Detroit Michigan USA. Scheduled
15140 kHz, 1800-2030 UT from Bauta bcast center site at 100 kW on 340
degrees azimuth towards Alberta-CAN, Western-USA, Alaska.

faulty RHC feed,
faulty RHC frequency,
at 1910 UT April 14 nothing heard on 15140 nor on 15370 kHz,
only English on 16180 kHz HM01 channel.

Bauta is not on 15140, nor on 15370 kHz at 135 degrees at present !
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

Re:  RHC Bauta 15140 kHz 340degrees, fuer CeAM/WeUSA/CAN ist auf
16180 kHz, auch hier zu hoeren. 1800-2030 UT. Um 1910 UT am 14. April
waren die regulaeren Bauta Aussendungen 15140 und 15370 kHz

n i c h t  in der Luft, aber dagegen Radio Habana Cuba Englisch statt
auf 15140 kHz, dagegen auf der Agentenfunksender Frequenz 16180 kHz.

Or maybe some one forgot switch the proper program, see this catch on you
tube by me;) "Estacion de numeros" Cubana, voz + digital - HM01 -
16180 kHz


Albert, nein, da hat Jemand vergessen die Frequenz nach der
Agentenfunkaussendung HM01 frueher am Tage, wieder von 16180 kHz
auf 15140 kHz zurueck zu stellen.

Das sind solche Geschichten, die ich in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten
erlebt habe, oft waren es 'schraege' Duo Nutzungen dabei, wie bei Radio
Cairo, oder Radio Baghdad alter Tage, und vor allem auch die Mossad
Aussendungen und Voice of South Azerbaidshan Programme in den Jahren 1998
- 1999, die auch Kol Israel und Armeesenderprogramme Galei Zahal 'instead'
als Fehlschaltungen uebertrugen.  wolfgang df5sx

15370 kHz, 2230-2300 UT, co-channel !!!!!
Cuba RHC via Bauta 100 kW Spanish,
but also via Bejucal 50 kW French/Esperanto

CUB_Bejucal_15370_April 13_2324UT.jpg 97KB Save OGG
15370_CUB_Bejucal_French_2324UT.ogg 646KB Save OGG
15370_CUB_RHC_Bauta_French Bejucal_French_2233 UT_April 13.ogg 2 MB

1930-2000 15370 BAU 100 kW 010 degr WeEUR French        HRS 4/4/0.8 A2
2000-2030 15370 BAU 100 kW 010 degr WeEUR Portuguese    HRS 4/4/0.8 A2
2030-2100 15370 BAU 100 kW 010 degr WeEUR Arabic        HRS 4/4/0.8 A2
2100-2300 15370 BAU 100 kW 010 degr WeEUR Spanish       HRS 4/4/0.8 A2

2230-2300 15370 BEJ 050 kW 135 degr SoAM French Mon-Sat HRS 4/4/1 A27
2230-2300 15370 BEJ 050 kW 135 degr SoAM Esperanto Suns HRS 4/4/1 A27
2300-2330 15370 BEJ 050 kW 135 degr SoAM Creole         HRS 4/4/1 A27
2330-2400 15370 BEJ 050 kW 135 degr SoAM Portuguese     HRS 4/4/1 A27
0000-0030 15370 BEJ 050 kW 135 degr SoAM Quechua        HRS 4/4/1 A27

Checked this CO-CHANNEL 30 minutes sce of both services from Bauta
100 kW northwards 10 degrees, as well as co-channel Bejucal in
French/Creole 135 degrees towards South America target.

From 2231 UT noted a BUZZ and FLUTTERY STUTTERY audio signal, a mixture
of both Spanish - and French services. Listen to attached two recordings,
at 2233z and 2324z.

Backlobe of SoAM sce Bejucal 135 degrees at S=9+5 or -68dBm signal
in New Jersey or Detroit Michigan remote units, taken at 2324z.

On the 50 kW 135 degrees signal, 14 x 120 Hertz apart distance audio peak
strings visible on screenshot, as well as two main peak strings at 540 and
900 Hertz apart. That cause some 120 Hertz audio BUZZ tones, listen to the
recording. 73 wolfy df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 13)

CUBA   15140  on Sunday April 17 after 1930 UT, RHC English with nice
classical guitar concert, good to accompany my nap; at 1957 UT the
modulation suddenly degrades to suptorted. At least the correct frequency
has been achieved for a second day. Guitar repeats and repeats, and heard
again before 0400 UT April 18 on 6000 kHz.

15370, April 17 at 1957 UT, the different modulation is also suppressed
and distorted here.

15370, Sun April 17 at 2243 UT check, RHC only in Spanish, S=9+20 but
still suptorted. This is when weekly Esperanto is supposed to appear.

17730, Sun April 17 at 2243, RHC Esperanto is here instead of scheduled
15370, thus evading the self-collision which had been happening last week.
15370 Spanish is Bauta, so 17730 kHz is presumably Bejucal, which freq was
listed in the A-16 schedule only in the mornings until 1500*UT

The 2230-0030 UT broadcasts to SoAmerica in French/Esperanto, Creole,
Portuguese and Quechua (really French at 0000 UT), are apparently all on
17730 kHz now, - instead of 15370 kHz.

15230, April 17 at 2244 UT, very poor RHC is also suptorted here, sounds
like Brazilian; yes, Portuguese scheduled 22-23 UT, separately from the
half-hour at 2230 UT on 11880 kHz for Africa.

13740, Sunday April 17 at 2246 UT, RHC Filatelia show is still running,
undermodulated but less distorted than the others. Better hurry up, as 'En
Contacto' needs to start right now in order to be over by end of
transmission 2300 UT. Others with this: 11840 kHz distorted; 11760 kHz
very good S=9+30dB not distorted; 9710 kHz fair; 9535 kHz poor; 5040 kHz
probably but too weak in noise level. Still no Contacto by a few minutes

11880, April 17 at 2246 UT, RHC is in Kriyol here, VG S=9+30dB. This
transmission is listed as Portuguese! In the A-16 sked from Arnie in dxld
16-14, which went into effect a week ago, already two weeks late; and
RHC's own website as of UT April 18 is *still* only showing the old B-15
transmission schedule

6000 & 6165, April 18 at 0313, 'DXers Unllimited' is starting so as I tune
out, note that both are equally undermodulated, while 6060 Spanish is much
louder, tsk2.

5055.00, April 18 at 0321, very poor music audible and // 5025 Radio
Rebelde, i.e. leapfrog mixing product over 5040 RHC another 15 kHz higher.
This could also happen in reverse to 5010 kHz.

A-16 sked shows all three 60m frequencies are from Bauta site, so subject
to intermodulation. Should 4765 Radio Progreso be involved during its
limited schedule 0030-0400 UT, the landing spots would be

4490 (5040 over 4765)
4505 (5025 over 4765)
5285 (4765 over 5025)
5315 (4765 over 5040)

9782.70 & 9797.30 kHz, April 18 at 0327 UT, parasitic spurs to dirty CRI
relay transmitter on 9790 kHz during The Beijing Hour. Sitting on one of
the spurs, they can cut off, and different pitch spurs cut on and off.
Best when fundamental is huge, not always the case depending on MUF.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld April 18)

FRANCE   15440  Manara Radio in Hausa via TDF Issoudun 150 kW 170deg,
at 0730-0830 UT daily in Hausa language, RMI FM brokery.
(hfcc A-16)

UNIDentified 2 clandestine programs via TDF from WRMI brocker
1700-1730 17765 ISS 150 kW 125 deg to EaAF Oromo, no signal April 12-13

1900-2000 15465 ISS 100 kW 207 deg to WeAF English, nothing April 12-13
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 13)

{Gambia target, wb. Radio Free Gambia has just come on the air at 1900 UT
on 15465 kHz. I believe from Issoudun, France. Mentions of Gambia and day
of prayer. (stecooper, dxld)

More information <>
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld)  }

Reception of Voice of Oromo Liberation via TDF, April 17
1700-1800 17630 ISS 100 kW 130 deg to EaAF Amharic Sun + jamming

Radio Assenna and Eritrean Forum Medrek via TDF, April 16

Radio Assenna
1700-1800 15245 ISS 250 kW 130 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Mon/Thu/Sat

Eritrean Forum Medrek
1800-1900 15245 ISS 250 kW 130 deg to EaAF Arabic Sat

Reception of Voice of Oromo Liberation via TDF, April 17
1700-1800 17630 ISS 100 kW 130 deg to EaAF Amharic Sun + jamming

Reception of Eritrean Forum Medrek via TDF, April 19
1700-1800 15245 ISS 250 kW 130 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Tue/Fri/Sun
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 20)

Reception of Radio Tamazuj & Radio Dabanga, on April 14

Radio Tamazuj
from 1430 15150 NAU 125 kW 152 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic
from 1430 15550 ISS 250 kW 134 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic

Radio Dabanga
from 1530 15150 MDC 250 kW 340 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic
from 1530 15550 SMG 250 kW 150 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 15)

GERMANY   Today got access to "Media Broadcast A-16" new MBR Nauen
schedule online via

(Peter Kruse-D,, dxld April 18)

GERMANY   Programmtipp: Radio - Menschen & Geschichten am 24.04.2016
Ladies and Gentlemen, freaks and monsters, - schon wieder ein Monat rum;
auch am kommenden Sonntag heisst es wieder "Radio - Menschen &

Die inhaltliche Klammer der Sendung macht Weissrussland. Wir schauen uns
vor Ort bei Radio Belarus um und sprechen in den Radiogeschichten mit
einem der Gruendungsmitarbeiter der deutschen Redaktion.
Er hat Radio zu 3 Epochen gemacht:

Waehrend der Perestroika unter Gorbatschow,
nach dem Zerfall der Sowjetunion im neuen unabhaengigen Staat
und seit 1994 unter Lukaschenko.

Ausserdem holen wir die Glaskugel raus und oraklen mit Experten mal ein
bisschen ueber die Zukunft des Radios.

"Mr. A-DX", Christoph Ratzer, erklaert wie Remote-DXing das Hobby
Radiohoeren veraendert hat, wie das technisch geht und was alles
empfangstechnisch moeglich ist.

Und in "Vox Populi" schauen wir wie immer in die Hoererpost und widmen
uns dem Feedback zur letzten Sendung und was waehrend der Sendung reinkam

Die Sendezeiten sind wie immer:

von 10-11 Uhr MESZ (08-09 UTC) auf 6045 kHz (Nauen) und 7310 kHz (Kall)
von 12-13 Uhr MESZ (10-11 UTC) auf 6005 kHz, und
von 19-20 Uhr MESZ (17-18 UTC) auf 3985 kHz.

Die Morgensendung ist live und wird am Ende der Sendung die aktuellen
Kommentare seitens der Hoererschaft einbeziehen.

haelt dann Post-Broadcastial den Podcast bereit.

Und wer uns unterstuetzen mag:  <>

Guten Empfang!
(Christian Milling-D, <christian -at->  A-DX Apr 20)

GERMANY   Good signal of LWF Voice of Gospel / Sawtu Linjilia via MBR FMO,
Apr 17
1830-1900 15315 ISS 500kW 180deg WeCeAF Fulfulde Lutheran World Federation

Reception of Missionswerk Friedensstimme via MBR, April 16
1200-1230 15320 NAU 250 kW 060 deg to FERUS Russian Sat
1600-1630 13750 NAU 250 kW 060 deg to EaEUR Russian Sat

Reception of HCJB Voice of The Andes via MBR, April 16
1530-1600 13800 NAU 100 kW 100 deg to CeAS Russian Sat
1600-1630 13800 NAU 100 kW 100 deg to CeAS Chechen Sat

Reception of Radio Xoriyo via MBR, April 16
1600-1630 17630 ISS 500 kW 130 deg to EaAF Somali Tue/Sat+jamming

Special transmission of Mighty KBC Radio via MBR
0800-1000 6095 NAU 100 kW 240 deg to WeEUR English, April 17
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

GERMANY   Themenabend in Berlin,
"Zur Geschichte des Antennenlabors Brueck",
Dienstag, 26. April 2016, 17:00-19:30 Uhr MESZ / CEST

Hallo, in Berlin und Umgebung,
die Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Post- und Telekommunkationsgeschichte
(DGPT) laedt zur kostenlosen Teilnahme (ohne Voranmeldung) an obigem
Themenabend ein.

Er findet statt im
Museum fuer Kommunikation Berlin,
Leipziger Str. 16
10117 Berlin, Raum 105.

Der ehemalige Leiter, Karl-Heinz Schmidt, wird ueber Geschichte, Aufgaben
und interessante Hintergruende des Standortes berichten und anhand von
Dokumenten, Fotos und Erlebnissen einen interessanten Abend gestalten.

Als Literatur dazu habe ich hier:

Peter Manteuffel:
Der Antennenmessplatz in Brueck (Text mit 6 Fotos und Lageskizze) in:
Gerd Klawitter (Hrsg.), 100 Jahre Funktechnik in Deutschland,
Bd. 2: Funkstationen und Messplaetze rund um Berlin, Seite 97-104,
Wissenschaft und Technik Verlag, Berlin 2002
(via Reinhard Schmidt, Potsdam-Rehbruecke, A-DX April 20)

GERMANY   Europa 24, Datteln, on 6150 kHz is now using a new 250 W
transmitter which replaced a 10 watt unit. The antenna is a dipole at 10m
with a second dipole below it; the height of which can be adjusted to both
improve the match to a 50 Ohm feed (from a regular 75 Ohm dipole) and help
with NVIS propagation.

The 250 Watt transmitter, built and supplied by BrDXC-UK member Dave
Porter, G4OYX, is a valved unit with a solid-state crystal oscillator.
Russian copies and developments of wartime German valves are used in the
high power output stage. The modulator is a Maplin Public Address
Amplifier driving a purpose-made modulation transformer.

BnetzA required a second harmonic output of at least -50dBc to conform
with international regulations, so an output filter was made comprising a
nine-element Chebyshev unit with assistance from BrDXC-UK member R Glyn
Jones G4AIJ.

In the event the second harmonic was -80dB, which was typical of the rest
of the harmonics.

{Accuracy of fq alignement is +/- 5 Hertz after 30 minutes warm up, after
German authority regulation specification of BnetzA ITU-FNA, wb.}

The programme material is sent via an internet connection form a studio
some 40 km away. Datteln is just the transmitter site.
(Dave Porter-UK  G4OYX, April BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine)

GREECE   On 6th April at 0100-0200 UT heard on MW 729 // 1008 kHz 1st prgr
(Prothon prgr), on 1404 // 1512 kHz prgr Kozmo, on 9420 kHz // faulty
sound 9935v kHz VO Greece all in Greek.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

Reception of Voice of Greece, April 14

0600-0702  9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek*tx#3 and off air
0600-0702 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF  Greek*tx#1 and off air
from 1800  9420#AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek tx#3

* plus 3-6 min news in Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, Polish,
Italian, Arabic. Today missing languages Russian, Albanian.

# co-ch till 1805 UT CNR 13 Uyghur and 1820-1920 UT VIRI French.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 15)

GUINEA   9650  Radio-Television Guineenne, Guinea reactivated on
shortwave, on April 14-17.

Re: Another new African station today? Some 2-3 decades ago Conakry Guinea
was on 9650 kHz with 50 kW. At 0044 UT on April 16 heard a clear ID in
French "Radio Guinee" S=9 or -72dBm signal heard on remote units in Spain,
Italy and Greece.

9650.0 kHz even Conakry Guinea, at 0057 UT on April 16, S=9+10dB signal on
remote SDR units in Moscow Russia, in England, in Belgium and in southern
Germany; and in peaks S=9+20dB or -56dBm in southern Italy at 0100 UT too.

re Sonfonia site.
> Its other old frequencies which might also reappear are 4900, 6155,
> 7125, 15310 kHz, as in WRTH 1994.
> It's been many years since Guinea quit SW, when?

7 SW masts visible  still in G.E. images, + MW- or rather tall
Telecommunication mast, next to building too, located midst on crowded
suburb housings. These masts and installation are at least 45 to 52 years
old installation of the dictator then. Sofonya site - VERY OLD USSR style
site from 1963 to 1988 year in service, as 'red propaganda to Africa'.

GUI  Conakry Sonfonia former 7125 kHz 50 kW at location
09 41 09.71 N  13 32 10.98 W

and older colonial era bcast center at Conakry too
09 36 18.23 N  13 39 10.87 W
latter had some 2 MW masts of 1404 kHz 200 kW powerful unit, as well as
9 SW curtains visible in October 2000 year image in Google Earth.

But all installations are SCRAPPED now on Conakry location - between
2000 year image in G.E., and newer one of 2007year. Except a single
telecommunication mast.


see image of Google Earth 21 Oct 2000, older Conakry txion center site,
9 tall SW antennas visible there.

Scrapped all masts between 2001 and 2006?
real scrapped on 'next stored time line' Google Earth image in 2007 year !

Sonfonia site with 6 tall SW mast antennas is 16 kilometers northeast
wards direction.

Conakry seems French colonial and USSR connection installation,
but Sonfonia Made in China origin ? during dictatorship.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

News about broadcasting in the Republic of Guinea.

The following article appeared, in French, on March 14, 2016, on


The headline reads: Urgent: Of 29 transmitters of Radio-TV Guineenne,
only 6 are actually working. Here is the link to the article

URGENT Sur 29 emetteurs de la Radio television guineenne, seulement
6 fonctionnent actuellement

La Radio television guineenne En Guinee, les infrastructures d'emission de
Radio television guineenne (Rtg) sont ? sinistre

View on  <>
(Sheldon Harvey-QC-CAN  ve2shw, dxld April 17)

Radio-Television Guineenne, Guinea reactivated on shortwave ... logged at
New Delhi, North India.

Reactivated station on 9650 kHz was first noted by Paul Walker on 14th
April 2016, Sakae Obara from New Jersey, USA identified the station as
'Radio Guinea' during a discussion in dxld list.

Logged on 16th April, at 0103 UT onwards with surprisingly fair to good
reception on 9650 kHz, heard till 0230 UT onwards until it started fading,
Content was mostly Afro music with occasional French talk.

And here's an audio file logged at 0107 UT on 16th April on 9650 kHz

(Alokesh India, dxld April 16)

9650 kHz at 0008 UT heard on Uni Twente SDR Netherlands. Sounds like man
giving news in French with talk from correspondents. 0027 UT West African
vocal music similar to Zouk music of the Caribbean. 0028 UT high-life
sounding music with vocals and electric guitars + stringed instruments.
(Steven Wiseblood-TX-USA, dxld April 16)

Gerade ganz passabel zu hoeren: Radio-Television Guineenne  auf 9650 kHz !

9650  RTG Guinea wurde schon einen Tag frueher dort beobachtet und
berichtet. Und war heute Nacht in ganz Europa mit dem nassen Finger zu
empfangen mit - gegenueber Nigera - vorzueglicher Audio Modulation und
genauer Frequenz sendend. Uebrigens heute frueh auch.

Um 00.44 UT habe ich die glasklare ID aus Guinea in Franz. mit S=9+20dB
or -56dBm aufgenommen.

Die Musik war grossartig anzuhoeren, ich habe heute Nacht 2 Stunden

Moeglicherweise haben angefuehrt von Frankreich, die Geheimdienste die
Finger im Spiel und haben die Anlagen in Tschad und Guinea wieder
hergerichtet / gewartet / finanziert, um dieser Region und der


Bewegung im Sahel zu begegnen. Die deutsche Bundeswehr wird sich in Mali
auch staerker engagieren, sagte gestern die 'Minister Mutti'.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

9650  Radio-Television Guineenne (RTG), Guinea reactivated on shortwave.

It was also a nice signal here in NJ using my car shortwave radio !
Received at Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA. 0159 UT, 16-Apr-2016
Using BST-1 Car Shortwave Radio with 2'-whip antenna.

9650  Radio-Television Guineenne (RTG), the state broadcasting service of
Guinea has been re-activated on shortwave, as per BrDXC Africa Guide
station was last reported on shortwave on 7125 kHz in September 2012.
Earlier a 50 kW transmitter was situated at Conakry.

9650  on April 16 at 2136 UT, no signal from Radio Guinee; nor at 2330 UT
or later, so apparently gone again after a couple days' activity. Ivo
Ivanov suggests that it could be a relay from outside, and was getting it
the previous morning: "Surprisingly good reception of new Radio Guinea,
Conakry, April 16: 0655 & 0705 UT on 9650 kHz unknown site / relay to CeAF
French, no signal at 0800 UT".
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld April 17)

Thorsten Hallmann replies on the dxld yg:
"That's what I thought at 0645 UT: Surprisingly good ... What programme
has been aired? SakaA Obara posted a recording here:


This gives the frequency FM 88.5 MHz, that's according to online station
lists the standard RTG Conakry FM channel, given as 88.55 MHz in older
WRTHs for a service IDing as Radio Conakry or Radio Guinee.
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld April 17)

Also, Sheldon Harvey forwards a recent story about the sorry state of
radio and TV around the country, with many transmitters off the air, and
radio not covering the whole country.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld April 17)

9650 at April 15 at 2350 UT tune-in, rather repetitive vocal and
instrumental African music at S8, from something new. At 2359 UT some
different instrumental music and announcement in French, but cannot
recognize any ID.

Onward into UT April 16 at 0002 UT: now all talk discussion mentioning
"organisation islamique"; 0006 UT different voice on phone, "fondation
islamique humanitaire", 0007 UT bit of music, more talk, interview past
0017 UT tune-out. Back at 0024 UT, now nice African music for rest of hour
at various chex, 0048 past 0102 UT with no ID, no break at all, 0117+ UT.

One report suggested this was Central African Republic reactivated on an
old frequency, but 9650 kHz is rather an old frequency of Guinea,
meanwhile DXed by several dxld yg members, including Sakae Obara, NJ, who
made this ID recording to clinch it as Radio Guinee.

Its other old frequencies which might also reappear are 4900, 6155, 7125,
15310 kHz, as in WRTH 1994. It's been many years since Guinea quit SW,

The SWBC scene is really hopping now in Africa. WRTH 2016 says CAR does
plan to reactivate this year, its ex-SW frequencies being 5035
and 7220 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld April 17)

So, I wonder if this is Conakry (Sonfonia) listed in WRTH 2016 as
previously on 7125 kHz with a 50 kW transmitter but currently inactive?
(Richard Langley-CAN, dxld April 16)

Surprisingly good reception of new Radio Giunea Conakry, April 16
0655 & 0705 9650kHz unknown site relay to CeAF French,
no signal at 0800 UT.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

Another new African radio station today?

It seems to me that the Sonfonia site would have been designed with
external coverage in mind rather than internal. Why else would they build
a facility with large free-standing towers, easily capable of supporting
reflectors as well as active elements.

The towers appear to be arranged to provide six (6) different
arrays along five (5) basic azimuths;

~ 35 degrees (along a line to Tunis)
~ 55 degrees (along a line to Bamako)
~ 80 degrees (along a line to N'Djamena)
~120 degrees (along a line between Monrovia & Abidjan)
~145 degrees (along a line to Cape Town)

I'm not suggesting that those cities are the desired targets,
just that they generally correspond to the azimuth of the arrays.

Has 9650 kHz been reported since 16 Apr? I haven't heard it but
conditions may have just been very good that night.
(JLenamon-TX-USA, dxld April 18)

7 SW masts in GE visible, + MW- or rather tall Telecommunication mast,
next to building too, located midst on crowded suburb housings.

GUI__Conakry Sonfonia 7125 kHz 50 kW  09 41 09.71 N  13 32 10.98 W

and at Conakry

In Google Earth older image of 2000 year,
the - now scrapped - Conakry installation
shows a 31 mb antenna aimed at 20degrees northeast at
09 36 18.23 N  13 39 10.87 W  area

But on newer, now left over Sonfonia transmission center image
6 x curtain dipole antenna mast installations seen,
at 2 x 35 degrees, 1x 55, 85, 115, and 125 degrees azimuth.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

Radio Guinee auf 9650 ! aber sicher, heute nacht hat schon
Sakae Obara in New Jersey-USA die ID mitgeschnitten:

(Thorsten Hallmann-D, A-DX April 16)

INDIA   15120, AIR via Bengaluru, at 0213 UT on April 17. Tuned in to
catch the AIR IS; scheduled to be in Kannada; almost fair.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld April 18)

Yes, heard AIR Kannada sce from Bangalore in eastern Thailand remote unit
too, 15120.005 and 13695.003 kHz S=7 signal at 0245 UT on April 18,
disappointing low signal level this morning. Checked in Eastern Thailand
SDR remote unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 18)

INDONESIA   VoINS 9525v kHz. Noted yesterday Voice of Indonesia Cimanggis
on rather even 9525.002 kHz channel, up some 11 Hertz of usual odd
frequency 9524.991v settlement.

At present April 16 at 10.37 UT ID anncmt in English measured on 9524.9955
kHz exact frequency. In Brisbane Queensland unit, S=9 or fluttery -74dBm

In ITU/HFCC A-16 database, Indonesia requested 10-19 UT only, - but not
19-21 UT segment. Beijing China mainland 500kW covers 1900-2057 UT instead
on 9525 kHz.

This channel suffers also heavily by China mainland BUBBLE jamming against
XingXing guangbo diantai-4 program from Kuanyin secret sce Taiwan
location. In 12-13 UT slot by - PROBABLY - 5 x 100 Hertz intervals string
apart distance, all work out to be. Main jammer frequencies are like
500 Hertz wideband scheme diagramm, centered at 9520.7, 9521.7, 9522.7,
and 9523.7 kHz, as 'garden fence like' bubbler.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

IRAN / INTRUDERALERT Digest, April 16, and yesterday at 16z noted again
Iran 10120 kHz Arabic bcast transmission intermodulation too.
73 wb df5sx

TX center Zahedan in Iran 500 kW,  G.C. 29 28 34.01 N  60 52 06.81 E

#145 curtain dipol antenna
#935 NAVIS non directional fountain like antenna, from 16.00z

I guess rather #935 non-directional antenna produces the intermodulation ?

kHz UTC ITU zones kW deg ant ADM BRC #
9580 1430-1600 37,38,39 ZAH 500 289     0 145 ARABIC-W IRN IRB 16073
9850 1550-1720 29S,39N  ZAH 500 289     0 145 TURKISH  IRN IRB 16082
9580 1600-1730 37,38,39 ZAH 500 non-dir 0 935 ARABIC-W IRN IRB 16074

2 x 9850 kHz = 19700 kHz

minus  9580
      10120 kHz

Usual intermodulation of Arabic-westerly program
against IRIB Turkish language program on 9850 kHz,
main audio signal on 10120 kHz should be Arabic of 9580 kHz fundamental.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

JAPAN    Whether someone can help me to find the real audio stream in
Internet of the prgr of NHK World Radio Japan // for time 1700-1800 UT on
SW 11945 & 15445 kHz ? Thank you in advance. The address given from NHK
doesn't work.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

JAPAN   NHK Japanese audiostream 17-19 UT.



Whether someone can help me to find the real audio stream in Internet of
the prgr of NHK World Radio Japan // for time 1700-1800 UT on SW 11945 &
15445 kHz ? Thank you in advance. The address given from NHK doesn't work.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

Dear Takahito, may you can help ?
Rumen in Sofia Bulgaria searches the NHK R Japan livestream Japanese link.
kind regards de wolfy - wwdxc, April 15

Re: NHK Japanese audiostream 17-19 UT.

NHK does not support audio streaming of whole NHK world radio programs on
PC. (Video streaming of NHK World TV is OK on PC.)
Only Live audio news and podcast are heard at

Some audio streaming is supported on iPad/iPhone and Android , using the
exclusive application. Free iPad/iPhone application is available at iTunes
(Takahito Akabayashi-Tokyo-Japan, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 15)

KOREA  D.P.R.   Heard on April 2nd at 1630 re-activated on 6400 kHz
with PBS prgr in Korean, good signals also of KCBS on 6100 // 9665 //
11680 kHz. All cl/d at 1825 UT.

On 6400 kHz at this time rised some free radio with pop songs. Voice of
Korea on 13760 & 15245 kHz - equal jamming signal "wuu-wuu-" like the
signal of  their prgrs. But on 9425 & 12015 kHz without their own jamming
signals, clear in Russian & German.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

KOREA  Rep. of   Heard on April 2nd at 1700 UT three different nx
bulletins in Korean; one on 6015 (jammed by "wuu-wuu"), second on 7275 kHz
// 9740 kHz & third on 9515 kHz.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

LAOS   6129.999  LAO  Lao National Radio, Vientiane site, rather poor
morning / daytime condition S=6-7 signal or -88dBm at 0420 UT on April 18.

Checked eastern Thailand remote rx installation, before to be closed soon,
til autumn / winter season opening in November 2016 again.

Looked out for transmissions seldom reported in western DX hobby lists.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 18)

MADAGASCAR   11770 kHz  MWV Arabic program at 2250 UT on UTC-April 18,
S=9+25dB or -52dBm in southern Germany.
Nothing on air observed at 22-23 UT on 9455 kHz tonight. (wb)

 9455 2200-2300 43,44  MWV 100  55 30 218 Chinese MDG MWV WCB 16130
11770 2200-2300 37S,38 MWV 100 325  0 218 Arabic  MDG MWV WCB 16131
(hfcc April 6)

9480  F/d card w/ no signer received from Madagascar World Voice for
reception of African Pathways Radio on 30 March at 0400 UT.

Can't remember when I last received two QSLs from African stations
(real stations not relays) in one week ... and Radio Guinea reactivated
on 9650 kHz to boot! It doesn't get any better than this!
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer April 16)

9600  MWV Mahajanga, at 0018-59* UT on 16 April. Carrier detected by :18,
audio by :31 w/ hymn & sermon-y chat, better by :49 contact info, Bible
study promo, percussion intro/outro to KNLS USA addr., "This is Your New
Life Station...", followed by sked "Pacific Rim, 11870 kHz [which is a
KNLS via Anchor Point QRG], Asia 9665 kHz at 0100 hours [KNLS from the
Mahajanga site]" & closing with "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor.

9665  MWV Mahajanga at *0058-0105+ UT on 16 April. OC, "This is Your New
Life Station", horn IS to TOH & fanfare / hymn followed by ID / info /
program preview, opening musical selection was Walk The Moon's "Shut Up &
Dance" [a pretty zippy tune / video for folks trying to enlighten the
heathen, but what do I know?] ... poor at best, but still 'way better than
9600 kHz.

6190  La Voz Alegre / MWV Mahajanga, at 0210-0217+ UT on 16 April. Much
better signal when they're aimed NA/SAm-ward in Spanish. "Esta escuchando
La Voz Alegre", with Miami/web addresses & mention of production help from
"Radio Mundial..." & Florida International University. At 0208 UT on
18 April. Weak in the noise in SP & gone by 0213 UT recheck 6150 kHz also
missing at 0356 check & 9480 kHz didn't show, either..more transmitter
troubles or did the site get attacked by giant, invisible ring-tailed
(Dan Sheedy-Moonlight Beach-CA-USA, logs April 14-19, via dxld)

Madagascar World Voice. They're back with a bang !  Both 0000 & 0100 UTC
txn's [9600 and 9665 kHz] were barely audible in northern India earlier.
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, hcdx April 15)

9665-, April 15 at 0137 UT, tell-tale het against Voz Missionaria, Brasil
which is always off-frequency, about 9664.97 kHz. The low audio heterodyne
from a weaker signal however is on the lower side of that, approx. 9664.92
kHz, rather than 9665.00 kHz. But suspect Madagascar World Voice has been
reactivated after a biweek of silence.

That's soon confirmed by Steven C Wood in MA, who was hearing the previous
hour in English on 9600 kHz until 0058 UT. I also check for the next hour
in English, 0400 UT on 9480 kHz, and get a JBA signal, presumably this,
but much less than it was providing during its initial activity. I've also
been checking almost every day for the 1800 UT English broadcast
on 17640 kHz with no results, but maybe it will be there April 15.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld April 15)

9535  MWV  Madagascar World Voice - "African Pathways Radio" Chinese
at 2303 UT April 15th-UTC, S=9 on remote SDR installation unit in Moscow,
Russia, but weaker signals in Doha Qatar and in eastern Thailand remote rx
units noted.

9535 Weak and tiny RHC Spanish observed deep underneath co-channel though.

And Voz Missionaria, Brasil, heard in Europe at 2316 UT on exact 9664.945
kHz poor S=5 or -93dBm signal, on poor and tiny prop condition (sunspots
and condition throw up spit eruption....) from Brazil.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 15)

9600  Madagascar World Voice at 0152 UT, April 15, 2016. Tune in to hear
traditional Christian music followed by "Creation Moment" christian
message. Then om gave New life station ID's and skeds of KNLS & MWV.
Followed with song by Flock of Seagulls. Signal overwhelmed by WHRI tune
up on 9605 kHz at 0057 UT. Carrier disappeared by 0058 UT. Signal level
was good, S=5/6 , but static level was high and persistent fades were a
nuisance. Audio seemed a bit distorted but that could have been a
combination effect of the some local QRM, static & Fades. I guess they are
(Stephen C Wood-MA-USA, hcdx Apr 15)

9480, MWV with "African Pathways Radio," at *0400 UT on April 15.
Trumpets; "Welcome to African Pathways Radio. This is Edet Udofia. I am so
glad you are joining us today. We bring you one interesting program after
another to uplift you and help you along life's path. My co-host is Henry
Huffard"; Bible reading; gave today's program schedule; religious song
"Into the World," sung by Zambian vocal group; fairly readable.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct / DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 15)

 6150 0300 0400 12,13       MWV 100 265   0 216 Spa MDG MWV WCB 16123
 6190 0200 0300 12-15       MWV 100 250 -15 216 Spa MDG MWV WCB 16122
 9455 2200 2300 43,44       MWV 100 55   30 218 Chn MDG MWV WCB 16130
 9480 0400 0500 46,47,48    MWV 100 295 -30 218 Eng MDG MWV WCB 16124
 9535 2300 2400 43,44       MWV 100 55  -15 218 Chn MDG MWV WCB 16132NEW
 9570 1800 1900 29          MWV 100 355  30 218 Rus MDG MWV WCB 16125
 9600 0000 0100 46,47,48    MWV 100 40  -15 218 Eng MDG MWV WCB 16120NEW
 9665 0100 0200 41          MWV 100 40   15 218 Eng MDG MWV WCB 16121
11615 2100 2200 27,28       MWV 100 325   0 218 Chn MDG MWV WCB 16129
11770 2200 2300 37S,38      MWV 100 325   0 218 Arz MDG MWV WCB 16131
11945 1900 2000 38,39       MWV 100 355  30 218 Arz MDG MWV WCB 16127
13710 2000 2100 37S,38      MWV 100 340  15 218 Arz MDG MWV WCB 16128
17640 1800 1900 37,46,47,48 MWV 100 310 -15 218 Eng MDG MWV WCB 16126
(hfcc April 6)

WCB KNLS Madagascar World Voice was back air, April 14
1800-1900  9570 MWV 100 kW 355 deg to EaEUR Russian
1900-2000 11945 MWV 100 kW 355 deg to NE/ME Arabic
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

Reception of WCB Madagascar World Voice, April 16
1800-1900  9570 MWV 100 kW 355 deg to EaEUR Russian KNLS The New Life Stn
1900-2000 11945 MWV 100 kW 355 deg to NE/ME Arabic Radio Feda
2000-2100 13710 MWV 100 kW 340 deg to EaAF  Arabic Radio Feda
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

MADAGASCAR/SRI LANKA   Upcoming changes of Adventist World Radio KSDA
1300-1400 17605 MDC 250 kW 065 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese, new time
1400-1500 17670 TRM 125 kW 075 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese, cancelled
2200-2300 15625 TRM 125 kW 075 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese, additional
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 15)

MALAYSIA   Heard both RTM Kajang signals, on 9835 and 11665 kHz at 0304
UT, nx read by female in BM on 9835 kHz, in S=8-9 -78dBm signal strength
morning propagation condition. But before 0300 UT heard a Chinese
radioplay and native flute mx - likely Childrens Hour ? radio play - on
11665 kHz, latter S=8-9 signal at 0254 UT.

When checked at 0340 UT again, it was in likely Malaysian language though.
So, I guess at 02-03 UT RTM Kajang produced a Mandarin language section
program on SW 11665 kHz. -  Checked in Eastern Thailand SDR remote unit.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 18)

MONGOLIA/CHINA   17729.876  Usual very odd fq aligned Ulanbataar Khonkhor
- Mongolia SW site relay ... at 0205 UT on March 10, checked onoutlet, RFA
Tibetan sce relay via Mongolia temecom facility at this hour, 0244 UT on
April 18, S=9+10dB in eastern Thailand. And annoying 1024 Hertz BUZZ tone
+ whine of China mainland CNR1 jamming on 17730 kHz even frequency.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 18)

MYANMAR   April 14 checking for any problems or special programming as a
result of yesterdays strong quake; all stations seemed to be functioning
normally and with normal programs; nothing could be heard as relating to
the quake; checking at 1309 UT heard Myanmar Radio with different programs
on 5915 kHz (underneath CRI), 5985.0 kHz and 7200.00 kHz; while Thazin
Radio was underneath CNR1 on 7345 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)


VoINS on even channel !

log 0920-1110 UT on April 15, on remote SDR in eastern Thailand:

5914.9915  MMR  noted rather proper S=9+5dB or -66dBm, fluttery signal,
Myanma Radio Nay Pyi Taw, Burmese pop singer of (English) pop
scene in the 70ties, like easy listening in Burmese language.
At 0955 UT on April 14.

Nothing heard on 5985 kHz Yangoon Yegu channel.

6019.999  VTN  VoVietnam Dac Lac site, S=9+20dB or -55dBm signal,
and as usual two symmetrical spurious signals of 13.384 kHz each
side, 'seen' as peaks as on 6006.615 and 6033.383 kHz.

Latter spur spikes at S=9 or -72dBm strength. 0944 UT April 15.
Endless talk in Vietnamese by female and male presenter.

Nothing 'visible' on variable 6035 Bhutan Thimphu channel, but only even
frequency of CHN PBS Yunnan Shangri-L, at 0940 UT.

6060even  CHN  Probably PBS Sichuan-2 already on air (Aoki Nagoya list
show 1000-1515 UT slot), was 0935 UT, similar poor level like
Japanese Radio Nikkei-1 on adjacent 6055 kHz channel.

6129.9985  LAO  Lao National Radio, Vientiane site, proper S=9+10dB signal
or -69dBm at 0930 UT on April 15. Endless phone-in program
presenter by two male voices. Bad phone line quality.

6164.992  MMR  Thazin Radio, Pyin U Lwin, northern bcast center,
S=9+20dB or -54dBm fluttery signal at 0920 UT on April 15.
Pop hipp-hopp modern western music, low level performance program.

7200even S=7-8 carrier seen already at 0950 UT, but CHN CNR switched
on only final power stage late at 10.00:07 UT S=9+30dB power.
Nothing of MMR Yangoon on air.

7210.001  VTN  VoVietnam 1st progr service from Dac Lac site,
and as usual two symmetrical spurious signals 'seen' as
peaks as wandered/varying 7196.187...198, and 7223.810v kHz.
0959 UT on April 15. S=9+20dB or -56dBm.
Both spurs wandered some +/minus 5 Hertz up and down.

7295 nothing of RTM Traxx FM Kajang Malaysia - anymore !

7344.996  MMR  Thazin Radio, Pyin U Lwin, northern bcast center,
S=9+20dB or -53dBm fluttery signal at 1030 UT on April 15.
Pop hipp-hopp modern western music, followed by mountain music
of brass instruments at 1033 UT, in Kokang tribe language,
acc Aoki Nagoya list.

9460.0015  MMR  Thazin MR from Pyin U Lwin, in Burmese or similar
at news read by female and male presenter at 1038 UT April 15.
This time slot is not recorded in Aoki Nagoya list.
News on Cambodia temple items and touristic highlights.
S=9+15dB or -59dBm, 9.8 kHz wide audio signal.

9525.002  INS  Very surprised, rather EVEN frequency signal of VoINS
Cimanggis Jakarta, ID in English after news at 1043 UT Apr 15.

9590 MMR  Nothing on air of Thazin Radio, Pyin U Lwin at 1045 UT.

9635.796  VTN  VoVTN1st program from Son Tay site, and both sides
symmetrically accompanied 100 Hertz main power spurs visible,
at 1050 UT on April 15.

9729.9975  MMR  Only S=9 signal of Burmese MMRS station, probably from
old British Empire bcast center Rangoon Yegu, at 1055 UT on
April 15. And also additional 50 Hertz peak whistle heard.

Heavily hit by adjacent upper flank 9735 kHz of Chinese program from
Taiwan's ? Hakka service, S=9+40dB powerhouse. And on 9740 kHz
also 10.8 kHz wide signal of BBCWS Kranji Singapore too.

9794.981  PHL  FEBC Radio from Iba in Vietnamese, S=9+30dB or -49dBm
powerful noted in eastern Thailand remote SDR post.
And Vietnamese sirene hooter audio jamming, 2 tones on upper side,
600 Hertz broad varying tones, at +900 and +1600 Hz.

9835 MLA  RTM Sarawak FM not heard on air.

9839.832  VTN  VoVTN Japanese sce from Son Tay site, S=9+5dB on backlobe
side. At 1108 UT on April 15.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 15)


Log 2320-0030 UT of April 15 / 16, of SoEaASia eastern Thailand remote
SDR unit.

5050even CHN  Beibu Bay Radio from Nanning #954 txion center,
         S=9+15dB or proper -58dBm nice signal observed at 23.25 UT,
         on April 15. Light Chinese pop music logged.

5914.9915MMR  noted rather proper S=9+25dB -48dBm at 23.38 UT on April 15,
         fluttery signal, Myanma Radio Nay Pyi Taw, Burmese pop singer.

5925even VTN  VoVTN 2nd program from bcast center Xuan Mai site,
         at 23.46 UT on April 15. S=9+20dB or -53dBm signal logged in
         Eastern Thailand remote SDR post. Vietnamese talk by two male.

5975even VTN  VoVTN 1st program from Son Tay bcast transmission center.
         S=9+20dB or -52dBm, Vietnamese endless talk at 2344 UT Apr 15.

5984.998 MMR  MR Myanma Radio, probably from MR Yangoon Yegu former
         British colonial era bcast center. At 23.42 UT on April 15,
         S=9+20dB or -51dBm strength. String instrument and hill tribe
         singer heard in performance, like heard in golden triangle, in
         border area of northern Thailand, Laos, Kunming Shangri La, or
         in northern Burma region.

6019.999 VTN  VoVTN 4th program, from Dac Lac bcast center, after
         morning twinlight time propagation surprisingly S=9+20dB or
         -48dBm radio signal, station ID at 23.50 UT on April 15.
         + two spurious 13.383 kHz apart distance away signals,
         on lower and upper sideband.

6029.993 MMR  Thazin Radio from northern Pyin U Lwin bcast center,
         at S=9+30dB or -41dBm fluttery signal level, at 23.55 UT on
         April 15. Pop music program.

6035v a tiny string visible now at 01.28 UT on exact 6035.000 kHz,
but I guess - not from Thimphu Bhutan tonight, latter is rather on ODD
channel. Nothing heard at 0000 and 0040 UT either.

6039.984 THA  VoA Udorn Thani IBB relay site in Thailand's north Eastern
         area, in Burmese scheduled daily 2330-0030 UT. S=9+20dB or
         -58dBm strength in local signal skip zone, VoA station ID heard
         at 23.59:04 UT, by Burmese male presenter.

6130even LAO  Laotian National Radio Vientiane, a lot of gongs heard at
         00.00 UT, followed at 00.02 UT hymn played like National Anthem.
         Sung emphatically by female chorus til 00.03:10 UT, when the
         the daily morning program jingle played. S=9+15dB or -58dBm.

6164.9965MMR  Thazin Radio in Kachin domestic sce, from northern
         Pyin U Lwin bcast center, S=9+5dB -66dBm strength, little
         lower strength, this antenna seemingly has another azimuth
         mainlobe direction, I guess when note the signal on eastern
         Thailand remote receiver. Female presenter heard at 00.05 UT on
         April 16. Different audio characteristic, spoken part has only
         3.2 kHz wide smaller modulation, but music parts contrastingly
         at 7 kHz wide broadband audio.

7210even VTN  VoVTN 1st px from Dac Lac broadcast center, +two spurious
         signal strings on 13.830 kHz apart distance, on both sidebands.

Nothing from Myanma Radio noted on 7200v or 7345v kHz at this 0020 UT hour

9390even UZB  IBRA Media Radio, Bengali sce, via on RRTM Tashkent tx site,
         S=8 or -81dBm signal logged in eastern Thailand, female pastor,
         station snail mail address P.O.Box details given at 00.26 UT
         on April 16.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

MYANMAR   9589.9955  Thazin Radio, Pyin U Lwin, northern bcast center,
S=7 or -81dBm fluttery signal in morning skip zone, at 0259 UT on April 18

Not heard here anymore at 0345 UT, but on 9459.989 kHz instead, so it
changes 9590 by 9460 kHz channel at 0300 or 0330 UT, wrong entries also
read in Aoki Nagoya list. On S=9 signal level or -76dBm at 0350 UT on
April 18.

And much weaker signal on 9729.9955 kHz Myanma Radio program, probably
from ex-capital Yangoon Yegu site heard at 0356 UT. Burmese female
presenter. S=9 -71dBm, HAPPY BIRTHDAY program jingle in English at
0357 UT, and anniversary annmts - but in Burmese language.

7200.000 Exact even frequency measured at 0406 UT on April 18, Myanmar
Radio female presenter heard reading news in eastern Thailand remote SDR
unit. S=9+10dB or -60dBm signal.

Also poor signal of MR on 5915v heard at this 0411 UT hour. The given
Myanmar Radio hours in Aoki/Nagoya list database are mostly wrong and
should be UPDATED soon. 5914.991 MMR Myanma Radio Nay Pyi Taw at 0814 UT
on April 18, noted rather tiny after fade-out S=8 or -86dBm, fluttery
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 18)

7200a  Myanmar Radio from Yangon Yegu, at 1334-1400+ UT on 19 April.
Pleased to have MR in the clear for the past week or so with what sounds
like Burmese "cowboy" songs, soft-voiced DJ, gongs/bells at TOH [thanks to
Ron Howard for the tip] & possible ID w/ mention of frequencies in
kiloHertz..sked to 1500 UT in Aoki, but has run as late as 1516+ UT
on 15 April ... signal is best heard 1334-1415 UT.
(Dan Sheedy-Moonlight Beach-CA-USA, logs April 14-19, via dxld)

PAKISTAN   Very weak signal of Radio Pakistan PBC, April 19
0500-0700 15730 ISL 250 kW 282 deg to NE & ME Urdu
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 19)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3260  NBC Madang, at 1131-1200* UT, *1204-1215* UT on
April 3 (Sunday). In Tok Pisin/Pidgin with what seemed like religious
program (religious songs?); ID 1159 UT; audio ended 1200* UT and then just
dead air (open carrier). Was disappointed, as was hoping to hear a certain
Sunday show. Fortunately I did not tune away, as at *1204 UT the audio
came back on with Stacy Rose's distinctive voice with the intro to her
"Island Praise" syndicated (Florida, USA) Sunday show of pop Caribbean
gospel music (reggae, soca, calypso, hip hop gospel, etc.) till suddenly
off at 1215* UT. Very pleased to hear her unique show again! ...

As it's Sunday (April 17), I checked out NBC Madang again on 3260 kHz.
Sure enough, at 1203 UT heard pop religious song as the start of the
"Island Praise" syndicated weekly show presented by Stacy Rose, with her
very distinctive voice; playing pop religious songs and a few IDs for NBC
PNG; today running much later than normal; off suddenly at 1243* UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld April 17)

April 14 rechecked 7325 kHz to hear what is happening now with CRI and
Radio Light.

CRI (7325.00 even) again suddenly off at 1253* UT%; immediately heard WRL
Wantok Radio Light (7324.95 kHz) in English in the clear; end of a
religious program; "Tune in tomorrow" and gave phone number; religious
song till CRI suddenly on again at *1258 UT.

{ % CRI Japanese via Jinhua-Youbu #831 site end at 1253 UT, and acc hfcc
database Xian #594 site should take over at 1300 UT then ... wb.}

Strange that CRI went to an earlier cut off time than before and now
I find they are continuing to do so.

7324.95  April 20 decent reception; 0842-0918 UT; at 0857 UT ending
syndicated USA program "Fresh Touch" with request for listeners to write
c/o "Wantok Radio Light, P.O. Box 1273, Port Moresby."

0901-0912 UT regional NBC news in English; PSA for auto safety ("slow down
and respect the law"); Tok Pisin / Pidgin talking about "messages to loved
ones"; at times almost fair.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14/20)

7325  Wantok Radio Light PNG very poor copy Male presenter pop / rock in
Pidgin from 0910 UT on 21 April.
(Nick Hacko-NSW-AUS  VK2DX, dxld April 21)

7324.946  some poor string peak visible at 1024 UT April 21, but couldn't
confirm PNG, due of S=9+10dB signal of CRI Japanese 7325even fq.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 21)

SIKKIM  [now joined India]  4835, AIR Gangtok (presumed), at 1352-1413 UT
on April 14. Seemed to be them underneath ABC Alice Springs NT with
announcer and subcontinent music.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   5020.0  SIBC, at 1155-1159* UT on April 14. Reception
above the norm; "evening devotional"; full ID in English; NA.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

9545  SIBC, at 0430-0459* UT on April 17. Reception well above the norm;
as it's Sunday, they played a lot of religious songs; in Pijin, but ad in
English for mobile phone service (red hot data plan ... $20 for 200MB for
seven days ... 30% more data, etc.); suddenly off.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld April 18)

SOUTH AFRICA/UNIDENTIFIED   5915, on April 18 at 0309 & 0348 UT, JBA
carrier only detectable in huge splash from 5910 and 5920 kHz stations;
this hour was supposed to be Radio Lead Africa on UT Mon/Tue/Fri, via
South Africa, despite Zambia's long usage of 5915 kHz. Has anyone
definitely heard RLA lately on any of its alleged transmissions?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld April 18)

5915 kHz 0300-0400 UT to zones 48, 47S, 52NE, and 53NW  to
48  East Africa
52  Gabon, Congo, Zaire, Angola
53  Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malagasy
via SenTec Meyerton-RSA-AFS  bcast center
MEY 100kW 20degr 236=MonTueFri only, 2703-290316  English AFS RLA SNT

Zambia, ZNBC1 / South Africa, Radio Lead Africa for Uganda, 5915 kHz.
On Monday April 18 my comments echo those of Ron Howard on April 11,
"So have no idea what was going on here from 0300 to 0400 UT."

I tuned in at 0305 UT, today April 18 and heard nothing from either Zambia
or Meyerton on this frequency; just normal background noise, so normal
that I assumed they were both off-air. Definitely no sub-audible het as
previously heard and reported to dxld. I found a very weak carrier, but it
was almost at imagination level. This carried on until about 0358 UT, at
which point Zambia suddenly became audible, as though Lead Africa had been
on air and suddenly their carrier was cut (just before 0400 UT as
expected). At 0400 UT there were the usual fish eagles and jingle followed
by the ZNBC1 id and "One Zambia One Nation".

If Lead Africa from Meyerton was in fact suppressing Zambia as it usually
does, I can't understand why I wasn't picking up a strong carrier from
Meyerton. And no SAH, could one of them have tweaked frequency to get rid
of the het? Or could some adjustment have been made to the Meyerton
antenna so that they were just inaudible in Jo'burg?

When Zambia did become audible it was much weaker than usual for that time
of day; I note that Spaceweather is today reporting a solar flare at 0039
UT and shortwave radio blackouts around the Pacific. Although I'm nowhere
near the Pacific I wonder if the whole mystery could be related to that?
Or maybe Meyerton really was off-air and Zambia just came on air late?
(Bill Bingham-RSA, dxld April 18)

SRI LANKA   Good signal of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, April 16
1630-1830 11750 TRM 125 kW 345 deg to NE/ME Sinhala
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

TAIWAN [non-log]  7502.0-AM, StarStar Broadcasting Station (Xing Xing BS)
(V13). For some time now I have been almost daily monitoring their
1200-1230 & 1300-1330 UT schedule here; normally with fair or better,
un-jammed reception of their Chinese numbers.

A major surprise on April 19 to tune in at 1206 UT to find program jamming
of CNR1 ( // 6125 kHz) on 7501.5 kHz for the very first time, totally
blocking any chance to tell if Xing Xing BS was even on the air today.
CNR1 jamming still on at 1326 UT.

If these segments of Xing Xing BS are vital to the Taiwan intelligence
community, then we can look for them to move this station to an un-jammed
frequency in the near future.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld April 19)

TAIWAN  R.O.C.  On the top of the hour at 1400-1756 UT on 9230 // 9320 //
11100 kHz sounded march & ID in En "This is Radio Free Asia" & prgrs in
Cantonese & Mandarin. In Ca(Cantonese) starting April 3rd the transmission
at 1400-1500 UT is on Sun on 13820 kHz, Mon & Wed on 13755 kHz, Tue on
13740 kHz etc. The parallel freqs 9230, 9320, 11100 kHz are with signal
ahead than on 13820, 13755 etc.

At 1400-1700 UT Sound of Hope was heard on 6730, 6900, 7730, 7800, 9155,
9180 (ex9200), (10175?), 10960, 11150, 11430, 14775, and maybe on 11500,
12190, 14478, 14700 kHz ?
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

THAILAND-not  [CHINA/INDIA/MYANMAR] Checked eastern Thailand remote SDR rx
installation, before to be closed soon.

Break til autumn / winter season opening in November 2016.
Looked out for transmissions seldom reported in western DX hobby lists.

Ein kurzes Log von heute Morgen 17. April  um 1010-1030 UT
5914.991  MMR  MR Myanma Radio Nay Pyi Taw, Burmese pop singer, S=9+15dB
6164.9925 MMR  Thazin Radio, Pyin U Lwin, northern bcast center, S=9+30dB
7200.even CHN  CNR1 jamming, S=9+30dB, NOT Myanma R Yegu, at 1027 UT.
7269.998  IND  AIR Chennai, Tamil Nadu, En, and
7269.986  CHN  PBS Nei Menggu, Mongolian sce at 1026 UT
7290.004  IND  AIR Thiruvananthapuram, Muttathura, Kerala, at 1023 UT,
               S=7-8 or poor -82dBm.
7325.even CHN  CRI Jinhua-Youbu #831 tx center, Japanese
7344.9965 MMR  Thazin Radio, Pyin U Lwin, northern bcast center.
               S=9+25dB signal at 1018 UT on April 17.
7380.006  IND  AIR Madras, Tamil Nadu, southern sce, at 1016 UT.
9729.9965 MMR  Only S=9 signal of Burmese MMRS station, probably from
          old British Empire bcast center Rangoon Yegu,
          S=9+15dB low modulation. At 1032 UT on April 17.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

THAILAND   15589.963  Very odd frequency sent out by the US IBB guys at
Udorn Thani. Staff is known of lousy tx fq alignement for years now. Radio
Thailand in 60 mins Thai language sce 0230-0300 UT towards straight north
6 degr azimuth to China, Far East Siberia/Russia, Alaska and Western
Canada coast. Smooth Thai singer performance at 0239 UT April 18.
Checked in Eastern Thailand SDR remote unit.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 18)

UNID   Mauno Ritola writes today on the WRTH F_B group
Eye Radio (formerly Sudan Radio Service) plans to start on shortwave next
Tuesday acc. to the following schedule:

0400-0500 UT 11730 kHz, 1600-1700 UT 17730 kHz.
(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK April 20)

UAE   Reception of Radio ERGO via BaBcoCk, April 17
1200-1300 17845 DHA 250 kW 225 deg to EaAF Somali

Reception of Trans World Radio Africa via BaBcoCk, April 17
1300-1315 17680 DHA 250 kW 230 deg to EaAF Afar Thu-Sun
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

UAE/UZBEKISTAN   Reception of Radio Japan NHK World, April 19
1400-1430 15735 TAC 100 kW 163 deg to SoAS En, viaRRTM Tashkent tx site
1515-1600 11775 DHA 250 kW 060 deg to SoAs Urdu
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 19)

U.K.   The A16 schedule is released for BBC WS. Link to A16 frequency page
which features additional links to regional frequency charts and
transmitter details.

(Via Dan H., SWLing Post Blog, via April CIDX Messenger via dxld Apr 13)


BBCWS English to East and Southern Africa
0400-0500 7360-me 15420-dh
0500-0600 3255-me 6190-me 7445-as 11945-me 15420-dh
0600-0800 6190-me 9410-me 13580-md 15420-dh
1500-1600 12095-md 15420-me
1600-1700 3255-me 6190-me 7445-md 12095-me 17640-as
1700-2000 3255-me 6190-me 7445-md 9410-dh

BBCWS English to West Africa
0500-0600 5875-as 6005-as
0600-0700 6005-as 7445-as 12095-me 15105-wo
0700-0800 11770-as 12095-as 13660-as 17830-me
1600-1700 17830-as
1700-1800 15400-as 17780-as 17830-as
1800-2000 11810-as 13660-wo 15400-as
2000-2100 9915-wo 11810-as 12095-as
2100-2200 9915-as 11810-as 12095-as (Mon-Fri)

BBCWS English to East & South East Asia
1000-1100 6195-kr 9740-th/kr 15285-kr 17760-th 21660-th
1100-1200 6195-ke 9740-th/kr 15285-kr 17760-th
1200-1300 5875-th 6195-kr 9740-kr 11750-th
1300-1400 5875-th 6195-kr 9740-kr
2200-2300 3915-kr 5840-th 5890-th 5905-th 6195-kr 9740-kr 9890-om
2300-0000 5840-th 6195-kr 9740-kr 9890-th 11850-kr 12010-th

BBCWS English to South Asia
0000-0100 5970-om 9410-th 12095-th
0100-0200 9410-om 12095-th 15310-th
0200-0300 12095-om 15310-th
0800-0900 17790-th-drm
1300-1400 1413-om 6195-kr 11835-th 15310-om
1400-1500 1413-om## 11890-kr 15310-om 5845-th-drm#
1500-1700 7465-ta 11890-kr 5845-th-drm
1700-1800 1413-om 5845-th-drm

BBCWS English to Middle East
0130-0230 1413-om
0300-0400 9440-om 12095-om
0400-0500 1413-om 12095-om 13660-om
1500-1600 9410-om 11675-om
1600-1700 7375-om 9410-om
1700-1900 6195-om 7375-om
1900-2100 1413-om
(BBC WS A-16 frequency charts; Dave Kenny-UK, April BrDXC-UK
"Communication" magazine direct and via dxld April 13)

U.K.   14060 / 13660 kHz Babcock Woofferton BBCWS / 13860 kHz, 1800-1900z.

Mail from Bulgarian ham operator:
"Last 3 weeks, there is strong wrong signal of BBC News radio every
evening here at 21.00 Bulgarian time -that is 18.00 UTC - UK time on
frequency 14060 kHz on AM modulation, but also USB.

When my antenna - 4 el Yagi is beaming to NorthWest direction, then the
signal is strongest. But, I must say, many other Bulgarian ham amateurs
have heard the same signal BBC World News at the same time - 18 UTC with
other kind of radios - like Kenwood, Icom, SDR e-t.c.".

14060 / 13460 kHz I'll check it tomorrow. Easiest physics formula,
intermodulation happens on very same bcast center location, -
Intermodulation of 300 / 250 kW HIGHPOWERs of 13660 and 13860 kHz at
Woofferton, should be produce intermodulations 'on 13460 and 14060' kHz

13660 BBC 1800-2000 English 250 165 Woofferton G BBC     a16
13860 VoA 1800-1900 Amharic 300 122 Woofferton G VOA/IBB a16

Hi dear Ivo in Sofia, do you note the same intermodulation of 400 kHz
( 2 x 200 kHz difference apart distance) from Woofferton UK?
VoA Amharic heard on 13460 kHz ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

re 14060 intermodulation / 13660 Woofferton BBCWS / 13860 kHz, 1800-1900z

Pleased to report that WOF have done some tests today and confirmed the
IP. So one of the 13 MHz services (BBC one) will be removed from the WOF
schedule and transferred elsewhere. This should happen today. The
engineers say thanks for letting them know. 73 Dave

Hi Wolfie, - Info from Mart at WOF Woofferton,
"The first hour [18-19 UT] of the BBC went from Woofferton
to DHA [ Al Dhabbaya-UAE ].

Second hour [19-20 UT] still from WOF Babcock Woofferton UK.
73 Mart, April 19"
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 19)

[SINGAPORE/UAE/U.K.]  Frequency changes Bi-bi-si with April 19

0130-0200 NF15510 SNG 250 kW 315 deg to SoAS Bengali, ex 15620 SNG

1800-1900   13660 DHA 250 kW 260 deg to WeAF English, ex Woofferton
- ! to avoid intermodulation 18-19 UT on amateur radio band 14060 kHz, wb
1900-2000   13660 WOF 250 kW 165 deg to WeAF English, ex 1800-2000
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, RUSmidxb via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 19)

U.K.   Reception of Radio ERGO via BaBcoCk, April 17
1200-1300 17845 DHA 250 kW 225 deg to EaAF Somali

Reception of Trans World Radio Africa via BaBcoCk, April 17
1300-1315 17680 DHA 250 kW 230 deg to EaAF Afar Thu-Sun

Reception of Radio Dandal Kura International via BaBcoCk, April 17
1800-2100 12050 ASC 250 kW 065 deg to WeAF Kanuri

Reception of Follow The Bible Ministries via BaBcoCk, April 17
1900-1928 12005 ASC 250 kW 114 deg to SoAF English Sun, poor signal
1900-1928 12030 ASC 250 kW 055 deg to WeAF English Sun, good signal
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

USA    On April 7th at 0045 UT on 9265 kHz an En rlg prgr was heard, seems
via WINB & at 0056 UT another station started on same freq with ID in En
at 0100 UT and country songs from 0101 UTC (WMLK ?), but WINB was under
with rlg prgr in English.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

USA/GERMANY   VOA Radiogram transmission schedule via Greenville NC site
(all days and times UT):

Sat 0930-1000  5745 kHz

Sat 1600-1630 17580 kHz
{QRM by co-channel RHC Bauta, speech to crowd at
Communist Party Congress La Habana on April 16}

Sun 0230-0300  5745 kHz
Sun 1930-2000 15670 kHz

All via the Edward R. Murrow transmitting station in North Carolina. The
Mighty KBC will have an extra digital mode transmission this weekend. The
usual minute of MFSK32 is Sunday at about 0220 UT (Saturday 10:20 pm EDT),
on 6040 kHz, via MBR Nauen Germany, part of KBC's broadcast to North
America Sunday 0000-0300 UT.

Eric van Willegen's Giant Juke Box show will then be repeated to Europe,
Sunday, 0800-1000 UT, on 6095 kHz, also via MBR Nauen, Germany.

The MFSK32 will be at about 0920 UTC. Outside of Europe, you can listen
Reports to Eric: <themightykbc -at->
(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC ng April 16)

Re: VOA Radiogram 17580 kHz. Normally the frequency is clear, but I'm
hearing RHC, I think, with a speech {Communist Party Congress - 4 days}.
Wonder whether they'll cochannel at 16:00? Present time, 15:53 UTC.
(Walter Salmaniw-CAN, dxld April 16)

VOA Radiogram soon at 1600 UT on 17580 kHz shortwave


< ...

To Europe + usually heard in the Americas and sometimes Asia.
(Mike Terry-UK, dxld April 16)

{Cuban Communist Party Congress - 4 days Apr 16-19}
17580 - Yes BOTH on AIR co-channel !
co-channel VoA Greenville digital toy, and
RHC Bauta 160degr live speech, on 8 channels in parallel at 1805 UT

9535, 9640, 9710, 11760, 15230, 15370, 17580, and 17730 kHz.

Digital whistles from GB mixture with Spanish speech to crowd.

from 1600 UT April 16:
 9535 BEJ 100 kW 230 degr to CeAM   Spanish HR  2/2/0.5 A6
 9640 BEJ 050 kW 110 degr to SoAM   Spanish HD  0.5/0.25 A31
 9710 BAU 100 kW 010 degr to EaNoAM Spanish HRS 4/4/0.8 A1
11760 BAU 100 kW non-dir  to NoCeAM Spanish HQ  1/0.8 A12
15230 QVC 250 kW 160 degr to SoAM   Spanish HRS 4/4/1 A14
15370 BAU 100 kW 315 degr to WeNoAM Spanish HRS 4/4/0.8 A8
17580 BAU 100 kW 160 degr to SoAM   Spanish HRS 4/4/0.8 A5
17730 BAU 100 kW 130 degr to SoAM   Spanish HRS 4/4/0.8 A4
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

USA   Re: WWRB on 13 April 2016 (UTC).

"Normally BS would be on a separate transmitter via 9370 or 3185 kHz, than
on 5050 kHz. So 3185 kHz did not really come on tonight until 5050 kHz
went off? Glenn"

The impression I had was that they are using just one transmitter
currently and it was retuned from 5050 to 3185 kHz. I did check 3185 kHz
before the frequency shift and only head some local RFI. After 5050 kHz
shut down, I tuned immediately to 3185 kHz and there was BS.
Would be interesting if David Frantz could confirm this. Do you have his
direct e-mail address? Using the WWRB Web page e-mail facility is a bit
(Richard Langley-CAN, dxld April 14)

Finally switched frequency to 3185 kHz at 03:34 UT for Bro. Stair (not as
strong here in NB). Before signing off, talked about the availability of
air time and welcomes pirate broadcasters to broadcast legally via WWRB.
Attempting to set up a Friday night "Pirates' Cove" program.
(Richard Langley-CAN, dxld April 14)

Re: WWRB 13 April 2016 (UTC).
"The impression I had was that they are using just one transmitter
currently and it was retuned from 5050 to 3185 kHz."

Capt. Dave (as he referred to himself this evening) replied to an e-mail:

"Brother Stair has his own transmitter: from 9:00 AM to 9:00pm ET he is on
9370 kHz then at 9:00 PM we re-tune his transmitter to 3185 kHz for the
summer season."

So, I guess I just have poor signal propagation at times for the 3185 kHz
signal compared to 5050 kHz. And looks like BS is on 24 hours per day on
WWRB and the schedule here:

<>   is not quite right.

Dave Frantz also said:
"Three 100 kW transmitters are being scraped. The heat exchangers & plate
transformers have been hauled off to the scrap yard we are expanding our
VERY profitable Avionics shop and need the room.

"So WWRB is down to two 100 kW transmitters [says 5050 kHz is running
115 kW on air] ...not profitable but love shortwave"

This evening, he was doing his monologue again when I tuned in at about
0130 UT. Talking about flying again and the plans for the "Pirates' Cove"
show. Plans to run it from about 7 p.m. ET to midnight on Friday evenings.
Closed down 5050 kHz at 02.00:44 UT.
(Richard Langley-CAN, dxld April 15)

World Music via WRMI Okeechobee, instead Brother Stair, April 14
0600-0700  5985 YFR 100 kW 222 deg to MEXI tx#02, not //  9955
0600-0700  9955 YFR 100 kW 160 deg to CeAM tx#10, not //  5985
1400-1500  9955 YFR 100 kW 160 deg to CeAM tx#10, not // 15440
1400-1500 15440 YFR 100 kW 285 deg to MEXI tx#13, not //  9955

Confirmed via various SDR units in USA. But April 15 9955 is BS TOM.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 15)

USA   5049.993, April 10 at 2255 UT, WWRB again playing the Radio RSA
interval signal, so seems they are making it their own and not co-opting
any others.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 13)

5050, on April 11 at 2319 UT, I find DJ Dave Frantz is devoting this hour
on WWRB to pitching for new business, alternating with some tunes. Similar
spiel from one break to the next. Summarizing his points:

WWRB is not using souped-up military surplus junk transmitters from the
1940s, such as a BC-610, but state-of-the-art Harris 100 kW transmitters
with solid-state modulators which can change frequencies from 1 to 30
megacycles in 10 seconds, frequency-agile auto-tune.

Has professional, top-notch, modern rhombic antennas on real radio towers
200 feet high, not lower telephone poles. No guessing, antenna radiation
patterns have been measured by flying around the site, with instruments on
one of his airplanes. Also used to locate FM pirates down to 3 meters for
clients, takes only 15 minutes, but it's expensive. 5050 kHz is now
running the #4 transmitter at 95% (? I didn't copy this number for sure)
efficiency. Brother Ben is coming at top of hour.

WWRB wants to sell time only in the evenings until midnight ET when there
is a shortwave audience, not 3 am overnight and certainly not 3 pm in the
daytime when you would be wasting your money.

An Islamic broadcaster starts this week with Holy Qur'an in English to
USA, Central America, Caribbean (no time or frequency given! nor does he
ever mention airtime rates). Purchasers of one program hour or 100 are all

It's clear to me that denigrating "surplus junk" like the BC-610 is a dig
at WBCQ; and "200-foot towers instead of telephone poles" is a dig at WTWW
and WWCR.

Meanwhile I have received more e-mail from Dave, about an hour after this
broadcast, edited here only for style:

"Greetings! Lots of questions on our format change and are we still
'Christian' ??? Our reply is we no longer put up with: WORTHLESS Christian
lip service We're going to PRAY for you.

We are 'quid pro quo' NOW!!!

When a requesting church / pastor wants us to come over and fix their air
conditioning system, computers, video, PA systems, re-lamp, rig, or paint
their radio tower, fix their FM transmitter, AM transmitter - WHAT EVER,
We tell them right then: what are your going to DO for US in RETURN,
period, and they have to sign a contract!

No more we're going to PRAY for you or one-sided Christian bull shit. For
years this is ALL we have heard & endured. They get MAD as hell - better
THEM than US! No more hurt or utter abject disappointment of being
grievously used The source of my so called 'rant's as you put it !
Only TWO types of people in this world: GIVERS & TAKERS"

I replied: "Hi Dave, I also heard your pitches this evening and will be
summarizing them putting down WBCQ, WWCR, WTWW I hope you will be putting
an up to date program schedule on your website before long. 73, Glenn"

And he replied again:

"Not putting down anybody, just telling listeners / potential broadcasters
we operate 'modern' auto tuned transmitter equipment that performs with
high efficiency, and new automation equipment.

160 foot high (sag point) suspended on steel towers rhombic antennas
proved and adjusted by aircraft; (N5259Q, our radio survey aircraft).
Not guessing on the patterns: and they MEET THE 10dB GAIN rule at 3 MHz.

We are the ONLY SW station ever inspected by the FCC and they are welcomed
here at any time, with the caveat to inspect ALL of us! and prove their
facilities like we had to, including the 10 dB rule at 3 MHz.

WWRB is a business now and we are marketing our facilities. I am sorry if
you got the impression we we're putting someone down; as you are aware,
the unlicensed pirates in the upper 6 MHz band are PLENTIFUL and no doubt
running military surplus gear, like BC-610-s etc. (had one myself years
ago). Now that WWRB is a free speech radio station they are welcomed to
join us, be legal and be heard!! Come out of the shadows WELCOMED on WWRB.

In closing, We do not play games; after 7 NO-KNOCK FCC inspections, we
KNOW they EXIST AND mean business!!! and know their shit. It's a damm good
thing we were / are operating by the rules when they came, or it would
have been our ass!"
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 13)

UZBEKISTAN   Frequency change of North Korea Reform Radio
on RRTM Tashkent tx site
2030-2130 NF7505 TAC 100 kW 76 deg NoEaAS Korean,ex7510 from April 6
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 15)

Reception of Voice of Khmer M'Chas Srok via on RRTM Tashkent tx site,
April 17
1130-1200 17860 TAC 100 kW 122 deg SoEaAS Khmer Thu/Sun, very weak today.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

Frequency change of North Korea Reform Radio on RRTM Tashkent tx site
2030-2130 NF7595 TAC 100 kW  76 deg to NoEaAS Korean, ex7505, re-ex7510

Reception of Voice of Khmer M'Chas Srok on RRTM Tashkent tx site April 17
1130-1200 17860 TAC 100 kW 122 deg to SoEaAS Khmer Thu/Sun, very weak
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

9390  IBRA Radio, Tashkent, Uzbekistan at 0018 UT - Apparent radio play w/
several om ,women & children with dialog in listed lang., Bengla. Ended w/
brief sub-cont.instrumental piece then YL announcer came on giving
extensive contact info, several phone #'s, 2 separate P.O.boxes, & e-mail.
ID was also given. There was a brief regional style chant before
going into a more western orchestral piece prior to the signal being cut
at 0029 UT.
(Stephen C Wood-MA-USA, hcdx April 21)

VANUATU   Could someone please check on about *3944.1* kHz to see if it is
Radio Vanuatu off frequency? April 17, tuned in 1337 UT and had a definite
open carrier (no audio), as well as during subsequent checking; whereas
3945.0 kHz was silent, so I have to wonder about the possibility that it
is Radio Vanuatu.

If it should be them, perhaps someone can get a more accurate frequency
for them? Appreciate any help or comments about this *UNID*.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld April 17)

... and at 1605 UT on April 17 in Brisbane Queensland remote unit:
tiny S=3 string, BUT UNDER THRESHOLD, NO program audio on
exact 3944.203 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

Bryan Clark wrote: Yes Ron, definitely Radio Vanuatu on 3944.21 kHz
at 0827 UT today April 18 in Pidgin.

Nikkei Japan 3945 kHz putting a het on them but easy log here on lower
sideband. Just rechecked at 1025 UT on April 18 and I measure frequency as
3944.205 kHz.

and April 19: Lovely S=9+10dB signal on 7259.95 kHz at 1015 UT
// to 3944.21 at only S4.
(Bryan Clark-NZL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 18/19)

7260  Radio Vanuatu  21 April average to good copy, 0903 UT onward, two
Female in Bislama.
(Nick Hacko-NSW-AUS  VK2DX, dxld April 21)

Measured on April 21 on remote Brisbane unit:
7259.9555 kHz at 1020 UT, S=7-8 or -81dBm signal strength, language rather
domestic Bislama than English.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 21)

Re: Radio Vanuatu:
Bryan, do you hear 7259.96 kHz back now? Much better signal on this in
Brisbane remote SDR unit. They have got the spare part on place.
Mongolia is off and so is Xinjiang until 1100 UT today April 19.

Ron, just measured 7259.955 and 3944.204 kHz via remote Brisbane SDR
server. 3945 kHz has Radio Nikkei stronger than Vanuatu!
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 19)

At 1520-1540 UT noted nothing on 3944v in Osaka-Kyoto Japan remote

Only visible Radio Nikkei empty carrier on 3925.000 kHz,
and a fence of various 60 Hertz peaks accompanied,

the strongest on +/minus 120 Hertz,
the fence either side was
24 x 60 Hertz apart distance peaks,

and two additional strong peaks visible also on 3946.790 and 3924.865 kHz.

Nothing monitored also in Doha Qatar or eastern Thailand between 1540 and
1600 UT. S=3-4 on threshold level 3944.047 and 3936.047 kHz, seemingly
main power spur string ?
In eastern Thailand strongest 3949.994 kHz PBS Xinjiang Urumqi in Chinese

and more in 60 mb around 16.30 UT in SDR remote rx
in Brisbane Queensland Australia remote:

4749.992  INS ?, but rather CHN Voice of China, Hailar, Nei Menggu.
4759.9975 IND  AIR Leh ?
4760.0    IND  AIR Port Blair, Brookshabad, Andaman & Nicobar Islands
4765.0    TJK  DB (+ 1 kHz string 4766 ! kHz )
4799.997  CHN  Voice of China, Golmud, Qinghai, or
          IND  AIR Hyderabad, Telengana.
4809.998  ARM  Armenian Public Radio, Noratus, Gavar.
4810.0065 IND  AIR Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
4819.9255 KGZ  Birinchi Radio, Krasnaya Rechka.
4835      AUS  ABC NT powerhouse
4850.0 even CNR17 PBS Urumqi Kazakh, Xinjiang PBS.
4884.9965 KOR/KRE R Echo of Hope, via Sagang Hwaesong, South Korea
4894.9955 IND  AIR Kurseong, Paschim Banga.
4905.0    CHN  Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet.
4910.0015 IND  AIR Jaipur, Rajasthan
4920.0005 CHN  Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet.
4929.996  BOT  VOA, via Moepeng Hill.
4979.988  CHN  Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi, Xinjiang
5010.005  IND  AIR AIR Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai
(and another tiny string on 5009.992 kHz)

5011.214 kHz, usual Malagasy music,
unstable, varying +/-10 Hertz up and down

5040.001  IND  AIR Jeypore, Odisha.
5059.983  CHN  Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi, Xinjiang.

KGZ  Bishkek Kyrgyz Radio on 4009.819 and 4819.925 kHz at 1610 UT.
5130v kHz nothing on Sundays from KGZ.
(wb,  wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

VIETNAM   9635.799  As always VoVTN1st program from Son Tay, very odd
frequency. Vietnamese female chorus program. S=8 or -76dBm signal this

9849.9965  VoVietnam's 4th program from minor domestic site Hanoi -
Xuan Mai at 0402 UT on April 18. News in Vietnamese read by female reader.
S=8 at -78dBm signal level. - Checked in Eastern Thailand SDR remote unit.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 18)

ZAMBIA   4965  F/d card received from Ray Robinson for Brisbane Perseus
reception of VOH Voice of Hope Zambia on 4965 kHz on 25 March at 2002 UT.
Card stated 50 kW transmitter was 22 miles S {36 kms west} of Lusaka and
that this date was the second day of bcsting on 4965 kHz (Ray erred on
his date on the card as the first day of bcsting was 24 March -
he corrected his error after re-reading my report). QSL images attached.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer April 16)

Voice of Hope - TX Site Images. Some nice images of the two TX sites

(Ian, SWsites April 16)


Morning log of America-Atlantic propagation condition path on April 17.
Heard in Germany, Switzerland, and Madrid Spain remote SDR units.

5829.984  USA On April 17 at 0625 UT logged WTWW Lebanon TN English sermon
program in southern Germany, at S=7-8 or -82dBm level. English pastor?,
Bible reading quotes, 'This Lord', 'God's enemy', 'in the name of Israel'.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

re ECUADOR. 6050 kHz.
6050  April 18 at 0111 UT, very poor signal, reads S=9+10dB but that
includes the noise level, and also seems undermodulated. Anyhow, HCJB has
survived the huge earthquake, but it did not jolt the transmitter into
putting out any more watts, which it has desperately needed. At this hour
probably in indigenous language Waorani. Recheck at 0314 UT, sounds
Spanish but still too weak to read at S-5; by 0341 UT surged to S=9+15
during an hymn, seemingly in English past 0345 UT a little better
sounding. Does HCJB still run the 'Spotlight' quarter-hour in English at
0330? UT If so, Aoki misses it during Spanish service. HCJB normally signs
off at 0500 UT with National Anthem, but maybe the emergency would keep it
on all night?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 18)

at same time span heard another religious program on

Noted on April 17 at 0636 UT here in southern Germany, on measured exact
6049.998 kHz  HCJB Quito EQA signal was only S=4 or -95dBm which is POOR,
on threshold level.

{CANADA - probably} not fully assured CFRX Toronto ? it was religious !
I don't guess, it was the music ch292 Rohrbach station with religious
program, in Germany.

6069.990  Likely CFRX Toronto-CAN, at 0637 UT on April 17.
S=7 -83dB signal into Germany SDR unit, 'Jesus Christ, religious....',

but accompanied by another 6069.9855 kHz likely Radio Capital Brazil
Portuguese program. plus Brazilians this morning
6089.9535  BRA  Radio Bandeirantes Brazil, and
6135.207   BRA  ZYE954 Radio Aparecida, Aparecida.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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