36th Diploma and Contest Leonardo da Vinci 2016

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May 1 to June 15, 2016


1. Participation: Any world-wide OM and SWL can participate.

2. Period: starts at 00:00 UTC on May 1st 2016 and ends at 24:00 UTC on June 15th 2016.

3. Bands: all the HF frequencies, but no WARC are allowed.

4. Mode: SSB only.

5. Score: Stations outside of Europe need only 3 points or 3 SWL reports to receive the Diploma, while Italian or European stations need up to 10 points or 10 SWL reports. More than one contact with the same station is allowed but only if the contacts are made on different date or band. Contact with the same station made in a different band but same day, must be logged with at least one hour of interval.

6. Any contact or SWL report = 1 point. During the activity period mentioned, stations called "Jolly" might be on air and a contact with such station will be worth 3 points. During the Diploma period it's accepted only one contact a day on each band with only one Jolly station.

7. Every contact must be logged with:
     A. progressive number
     B. R-S report
     C. QTR report

8. IQ5EM, a super "Jolly" Station of Empoli Radio Club, will be randomly active and any contact with such station it will be worth 5 points. Within 31st July 2016 all the world-wide OM and SWL (NOT Italian) who would have sent all the necessary documentation and logged at least 30 points will be ranked into the 36 th International Contest HF "Leonardo da Vinci" with awards for the 1 st world-wide OM, 1st world-wide SWL, 1st OM of each Continent, 1 st Eco Charlie, 1st Novice Argentina.

E-mail: sezioneariempoli@libero.it
Maggiori informazioni http://www.diplomaeconcorsoleonardodavinci.it/

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