65th Anniversary of the High Speed Club

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1 - 31 May 2016


In 2016, the Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club (HSC) celebrates its 65th anniversary. To mark this event, the HSC was granted the special DOK number HSC65 to be used by its club stations DAØHSC, DKØHSC and DLØHSC throughout the year.

The special call sign DP65HSC was assigned to HSC to be activated exclusively in CW. It will also use the special DOK number HSC65. Its HSC number is 1951, which is the year when the HSC was founded. This station may be operated in 2016 by any German HSC member upon special application. QSL via bureau, DCL or LoTW.

The HSC would like to encourage non-DL members to contact their telecommunication authorities in order to get permission to use a call sign similar to "xx65HSC". QSLs should be printed and handled by the applicant. They should be aware that HSC won't be able to cover any expenses.

Amateurs earning a minimum of 650 points in the HSC Marathon 2016 will be awarded a special trophy.

The HSC issues an award for which all HSC-CW-QSOs are valid for the award if made during the month May 2016. Work as many HSC members and club calls as you can! The following rules apply:

1. Date: May 1st to 31st, 2016

2. Mode: CW (A1A)

3. Valid QSO: QSO with HSC members count 1 point. They count only once, regardless of band.

Club call stations: Our three club stations DLØHSC, DKØHSC and DAØHSC count 3 points each. They count only once, regardless of band.

4. Special stations: Anniversary calls with the suffix of xx65HSC (currently DP65HSC, LZ65HSC, SQ65HSC, PA65HSC, PB65HSC) count 5 points each. They count only once, regardless of band.

5. You must achieve a minimum of 65 points

Fabian, DJ1YFK, has written a program for computing the final score by importing an ADIF file. This can be found at: http://www.hsc.dj1yfk.de

For application send a log excerpt (call, HSC number, date, band) to the HSC secretary via e-mail, address of http://www.hsc.lima-city.de/en/imprint.html . Awards in electronical format (PDF) are free of charged and will be sent via email. The fee for printed awards is 5 Euros. Payments should be accomplished through Paypal.
Special event stations "65 Years of HSC": As far as we know the following stations are active: DP65HSC, LZ65HSC, SQ65HSC, PA65HSC, PB65HSC. Please drop us an e-mail if you miss your callsign!

Internet: http://hsc.lima-city.de/en/dp65hscen.html

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